Are Stretch Marks Genetic? Symptoms and Causes

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2023)

The process of baby growth involves several things in your body. These things include stretchiness of the skin, inflammation, and sweat.

Many changes appear in your skin when you get pregnant, or your baby emanates at your skin from the uterus. The most common thing in these changes is the Stretch marks.

There are a lot of products on the market which are used to remove stretch marks. On social media, there are so many creams, medicines, tips, etc.

But these social media products may affect you because of poor guidelines and adverse effects. You must read this article from look after babies if you want to know about stretch marks. We will also discuss ‘Are stretch marks genetic or not.’

What is Meant by Stretch Marks?

Are Stretch Marks Genetic

Stretch marks are lines that seem to be on the skin during pregnancy. AKA striae ditensae and striae gravidarum are interrelated terms used for stretch marks.

These lines occur on the skin, mainly during pregnancy or by overstretching of the skin. With time, these lines start becoming dull and become disappear.

Color of Stretch Marks:

It depends on the type and length of stretch marks on your skin. It also depends on the color of your skin. Its color includes:

  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Reddish
  • Black Are Stretch Marks Genetic

The Phenomenon Behind Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

As we know, stretch marks appear on the skin during pregnancy or stretching of the skin. It may also occur during the growth and shrinkage of skin.

It is like a visible scar. It is not necessary to appear stretch marks during pregnancy only. It is most common during pregnancy. Almost more than half of women suffer from it.

It is because your body faces changes in hormone composition, and you may get and lose weight rapidly. Stretching may also occur due to the weakness of elastic fibers in your belly.

Occurrence of Stretch Marks other than Pregnancy:

Stretch marks may occur during the following:

  • Weight lifting.
  • Overstretching of skin.
  • Increase in maternal age
  • Weight gain

Parts of the Body on Which Stretch Marks Occur:

It mainly occurs on:

  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Hip

Are Stretch Marks Genetic

Genetic Basis for Stretch Marks

Genetic components play an essential role in stretch marks. Our lifestyles and environmental factors also affect stretch marks, but genetic factors are important.

Suppose you are facing more stretch marks than average. Then it is due to your genes. It would help if you asked your relatives about their stretch marks.

If your family members, like your mother, sister, or grandmother, have more stretch marks, you will undoubtedly experience more stretch marks. Men may also have stretch marks.

We know that it is due to loosening elastic fibers in your belly. One more thing you must know is that stretch marks are not a disease, and it is not compulsory to prevent them.

What Are the Main Reasons for Stretch Marks?

Are Stretch Marks Genetic

The leading cause of stretch marks is body weight change. Due to this reason, stretch marks are commonly found in an area of the body with prominent growth. Growth areas include:

  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen

Stretch marks commonly occur in pregnant women and weight lifters. It is because of weight changes and loosening elastic fibers in the belly.

Stretch marks will happen in the body of all those persons constantly involved in the growth of muscles or fat.

Can we Prevent Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are the meaningless side effect of conception. It can cause anxiety for mothers who first-time experience stretch marks.

Stretch marks mainly appear on the belly and chest, but you can notice these stretch marks on the upper arms, rump, and thigh.

Stretch marks appear mainly during pregnancy. It is due to heredity factors. But weight gain is another factor that is responsible for stretch marks.

A famous doctor named Tanya Beckford addresses the importance of weight management during pregnancy. She was a gynecologist and obstetrician.

“On average, expectant mothers should gain between 25 to 35 pounds,” says Dr. Beckford. “Stretch marks occur as connective tissues change. During pregnancy, this can happen rapidly when skin does not have a chance to adjust, especially if a woman gains too much weight too fast.”

Is Cocoa Butter Helpful in the Prevention of Stretch Marks?

Are Stretch Marks Genetic

According to Dr. Beckford, there is no scientific basis behind preventing stretch marks by using cocoa butter. Cocoa butter was not involved in the prevention of stretch marks.

You can use lotion to prevent stretch marks because it is essential for skin rejuvenation.

She advises patients to consult a dermatologist if they are worried about stretch marks. A dermatologist can treat this problem better. It is because it is related to their concerning department.

They can quickly treat stretch marks problems occurring at early stages.

“Most of my patients realize and accept that stretch marks are another natural part of motherhood,” says Dr. Beckford. “And once the baby is born, priorities have an amazing way of shifting. The good news is, stretch marks will fade with time.”

What Time do Stretch Marks Appear in Pregnancy?

In pregnancy, stretch marks can appear at any time. There is no specific time to appear these stretch marks. Mostly it appears between the second and third trimesters.

Stretch marks appear during pregnancy when your baby starts to grow. As the baby grows in the uterus, it starts to come at the skin, and the skin begins stretching. It occurs when your buttocks drop, and it occurs at about 35 weeks.

It is not evident that if you get stretch marks during the first pregnancy, you will definitely get stretch marks during the second pregnancy, and so on.

There is no specific time for the appearance of stretch marks. It would be best if you prepared yourself to face stretch marks at any time.

How Can you Save Yourself from Stretch Marks?

You cannot avoid pregnancy stretch marks. It is due to genes, hormones, and abdominal swelling. Genes play an essential role in stretch marks.

Moreover, genes are responsible for stretch marks. It does not mean your prevention method will not do anything. In this article, I will advise you to prevent stretch marks.

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Are Stretch Marks Genetic

You must keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated with a hormonal balance is essential in preventing stretch marks.

Keep Yourself Energetic:

You must keep yourself active and participate in exercise and daily activities. It will help in the balancing of the hormone. It causes the prevention of stretch marks and further complications of skin. An active lifestyle is an essential part of daily life, and it is beneficial in pregnancy.

Use Products that are Safe During Pregnancy:

If you want to prevent stretch marks, you should make your skin hydrated. Many skin care products like Stretch mark oil can be used. You can also use body butter to prevent stretch marks.

These products are safe during pregnancy. It will also make your baby’s growth and movement comfortable. It also increases the glow of pregnancy.

Are Stretch Marks Genetic

How do you Clear Stretch Marks After Pregnancy?

It would be best if you used Mama marks to clear stretch marks that appear after pregnancy. It is a safe product for pregnancy.


Mama marks are made up of these ingredients.

  • Peptides
  • Fruit extract
  • Algae extract
  • Oil

Oil is helpful in the reduction of stretch marks. It reduces all types of stretch marks, whether old or new. It also affects dermal tissue, which is present in your abdomen. Jam which contains many ingredients, also helps in the reduction of stretch marks.

How to Assist Yourself if We have a Stretch Mark?

Several ways to help you reduce stretch marks if you have stretch marks. It would be best not to worry about your stretch marks because it reduces over time.

You remove your stretch marks with some simple tips. You can minimize stretch marks with proper skin hydration, belly balm,

Are Stretch Marks Genetic

Moisturize skin with oil or lotion, take healthy vitamins, and use water in bulk. Belly balm helps prevent stretch marks if you use it before, during, and after pregnancy.

It causes a decrease in skin stretchiness. Moreover, using these simple instructions can prevent stretch marks. Men also have stretch marks, so men can follow these tips to reduce stretch marks.


Stretch marks are the lines that appear during pregnancy. These lines vary in color. As for as ‘Are stretch marks genetic’ is concerned. You must know that genes are responsible for stretch marks. But other factors also contribute.


Genes play an essential role in determining stretch marks across your skin. The latest discovery shows that 544 genes determine stretch marks. Weight changes also play a necessary in determining the nature of stretch marks.

Can Stretch Marks be Prevented in a Generation?

No, it is not possible. Stretch marks pass from generation to generation. About 70 to 80% of pregnant women face stretch marks.

How do You Prevent Stretch Marks?

To prevent stretch marks, you should follow these tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Use balance diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Use of oil

Is lotion Helpful in Preventing Stretch Marks?

Yes, the lotion helps prevent stretch marks. It will keep your skin soft and causes stretching of abdominal tissues. It will cause a decrease in stretch marks.