Middle Names for Jade

100 Beautiful Middle Names for Jade Baby Girl

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2023)

Now it is time to choose pretty middle names for Jade, as you are already done choosing the first name, “Jade,” for your baby.

Jade is a girl name representing courage, clarity, justice, wisdom, and modesty, just like the priceless green stone.

Selecting a name for the newborn is no less than a challenge for most new parents. That’s why I’m trying to suggest gorgeous names for your baby girl.

What does Jade’s name mean, and from where is it derived?

There are many middle names for Jade. But, before going into their details, we should know what the name Jade means and where it originated. The name jade is derived from the name of an ornamental stone.

This stone is used in different artworks and jewelry making. This originated from the Spanish word “piedra de la ijada”, which means “stone of the side” or “stone of the colic.”

According to the Bible, the meaning of the name Jade is

“Precious Stone.”

It is strongly believed that when the stone jade is placed on the baby’s stomach, it could cure colic (colic is a term used when a healthy baby cries for a longer period compared to other babies. But it is not linked with any health issues, and with time, it disappears on its own).

Is Jade a black name?

The answer to this question is, “No, Jade is not a black name.”

According to research, Jade is the name of

68.3% of White people

12.4% Black people,

8.8% Asian,

8% Hispanic,

1.8% other races,

and 0.6% American Indians.

So it is not merely the name of black people as only a small percentage of black people bear it.

Importance of having a Middle Name for Jade

Having a middle name will be a source of many good options for your baby.

It could be used as a nickname for your baby.

A Middle name is important if your child has a common first and last name. In this case, it will help her to maintain a distinguished place in a group of people, especially in a school or college.

Research also shows that the people with middle names are more intelligent and can achieve their life goals more easily.

Also, Jade’s middle names will help make cool words from initials. For example, Jade Valentina Rose will become J.V. Rose.

No doubt, a middle name comes with many advantages, but it is not legally required to have a middle name. It is simply a source of complimenting your first name.

So, before selecting a good middle name for your little one, consider all the above points.

Tips for picking the right name for your baby

The name of a person has a great impact on the personality. Therefore, be careful while choosing the name of your lovely child.

If you want to see your daughter as a kind, noble, cooperative, and supportive human being, then Jade is a good option for her. It will help in molding her into whom you want to see her.

Though having a middle name is unnecessary, it is important for many of us. Sometimes people choose a middle name for their child on the name of a family member to honor them or in their memory.

You can also use your maiden name as your daughter’s middle name to keep your memories fresh.

The selection of a middle name also depends upon the time of birth and the place where the baby is born.

In addition, you can also use the name of a place very dear to you or where you spend beautiful moments, like the middle name of your child.

Is Jade a common middle name?

Jade is one of the most common names. It is a modern name with a lovely and earthy sound. In addition, it is a unisex name and could be used as a middle name for both boys and girls.

Jade is a name that represents a highly positive and charged personality that attracts wonderful ideas. It shows the image of a gentle, kind, supportive, and lovely human.

What’s a good middle name for Jade?

Jade is a cool name for your baby girl. But finding a middle name for Jade that is charming, pretty, and easy to spell is a tough job.

Some good options could be used as a middle name for Jade. These will help you and will make your search easy.

One of the important things during choosing a middle name is to select the name that sounds good to you for your baby. The following list contains 100 good middle names for Jade:

  1. Jade Isadora
  2. Jade Drusilla
  3. Jade Viola
  4. Jade Ashley
  5. Jade Emily
  6. Jade Rose
  7. Jade Nathalie
  8. Jade Farley
  9. Jade Veronica
  10. Jade Irene
  11. Jade Valentina
  12. Jade Amaya
  13. Jade Victoria
  14. Jade Raquel
  15. Jade Elise
  16. Jade Colette
  17. Jade Claire
  18. Jade Ruby
  19. Jade Lily
  20. Jade Sienna
  21. Jade Scarlett
  22. Jade Eveline
  23. Jade Rachel
  24. Jade Elizabeth
  25. Jade Annabel
  26. Jade Marie
  27. Jade Alexandra
  28. Jade Elyse
  29. Jade Frances
  30. Jade Miette
  31. Jade Alexis
  32. Jade Mariah
  33. Jade Esme
  34. Jade Arielle
  35. Jade Catherine
  36. Jade Amber
  37. Jade Lynn
  38. Jade Melody
  39. Jade Ahleigh
  40. Jade Louise
  41. Jade Lauren
  42. Jade Rebecca
  43. Jade Megan
  44. Jade Aja
  45. Jade Asia
  46. Jade Tabitha
  47. Jade Adeline
  48. Jade Harriet
  49. Jade Greta
  50. Jade Evelyn
  51. Jade Ivy
  52. Jade Juliet
  53. Jade Brooke
  54. Jade Rosalie
  55. Jade Penelope
  56. Jade Ophelia
  57. Jade Eliza
  58. Jade Minerva
  59. Jade Arabella
  60. Jade Hope
  61. Jade Opal
  62. Jade Violet
  63. Jade Imogen
  64. Jade Harper
  65. Jade Danica
  66. Jade Greta
  67. Jade Abigail
  68. Jade Angelina
  69. Jade Viviana
  70. Jade Eliana
  71. Jade Amelia
  72. Jade Calista
  73. Jade Cascade
  74. Jade Rosemary
  75. Jade Marigold
  76. Jade Felicity
  77. Jade Iris
  78. Jade Agnes
  79. Jade Wilhelmina
  80. Jade Alyssa
  81. Jade Amelia
  82. Jade Alessandra
  83. Jade Alannah
  84. Jade Alison
  85. Jade Lillian
  86. Jade Eloise
  87. Jade Marcelline
  88. Jade Claire
  89. Jade Grace
  90. Jade Noel
  91. Jade Eleanor
  92. Jade Amaya
  93. Jade Evangeline
  94. Jade Novalee
  95. Jade Orianna
  96. Jade Iona
  97. Jade Leandra
  98. Jade Faye
  99. Jade Riverlee
  100. Jade Honalee

Why is Jade such a popular name?

Jade is a beautiful name that goes well with different middle and last names. It is very easy to spell and pronounce, which could be why it is popular.

Some famous people with the name Jade are:

Jade Nicole Ramsey – an English actress

Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger – a British jewelry designer

and Jade Chantel Cole – an American Fashion model

Method of choosing middle names for Jade

After you choose your daughter’s first name, it’s time to look for a gorgeous middle name Jade and her last name.

For this purpose, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, write down all the possible middle names that go well with Jade from the list above.
  2. After that, say all these names out loud one by one, select the one that sounds good to you, and ignore all the other names. That one is the middle name of your child.
  3. Now repeat the same process for the last name. Write down all the possible last names for your baby.
  4. Again, say all the names out loud, choose one that feels good to you, and ignore the other names that sound odd and weird.
  5. In the end, check the initials of the final name.

If you are satisfied, that’s good. If not, repeat the process till you find the right name for your daughter.

What is a nickname for Jade?

A short name or a familiar form of an actual name is called a nickname. In addition to this, sometimes a nickname also shows the belonging of a person with a place or a thing. Some cool names that could be used as a nickname for Jade are mentioned below:

  1. Jadie
  2. Jay
  3. JJ
  4. Jadey
  5. Jada
  6. Jadee
  7. Jaye
  8. Dede

Sibling names that go with Jade

Some good options go well with Jade as a sibling name. So if your daughter’s name is Jade, you want to choose a name for your second child. You can pick a name from the following lists.

Sister or girl names that sound good with the name Jade

  1. Jade and Kate
  2. Jade and Jayde
  3. Jade and Mae
  4. Jade and Jasmine
  5. Jade and Emily
  6. Jade and Hope
  7. Jade and Avery
  8. Jade and Amber
  9. Jade and Ruby
  10. Jade and Lily
  11. Jade and Ella
  12. Jade and Jenna
  13. Jade and Zoe
  14. Jade and Gemma
  15. Jade and Lucy
  16. Jade and Grace
  17. Jade and Amy

Brother or boy names that sound good with the name Jade

  1. Jade and Shane
  2. Jade and  John
  3. Jade and Harry
  4. Jade and Alex
  5. Jade and Sam
  6. Jade and Jacob
  7. Jade and Charlie
  8. Jade and Mark
  9. Jade and Taylor
  10. Jade and Kevin
  11. Jade and Andrew
  12. Jade and William
  13. Jade and Lee
  14. Jade and Justin
  15. Jade and Adam
  16. Jade and Jake
  17. Jade and Jesse

Final words

Hopefully, my ideas will help you find good middle names for Jade. This article contains 100 cool middle names for Jade.

In addition to this, it also includes nicknames and sibling names that go well with the name Jade. You can read this article to select a lovely name for your baby girl.

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