How to Tell Husband You Are Pregnant Unplanned?

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2023)

Are you being pregnant and want to tell your husband about that news? Here are some tips: How to Tell Husband You Are Pregnant Unplanned?

Pregnancy is a big event for a pregnant woman for the first time in her life when she realizes she is pregnant by some means.

Tell her husband this news is a big surprise because he will become a father for the first time.

News like that is a big surprise for him, so he can feel much better knowing about that. To tell about news just like that needs a lot of strategies for a woman.

When you are unmarried, you may be in some love, so you plan how many kids you want.

At this period of life, you reach the point where you will marry your loved one.

After marriage, when you realize that the pregnancy period has arrived.

You should surprisingly tell your husband.

Every woman has her level of mind to say about this news to her husband.

But there are some tips you may follow to tell your husband about this big life news.

Don’t tell another person:

You should give this information to your husband directly, not by a third person.

Some women tell their husbands this news by a medium like a cell phone or email message.

A woman may send a message to tell her husband you are pregnant unplanned through some third person.

This is not a good strategy. You should avoid this kind of strategy.

Your husband wants to get this news in some surprising way. A better strategy or tip is to tell him this news directly (face to face), not indirectly.

 “How to Tell Husband You Are Pregnant Unplanned” to inform about this news by other person is not a perfect way.

Choose the place where your husband wants to go:

Choosing a place for some events matters a lot—some husbands like outside places and inside homes.

But every husband has some place he likes the most, so choose these favorite places to tell your husband you are unplanned pregnant.

There are some places that your husband likes the most, like outside there are some places like hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Go there to reveal your pregnancy news. In this way, your husband will get more joy from this news.

Tell your husband in the house if he wants to spend more time at home.

You should not be required to go out of the house. This is the best way to break memorable news: “How to Tell Husband You Are Pregnant Unplanned.”

Ready to handle every situation:

When you tell your husband you are pregnant unplanned, you should be ready for every condition. Maybe your husband thought that this thing should not happen soon.

He may feel angry and abuse you. In many cases, husbands feel happy, so they do not worry.

Just go and tell him in good words what you want to say means you are pregnant unplanned.

If your husband abuses or beats you, relax and don’t say anything. He will come in normal condition after some time because the happiness of a kid for a father is considered a lot of things.

He will feel better about that news after some time.

Leave the place for some time after telling:

When you have already told your husband about your unplanned pregnancy, you should immediately leave the place where you told your husband about that news.

This way, your husband will feel more comfortable and happily handle the moment.

Get some help from others:

If you are getting pregnant for the first time, get help from other married couples and get information about that event.

They may help you deal with this moment in a more precise way. You should also get help from your doctors to get information on revealing that news in front of your husband.

In this blog, we try our best to tell you how you should tell your husband that you are unintentionally pregnant. Maybe we missed some points, but our article covers almost every topic about this condition.


In the end, we hope you got a lot of information about How to Tell Your Husband You are Pregnant Unplanned? so follow these tips.

So do not feel uncomfortable telling your husband about that news. Just go to your husband’s favorite place and tell him directly. Not by some other medium in this way; your husband will get happier about that news.

If you feel that he will feel angry, don’t worry; this is for a temporary period. Enjoy your pregnancy period.

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