35 Short Almond Nail Designs to Consider for Your Next Manicure

Choosing the perfect nail polish color is important, but the first step is deciding on the nail shape. If you have some nail length, an almond shape is a stylish choice. Almond-shaped nails require a bit of length to achieve their slightly pointed look. However, if you prefer shorter nails, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of short almond nail designs you can find on Instagram.

We’ve curated 35 of our favorite short almond nail designs. While some may be a bit longer than what you consider short, remember that almond nails can be quite long. So, think of these as a modest middle ground.

Blurry Airbrush

This peachy pink look with a blurry airbrush effect and white twinkle star designs is a nod to the popular aura nails trend.

image 27

Pink and Orange

Abstract pink and orange nails are easy to create. Swipe on a couple of coats and add a few small black dots.

image 28

Rainbow Tips

Two-toned rainbow tips are a bright, modern twist on the classic French manicure.

image 29

Butterfly Beauties

Love Instagram’s butterfly filter? Replicate the look of your almond-shaped nails.

image 30

Dainty Florals

These floral nails feature a milky-white base, embracing the milky-white manicure trend.

image 31

Opal Shell

Opalescent nails that look nude in some lights and magically reflective in others.

image 32

Tortoiseshell Nails

Inspired by everyone’s favorite accessory material, this look is perfect for your next manicure.

image 33

Turquoise + Gold

Gemstone-inspired turquoise and gold details make these almond-shaped nails a true work of art.

image 34

Pale Pink Fade

Pretty pink nails never go out of style, and we have 40 pink nail designs to prove it.

image 35

Bold Abstract

Express yourself with a mix of colors, shapes, and designs for an Insta-worthy abstract manicure.

image 36


A polished, dark monochrome manicure perfect for fall vibes.

image 37

Negative Space Details

Peach, periwinkle, and pale pink come together for a pastel masterpiece. Use French manicure stickers to section off nails or get expert help.

image 38

Neon Jelly Hearts

Jelly manicures remain popular. Look closely to find tiny hidden hearts in each nail.

image 39

Mermaid-Inspired Teal Nails

High-contrast teal nails are reminiscent of mermaids and warm sea days.

image 40

Metallic Mermaid

This metallic polish shifts colors with the light, giving major mermaid vibes.

image 41

Geometric French Tips

Sharp lines and dark black polish make almond-shaped nails look like stilettos.

image 42

Simple Dots

A clear coat with colorful dots highlights the length you have.

image 43

Pastel Neons

Cheerful pastel neon nails welcome spring and summer with playful colors.

image 44

Rainbow Confetti

Perfect for glitter lovers, these rainbow confetti nails are show-stopping.

image 45

Siren Chrome

The holographic shimmer adds shine, and the chain detail gives a rock-and-roll edge.

image 46

Tonal Wave

Different shades of red create a modern twist on a retro palette.

image 47

Crystal Craze

Blush pink base, white veins, and metallic gold details make these rose quartz nails sparkle.

image 48

Thermal Nails

Color-changing polish based on the temperature creates an ombré effect.

image 49

Rose Gold Glitter

Minimalist rose gold-tipped manicure from Paintbox, a New York City nail studio known for bold colors and shimmer.

image 50

Baby Blues

Baby blue nails with a tiny black dot at the base add a subtle design detail.

image 51

Heart Tips

Olive & June Heart Stickers in various shades make any DIY mani fun and easy.

image 52

Peaches and Pearls

A nude-peach manicure with sweet pearl decals at the base of two nails.

image 53

Glitter French Tips

Glittery French manicure that’s work-appropriate and fun for vacations.

image 54

Leopard Print

Short almond-shaped nails can rock a funky leopard print without being overbearing.

image 55

Etched Lines

Peach and blue colors with black etched lines create a modern art-inspired mani.

image 56

Red Drip

An edgy red drip manicure, perfect for anticipating Halloween.

image 57

Purple Halo

Holographic deep purple polish on almond-shaped nails makes a bold statement.

image 58

Pressed Florals

Delicate hand-painted floral designs give major spring vibes.

image 59

Pattern Mixing

Combine eclectic colors and funky patterns for a maximalist almond-shaped nail design.

image 60

Retro Abstract

Chic abstract shapes in blue, green, and white evoke Pucci vibes, perfect for shorter nails.

image 61