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  • Are you famous for your words or your knack for expressing your thoughts most effectively by writing?
  • Are you a Healthcare Expert? Nutritionist? Doctor? Patient?

What articles can I write?

  • Lifestyle, Kids, Health
  • Fitness, Food, Diet
  • Wellness, Healthy Living
  • Weight Loss, CBD oil,
  • Baby Care, Baby Travel, Baby food, Babies Gear Guide
  • Mom’s care, mom’s health, new moms’ tips, mother health

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Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, we would like to see you write for us.

Freelancers are some of the most amazing people in the world. We truly appreciate your efforts. You will be happy to know that many of our employees are freelancers, so we are aware of the struggles and joys of choosing to write for money. We wish you success in submitting your ideas for articles to editors who share your thoughts. The most crucial aspect of success in publishing is finding the perfect article in front of the right editor at the perfect time.

Lookafterbabies thrives on everything that can help new parents and makes their lives easier. We are constantly trying to provide the most practical knowledge.

Our website is growing in our niche, featuring reports about “baby names ideas, new moms’ tips, babies care tips and babies gear guides” and is ranked among the top pages of Google. Our audience has grown every day due to the constant stream of original and high-quality content available on our website.

Guidelines For Guest Posts

We provide ways to make the most of these opportunities with a niche and organic audience in the most effective method. We are delighted to work with writers and experts with whom we share a common interest. Of course, the piece must align with our niche, distinctive and pertinent.

The topics should not have already been covered in our content. To come up with topics, focusing on prevalent concerns and topics is a good idea. We are open to suggestions.

The content should contain a minimum of 1000 words, providing a comprehensive overview of the subject.

The editorial staff of our website will carefully go through the content to make sure it is in line with the interests of our readers. The final decision to publish an article will be entirely at our discretion.

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Word limit: Minimum 1000 words

Plagiarism: We only accept original content, plagiarism-free Copyscape. We do not support any plagiarism.

Bio: A brief biographical sketch of the author

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NOTE: The Author/ Writer is the sole and only accountable for any illegality or irregularities in the data or information contained within the guest author’s post. We are not responsible for the validity or legitimacy of the information.

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We review every submission we receive, but we are a small team and cannot respond to every request. So, if your post is accepted and worth publishing, we will reply to you within 2 business days.