What Is A Pram Stroller And Why You Need It

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

Do you know ‘what is a pram stroller?’ One of the significant challenges that come into the life of new parents is going out with the baby.

Whether it is for shopping, running errands, or just going for a routine walk, you need a pram or a baby stroller to easily overcome this phase of life.

They are considered the best mobility items when expecting a baby.

But remember, while purchasing the pram or stroller for newborns, safety is the most crucial point to consider.

There are also many other features to consider for effectiveness and usefulness, but you first need to know the difference between a pram and a stroller.

So, go through this article to find the answer to most of your questions.

What Is A Pram Stroller?

The word ‘Pram’ is a derivative of ‘Perambulator,’ It is more suitable for newborns until they can sit independently in a stroller.

The newborn babies require a carriage where they can lie comfortably when going out with their parents because they cannot hold their necks.

And for this reason, the pram bassinets are the right choice for them as they can lay on their backs in them.

Therefore, what is a pram stroller whenever it comes to your mind? Remember that a pram is a baby carriage that offers a flat recline for your little one.

However, when your baby reaches the age of six months or can sit independently, it is unreasonable to use a pram as it limits the baby’s movements.

What Is A Pram Stroller?

Almost half of the bassinet of the pram is covered with the canopy, so it protects the baby from wind, dirt, and harmful sun rays.

Prams usually do not have belts and harness straps as the baby is in a fully reclining position in them. However, you can customize your pram to add these features if necessary.

Note: Carrycots are also similar to prams in design. They have handles and are lightweight and portable. They also come with a wheeled frame that you can attach according to your requirements.

What Is A Stroller?

Strollers are mostly equipped with upright seats, so they are not a good option for newborn babies. However, they are ideal for babies who can sit independently and are a few months old.

But some new and unique strollers are also available in the market. These are suitable for newborns because of their reclining seats.

These strollers are known as convertible strollers and are very popular among new parents.

What Is A Pram Stroller?

Moreover, strollers have a variety of types and sizes, like double strollers, jogging strollerslightweight strollerscompact strollers, and travel system strollers.

In addition, they mostly have safety harness systems and belts, and they are foldable and easy to move.

Why Do You Need A Pram?

What Is A Pram Stroller?

There are many reasons why parents want to have a pram for their newborn. Some of these are:

  • Going out with babies in the pram will help the new moms shedding pregnancy weight while giving their backs and arms a well-needed rest.
  • Most moms want their babies to explore the world even before they can stand on their feet. So they prefer to go out with the little one in a pram to make him/her enjoy the sounds and sights of outdoor life.
  • While in the pram, babies can enjoy comfort and warmth even when they are not home.
  • Most prams have rear-facing options, so mom can maintain eye contact and interact easily with the baby when out for a walk.

Is It Beneficial To Have A Pram?

Another option is wearing your baby. However, it still does not allow you to do whatever you want freely and restricts your movements to some extent, like you cannot bend down or make swift movements.

So, the solution to all these problems is a pram. Prams with a range of options for the bassinet, large wheels, travel system, and accessories are available in the market.

You can also get one with rubber tires, allowing you to push it around easily and effortlessly.

Tips On How To Use A Pram Safely

After knowing what a pram stroller is, the next question could be how to use a pram safely. Regarding this, some tips are mentioned below:

  • Prams are not a substitute for a safe cot. So, never leave your baby in a pram when no one is around.
  • It is very crucial to secure the pram with yourself. Therefore, always use the tether strap to secure the pram to your wrist when jogging, walking, or even on flat ground.
  • Do not forget to apply the brakes when you take your hands off the handle.
  • When you place the baby in the pram and lift him out, consider your position too.
  • Put the bags in the storage basket underneath the pram and not on the handles, especially when the baby is lifted out because it can cause tipping over.
  • Always use pram restraints on your baby whenever you go on a walk. In this way, you will develop a habit of strapping your baby by the time he is rolling and sitting.
  • While in the pram, do not cover your baby with a blanket or wrap. The temperature under the canopy can be up to 15 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.
  • Ensure to allow proper ventilation. Use waterproof plastic rain covers thoughtfully, as they can increase humidity and reduce airflow inside the pram.

Points To Consider While Buying A Pram

Following are some key points that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a pram for your little one:

  • First of all, check for the safety and comfort of the baby.
  • Choose a pram with a lovely design but do not compromise on other features.
  • Look for a durable pram with a large storage capacity and extra padding for the baby’s comfort.
  • Look for sturdy wheels and high-quality material.
  • Make sure that it can fit easily in your car’s boot.
  • Check that it is comfortable to push and maneuver the pram.
  • Before buying, practice folding the pram with one hand and carrying it.
  • Look for the ease of cleaning.

Essential Features To Look For In A Pram

What Is A Pram Stroller?

Nowadays, markets are flooded with different types of prams with various features. Some of the important features are given below:

3-Wheel System Or 4-Wheel System

Prams with 3-wheelers are ideal for parents who love jogging. They are lighter and easy to use compared to a 4-wheel one. But, 4-wheel structures are more stable and sturdy.

Adjustable Sun Canopy 

It is a good feature to have. You can use it according to your requirements and the time of the day.

Adjustable Handle

You can adjust the height of the handle according to your requirements. In this way, both tall and short parents can use it without worry.

Reversible Seat

It allows the baby to enjoy the views of the neighborhood or to look at you, whatever they want.

Toy Attachment

It keeps the baby entertained and frees you from a lot of trouble.

Storage Basket

A storage basket to keep your purse or diaper bag with you will be good.

Pros And Cons Of A Pram

We know that there are two sides to a coin. So the same is the case of a pram.


  • Comes with a three or 4-wheel option.
  • Durable and have a sturdy frame.
  • Have storage space to keep the diaper bag and shopping bags.
  • You can customize the pram with extra features.
  • It can be converted into a stroller to use for a longer time.


  • Bulky and heavy.
  • Difficult to fold.
  • Hard to pass through narrow spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions | What Is A Pram Stroller?

What Is The Main Difference Between A Baby Stroller And A Pram?

A small folding chair with wheels is called a stroller on which a baby can sit, and you can push it around. In contrast, the pram is a classic baby carriage, which allows flat reclining. Additionally, strollers look like baby chairs with tires, and the prams look like baby carriages with tires.

Do I Need A Pram Or A Baby Stroller?

For the parent of a newborn baby who cannot hold his head independently, the pram is the right option for you. But if your baby can sit on its own and of few months old, then you can go for a toddler stroller.

Why Are Prams Better Than Baby Strollers?

Prams are specially designed for newborns and younger babies, whereas strollers are for toddlers and older babies. Prams are heavier and bigger compared to strollers. They are equipped with features like carrycots and bassinets that make the prams more appropriate for newborn babies.

Can You Leave A Baby In The Pram Overnight?

It is not good to leave a baby unsupervised in a pram or a stroller, whether he is sleeping or not. He could wriggle and cause the pram to fall, which is dangerous. It could even lead to strangulation and suffocation.

Final Words

This article answers many of your pram-related questions, like what is a pram stroller, the difference between a pushchair and a pram, the features of a pram, the pros and cons, and many other things.