40 Bright Cute Summer Nails

Summer is officially here, bringing longer days, warmer weather, colorful flowers, and bright, cute summer nail designs! While I love pretty nails all year round, there’s something extra exciting about summer nail designs.

Even those who usually stick to neutral nails often feel more adventurous with their colors during the summertime. It’s the perfect season to experiment with bright colors, new textures, and daring patterns.

Whether you have long nails, short nails, acrylic nails, or gel nails, I’ve got over 40 bright nail ideas to inspire you!

40 Bright Cute Summer Nails

Jelly Neon Star Nails

Neon nails are a summer favorite, and these semi-transparent jelly nails are my current obsession!

image 62

Rainbow Tie Dye Nails

These rainbow tie-dye nails might be my favorite summer design ever. I’ll keep trying to top them, but they set a high bar!

image 63

Neon Yellow Flame Nails

I’ve been eyeing flame nails for two years and finally got them last month. I was obsessed, and so were the many people who complimented me, even those who prefer neutral nails. Take the plunge and try these bright summer nails this year!

image 64

Colorful Tie Dye Nails

These nails combine elements from many of my favorite summer manicures, and I’m thrilled with the result!

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image 65

Neon Green Dot Nails

Thanks to their fluorescent color and design, these neon green dot nails almost look 3D. They look great on both long and short nails!

image 66

Blue Marble Nails

Marble nails always look fantastic, and a cool blue marble design reminiscent of water is perfect for summer.

image 67

Black, White, Pink & Green Funky Nails

Can you not decide on a design? These colorful yet black-and-white nails might be perfect for you. I received so many compliments when I had this manicure!

image 68

Pink & Glitter Evil Eye Nails

I love evil eye nails and wanted to add some sparkle for summer. Evil eye designs are timeless, so keep reinventing them!

image 69

Pink Abstract Nail Art

This bright nail art is one of my all-time favorites. They’re quirky and summery, and hot pink polish is unbeatable for summer.

image 70

Blue Wave Nail Design

This squiggly, blue-wave nail design has been popular for years and will not go out of style anytime soon. It works well with any nail shape or length.

image 71

Easy Blue Ombre Nails

Are you not into gel nails but want something special? Try an easy blue ombre manicure with five shades of your favorite color!

image 72

Pink Cat Eye Nails

For a shimmery summer manicure, try these pink cat-eye nails. Cat-eye polish creates a glittery metallic effect, perfect with hot pink jelly polish.

image 73

Dainty White Flower Nails

Looking for dainty summer nails? These are perfect, especially for summer weddings.

image 74

Blue & White V Shape French Tips

These blue and white V-shaped French tips are classy and fun, giving off a nautical vibe.

image 75

Bright Orange & Red Squiggly French Tip

If “bright, cute summer nails” were in the dictionary, this photo would be the definition!

image 76

Funky Orange Airbrushed

. I love the airbrushed texture of this manicure!

image 77

Creamsicle Orange & Bright Pink Nails

These creamsicle nails are colorful yet monochromatic.

image 78

Multicolor Matte Nail Art

This matte nail art tames the multicolor design, making it less intimidating for those who usually avoid colorful nails.

image 79

Green Squiggly Nails

These cute summer nails remind me of pop art and almost look 3D!

image 80

Muted Yellow Wavy Line Nails

I love wavy line manicures, and this muted yellow polish is on my radar for my next mani.

image 81

Minimalist White Nail Art Designs

This is another great option for a summer bride’s manicure. I’d definitely choose this for a summer wedding or bachelorette party.

image 82

Pastel Lilac Squiggly Line Nails

Who says summer nails need to be neon? This pastel design is bright and perfect for summer.

image 83

Pink & Purple Negative Space Nails

I’ll never tire of all the wavy nail art designs out there!

image 84

Glossy & Matte Mixed Square Nails

Combining glossy and matte nails instantly elevates any manicure.

image 85

70s Retro Accent Nails

Accent nails are great if you want to try nail art but aren’t ready for a full design set.

image 86

Pastel Pretty Nails for Summer

I absolutely love this color combo!

image 87

Rainbow French Manicure with Daisies

Daisies have been trending since Y2K fashion returned, and I love their early nail art vibe.

image 88

Rainbow French Tips

Rainbow French tips are trending, and everyone’s interpretations are unique and fun!

image 89

Abstract Dotted Nails for Summer

I love this abstract design, and it’s easy to DIY at home, no matter your skill level.

image 90

Neon Pink and Green Nail Polish

Nothing screams summer more than hot pink and neon green!

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image 91

Neon Yellow & Orange Negative Space Nail Designs

Negative space manicures are perfect for long summer vacations as they grow out gracefully.

image 92

Pink & Orange Watercolor French Manicure

Tie-dye and watercolor prints scream summer, and this manicure is the perfect interpretation.

image 93

Multicolor Wavy Long Acrylic Nails

Looking for a bold design for long acrylic nails? This multicolor wavy art is perfect!

image 94

Rainbow Center Stripe Nails

Want bright summer nails you can do at home? Try this rainbow stripe nail art with a nail art brush and several polish colors!

image 95

Rainbow Stripe Leopard Print Nails

I’ve never seen leopard spots like this before, but I love them!

image 96

Groovy 70s Wavy Nail Art

This psychedelic manicure is perfect for summer. I love the pink and yellow color palette!

image 97

Funky Y2K Nails

Y2K trends are back, and nail art is no exception. How fun are these?

image 98

Colorful V French Tip Nails

This colorful V French manicure is a fun twist on a classic design.

image 99

Leopard Print & Geode Nails

Leopard print can be summery with rainbow colors!

image 100

Neon Squiggly Nail Art

This squiggly nail art is easy to recreate at home since you don’t need a steady hand.

image 101

Funky Retro Wavy Nails

These retro nails give off all the summer vibes. Warm weather makes me want to listen to ’70s music and embrace all things retro, including nail designs.

image 102

Green & Pink Yin Yang Nail Art

Yin yangs, peace signs, lightning bolts, and smiley faces are all making a comeback. You see them on t-shirts, hats, bags, and now nails!

image 103

Colorful Checker Print French Tips

Checkerboard print is a surprising summer nail trend, but with the resurgence of early 2000s fashion, it makes sense. I love this colorful take on it.

image 104

Blue Evil Eye & Gold Foil Nail Designs

I saved the best for last! These Mediterranean-luxe, summery shades of blue are just perfect. I’ve already sent this design to my nail artist to recreate later this summer.

image 105