4 Helpful Apps For New Parents

4 Helpful Apps For New Parents

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2022)

It is an amazing experience to become a parent for the first time, but it can also be overwhelming. The early days of parenthood seem to go by so fast. Postpartum for moms is a hectic time when you are adjusting to life with a new baby, plus you don’t sleep, there’s a lot of crying, and you’re possibly experiencing surges in hormones.

However, backups are just a click away. With a well-stocked arsenal of naps, you can keep track of your baby’s diapers, feeds and sleep, connect with other new parents, find lullabies, and share photos with family and friends. How is that even possible? Well, with the help of a smartphone and some helpful apps.  

Those of you who are about to or are already raising babies benefit from the technology of the age. Are you curious to see how your baby looks at week 10 or 12? That can be done with an app. Pregnant and wondering if a particular food is safe to eat?

Luckily, there is an app for that. In fact, there’s an app for everything these days, from baby monitors to lullabies to child food recipes. All you need is a reliable internet connection with amazing deals like Spectrum and your parenthood is sorted. 

Having that said, below are some of the Helpful apps new parents need to install on their smartphones:

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Baby Sparks

The brain grows faster from ages 0-3 than it will ever again. The foundation for a child’s future lies in meaningful interactions during that critical phase. Supporting brain development during the first three years of life is made easier with this app.

You can provide your child with lifelong benefits in just a few minutes a day with content that’s backed by science. Besides tracking a whole lot of developmental milestones, you can also find videos that can help you teach your baby how to roll over safely.

Feed Safe

You can calculate the time before your breastmilk is free of alcohol with this clever calculator from the Australian Breastfeeding Association. This tool was designed in collaboration with researchers from Curtin University, Western Australia.

Despite acknowledging that breastfeeding and occasional alcohol consumption should be avoided, the app contains information about breastfeeding and alcohol use to allow users to make informed choices.

Based on your height and weight and alcohol consumption, it estimates when your breastmilk will be alcohol-free. If you reach this time, you will be notified by the timer. Furthermore, it addresses frequently asked questions about alcohol and breastfeeding, such as how alcohol affects breast milk.

Baby Tracker

There are many challenges and responsibilities that come with being a parent! You can focus on what’s important with this Baby Tracker App. Keeping an eye on your newborn baby is easy with the best newborn baby tracker. Your baby’s daily activities can easily be tracked using this app. Use this breastfeeding and sleeping timer to keep track of your baby’s sleep and breastfeeding. It allows you to keep track of diaper changes, solid or bottle feedings, and the development of your infant. There are also other cool features like Siri’s voice prompts and the option to switch on ‘dark mode’ to relax your eyes.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

It is a user-friendly app that makes it easier to monitor pregnancy for moms-to-be. Every day, new information is posted about Baby Development and Body Changes. The site provides longer articles that you can read if you are interested, so it’s a great way to stay up to date-with your little one on a daily basis.

 Through the app, parents can learn about the latest developments in maternal and fetal health during pregnancy. The mother can track all her family’s activities through the app, and the father can get an idea of everything that goes on in their lives.

Besides size comparisons, notes, and calendars, it can also show an image of your baby’s hand size every week. The quick reference guide for foods and medications in this app is also extremely useful. 

Final Remarks

There is no doubt that parenthood is challenging. No matter whether you are a good parent or not, you can at least strive to be one. All these Helpful apps are designed to make the process as simple as possible for you. The best way to find out which apps work best for you is to download them beforehand.

There is no one app that will suit all new parents. Feel free to comment below if you have any other questions. We will get back to you. You can also share your recommendations and suggestions.  


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