14 Things That Become Difficult with a Baby Bump During Pregnancy

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Things That Can Become Difficult with a Baby Bump During Pregnancy. It is a fantastic process to become pregnant. The idea of life expanding inside me is amazing to me.

I loved being pregnant. However, neither of my pregnancies was perfect. My expectations were for a glowing pregnancy and a peaceful state.

But the reality of my pregnancy was full of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and constant morning sickness. Then all the problems came along with having a baby bump.

Many of the physiological side effects that pregnancy can bring are known. It’s not easy to navigate life with a baby bump. Here are some tasks you might find difficult if your baby bump is pregnant.

Baby Bump: When Does it Show?

Baby bumps are most common in the second trimester, especially if you have your first child. If this is your second or third pregnancy, your baby bump might be visible in the first trimester because the stomach muscles haven’t regained their original size.

After being stretched during previous pregnancies, this is called a “baby bump.” Your bump will become more noticeable as your pregnancy progresses.

Is it Possible for Your Baby to be Hurt by too much Pressure on Your Pregnant Belly?

How your baby is (relatively speaking) safe It’s true. You were ready to go home with your egg baby, confident and happy.

Then drop it. Taking care of your baby when they are still in your belly is much easier. For all of human history, people have been carrying and growing babies. The pregnant body was designed to endure a lot. 14 Things That Become Difficult with a Baby Bump During Pregnancy

There are Several Reasons Your Body can Handle Roughhousing without Causing Injury to Your Baby.

  • Your uterus is the solid muscular organ that houses your tiny one.
  • Your amniotic fluid absorbs pressure just like a waterbed.
  • The extra body weight you carry acts as a protective layer of fat.
  • It is important to remember that contact (such as bumping into a wall) differs from trauma (such as a car accident).
  • Your stomach can handle daily abdominal contact. Trauma is rare, but it is possible.

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Is one Trimester More Hazardous Than the Others?

Baby is so tiny in the first trimester that there is virtually no risk of them being traumatized or having abdominal contact.

Although it is possible to have a negative outcome, it would not be common unless the injury was severe. As your baby grows and your stomach expands, the risk of harm to your baby increases.

The chances of harming the baby are still low. 14 Things That Become Difficult with a Baby Bump During Pregnancy However, the third trimester is a different story. The baby starts to grow and takes up most of your belly space.

This could mean you have less cushioning from amniotic fluid or body fat. This also means that you are at higher risk for placental abruption. During the third trimester, it is expected.

Although placental abruption can’t always be caused by trauma, it can happen due to bleeding, pain, or even premature birth.

These factors make the third trimester most dangerous for abdominal impact.

Things that Get more Difficult when you’re Pregnant

However, there are a few instances when life is made more difficult by that precious baby growing inside your belly.

1: Staying awake

You’ve never had to put in so much effort to stay awake. Pre-pregnancy was when you went to bed. Not in the middle of a meeting or waiting for dessert.

2: Tying Shoelaces

Did you bend over and knot your shoes up without having a second thought? It’s not as easy anymore that you must navigate across and around the mountainous bump on which your midriff once was.

There’s more than just shoelaces to worry about; you have difficulty putting your socks on. In reality, you’ll beg your spouse to put your socks on for you on most days. On occasions, you put on slippers.

3: Sleeping

It’s hard to stay awake, as mentioned above. But it’s much harder to get a good night of sleep. It is hard to believe that you used to complain about getting only eight hours of sleep.

A few months back. You can’t get eight minutes of sleep these days. It is done without having to go to the bathroom. 14 Things That Become Difficult with a Baby Bump During Pregnancy Suppose your bladder isn’t preventing you from sleeping. Then you can rest assured that the baby will begin a two-hour acrobatic training session right as soon as you get to sleep.

4: Get Out of Bed

Every pregnant woman should think about this at least once in her pregnancy. “I’m going to make a bedside crane become a millionaire!”

You should, though, because pregnant women will likely buy it online. It occurs in the early hours of the day when gravity again attempts to drag them out of bed.

5: Be a Foodie

When you don’t have morning sickness, nausea, or a strong aversion to the smell of food, then it’s OK to call yourself a foodie. You can’t enjoy food if it has been splattered on a bowl.

6: Shaving your Legs

Having a perfect shave is not necessary, but it is more common to miss a little during pregnancy. It may even be a lot.

It would be difficult to see everything beneath the bump, even in a fairground house full of mirrors. Reaching as low as your ankles can be straining in the latter months of pregnancy.

You may look like you are wearing ankle socks with your aquanatal costume.

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7: Walking Past Department Stores

It’s not something to do with swollen ankles, frequent urination, or increased bump size. It is almost impossible not to buy another tiny outfit for your baby.

8: Getting out of the Bath

The bath. The trusty bathtub. A bathtub is a safe place for pregnant women. It can be used to relieve aching joints. Or to let your baby cry when they are overwhelmed.

You love nothing better than telling your boss you may be taking a bubble bath after a hard day at work. You shouldn’t be doing any strenuous tasks while the bath is running.

You can almost feel the stress melt away when you put your foot in the bubbles. Then, you can relax and concentrate on your baby for the next hour.

It doesn’t stop there. You will eventually have to get out of the bath. This means lots of huffing and puffing while trying desperately to hold your hips together.

9: Long Journeys

A long car journey without access is the worst thing for pregnant women. Car journeys involving exercising your pelvic floor muscles and trying desperately not to wet yourself are common in the second half.

It’s not just long car trips but also long everything.

You’ll miss key plot points if you don’t sit down and watch a long movie. Even a lengthy conversation can seem like too much. It happens when there’s an 8-pound baby in the room.

10: Sex

The dreaded “all-day” sickness can make it difficult not to vomit during the first few weeks of sex. You may discover that your libido grows during pregnancy.

At some points, you might find yourself having the most amazing sex. Don’t be too excited.

It might feel like hip-aching. Furthermore, it also might feel like a bump-maneuvering military operation by the time you are done with the pregnancy.

11: Walking down the street

Walking down the street is fine. The navigation of the well-meaning but definitely unwelcome advice-givers is problematic.

They appear to be appearing out of nowhere. Almost like your bump is emitting an alert siren to let them know where you are.

Complete strangers will tell you how to keep your baby happy. What to feed it and when it should go to sleep. They’re also interested in your baby’s size and your diet.

They will chat about their horrible experiences with childbirth (pushing you to the limits of your brain).

12: Watching Television

Why is it that there are so many tiny, adorable babies on TV? Each week you spend hours crying in front of baby documentaries, nappy ads, and other things with a baby in them.

You feel overwhelmed with emotion. Moreover, intense desire to cry every time you see even a tiny glimpse of a baby on TV. 14 Things That Become Difficult with a Baby Bump During Pregnancy You can’t even watch the news because it is so scary. It leaves you wanting to build a bunker in your backyard and stockpile canned food.

13: Being Taken Seriously

You don’t have to be a fool just because you’re pregnant. Your hormones are responsible for every argument you have.

If everyone sees you as an emotional wrecking ball, nothing you have to say is worth any consideration.

14: Concentrating

Concentrating during pregnancy is more difficult than ever. Amazingly, you read this much in one sitting.

15: Getting Up

It can be difficult to get up from any surface when you are pregnant. It can feel like you’re reaching for a bean bag, lifting yourself up from the sofa, chair, or bed.

You can do this by shuffling to the edge of your surface, putting your feet on the ground, and using your hands to lift yourself off the surface.

The Final Word

Whether you are a first-time mom or not, it’s exciting to be pregnant. It’s like a rollercoaster ride with many highs as well as lows.

Your bump can cause you to have some difficulties during your pregnancy. You can overcome these challenges with some creativity and still enjoy your pregnancy.


Does pushing too much harm the baby?

There’s no reason to be concerned when you bump your stomach, or a fall that is front-forward or kicking from your toddler isn’t likely to injure your baby-to-be.

Do you want to push too hard on your belly during pregnancy?

It’s hard to beat the joy of having a child coming to you for an enormous hug. For most patients, the impact of a 20- to 40-pound child bouncing on your stomach isn’t enough to cause injury to your infant.

What happens when your belly starts becoming a bit swollen during pregnancy?

It’s different in the course of the second or third trimester. As your uterus expands, it pushes up against the abdominal wall, making your abdomen feel more firm.

What is the impact of baby bump size?

Strong abdominal muscles indicate that an expanding uterus is likely closer to the center of your body. Kirkham stated, making the Baby bump appear smaller.

On the other hand, when core muscles are stretched from the previous pregnancy, a third or second pregnancy Baby bump could look more prominent.

Why can’t I lie to my side while I’m pregnant?

A majority of doctors recommend pregnant women lie on their left. Recent studies have linked sleep on the right side and back with an increased risk of stillbirth, decreased growth of the fetus, insufficient weight at birth, and preeclampsia. This life-threatening blood pressure condition can affect the mother.

What week is the belly that gets difficult?

The reason for the hardening is the overstretching of the abdominal muscles. It usually occurs between weeks 7 and 8.

The lower part of your abdomen appears more swollen and heavier than when you are not pregnant. What should you do? Since this is a common occurrence and no specific treatment is needed.

Where do sperm goes when you are pregnant?

If you get semen in your vagina, the sperm cells may swim through the cervical cervix. The uterus and sperm collaborate to push the sperm toward your fallopian tubes.

If the egg travels through your fallopian lines simultaneously, the egg and the sperm can join.