8 Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats Under $400

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2022)

Best affordable strollers with car seats. Are you looking for that?

What happens if you have a small budget for your travel plans? It is still possible to get the ideal combination for your child’s needs to be. Check out the best affordable strollers with car seats under $400 that can meet your requirements.

When you are out shopping, keep in mind that most strollers and car seats have limitations on height and weight, which may affect the length of time you can effectively utilize the product. 

Other features, such as wheel locks, sun canopy, and storage space, can influence your choice, while you also want to get the best affordable strollers with car seats that are easy to use.

Best Affordable Strollers With Car SeatsOur Pick


Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System – Overall Best Stroller With Car Seat

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

Get rid of the thought of spending a fortune on a stroller and car seat combination, as the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System offers everything a luxurious stroller has to offer the market.

The stroller is equipped with the Chicco KeyFit 30, a car seat that is rated outstanding for its safety. The right reasons allow it to be referred to as the top, including its ride-right bubble indicators. Using this indicator, you will know whether the seat has been rightly snapped.

In addition, it comes with high-quality padding and shock-absorbing technologies. Therefore, if you encounter bumps, your child will remain unaffected. It has a latch connector so that you can connect it directly to your frame.

This one of the best affordable strollers with car seats comes with two snack trays that allow users to drink and snacks while traveling. In addition, it also comes with a Velcro organizer where you can put your smartphone and other things.

The large size of the canopy keeps the baby’s stroller away from the sun’s rays. A peek-a-boo window makes it possible for you to watch your baby during the stroll.

It is recommended that you use it with babies who weigh less than 50 pounds since the weight capacity of the Bravo is not higher than this. Like all other best Chicco strollers, Bravo folds in one hand and then stands up independently. However, there is no locking mechanism to secure it in position.


  • Easy maneuver
  • It looks nice and is decent
  • Large canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Affords enough space and reclining seats
  • One-hand fold, and stand up straight
  • Does not lock after folding
  • Cup holders are not very deep


Graco FastAction Fold Travel System – Jogging Stroller With Car Seat

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

The Graco FastAction Fold Jogging stroller comes with Graco SnugRide 35 baby car seat that has cushions and supports to align your baby’s body and ensures that he is comfortable.

The process of fitting the car seat into the stroller is easy. Remember that you will hear a clicking sound if the seat is fitted properly. It is suggested to use the seat for babies of 33 inches in height and or 35 pounds in weight.

For toddlers, it is suggested to use the stroller until the baby is 50 pounds. But remember to use this jogging stroller when your child can sit unaided.

You can count on many features, such as the snack trays. Inside these snack trays, you can store your food items, beverages, snacks, or even your mobile.

Regarding The wheels, the front wheel measures 11.5 inches across, whereas the rear wheels measure 15 inches. You can also lock the front wheel for jogging. It also features an enormous canopy with side mesh panels to allow air circulation.

On the side of your stroller, you will find the strap. To collapse the stroller, just pull that strap. The folding process is simple, smooth, and easy. When folded, it can stand high without any support. This means that you do not have to look for a corner whenever you are out.

As a stroller designed for jogging, it is heavier than other best affordable strollers with car seats. The foldable dimension for the stroller measures 39 x 23.6 x 15.3 inches, which occupies almost the whole trunk of the Toyota Corolla.


  • Smooth ride
  • The car seat is comfortable and cozy
  • Large basket and snack tray
  • Stands after folding
  • Bulky
  • Small phone holder


Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller – Lightweight Double Stroller With Car Seat

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

Double the kids mean you need to double the strollers, but this stroller will not exceed your budget.

This double stroller comes loaded with features, such as the toddler seat, the rear seat, and trays for everyone, including caregivers and parents. There are many riding choices for both kids. The stroller also has an easy fold, which has earned positive reviews from parents.


Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System – Best Luxury Car Seat Stroller Combo

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

This one of the best affordable strollers with car seats includes everything you would expect to find in the best travel system stroller. It includes the Safemax baby car seat with an adjustable body pillow. 

It is possible to utilize this baby car seat till your infant attains 32 inches of height or 35 pounds of weight.

Being tested for safety, the car seat is among the parents’ most trusted options. Attaching and detaching the seat takes only a few seconds, while the bumper bar can easily remove for this purpose.

One of the advantages is that the car seat not only faces forward but also backward or toward you. In this way, your child will be at ease.

It is a bassinet-compatible model; it allows you to take strolls right after the baby’s birth. Just like the car seat, you can adjust the bassinet and the toddler seat facing toward you. 6 different traveling modes are available with this best stroller.

With three different color options, you can pick the most suitable one for you. It offers a feeling of luxury and a variety of amenities, including a big storage bin for the baby’s toys and an extendable canopy that will keep him safe from the sun.

Additionally, it features an ergonomic handle and one-hand recline. It extends down and then lies flat, so your child’s back can get some peace.

A toddler’s seat is suggested to be used by an infant who is 38 inches in height. The maximum capacity for the seats’ weight is 50 pounds.

Made of EVA, the front wheels of the stroller measure 7 inches, while the rear ones measure 9 inches. These wheels are great on even terrains while wobbling on dirt and grass.


  • Removable bumper bar
  • A large canopy and a neat design
  • It is available in three additional colors
  • The car seat is safe and easy to put in
  • It can be used in conjunction with the bassinet
  • Cup holders are not present
  • Wheels stop turning after a certain time


Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Double Stroller – Most Appealing Stroller With Car Seat

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

Parents of two will receive the two baby carriers, two bases, and a double stroller with different configurations in this pack. Car seats are stocked with safety features, such as additional padding for neck and head support, and the stroller is built to allow babies to move from infanthood to toddler years.

The car seats and strollers come with a sun canopy.  Additionally, this one of the best affordable strollers with car seats has plenty of storage space and an oversized tray with cup holders for each child and parent.


  • Supports neck and head
  • Fantastic storage space
  • Strollers are cross-compatible with the major brands
  • Heavy
  • Very difficult to push
  • The car seat must be placed on the front while using the standing platform


Baby Trend Expedition Travel System – Most Versatile Stroller With Car Seat

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

Who said that choices are limited to a tight budget? A live example is Baby Trend Expedition Travel System. It is among the best affordable strollers with car seats, and it comes in 9 different colors, so you can choose one that is suitable for the gender of your baby.

Because of the latch design, the car seat that comes with it is easy to set up. However, the children’s heads may require extra support. It is ideal for children under 30 pounds.

To use the seat for toddlers, the recommended weight is 50 pounds, and the height is 42 inches. It can recline from the rear of the seat and is flat, so your child does not have to sacrifice the time he spends napping.

Because of its big bike tires, this will provide users with smooth and comfortable rides. The wheels are big enough; the front measures 12 inches, and the rear measures 16 inches. The front wheels can be locked to prevent accidents when you are out jogging.

What makes this stroller stand out are the little aspects and features that many combination strollers lack. The stroller’s footrest is equipped with reflectors. Because of this, you can stroll around the neighborhood without worries at night.

The stroller has two food trays that are attached to the stroller. One tray is for the parents and the other for the kid. Within these trays are organizers that are covered so that you can store your cell phone, car, and door keys.


  • Smooth rides
  • Large sunshade
  • Reflectors on footrest
  • Reclining and comfortable seat
  • The car seat requires an additional head support
  • The car seat can only be facing you


Baby Trend Skyline 35 System – Cheapest Stroller With Car Seat

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

This is one of the best affordable strollers with car seats that are designed to let you complete your daily chores, ride to the supermarket, and stroll around the neighborhood.

While it is a three-wheel model, it comes with 6 wheels. It is ideal for tall parents who smack their feet on the crossbar located at the rear and can hurt their ankles when walking in strollers because it comes with an adjustable handlebar with cushioning made of rubber.

The package includes Ally 35 baby car seat and its base. This means you can use it straight from the box. It is the safest car seat stroller combo that ensures you the most secure and safest environment for your baby by providing the side wings, 5 points harness, and relaxation with the soft and luxurious cushion.

It is a one-hand foldable stroller that can be positioned straight for collapse. It will take less than 30 seconds to fold. Its front wheels swivel to allow for greater maneuverability, and the rear wheel locks to ensure better control.

It also comes with an adjustable recline and a large canopy. The canopy allows your baby private time to nap and allows him to feel at ease. It also has two cup holders and snack trays, making the ride more enjoyable.


  • Beautiful set
  • Adjustable handle
  • A myriad of storage
  • Wide and large canopy
  • One hand collapse
  • Reliable car seat
  • The stroller is not able to collapse in the reclining position


Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max Travel System – Durable Stroller With Car Seat

Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max Travel System includes an infant car seat, a car seat base, and a stroller that could be used by children who weigh up to 50 pounds.

The infant carrier is ergonomically designed, making it much more comfortable for parents. The stroller’s lightweight, quick folding, all-wheel suspension, and large storage space make it among the best affordable strollers with car seats.


  • Excellent storage space
  • Supports neck and head
  • Carrier is designed ergonomically
  • Two hands are required to fold
  • There is no tray for children


What To Look For In The Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats

Safety Features

Be sure that the stroller you purchase includes an infant car seat that complies with car seat safety standards and has not been subject to recalls. Additionally, the stroller must be sturdy enough to protect your child regardless of its conversion.

Additional safety features worth looking for include a UPF canopy, stroller wheel locks, harness straps, and more padding inside the car seat.

Ease of Use

You will need an easy-to-use stroller that you can easily put together and take down and car seats that can be simply removed from its base or stroller.

If the stroller is too complicated or you need to juggle it to properly click the carrier into the base of your car seat or stroller, that is not a good investment option and is not the ideal product for you.

Stroller Type

Travel systems include full-size strollers or jogging ones. Before you jump on any other option, you must know which model you are searching for. Remember that a jogging stroller cannot be used right after the baby’s birth since he cannot hold his head or neck.

With a stroller that is large enough and comes with a car seat combination, it is possible to use it even in the infant stage. They allow you to run around and explore the city easily.

Weight and Height Limitations

Every travel system is not built identically, so they have their own dimensions and limitations. Make sure to know the limits of your car seat specifically so that you can move your baby to a bigger car seat at the right time.


Considering the configuration of the car seat and stroller combination is important. You can count on the options the stroller offers and make sure you can face your child toward you or away from you.

Bassinet, Car Seat Or Both

With the bassinet, you can go for walks right after the few days of birth, as it will hold your baby in a flat position. In contrast, there are car seats that provide the needed cushioning to your baby’s body and can adjust accordingly. See if a stroller can snap both or simply the car seat.

Which Car Seat Is It Coming With?

Make sure you know which car seat comes along with your stroller. It must be safe and comfortable. Read through the reviews on the internet and find out what other moms have said about it. Your child should always have a quality combination.

Compatibility To Other Car Seats

While purchasing the best affordable strollers with car seats, make sure they can be used with other available car seats for safe rides. So, you can use it with the car seat you already have if the new one stops working.

Do The Best Affordable Strollers With Car Seats Need Adopters?

If you purchase the car seat and stroller together, you are hoping to save money. If so, check whether your stroller has an adopter that is compatible with the particular car seat or not. If not, you will end up paying more than you estimated.

Final Words

These were the best affordable strollers with car seats. You must now consider which one suits your needs most. Consider the type of stroller, the weight capacity, the car seat it is fitted with, the compatibility, configurations, and if you need adapters before purchasing.

In addition, it is also possible to look for the weight capacity, dimension, and size of the storage basket. You can also check whether the canopy and snack tray with the best affordable strollers with car seats suit your requirements.