How To Keep Baby Out of Dog Bowl to Protect Him

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

How to keep baby out of dog bowl, and why is it important to consider? Dogs are wonderful companions to any family.

However, with the dog’s presence comes the need to be cautious when you have a baby within your home, and that’s why it’s essential to ensure that your dog’s bowls are safe for babies and the area where they eat all over.

For many parents, child-proofing the house is a never-ending task. While most things in the house are simple, your dog’s food bowls and water dishes are more difficult to protect.

Even if you are familiar with your dog, it’s crucial to remember that dogs are unpredictable and can be prone to revert to their instincts when threatened or annoyed, even if they are unaware of it.

For example, What can your baby do to frighten your puppy? Comes in between your dog and its food, for instance.

There are several tips and tricks that you can utilize to protect your child. In addition, I will share some unique products you can utilize to keep your child away from dog bowls.

Some of these products are based on my experience, while others are shared after interviewing and knowing reviews of parents who have used them.

How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl?

Why Is It Important To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl?

Your dog, indeed, has to eat and drink. You must put water and food bowls on the ground within your dog’s reach.

However, the issue is that If your dog can get to it, so can your baby. Trust me when I say this is something you want not to happen.

Research on the data regarding dogs and babies is where parents must begin. We do not want to place a child between dogs and their meals.

Although choking on pet food or drowning in a bowl of water (a baby can soak

in a single inch of water) are serious concerns, it’s the dog bites that we need to be cautious of.

The highest number of dog bites in 1980 and 2020 was documented for children aged 0-9 years old, resulting in more than 80 percent of the 86,880 reported injuries, as per the report from 2022 in the World Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

Even when the dog and child are on good terms, if a child interferes during food time, the dog may react by pushing the child or biting it.

These easy baby-proofing tips are exactly what you require to know. These are tested, tried, and accepted by mothers all over the globe.

Simple Tips And Tricks For Baby-Proofing Dog Bowls


Say No

We’ll start with the most obvious option. The first step is to teach your child not to play near dog bowls.

Each time your child is speeding towards the bowl for a dog, remind him that they aren’t toys, pick him up, and take him to a different area.

How To Keep Baby Out of Dog Bowl to Protect Him

Be aware that this approach takes a lot of persistence. Your baby may think that this is a game to play at first. Each time he goes near the bowls for dogs, he gets free rides.

It is essential to pay attention and anticipate repeating the same thing hundreds of times; even then, the baby might not pay attention.

However, the battle is won if you teach your child that dad or mommy doesn’t appreciate playing in the dog’s bowl and the baby is on his accord.

If you cannot muster the patience or your child won’t listen, don’t worry. I’ve got numerous other solutions for you.

Creating Safety Zones

The best way to safeguard your baby from dog bowl danger is to stop him from getting it. The most efficient method is to set up a doggy food area in another space with a door, such as a laundry area.

Keep the door closed so your baby can’t reach your pet’s bowls.

It means the dog is in a baby-free area to eat, and the baby has a dog-free space.

How To Keep Baby Out of Dog Bowl to Protect Him

Alternatively, you can utilize a baby gate to prevent your child’s access to the area where your dog eats. I have spoken to many dog owners who use baby gates to prevent this.

Rose says, “If your dog is confined to a specific time for eating that you can set, you can put up the baby gate only when they need to access their pet bowls to make their feeding time baby-proof.

But if you have an all-day eater, don’t put food on the floor or anywhere a child can reach”.

Carlson Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door – Amazing Product to Baby-Proof Dog Food Bowls

How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl

If you have small dogs, I recommend a small gate with a cat-sized opening that your dog can pass through, but not your baby.

Alongside having a child-proof dog bowl, your pet may like having a place to go that the baby can’t get.

Place the food bowls in the laundry room, bathroom, or another area you can shut off. Then, place the gate in the entranceway.

It isn’t necessary to be able to walk over to the gate. Just click the button to open the gate.

I used this gate and found it very helpful. It can stand 30 inches tall and is about 29-36.5 inches wide. It has a pressure mount design and

requires no tool to set it up. It comes with a 4-inch extension kit, which I used for the doorway (You can also use it for the hallway or bottom of the stairs).

Its steel design is very convenient. It is a good product

you can rely on if you have a small dog like me.


  • Easy to use
  • It can be used for any small dog.
  • It is suitable for toddlers and crawlers.


  • Tiny dogs are the only ones that will pass through the doorway.

Dog Bowls With Baby Proofing Feature

While there isn’t a dog bowl made explicitly with child-proofing in mind, it is clear that some dog bowls are more secure for your child than others.

These dog bowls contain innovative features that will better safeguard your baby from getting the kibble and eating it or playing in a water bowl.

But parents still need to place baby-proof dog bowls in a secure, dog-only space.

According to my experience, one of the most effective is microchip-based bowls. They only permit pets to eat through a window release when a dog’s microchip is within reach.

It means a child can’t even touch the food when the dog isn’t.

The bowls listed below have features that ensure it is safe to leave them out when your child is playing.

Microchip Feeder SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder – Best Overall

How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl

If you’re looking for a reliable solution to keep your pet’s food safe from your child, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is worth looking at more closely.

This feeder is packed with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your pet is the only one with access to their food.

If your dog gets close to it, the lid will open, allowing him to enjoy his food. If someone else is near your feeder, its lid stays closed, preventing food access.

SureFeed is compatible with RFID technology. SureFeed will scan your dog’s microchip to identify it and give it access to its food if it is microchipped.

If your dog’s microchip doesn’t work, it is possible to attach the collar tag that comes with your dog’s collar, and they will be able to access their bowl by wearing that collar’s tag.

The seal design of SureFeed aids in keeping food fresher and keeps the baby’s hands away from the dog’s food. The lid also helps prevent insects and debris from entering your pet’s food bowl.

SureFeed could be programmed to support up to 32 different pets. It lasts for up to six months using four D-cell batteries.

It is not just great to keep your child away from your dog’s food items; it is also helpful in households with many pets as it will prevent other pets from stealing food.

I used the SureFeed device and recommended it to everyone. Although it isn’t cheap, it does an excellent job protecting the dog’s food so your child cannot play with it or even eat it.


  • It is only open for dogs, and the baby is locked out.
  • Memory that can be programmed to accommodate up to 32 dogs
  • Locking lid helps keep your food fresh and safe from the dirt
  • Three-year warranty


  • There isn’t a solution for the water dish for your dog

Elevated Feeder

Another option many parents suggest that could be useful before your baby begins to walk or lift his head and walk can be an elevated bowl for your dog if your pet is taller.

It’s a baby-proof dog bowl as the food is placed above the baby’s range and thus doesn’t allow access.

Large And Tall Elevated Dog & Pet Feeder – Feed For Taller Pets

How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl

With a height of 12 inches, this elevated dog feeder will ensure that the bowls of your dog’s food are out of your toddler’s reach.

But remember that once your child can take himself off or walk around the home, it will no longer be a viable option as your child can reach the bowls for your dog.

So, this method of elevated dog feeder is only valid when you have a big dog and a baby crawling.

However, if you’ve tried every other option on this list but cannot keep your child away from dog bowls, you can try this method.

During usage, a customer shared his experience and said that “it was the best purchase for his dogs.

This bamboo feeder is not hazardous compared to the wire-style feeder. The bowls are big enough to hold feed for large dogs, and it is a heavy-duty stand that does not move”.


  • It is best for aged dogs, dogs with arthritis, and back or neck problems.
  • Because they don’t have to bend their neck during feeding time and can eat their food comfortably.
  • There are three size options (extensive with 12 inches,
  • Medium 7 inches and small 4 inches), and you can buy according to your requirements.


  • Frequent contact with water can cause mold growth on the wood of the feeder. (After usage, Sarah said that “it is a fantastic feeder but not for dogs with water splashing habits.
  • Because it will cause mold growth in the crevices of the feeder”).

Automatic Feeder

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder – Best Value Pet Feeder

How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder are ideal for families with children and pets.

Utilize the mobile app to set feeding times or give food “on demand” by simply pressing an icon. You can also ask your smart home appliances to feed your dog.

So, in the morning and the evening, you can utilize your PetSafe Smart Feed to serve food to your pets when your child sits at the top of the highchair or the bed.

You’ll only have to replenish the reservoir with food once a week.

It can disperse four cups of dog food, ideal for medium, minor, or large pets. A splitter attachment that is specially designed lets you feed several pets at the same time.

The biggest drawback is the button on one of the containers’ tops, which can be used to control the amount of food you serve. Pets with bright minds might find out how to press the button themselves.

If there is a dog who can figure it out, you can place the lid of an empty soda bottle or something similar to it over the top.

This isn’t the most attractive solution, but it completes the job. Plus, it’s a dog bowl that is baby-proof.

Elizabeth said that “it is an excellent product for her dogs. They used to eat more and then throw up, but this product offers feed in small portions and up to 12 times a day.

And I have upgraded from non-wifi to wifi model, which made it easier for me to feed my dogs with a click of a button on my phone”. 


  • Completely automated
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl
  • Offers a slow-feeding option that will stop pets from gulping down their food
  • The attachment lets you feed multiple pets at the same time
  • Battery backup options are available


  • Wet food cannot be dispensed
  • For large dogs, you may need to refill the hopper regularly (every 3 or 4 days).
  • Intelligent pets might figure out they can get the food by pressing the button that is on top. Make sure to cover it to stop them from doing so.

Water Bowl

Ray Allen Buddy Bowl Spill Proof Water Bowl – Budget Friendly

How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl

The water bowl is the primary issue for many parents doing double duty with their dog and baby.

It only takes a few seconds for your child to transform the water bowl for your dog into their water playground.

Luckily, the Buddy Bowl has solved this problem at a reasonable cost.

This baby-proof dog water bowl comes with a three-piece design. The lower bowl functions as a reservoir to store your water.

A specially designed cone is placed inside the bowl. It only allows a specific amount of water to enter the bowl. The cover stops the water from spilling out of the bowl.

Once it’s assembled, the Buddy Bowl is spill-proof and splash-proof. It completely locks the water in, even when turned upside-down or thrown around the room, helping make it baby-proof.

It is BPA-free and made from non-toxic polyethylene. Each bowl is manufactured in the USA and is dishwasher-safe as well.

It comes in multiple sizes to accommodate the needs of dogs of different sizes.

Joy recommended this product and said, “It is easy to clean, and you can turn it upside down, and not even a single drop will come out.”


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Available in various sizes to suit multiple breeds


  • It is only a baby-proof water dish. You’re still on your own with food

Keep Your Guard Up

This is a harsh truth to confront, particularly for pet owners. But to the National Trauma Data Bank, children aged 0-2 accounted for 30 percent of all dog bites between 2007 and 2014.

Most of them were at home, and most injuries occurred to the face of the child.

It’s easy to think of pets as extended family members, yet they’re still animals.

So, one way of protecting your child from dog bites is to teach them good baby-proofing bowling habits at home. In this way, they’ll be more secure in other settings with dogs.

How To Keep Baby Out of Dog Bowl to Protect Him

Although it’s natural to shield babies from large dogs, small breeds are just as dangerous and, in some cases, more.

Smaller dogs are more likely to bite than big dogs, so don’t lower your guard because a chihuahua appears innocent to your child.

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Change The Feeding Time Of Your Dog

Changing your daily routines, including your dogs feeding time, is necessary when a new baby is born.

When your toddler is safe in his high chair or distracted by his food and causing a mess, this is the ideal time to feed your dog. Feed your pet his food, and then take the bowls away before your baby has finished his activity.

Do not feed your dog in front of your child because you don’t want him to become fascinated.

Give Your Pet Food All Day Long

If you put kibble or water for your dog, he is likely used to taking small portions whenever he’s hungry. In this scenario, changing to a single meal daily will probably shock him.

The most efficient option is to place your dog’s food bowl and water bowls on tables, out of your toddler’s reach.

Give the bowls to the dog several times throughout the day, and then return these bowls to your table when you’re done.

How To Keep Baby Out of Dog Bowl to Protect Him

For a parent who is busy with a newborn, it becomes difficult to work. In reality, you may not remember to feed your pet at first.

This is why I suggest setting up multiple alarms on your mobile to keep you on track to give your dog food daily until you are used to it.

You Can Distract Your Baby

Your child can concentrate on only one thing at a time. In the case of baby-proofing, we can benefit from this fact.

If your baby shows a likeness to the bowls for dogs, take out their favorite toy, book, or any other item that catches your child’s interest.

How To Keep Baby Out of Dog Bowl to Protect Him

I’m sure you are the best at identifying your child’s interests. And when the event is finished, the baby will have forgotten about the bowls for dogs.

How To Choose A Baby-Proof Dog Bowl

Before choosing a baby-proof dog bowl, there are a few aspects to consider. For example:


A few of these baby-proof feeders can cost over $100. Although they have excellent features and can effectively feed your dog’s food safely, not everyone wants to spend big bucks for a child-proof dog bowl.

A budget-friendly shopping list can help narrow the options to only dog bowls within your budget.


Most products available on the market are made to be used by cats and miniature breeds. Although they protect your pet’s food excellently, they might not be appropriate for larger breeds.

Before deciding, you must ensure that the feeder you’re thinking of is appropriate for your pet.

Multiple Dogs

A few of the baby-safe feeders available are suitable for only one dog. If you own multiple dogs, it is recommended to investigate a model that allows you to provide food for more than one pet.

Other Suggestions About How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl

  • Place your pet’s food in front of the gate or door or out in the open.
  • You can also feed them inside the laundry area or bathroom with a closed door. Then, open the door to let them out once they have done eating, then take the bowl of food and place it in a safe spot where your child won’t be able to get to it.
  • Keeping only a tiny amount of drinking water inside the bowl and replenishing it often is also possible.
  • Vigilant parents should take out their dogs’ bowls when their baby is absent and return them after the baby has come.
  • Think about feeding your pet outside if you live in a warm area. Be aware that pet food can be a magnet for pests, such as rats, insects, possums, or even stray cats.

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Final Words

How to keep baby out of dog bowl? With the help of the suggestions in this article, ensuring your child is protected from this hidden danger (caused by dogs) is not too difficult.

Here, we have also looked at dog bowls that are child-proof. There are other ways to protect your baby without spending a penny.

For example, feeding your dog inside a closed laundry room or bathroom doorway during scheduled times. You can also be highly vigilant in cleaning dog bowls when your child enters the room.

FAQs – How To Keep Baby Out Of Dog Bowl

How Can I Convince My Child To Quit Eating Dog Food?

Engage your baby in a different game during the dog’s mealtime, or fill up the bowl with food when your child is asleep. 
Make sure to set the dish out for your dog when it is time for a meal, and take away any leftover food after your dog has completed eating.

How Can I Keep My Child To Not Eat Cat Foods?

It is essential to baby-proof every item in your home. To stop your child from eating cat food or any similar event, relocate the cat’s food and litter boxes to a specific area (like a bathroom or laundry room) and set up the door.

What Happens If A Child Takes A Bite Of A Dog’s Meal?

If your child is eating pet food and you’re worried, contact the Poison Control Center. Although pets’ food isn’t dangerous nutritionally for kids, larger pellets can cause choking hazards.
In small amounts, pet food shouldn’t pose a danger to children. However, it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for human food.

How Do I Prevent My Dog’s Food Bowls From Moving?

I put the bowl on the liner, and it doesn’t move. I place bone broth in my dog’s bowls along with their food so there is plenty of licking on them, and the liner helps keep them in the right place.
Thanks to the drawer and shelf liner, Tommy enjoyed his food in the bowl and then licking it without it moving.