Can Drinking Too Much Milk Causes a Toddlers Stool to Be White

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2022)

“Drinking too much milk causes a toddler’s stool to be white,” are you curious to know the details of this? Then this article is for you.

Each and everything you want to know after seeing white curds in the poop of your baby is explained here. It also includes when you need to be worried and some other ways in which the poop of your baby might look during the first two years of his life.

We all think that “poop is poop,” but when we talk about a baby’s poop, it’s different as there is a whole spectrum of different textures and colors.

The health status and what your baby eats greatly impact the color of the poop. As your baby grows, the color of the poop also changes according to the growth stage.

If the color of your baby’s poop is brown, green, or yellow, it’s normal, but again it depends on your baby’s current health status and diet.

Drinking too much milk causes a toddler’s stool to be white, but is it harmless for your baby?

After taking milk, your toddler might poop. But, white stools after drinking milk are not a usual thing in the case of toddlers. Rarely do babies and toddlers pass out white poop.

If you notice the presence of white curds in your baby’s stool, “don’t panic.” If the fat in the breast milk and your baby’s formula feed is not digested properly, it appears as white curds in your baby’s poop.

Most toddler formulas present in the market are based on milk. They are usually given to children about nine months to 3 years old. Toddler formula is different from infant formula because it has greater quantities of sugar, fat, and sodium than infant formula.

Some other harmless reasons, like introducing solids to your baby, can also cause your toddler’s stool to be white.

white stools after drinking milk

Drinking too much milk causes a toddler’s stool to be white because drinking milk can cause disturbance in the digestive system by inducing movements in the bowel (which is still developing) of your baby, leading to constipation and white poop.

Another reason for the toddler’s white stool is a medical condition like liver. It can be the result of bile accumulation in the liver of your baby that can cause damage to the liver cells, leading to liver failure. If this is the case, then it needs urgent medical care.

But then again, white stool because of drinking too much milk is not serious in all cases. It can be just because of some harmless reasons and a milk-only diet.

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Drinking Too Much Milk Cause a Toddlers Stool to Be White- Some of the causes

There is no doubt that as a mommy, you can be concerned whenever you see an unusual color of your baby’s poop. This can be why moms often ask, “Is it possible that drinking too much milk causes a toddler’s poop to be white?”.

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Undigested milk fat

Undigested milk fat could be a reason for white curds in your baby’s stool. After drinking milk, if the fat in the milk does not completely break down in the baby’s stomach, it may appear like cottage cheese in the baby’s stool.

This problem mostly occurs in breastfeeding babies because of the higher fat content in breast milk. The milk fat content in the formula feed is less, but they can still face this issue of undigested milk fat.

If your baby is drinking breast milk and otherwise does not have white poop and signs of illness and uneasiness, then the reason behind this is maybe the indigested milk fat.

toddler's stool to be white because drinking milk

Undigested food:

If your baby is eating solid food, then the stool’s white chunks may be the particles of undigested food.

Your baby may be in the learning process of eating, he does not know how to chew the food properly, and his stomach has to bear all the new types of food which are also trying how to tolerate. Therefore, some food is pushed through the digestive tract before it is fully digested.

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Allergy to Milk Protein:

In children, the allergy to milk protein is very common as a food allergy. It is because of an allergic reaction to milk. The body’s immune system considers the milk protein a hazard; therefore, it reacts by causing different symptoms ranging from mild to severe. And in a result of this, your baby can also have tummy troubles and unusual color of poop.

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Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is another reason for having white stool after drinking milk. In this case, the lactose present in the milk could not be completely digested by the baby.

This is due to the less production of the enzyme in the baby’s small intestine required for the breakdown of lactose in the milk.

This leads to the inability of the digestive system to properly digest the milk-based products, which in turn results in stomach cramps and particularly stooling right after consuming milk products.


Bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections can also cause a change in the texture and color of the toddler’s poop. However, the infection-based change in the appearance of poop is not very common.

Another way of knowing whether or not your toddler’s white stool is because of an infection is the following symptom:

  • Irritability
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Fever (Over 100.4°F)

If the texture and color of your baby’s poop are changed suddenly, and the other symptoms are also present there, then it’s time to call your pediatrician.

All Milk Diet

Disturbance of the bowel can also be caused by a diet that includes only milk. When a child drinks too much milk that exceeds his requirements and does not eat anything else that can provide essential nutrients, this can also lead to an unusual stool color. Therefore, you must also introduce other kinds of foods into your child’s diet.

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Use of antacids

Antacids are used mostly for treating heartburn and sometimes for indigestion (because of the presence of too many acids).

But the use of antacids comes with the side effects of causing toddlers’ stool to be white. So, if your baby takes antacids daily, check the side effects caused by that particular antacid.

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What to Do If Drinking Too Much Milk Cause a Toddler’s Stool to Be White?


Reduce the daily intake of your toddler

If you see an unusual color in your baby’s stool, it is important to reduce the daily amount of milk and replace it with other types of food.

Try to fulfill your baby’s needs with different kinds of food instead of filling his tummy with just milk.

babies drinking milk

You can give your baby a small cup of milk after the meal to get used to this new diet because the baby needs to get different essential nutrients from various food sources, not only from milk.

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Give a try formula milk from a new brand

If you feel that your baby has any problem with the digestive system after using any specific formula brand, try a different one because your baby may be reacting to that brand. It will also assure whether the formula milk brand was the real issue or not.

If the reaction was because of the milk-based formula brand, you could use non-milk-based formula milk or the formula specifically made for babies with allergies.

Visit a pediatrician

After changing the brand of your baby’s formula, if your baby continues to have a white stool, visit a pediatrician and conduct a test to identify the real cause of the problem.

Sometimes, a liver problem can cause your baby to have a white stool. However, this case is very rare.

Visiting a pediatrician is crucial for detecting the real cause and preventing a serious problem.

Some of the commonly asked questions are given below:


How Much Milk is Good for Your Toddler?

According to the American Family Physician, toddlers should drink 8 ounces of milk twice a day. Even if the baby has about 24 to 32 ounces of milk, it still does not cause any issues, but obviously, they did not need that much milk in their diet.

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How long should a toddler drink whole milk? “OR” When should toddlers stop drinking milk?

Many pediatricians in the world recommend that drinking milk is essential for babies as it helps make up for the deficiencies of other foods they are not eating.

A whole milk diet is recommended for toddlers up to 2 years of age because of its importance in developing the eyes and brain. But remember, baby poop changes with whole milk.

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Can milk cause pale stools in toddlers?

In children, stools of bright colors are mostly caused by eating colorful foods (for example, breakfast cereal). But, children’s white, pale, and clay-colored poop could be because of something serious. A milk-only diet poop can also be of an unusual color.

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What foods cause white poop?

Undigested food is one of the common reasons for white stool. Foods like nuts, high-fiber seeds, etc., are not easily digested, so they are mostly passed from the digestive tract without complete digestion. They appeared as white curds in your toddler’s stool.

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When should I be concerned about toddler poop?

When your toddler’s poop is abnormal in terms of quantity, color, consistency, and some other factors, it’s time to be worried.

Color: The normal stool is yellow. Any reddish, greenish, or blackish stool with or without mucous is abnormal.

Consistency: The consistency of normal stool is semi-solid. So, if your baby’s stool is very hard or white, it is abnormal.

Is milk OK for toddlers with diarrhea?

There is no issue if toddlers with diarrhea eat a normal diet most of the time. They also need to drink more fluid to prevent dehydration.

During diarrhea, some of the good options are regular milk, breast milk, or formula milk. Try to avoid fruit juices and sports drinks.

What happens if a toddler drinks too much milk?

Toddlers who drink too much milk are at risk of “iron deficiency anemia.” This is because milk contains only trace amounts of iron, and drinking too much milk can displace foods that are rich in iron.

An iron supplement is also required in case of severe anemia.

Final Words

Mostly the white poop of toddlers is because of the undigested milk fat. It is more common for breastfeeding babies but can occur in formula-feeding babies too. White poop because of undigested milk fat is not a serious issue, and you don’t need to do anything different.

If you notice some other symptoms of illness, discomfort, and allergic reaction along with white poop, then it’s time to visit a pediatrician.