6 Best Slow Flow Sippy Cups for Babies

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2022)

Slow Flow Sippy Cups- Are you looking for them?

Eventually, a time came in the parent’s life when they needed to prepare for the unavoidable task and make their baby get his first drink from an actual cup rather than anything else like breastfeeding or bottle feeding. That can help avoid tooth decay and other dental damage.

Children who use cups are less likely to develop bad habits, such as drinking from all sources or bottle-feeding due to an inability (or lack) of breast milk production.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAR) recommendation, children can use sippy cups between 12 – 24 months of age.

Some parents find that Slow Flow sippy cups are a good transition between bottles and open cups. As your child gets closer to this recommended age, you must watch for sippy cups that match their needs.

The decision should depend on what’s best for both of you and how easy it is to get these cleaned. Can your baby hold onto one well enough without dropping it?

Do parents desire any features in general or precisely like fun designs? Lastly, what is the size of your pocket?

Sometimes, these slow flow sippy cups become annoying for parents. If you’ve ever had trouble with your child’s sippy cup leaking all over the place or it is tricky to clean, then.

This is going to be something that interests and concerns you. The best sippy cup will be easy enough for even your little ones to figure out how it works.

Slow Flow Sippy Cup

Another important thing when shopping around is finding something easy-to-clean, so you can avoid having an emergency cleanup session at home or elsewhere. Let’s check more kitchen products on the kitchen. hive

We all know that slow flow sippy cups are the best choice for kids. But what if you want to know which soft flow sippy cups are the best for your child? How do you choose the perfect one for your baby with so many options?

We’ve rounded up our top picks. Read and have fun selecting the one which suits them most.

Here are the Top 6 Slow Flow Sippy Cups for Your Baby

There are different options of slow flow sippy cups; you can choose any according to your baby’s needs.

NUK Disney Learner Sippy Cup

The NUK Disney Learner sippy cup is one of the best options that you can consider for your baby. It is hard for babies to switch to a sippy cup most of the time.

NUK Disney Learner Sippy Cup

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Therefore these are designed to attract the little ones to use them happily.


It is harmless for the little one as it is BPA-free.

A regular bottle cleaning brush can be used for its cleaning. Secondly, it is also safe to wash it in a dishwasher.

To make the cup spill-proof and keep the germs away from entering your baby’s mouth through the spout, it comes with a cap.

The spout is made up of soft silicone that is not harsh on the gums of the little one, even during the time of teething.

It is difficult for some babies to suck drinks through the slow flow spouts, but it is essential to prevent the little ones from choking on the liquid.

It is designed to be spill-proof, but liquid can still freely flow from the cup. In addition to this, an air vent is present in the cup to prevent the air from entering the baby’s mouth.

It comes with a top made up of hard plastic, making it travel-friendly. To maintain the hygiene of the cup in the diaper bag, this top is used to cover the lid of the cup.

Somewhat grippy material is used to make the handles, and they are designed to make it easy for the little hands to hold them. The handles of this cup can be removed easily, so you can remove them whenever you want.

One interesting thing is that NUK’s learner designs offer only Disney designs. But you can choose the character according to the liking and preference of your child, to make him cheerfully drink from the cup.

According to the company’s recommendations, these slow flow sippy cups are used for babies that are of sixth months or above because these are mainly designed for them.

These cups have a capacity of around 5 ounces which is sufficient for a baby in a learning stage.

Philips Avent My Easy Sippy Cup

For children of about nine months of age or above, this Avent sippy cup is the best option as it comes with 2 cups of about 9 ounces capacity.

Philips Avent My Easy Sippy Cup

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These are very cost-effective and come with spouts made up of silicon and 2 Snap-on caps.


This cup is safe for your little one as it is BPS and BPA-free.

The parts of this cup are easy to assemble and can be washed using a dishwasher, making it easy for you.

It has a silicone spout that is gentle on your baby’s gums. Additionally, the tap of this cup has a built-in valve that prevents the spilling of liquid during drinking. You can also see through the cup because of its transparency.

The Snap-on cap of this cup used to keep the spout germ-free can be easily removed when cleaning.

These cups have a ripped design to make it easy for the babies to hold them without any problem. You can also customize it with the other products that Philips Avent offers, making it attractive.

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Chicco Soft Silicon Transition Baby Sippy Cup

The best cup to use for babies of about 4 months or above age is the Chicco Soft Silicon Transition Baby Sippy Cup. It comes in a pocket-friendly amount.

Chicco Soft Silicon Transition Baby Sippy Cup

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The baby can drink through this cup by sipping, so he did not try to turn it upside down.


This cup is made with PVC, BPA, and latex-free material to make it safe for the baby.

It is not difficult to arrange the parts of this cup, and it can also be washed by using a dishwasher. But remember to place it in the top rank while utilizing a dishwasher.

It has an ergonomic indent ensuring proper grip while handling this cup. Additionally, to avoid the risk of spilling, it comes with removable non-slip handles.

To release air, a double valve is also present in this cup. In this way, the baby cannot swallow the air bubbles.

The silicone spout makes it easy for the child to move to the slow flow sippy cups from breastfeeding because of the similarity in shape and feel.

To ensure hygiene, this type of cup comes with a Snap-on cap. Moreover, these cups have different tops and bottoms, so you can interchange them to make the perfect cup for your little one according to his growth stage.

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NUK Learner Cup

Nuk Learner Cup is specially designed for little ones of the sixth month or above age. It has some unique features so that the baby can quickly start using it instead of a bottle. It is also spill-proof.

NUK Learner Cup

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The material used to manufacture these types of cups is BPA-free. Therefore it does not cause any harm to the baby.

The spout is not harsh on the baby’s sensitive gums because of its softness. It also has an air vent that prevents the baby from swallowing air bubbles.

The handles are easy to grip and not slippery, plus you can remove them anytime.

Munchkin Gentle Transition Trainer Cup

Munchkin Gentle Transition Trainer Cup is best for babies about four months of age or above. For your fast-growing baby, it is good to make the first transition from a bottle to a cup that can be placed on the side table.

Munchkin Gentle Transition Trainer Cup

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The material used for the formation of these cups is BPA-free.

A dishwasher can be used for its washing. But remember to place it on the top rank.

The spout of this cup is extra soft, so it is very kind to the sensitive gums of your little one. Its handles are easy to hold and remove. It is completely spill-proof. 

Another essential feature of this cup is that you can change its spout with nipples of Latch stages 1,2 and 3 when required. 

This cup is not gender-specific so you can use it for both baby girls and boys.

POTATO Sippy Cups for Toddlers

For toddlers about six months of age, Potato Sippy cups are perfect. To attract your child, they come in different adorable designs.

POTATO Sippy Cups for Toddlers

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It has 2 nipples, a spout nipple for babies of 6-12 months and a straw nipple for babies above 12 months of age.

PPSU is used for making this cup that is BPA-free, molecularly stable, and resistant to high temperatures.

Every part can be washed in the dishwasher, steamed, or sterilized.

To make it leak-proof even when the upside is down, its cap is designed with 4 layers of anti-seepage material. Additionally, 5 different animal patterns are printed on the lid, and your little one can change them just by rotating the handle. 

Another feature is that it has a storage tank to store the water temporarily.

On its sides, precise scales are also printed. Therefore, you can quickly know how much water your baby has drunk. 

What is a Sippy Cup?

A sippy cup lets your baby learn how to drink from a natural cup without the risk of spilling. It is an essential tool for any parent who wants their little one’s first experience with coffee or juice in proper glassware.

Depending on what type you buy, most cups come equipped with handles, spouts, and straws, so you can give them various options as they grow older.

Some fast flow sippy cup for toddlers even includes lids that keep drinks warm in between uses.

These slow flow sippy cups will help them hone their motor skills while holding onto something so they can take small drinks at first before mastering bigger ones.

If you ever wonder, “Can babies drink formula from a slow flow sippy cup?”. Then the answer is “YES”. Drinking baby formula by using a sippy cup is completely fine. Infect the use of Slow Flow sippy cups is good for promoting oral hygiene

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Types of Sippy Cups

Various types of Slow Flow sippy cups are available in the market; you can buy any according to your requirements.

Soft Spout

Slow Flow Sippy cups containing soft spouts are the ones that are somewhat like bottles, as they have nipple spouts that allow children to suck.

These cups are helpful to shift the baby to latched tops or open tops by first letting them hold and grip the cup and its handles.

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Hard Spout

It is better to introduce a hard spout after the soft spout. Just consider it as a second step in the learning process of your baby “how to drink”.

It will inspire your baby to switch from sucking to tilting and drinking.


In some sippy cups, a straw is present instead of a spout. They are not easy to clean, but they make it possible for your little one to become used to holding cups on their own and without the support of anyone.

These slow flow sippy cups with straws also support sucking rather than sipping.

No Spout

This type of sippy cup is also known as 360 cup. The top of these cups is flat, and they are spotless. Like the natural cup, water can flow from all sides of this sippy cup.

Open Top

After your child learns how to use spoutless Slow Flow sippy cups, it’s time to introduce open tops to them.

These are the simple empty cups you regularly use in your house, but they are not easily breakable like the glassware present in your kitchen cabinet.

They are also small in size, according to your child’s requirements

How to Choose the Best Slow Flow Sippy Cup?

If you are curious about which one is the best sippy cup for your child, then it depends on the age and the capability of your little one to hold the cup without any support.

It is also essential to consider the ease of cleaning the cup during selection.

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The Last Words

The design, features, material used for manufacturing, and price, have already made it easy for you to decide which one is best for your baby.

Therefore, buy it and enjoy the new journey of your baby with the slow flow sippy cups.