How To Prepare a Baby Nursery For a Newborn Baby’s Arrival

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2023)

How To Prepare a Baby Nursery For a Newborn Baby’s Arrival?

Planning a baby nursery is undoubtedly the most exciting part of welcoming a newborn.

You can never be too prepared since preparing for a new baby includes the baby’s care and keeping everything you need.

The nursery is where you will spend most of the time caring for the baby and thus should be calming and comforting.

Here are some practical tips on preparing a baby nursery for a new family member.

Preparing The Room for Baby Nursery

Prepare the room or space designated for the nursery. Clean the space thoroughly to remove dust since newborn babies are prone to allergies.

Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents that could leave unpleasant smells. Ensure to mop the floors and clean the walls with soap and water to remove dirt.

Check the quality of the lighting system in the nursery and consider changing the overhead lights with a dimmer since the baby will be looking up during the early days.

In addition, you can install brighter lights in the lamps to alternate with the dimmer.

If you need to repaint the walls, use non-toxic paint that will not irritate the baby. You can also install wallpaper if you choose not to paint the walls.

Check the doors of the nursery room to ensure the hinges are well lubricated and avoid creaking sounds.

You should also consider installing safety equipment such as a smoke or carbon monoxide detector to prevent accidental fires.

Choosing the Nursery Furniture

Choose the nursery furniture depending on your preference, budget, and available space.

A crib, changing table, nursery chair, and dresser are the essential pieces of furniture in the nursery.

Choosing the Crib

The crib is the most significant piece of furniture in a newborn baby’s nursery. Thus it’s the first piece you should consider when preparing the nursery.

Your baby will sleep in a bassinet until three months old and transition into the crib.

You can choose a standard-sized or mini-crib depending on the available space and your budget.

A standard crib will occupy more floor space and be more expensive than a mini crib. However, it will grow with your baby since you can convert it into a toddler bed.

On the other hand, a mini crib is less expensive and will occupy a smaller space. Thus, it will make a better choice for a tight budget, a smaller space, or a nursery room for twins.

Avoid a hand-me-down crib and consider a new one that meets the recommended safety standards.

Invest in a safe, firm, breathable mattress that fits snuggly in the crib without leaving gaps.

Add a fitted sheet to cover the mattress and install a mobile securely to avoid falling and keep the baby entertained.

 Do not put stuffed animals, toys, or blankets in the crib to avoid the risk of sudden infant death syndrome(SIDs).

Choosing a Changing Table

Your newborn poop up to five times daily, so you can expect to change many diapers. You must invest in a comfortable changing table to avoid straining your knees and back.

Choose a changing table with a comfortable height to avoid bending when changing the diapers or bathing the baby.

Additionally, it should provide ample storage space for the changing essentials and be made of non-toxic materials.

In addition, the changing table should be sturdy enough to support the baby’s weight without collapsing.


You will need a wardrobe or dresser for your baby’s clothes, bedding, towels, and extra diapers.

Thus, consider investing in a spacious dresser that will grow with your baby.

The dresser should be durable and have safe opening and closing mechanisms. A dresser could also double as a changing table when you’re short on space or have a tight budget.

Nursery Chair

A nursery chair provides a comfortable space when feeding or rocking the baby to sleep. Choose a comfy chair with a locking mechanism to make it easier to care for your baby.

It should be spacious enough and have comfortable cushions on the sitting area and the arms for maximum support.

In addition, it should be durable to grow with a baby and have a washable fabric cover.

Decorating the Room

Choose the nursery theme and colors depending on the color of the furniture. You can paint the walls or install wallpaper first to understand the other items’ colors.

If you’re unsure of the colors to choose, consider the 60-30-10 rule, where 60% is primarily neutral for the walls, rug, and some of the furniture.

30% should be a shade of the dominant color for the rest of the furniture and the nursery curtains. On the other hand,10% should be an accent for the toys and small accessories.

Alternatively, you can consider not having a theme at all.

Consider adding baby-friendly wall art that matches the nursery theme. You can personalize it by adding framed family photos or collections.

Additionally, consider window treatment with curtains that block natural light to allow the baby to nap peacefully during the day.

Organizing Everything

Now that you have chosen the theme and brought in the furniture, finish setting up the nursery by putting everything in its rightful place to avoid clutter.

Bring the diapers, cream burp cloths, and grooming items and arrange them neatly on the changing table. Ensure the changing essentials are easily accessible to avoid leaving the baby unattended.

Wash the baby’s clothes before putting them in the dresser to remove any dust and fabric treatments that could irritate the baby.

Consider using baby-friendly detergents and rinsing well when preparing the baby’s clothes. Get a box for putting away all the stuffed animals and toys after playtime to avoid clutter.


Preparing the first home for your newborn baby is exciting and challenging. First, You must prepare the area by cleaning it to remove any dust and allergens.

Secondly, choose the essential furniture, including a crib, changing table, dresser, and nursery chair.

You may choose a color theme or not, depending on your preference. Decorate the nursery according to the theme and organize everything to avoid clutter.

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