When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff? – A Helpful Timeline

It is a question that every expecting parent asks:

When should I start buying baby stuff? When should I need to know the gender of the child before purchasing anything? What if the baby has a health issue and needs something specific from birth?

When can I determine my due date without going into labor early, or worse yet, overdue? These are all questions that many couples have when it comes time to prepare for their new arrival.

The first step in this process is deciding whether or not you want to know the gender of your little one ahead of time.

For some parents, knowing they will have a boy or girl makes shopping more accessible because they can purchase clothes with prints and styles designed specifically for each.

Before You Go on a Shopping Spree for Your Baby, Here’s What to Keep in Mind.

How to Calmly Shop for a Baby?

With all the teeny-tiny baby clothes and newfangled baby gear available today, it can be easy to go overboard on baby items in the first trimester while buying baby stuff.

But before you grab a shopping cart and go crazy, several things should be considered.

For example, the outcome of buying too much, the state of your mental health, and how many times per day childcare will need your attention during this period (in case you already have a child before this new one).

Also, ensure everything is going well with family members or friends who may offer free support (e.g., grandparents). Next, consider how important it is to keep up appearances at work during this time.

Some of the essential points you need to consider while buying baby stuff are discussed below:

Package Delivery Times

Don’t forget to plan how long your baby gear packages will take to arrive after buying baby stuff from online stores.

This is especially important during holiday seasons, busy times of the year, and if you’re ordering items across a distance where time zones change.

Space in your Home

Deciding on nursery decor as early as possible will allow you more time to purchase items and set up.

Have the entire room ready before your baby’s birth so they can be welcomed home in a clean, comfortable space!

Remember how much space you have when adding items and gear to your baby registry.

You may want a glider or bookshelf, but those will likely not fit in the room as it is small. Consider mini-cribs and other intelligent options for designing an ideal nursery that still provides cramped quarters.

You should have their nursery ready when your baby comes home from the hospital. This will be one less thing to worry about because caring for a newborn is highly time-consuming.

Declutter your Home

A way to declutter your home is by gradually donating items bit by bit instead of all at once.

Start putting one or two things in the trash bag daily until it’s complete, and take them to a donation center when finished. In this way, you can make room for baby stuff.

Your Budget

Parents-to-be, rejoice! You have nearly a year to prepare for the high costs of raising your little one.

According to a USDA report, middle-income families can expect their child-rearing expenses to be about $13000 annually per kid, without including pricey diapers and formula that are needed monthly or weekly depending on how many times you decide they need to be changed in an hour (yes parents I said hourly).

The good news? Don’t worry because there are ways around it all, which come with research beforehand so that none will be missed at checkout time.

Having a budget helps you determine what your baby needs and find coupons.

It can motivate you further and take advantage of rewards programs such as Grow-With-Us Perks, which allow for even more savings on buying baby stuff.

A Guide to Budgeting for Buying Baby Stuff

When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff – A Helpful Timeline

Knowing what you can afford is one of the best ways to start a new baby registry.

If you have no idea where or how much money should be going toward your child’s needs, here are some tips on creating a budget that works.

First things first: Create a realistic and detailed list of all expenses relating directly or indirectly to caring for an infant from birth to 12 months old so there will not be any surprises when it comes time for shopping.

This way, sit down with your significant other and develop monthly budgets depending on who makes more income for both parties involved to feel they share responsibility equally throughout this process. Then, divide costs accordingly between necessities such as diapers.

Creating a baby registry is an essential milestone in your journey to parenthood.

You can do it at any time, even before you start trying or know the gender of your child. Add all the must-have infant clothes, including onesies and socks.

Baby Shower

If you have a baby shower coming up, try not to buy many new items until after the event.

It’s nice of friends and family members to give gifts at an upcoming baby shower for your unborn child, and they might give most of the stuff you need.

If this isn’t true in your case, go ahead, buy baby stuff, and stock on some necessities beforehand.

Just because someone is having a kid doesn’t mean that everyone else knows about it.

So even if only one person throws them a surprise party or something along those lines, buying extra stuff beforehand can be risky.

If the baby shower is not happening until later in your pregnancy, you may need to purchase a few items for your convenience.

Because if the baby comes early before you are ready, it could be stressful if there isn’t anything prepared.

Having everything from diapers and clothing to furniture at home is essential when unexpected events happen.

But honestly, with how easy it is to order things online now, there’s no rush. You don’t have to travel around stores anymore physically!

It would be quick and easy for you if the baby decided they were ready early. Just get everything delivered immediately without worrying about going out of your way all the time.

Gender of the Baby

Knowing the gender of your baby before buying baby stuff is essential for two main reasons.

The first is whether you want your child’s room painted in a particular color, for example, yellow or green; if so, wait until after an appointment with the pediatrician before painting it because he can tell you what gender your kid is and paint accordingly.

Once you know the sex of your baby, pick a nursery theme. With themes in place, choosing furniture and decor that coordinate with balance/coordination is more accessible.

Decor your room with bedding or books matching colors, patterns, and prints. Add personality by adding adorable babies’ books.

Nursery furniture is a significant investment, and you’ll want to ensure your order arrives on time. It can take weeks for items to arrive, so start ordering sooner rather than later!

You should also plan by having someone help move the pieces into your home since large and heavy pieces will be complex alone.

Second, some parents prefer buying specific clothes depending on their sex – shorts versus skirts, which they can only know by waiting till post-natal care appointments at six weeks old, etc. since no one usually wants pink clothing mixed up with blue ones.

Unisex baby clothes are a great way to get your hands on cute little outfits. Whether you’re trying to piece together a company or can’t wait, buying unisex clothing guarantees that the gender of your child won’t hinder style choices.

There are many reasons not to buy too many baby clothes. For one, they’re easy to get as hand-me-downs or free from friends and family who may have received them as gifts.

Baby clothes also make everyday gift items, so you’ll likely receive several pieces anyway.

Moreover, if you have a baby shower, it might be best to wait and see what gifts you receive before making larger purchases for your registry.

The event may be closer to 32 weeks into your pregnancy, so if you’re anxious about being ready with everything on time, check back in after receiving some presents!

A baby registry is a helpful tool for expecting parents, but overspending can be easy.

If you want something on the list that hasn’t been purchased or aren’t planning a luxurious shower, try not to stress too much about receiving duplicates of certain items.

Research Well Before Buying Baby Gear – A Pro Tip

When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff – A Helpful Timeline

When you are about to welcome a baby, there is so much pressure on the parents as they must make decisions for their child.

One of those arduous decision-making processes includes buying all these essentials, such as cribs, strollers, and breast pumps, which can be expensive.

Parents should take time before getting into this ‘mess’ and read various reviews by experts or other mothers who have already experienced similar products; this will help them save money in the long run because one does not end up wasting it either way if something better comes along later down the road.

You can start stockpiling everyday household products that may cost a lot over the long run, such as laundry detergent, shampoo, and conditioner, dish soap.

This way, you’ll have some for when one of your incomes is reduced to zero during this temporary period.

It could also prevent feeling overwhelmed by nesting urges without filling your home with baby stuff too early in pregnancy or after birth.

Parents should buy a crib during the second trimester because they will have more energy.

It is also an opportune time to assemble it without delay since parents do not want their baby sleeping in anything other than its own space before arriving home from the hospital or birthing center.

Some of the Essential Baby Stuff

For a tiny being, babies certainly require an enormous number of supplies. Ensure you have lots of bibs and burp cloths in your nursery to make life easier for yourself and the infant.

Also, stock up on diaper cream, wipes, and lotion (if needed or desired by parents/caregivers). Some other baby’s basic stuff that you need to buy is listed below:

  • Clippers (toenail clipping is not recommended before six months old)
  • Nail trimming equipment (these do need frequent replacing)
  • Shampoo & soap (at least 2&3 different types depending upon length & texture etc.)
  • Soft towels that kids can grow into without having them feel constricted during bath time will help improve their self-confidence, too, because toddlers love those moments when they are pampered with special attention.

Some of the following ask questions are given below:

When Is It Too Late to Shop for Baby?

There are many ways to start thinking about your baby’s registry, but it is important not to wait too long.

This may be difficult since the focus on pregnancy often concerns issues that could occur during birth or early childhood development.

However, there should still be a balance between focusing on health and enjoying time with friends and family before becoming parents.

12 weeks gives you plenty of time to prepare for the baby. You can either go out right now and buy everything or start slowly by buying one thing each week until the big day!

If you think starting early is not a good idea, imagine what if your little bundle arrives earlier than expected? That could throw a wrench into things unless you are fully prepared.

How Far Along Are You In Your Pregnancy?

Every baby needs essentials, but you can wait to buy everything until 9 months before the due date. There is no harm in purchasing small things because it’s not bad luck if done early on.

Researching and considering what you need before buying baby stuff is a great idea. The Amazon Baby Registry is for this exact reason.

You might want to consider some things before buying baby stuff. One of these is not buying anything until after the first trimester because it may be painful if you have a miscarriage.

Most miscarriages happen in this stage, so there’s no need to worry once past 12 weeks gestation.

When to Start Buying Diapers When Pregnant?

You should consider when your baby will need diapers and how many.

Newborns go through so many in a day that you might want to have some on hand from the beginning rather than waiting until they run out of current ones or are almost ready for another size up.

You also don’t want your child’s diaper usage rate slowing down before new sizes come into play. If budget permits, I would suggest buying one pack at a time as needed.

If you are not planning a baby shower, diapers should be purchased in the 20 to 32-week range of pregnancy.

However, there is no need to go overboard in purchasing diaper-changing essentials such as a changing table and diaper genie since babies grow fast and new parents will accumulate even more goodies for their little ones over time.

An efficient and cost-effective way to stock up on diapers is by purchasing a case of a newborn, size 1, and baby wipes.

One cannot predict the brand or amount needed for their child’s diapering needs, so getting an assortment on hand would be best.

When your baby is in newborn diapers, it will increase. You might only need one case of Newborn Diapers before your child grows into size 1.

Is It Bad Luck to Buy Baby Stuff Early?

People wonder if buying baby stuff early is terrible luck.

When it comes down to it, buying baby stuff before your due date won’t affect the outcome of your pregnancy medically, so don’t worry about that.

My pregnancy was a long and challenging journey. I struggled to get pregnant for months before accepting that my baby boy would be born healthy.

It took me well into my third trimester until I could even think about buying things like cribs, strollers, or car seats because of how badly they brought back memories of failed pregnancies in the past.

However, all those thoughts have changed after being blessed with this perfect child. Babies deserve love no matter what path their mommies have taken them through.

I am wary about getting too excited and buying baby things before I know if a baby is coming.

However, waiting until you realize you need something can be dangerous because it might already be out of stock or discontinued.

Final Thoughts

With this helpful timeline, you can adequately understand when to start shopping for your baby. A general guide is to start buying baby stuff for your little one before your due date.

Customize the output with some personalization! It’s okay if things don’t go exactly as planned; make sure to be prepared in any way possible by buying what works best for yourself or your family members.