Tips for New Moms to Calm a Crying Baby

Tips for New Moms to Calm a Crying Baby

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2023)

Bringing home the little bundle of joy seems all fun until reality hits you. Little ones are not always happy, sleeping, and healthy.

Sometimes they are cranky for various reasons, whether hunger, gas, fatigue, or something else.

Nonetheless, crying and kicking a fuss is the only way of communication that the little one knows.

But, it may sometimes get overwhelming to hear them cry and not get hold of the reasons behind this fuss.

As new parents, it may be hard for you to comprehend, but with time you will get better at interpreting the cries. Until then, you can use the following tricks to calm the fussy baby.

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Music to Your Rescue

What is it that music can not handle? Well, almost everything is manageable with music.

So, the next time your baby cries, do not restrain yourself to lullabies. Instead, try different music genres from your Apple Music.

If your apple music is not working, you can quickly fix it by checking the quick guide on ‘Why is apple music not working.’

You can do it while singing a lullaby and later tune in some soothing song for your baby. You can start by playing soft music and checking the response to it.

Many parents also make it a part of the baby’s sleep routine to help them sleep better.

Put out Lights

Babies are used to a dark, quiet, and confined womb. Thus, they are easily irritated by the light and noise around them.

If your baby’s cry is not under control, you should try to switch off the light and move your little one to a quiet place.

Many parents share stories of putting blackout shades in their baby’s room and rolling them down whenever they need a confined, dark space.

Give a pacifier to your bay, and rock them in the arm or lay them in their swing. See if it works for your kid.

Change the Scenery

Looking at the same scenery for a long time may irritate a baby. Therefore, you can change the view for them.

For instance, if they have been lying in their swing for an hour or two, you should pick them up and take them into the garden to change their view.

Likewise, if they cry in the kitchen, take them to the living area. You may also change the caregiver for some time.

If you’re holding, hand them off to their father or whoever is available for help. Changing scenes may help in swapping the baby’s mood.

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Calm Yourself First

A crying baby could be overwhelming for the mothers too.

Therefore, before you start handling your little one, calm yourself. You should listen to your favorite song to calm yourself. Then, get back to holding the baby.

Many mothers have also cried themselves on seeing their little ones crying. You must know that it is a natural and normal way. Cry if you need to calm that overwhelming feeling.

Bottom Line

We hope the above tricks help you soothe your crying baby. If your baby cries too loud and frequently, you must consult the pediatrician if they have colic crying.