How to Control Kids’ Internet Time

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

How to Control Kids’ Internet Time? Kids these days are extremely tech-savvy. They learn how to use smart devices from a young age.

Although they can derive various benefits from modern tech gadgets.

There’s also a significant risk of them developing addictions, getting obese, and suffering from mental health issues.

As parents, it’s important to learn how to control kids’ internet time.

Read on to discover some effective parental controls for the internet that can help regulate your children’s screen time.

How Can I Limit My Child’s Internet Access?

If you’re wondering “how to restrict my child’s internet access remotely”, check this safety guide.

Guardians can enforce several rules to keep a watchful eye on their kids’ digital activity. These include:

How to Control Kids' Internet Time

Monitor them keenly

Setting strict rules for your kids might work initially, but they’ll soon find ingenious ways to extend their screen times.

For instance, your kids could stay up all night playing video games or surfing the internet.

To prevent such addictive behavior, ensure that you monitor and supervise how they utilize their gadgets.

Lock away their gadgets when necessary

Your kids shouldn’t be using their smartphones at the dinner table or just before going to bed.

Make sure you set aside a special charging box to lock their devices securely until the next day.

More importantly, educate them about the benefits of socializing and leading an active lifestyle away from their electronics.

Use parental control apps

When push comes to shove, you can utilize a reliable parental control app to limit internet use among your kids.

These apps monitor your target user’s device usage and send regular reports to help you keep tabs on your loved ones.

They make parental supervision delightfully easier.

However, it’s important to conduct ample research before settling on any app.

How Can eyeZy Help to Control Kids’ Internet Time?

EyeZy is a remarkable tracking app with various helpful parental control features.

It’s regarded as one of the best spy apps for couples desperately wondering how to limit internet use among their children.

Some of eyeZy’s features that are most helpful to parents include:

Browsing history tracker

this tool allows you to monitor the websites your child visits when he/she goes online.

Everything they check or view is tracked and stored, allowing you to review the type of content they see on different sites.

Website blocker

if you’re worried that your kids are viewing inappropriate content online, eyeZy’s website blocking feature allows you to bar them from visiting malicious websites.

This app also has an intelligent porn content blocker that filters online content to ensure it’s safe for your child.

Bookmarks checker

Besides providing exemplary parental control on internet access, eyeZy allows users to check what websites their kids have saved in their browser bookmarks.

You’ll know if they’ve bookmarked sites with racist, violent, or sexually explicit content.

Keyword alerts tracker

you can view the words and phrases your kids use when doing online searches.

EyeZy’s keyword alerts tracker allows users to specify their preferred keywords and receive real-time notifications once their children use them.

What are the Consequences of Excessive Screen Time?

Spending too much time on your phone can negatively impact kids. These include:

Obesity Screen addiction prevents children from engaging in sports and other physical activities.

As a result, they gradually grow obese and suffer from a range of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes even before they hit twenty.

Sleeping problems

Spending too much time on your phone or computer strains the eyes and interferes with your natural circadian rhythm.

As such, failing to implement a suitable internet time limit for your kids can cause them trouble sleeping.

Mental health issues

Studies show that children who spend too much time on electronic devices are more likely to contract adverse mental problems such as anxiety disorders and depression.


Limiting internet use among your kids will help you safeguard them from dangers such as online addiction, cyberbullying, and antisocial disorders.

EyeZy is undoubtedly the best parental control app on the market today.