4 Occasions Edibles Work Perfectly For

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2023)

You’re planning an event or heading out to one and want to be a gracious host or guest.

A well-thought-out gift is an ideal way to make a wonderful impression, so you start by considering what you’d see as a perfect present.

The answer hits you fast: cannabis edibles!

While marijuana is quickly becoming socially acceptable worldwide, it’s not the best idea for every occasion.

For instance, you don’t want to show up at an office party on the clock with a batch of weed brownies.

And you don’t want to gift expired edibles accidentally.

Check this article by Veriheal and learn the dos and don’ts of storing cannabis-infused food before giving away less-than-fresh edibles.

But they can be a great idea for certain occasions, like these events that scream for edibles to be part of the festivities.

1. A Couch Party (AKA Netflix and Chill)

Binging the TV shows on trend is a favorite thing to do now. If you’re heading to someone else’s home or inviting a few friends to yours for a couch potato session, it’s the perfect time to bring out the edibles.

Since you’re not going to be driving for a while, and everyone is in a safe and comfortable space, indulging in a little THC-infused fun can set the mood.

Use Indica strains in your food to help promote relaxation and calmness for a few hours. Sativa strains are better when you want to do something active, like play board games or do some arts and crafts.

Grab some bags of chips, order a pile of pizzas for delivery, and make a batch of weed-infused snacks.

With so many recipes, it’s easy to throw together a binge-worthy feast! Remember that you want to label how much THC/CBD per serving is in each food to let others mind their marijuana intake.

2. Birthday Parties for Adults

Festivities are always next-level when edibles are involved. As long as you have permission from the host or inform your guests ahead, bringing out the marijuana goodies sets the mood for fun.

Again, it’s important to label the content of THC per serving in anything you provide. Getting the right strain is crucial, too.

You don’t want to bring edibles to create an energetic vibe only to load everyone up on Indica strains and make them drowsy.

Always stick to the laws in your state, too. Don’t bring cannabis-infused edibles or marijuana to a child’s birthday party; make sure those adults who indulge know their legal rights and responsibilities.

3. Cleaning Day

“We can’t wait for cleaning day,” said no one. Well, that is, until marijuana edibles became part of the process.

Pop a few Sativa-laced gummy bears, grab your cleaning products, and play your favorite upbeat music. Cleaning day is here, and it’s time to have fun while you’re doing your household chores.

Sativa strains give you focus and energy, two things necessary when doing a deep cleaning. Scrubbing the floors and baseboards in your home used to be a drag, but with edibles, it becomes easy.

After an edible cleaning binge, you might find that your home has never been so sparkly and spotless!

4. The Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday, the World Series, the Stanley Cup … whatever your game of choice is, the big game is around the corner, and your menu is almost as important as the event itself.

What will you eat and drink while you’re rooting for your favorite team? When you add some canna-infused beverages or foods to the list, you and your guests will have more fun and flavor.

If the party is at your home (or someone else’s), pass around the edibles and start cheering louder than ever. After all, we all know that if you scream loud enough, the players will hear you and listen!


Edibles can be an incredible gift for someone throwing a party or an entertaining way to spice up your event’s menu. But they’re not the right choice for every occasion.

If you’re planning one of these four gatherings, adding THC edibles to the itinerary is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to get the right strain for the mood you want to set.