14 Best Tandem Stroller for Your Lovely Family

Are you curious why you need the best tandem stroller?

If you are planning twins or planning to have a baby number 2 (and likely to need to carry both), a sturdy double stroller is probably top of your list for shopping.

Traveling is not easy, particularly for families with more than two children.

This is why double strollers are a great option, and since many best tandem strollers have been designed to grow with your children, they could be an excellent investment.

If you are unsure how it will benefit you, this article is for you. Here is the best tandem stroller you can consider for your little ones.

They are all-time doubles, but some models can remove seats to make room for shopping bags, etc.

Best Tandem Stroller- Our Picks

BOB Gear Revolution Double Jogging Stroller – Best Tandem Jogging Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

With this double stroller, you can take two children for a stroll through any terrain and be assured that they will enjoy a safe ride because of the tires filled with air and the suspension.

It can accommodate two children starting at the time of birth (using the infant car seat) to as much as 50 pounds (or 44 inches tall, depending on what is first).

Each seat has a non-rethread harness, compression padding to ensure convenience, an independent recline, and a UPF 50 sun canopy.

This stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar with nine positions for the ease of parents and a huge storage basket with ten more storage pockets. It also has an adjustable front wheel that locks. 

You can easily remove the tires of this stroller. Additionally, it has a straightforward two-step fold.


  • Hold children with up to 50 pounds each
  • Five-year guarantee for the frame
  • Compatible with all-important car seat brands


  • The car seat adapter is sold separately
  • There are no cup holders for parents or children

Cybex Gazelle S Double Stroller – Best Double Stroller for Travel

Best Tandem Stroller

If you search for the best tandem stroller that you can use on your own for the first baby and later use as a double stroller, once you have a sibling to join the group, this could be the one.

The Best Baby stroller has over 20 seating options for babies up to 50 pounds from birth. It is compatible with several baby car seats from various brands.

It has 5-point harnesses, comfy padded shoulder straps, and an adjustable handlebar. Each stroller seat has leg and back adjustments that ensure comfort for both children.

It offers smooth riding due to a shock absorber system and has removable, machine-washable fabric.

The UPF 50+ canopies of the stroller have mesh windows to allow air circulation and better visibility.

Moreover, two large-capacity storage compartments (one can be removed) will enable you to carry whatever you require on the go.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • The adapters for car seats are provided
  • It comes with an independent recline and footrests


  • The price does not include 2nd seat
  • There is no tray for parents
  • Compatible with a few car seat brands

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller 2018 – Most Stylish Tendam Stroller 

Best Tandem Stroller

UPPAbaby promises to provide the stylish yet best tandem stroller. This is why it has four incredible color options: white, green, silver, and black.

It is the most suitable double stroller for newborns and toddlers. With the addition of two car seats, two bassinets, and one car seat bassinet, you can use it in any way.

The seats also have adjustable, reclining, and moving forward or backward positions to provide maximum comfort for the infant. With its massive canopy, it can handle every angle of sunshine.

The UPPAbaby package includes an insect shield for the toddler and bassinet seats and a rain shield. Whatever the weather is, it shields your baby very well.

It is not equipped with a car seat but accepts one of its brands. The car seats plug directly into the frame, and there is no need to purchase an adaptor, which is a plus point.

It does not have all-terrain wheels. However, the ones it has are durable and sturdy. It is smooth on an even surface. With the capacity of a 30-pound basket for storage, you will be able to load more items on this stroller. However, it does not come with containers for drinks and snacks. 

Additional comfort calls for other expenses with this stroller, which we consider somewhat unfair at the given price. It is among the best tandem stroller in great shape, and parents will appreciate its effortless folding and its compatibility.


  • Extra-large sun canopy
  • Front locking wheels
  • It also includes a bug shield and rain cover


  • It lacks trays
  • It does not include car seats

Dream On Me, Tandem Stroller – Most Loved Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

Dream On Me is the most-loved stroller and one of the best tandem strollers. Ideal for twins or the best double stroller for toddlers or infants, you can use it for your babies of different ages.

You can change the stroller’s seating arrangements and face the child towards or against you. The front seat can recline to one position, and the back seat reclines flat.

This means that the child will feel much more relaxed in the rear seat. The inability to adapt to car seats is the sole drawback of this stroller. It is designed to fit children of 6 months and above.

It is easy to take on a durable wheel made of plastic and a comprehensive suspension system. Its ride is smooth and can handle muddy surfaces. The storage bin under the seat is enormous.

Furthermore, it is accessible quickly even when the seat is reclined. Even though it does not have any tray for infant snacks, it does come with an efficient parent organizer.

Its performance is excellent on various surfaces, and it is one of the most efficient tandem strollers.


  • Reclining seats
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Suspension system
  • Multiple configurations


  • It does not connect to car seats

Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Tandem Stroller – Disney Friendly Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

 Do you have a six-month-old and a 3-4-year-old doll or a naughty boy? Why are not you believe in Joovy? Although it is a sit-and-stand stroller, it is also among the most reliable and best tandem strollers.

It is good for two children and most suitable for a baby in the front seat because it can recline. The back seat can be transformed into a bench seat or an elevated platform, and the toddlers can stand there.

While the canopy shaded the baby in front, the rear passengers get only tiny sun protection.

It does not come with a car seat but an adaptor for universal use. By purchasing this stroller, you can utilize your already-bought car seat, as the universal adapter for car seats is compatible with various car seats.

Joovy comes with a particular kind of wheels that are made of EVA. The strollers with rubber wheels work well on various terrains and will help you enjoy an effortless ride.

Under the seat is a huge storage container, however useless. Because the back bencher’s footrest is within the compartment, getting them out could be a hassle, even if you set down the diaper bag with several other things in the compartment.

Additionally, there is no parent organizer. However, snack trays are available for infants.

The majority of parents praise this stroller as an excellent companion at Disney. They loved its ease of movement, space for two children, and sturdy materials. But storage is the main issue for parents.


  • and steering
  • Front seat reclines
  • Flexible price
  • It meets Disney’s described dimension


  • Storage is a problem

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Double Stroller – Most Lightweight Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

The best tandem stroller is an excellent alternative if you have a large kid and a small one. With 22 pounds, this stroller is light enough to accommodate one toddler in the stroller seat and a larger kid sitting on a bench facing the parent.

The stroller’s seat has three recline positions, a five-point safety harness, and a cover that can be stretched back to accommodate the kids sitting on the bench.

The stroller was made to fit an infant car seat and has a universal adapter. It also features a dual trigger fold.

This stroller is available in various colors and is also equipped with an organizer for parents, which can accommodate two drinks. Additionally, a large storage basket can keep toys and diaper bags.


  • Lightweight design
  • Includes universal infant car seat adapter
  • Stand-up or sitting options are available for big kids


  • The weight limit of 90 pounds is low for two big kids
  • No cup holder or tray for children

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller – Best Convertible Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

 Being a mom does not stop you from wearing sandals, at least with this stroller. It comes with a sandal-friendly brake and allows you to make a smooth move to stop the stroller’s motion without hurting your feet.

Compared to the other best tandem stroller, this one has a bit higher backrest. Your children can enjoy the outdoors and the city in this way.

There are seven seating options that you can select from. The sun’s rays will no longer be an issue as it comes with the option of extending canopies.

This contours double stroller is available if you have one or two babies to take around for a walk. Nuna, Maxi Cosi, Britax, or Graco car seats can be connected to this stroller; all you require is an adaptor.

The large and robust wheels and the fully adjustable suspension system allow a smooth ride on even surfaces. But it is not a good idea to test this stroller on dirt, as it cannot handle the cobbles.

In the mesh basket, you can store a large number of things. Even after placing backpacks, a diaper bag, and a blanket, there is still some space left. The frame is not equipped with snack trays, but cup holders are connected to the frame.

We first thought about this stroller was the space between the seats. In contrast to other strollers with congested seating arrangements, this one does not. It is spacious, has an adjustable footrest, and is easy to push.


  • Adjustable footrest
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Large storage basket


  • Heavy

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Tandem Stroller – Tandem Stroller with Multi Configurations

Best Tandem Stroller

The smartest parents can appreciate the wonder of Evenflo in this model stroller. It is a budget-friendly option that can be converted into an entire travel system.

The Car Seat Stroller Combo competently changes its profile and is one of the best tandem strollers.

There are 22 possible configurations for this stroller. You can adjust the seats facing towards or against you.

While both seats of this stroller are great for children, the best option is to utilize the back seat to accommodate infants, and the front seat will be perfect for a toddler.

Like other models, this model also comes with a sun canopy that can be adjusted and is smart enough to shield children from ultraviolet radiation.

The benefit of this stroller is its car seat. In contrast to other tandem strollers, you do not need to purchase an additional car seat as it is already included in the bundle.

By combining front swiveling and back suspension wheels, you can ride smoothly. The wheels are strong and sturdy, yet they do not tolerate the bumps accompanying them. Averting them on cobblestones is the ideal choice.

The storage column on this stroller is merely one basket under the seat and does not have cup holders or snack trays. If you believe they are the must-haves, think about buying these separately.

Evenflo is a masterpiece in terms of comfort. It has an amazing appearance and a well-thought-out design, and it is a stroller for taller parents due to its adjustable handlebars.


  • Convertible stroller
  • Innovative design
  • It can be used with bassinets and car seats
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Installing car seats is difficult sometimes

Graco Ready2Grow Double Stroller – Compact Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

This Graco stroller model is also included in the list of the best tandem stroller. It can be used for two toddlers, two infants, an infant with a toddler, and one toddler with a standing preschooler, which means it spends a remarkable amount of time with you. This stroller is much smaller than a standard single stroller when folded despite all these options.

It also comes with a one-step auto-standing fold (which is ideal because you are probably quite full when you have two children).

There is also a huge storage basket beneath these seats, a removable parent cup holder, and an armbar for kids equipped with a cupholder located on the stroller’s front seat.

Each seat has an adjustable canopy and two-position recline options. Additionally, this stroller includes two seats, a bench seat, and a standing platform that can be raised.


  • Has a bench seat and a standing platform
  • A variety of configuration options
  • Compatible with Car seats for infants from Graco


  • The bench seat and standing platform
  • A variety of configuration options
  • Compatible with Car seats for infants from Graco

Graco Modes Double Stroller – Most Comfortable Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

Graco Modes Duo showcases smartness through its stunning design and organization. If you are searching for one of the most comfortable and best tandem strollers that are easy to tow, this is the one for you.

The tandem strollers come with one seat that is a little higher than the other, ensuring that the back seat passenger enjoys the same benefits as the front.

This could be ideal for infants but not for toddlers with narrow seats. Even if you can put them inside, their comfort might be destroyed.

When it comes to the sun canopies, you can move them lower or raise them and make whatever decision you want. The car seat does not come with the stroller, but you can buy it separately.

If you wonder which car seat fits this stroller, spend your money on Graco as it is only compatible with the car seats of Graco.

Because of the strong and huge rubber wheels, it can stand the test time. The wheels, however, sometimes make a sound like drilling. That will be when you are on pebbles and gravel pavement since this is not an all-terrain stroller.

There is plenty of space within the storage basket, perfect for moms with a lot of stuff to keep while on the road.

If you have a car seat along the way, accessing the basket’s storage space is challenging, and it is essential to remove the car seat for plugging in and out anything.

Even though it comes with two snack trays for youngsters, it only provides cup holders for parents.

Graco Duo is an impressive model with many configurations and is a good choice to consider for babies. We love its design functionality, road safety, and car seat adaptability.

This stroller is worthy of praise and is among the best tandem strollers.


  • Convenient steering
  • 27 configurations
  • Five-point harness system
  • Large storage compartment


  • Short sun canopy
  • There is no tray for parents

Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller – Lovely Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

A classic design and variety of features are the things you would expect from the best tandem stroller. This is why you should go with the Graco DuoGlider.

The stroller’s rear and front seats are recline-friendly for those slumbering naps that are enjoyable for your child.

It has a 3-point harness system and an independent canopy across both seating areas. The eyes of babies remain under the shield of this UV 50+ canopy.

This stroller is a good choice for children of different age groups, toddlers and infants, or newborn twins. Additionally, it is car seat compatible but not universal.

Make sure you connect the Graco comfy ride car seat in this stroller and not any other.

Only the rear wheels come with suspension. Driving it through the grass is easy, however, you could end up stuck on loose stones.

The storage bin in this stroller is spacious enough to accommodate two children, and you do not need to limit your travel essentials. However, you might be disappointed with the back seat’s footrest placed under the storage.

It is equipped with a parent and two separate snack trays for children. It folds up quickly by using only one hand.



  • One-hand folding
  • The car seat can be adapted
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Snack tray and a large basket to store your items


  • Short sun canopy

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller – Best Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

Baby Trend has specifically designed this stroller to function as a sit-and-stand stroller. But the real value is in its versatility.

It is possible to convert this stroller to a tandem stroller when the second child comes to your door.

Since it is a sit-and-stand stroller, it features an adjustable front seat and a rear bench. It is possible to convert this rear seat to a standing one for your kid.

However, only the front seater can be protected from harmful UV rays by its canopy, and there is no canopy on the rear.

It is compatible with several popular brands of car seats, including Chicco keyfit30, Graco, Evenflo, and Maxi Cosi.

Five cup holders and numerous storage spots make this stroller one of the best tandem strollers. It is possible to increase the number of things you would like to bring on your journey.

Father or mother, or both, can steer this stroller with flexibility. It can be maneuvered well on a variety of terrain. You can put it on the field for many years since its wheels are strong.

The folded stroller will not take up the entire space and folds quickly and easily with one hand.

Unlike other strollers, parents love the flexibility and how the stroller can hold their diaper bag, toys, and much more.


  • Reasonable
  • Folds easily
  • Plenty of cup holders and an enormous basket for storage


  • It can be tricky to turn the wheel

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller – Best Inline Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

Baby Jogger is a toddler stroller that has multiple seating configurations. With it, you can turn your baby’s face in the opposite direction or the direction of each other.

Be aware that it is only for babies greater than six months.

The stadium-style seating arrangement comes with five-point harnesses to ensure your child is secure and safe.

It also has an expandable UV 50+ shade that allows you to protect your child from the sun.

Attaching car seats to the stroller is easy and adaptable to Britax, Graco, Chicco, and various major car seat brands.

However, It does not come with car seats or an adapter, and the expense of purchasing additional stroller accessories is on you.

This is likely to be a blessing if you reside in a city. This four-wheeler is equipped with suspension. Additionally, the robust wheels let you enjoy rides by making it an all-terrain stroller.


  • Practical and versatile
  • Foot and hand brake
  • It is easy to put together
  • UV 50+ canopy with extra-large size


  • Lack of snack trays
  • Expensive

Chicco Cortina Tandem Stroller – Most Durable Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

Are you looking for a stroller that will not make you clean and dry your hands every day? Take the black tandem stroller, one of the best Chicco strollers.

While it is two-seat, it can be used in many configurations. Walk and talk alongside them or let them explore their world.

The decision is yours. Each child can get a shade for their head using this stroller Chicco double stroller. 

The tiny dimensions of this canopy are a major point to consider. In contrast to other models, it does not provide the maximum amount of coverage for children.

For twins, this seat comes with unique car seat adaptability. You can put either one or two car seats on the seats. Keep in mind that a Chicco stroller accepts the Chicco car seat only.

Do not expect the wheels to match the rough surfaces because they are not perfect. They are smooth on straight roads but are somewhat difficult to maneuver on uneven roads.


  • Durable and smartly designed
  • Multiple configurations for seats
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy to fold


  • Large and heavy
  • Lacks snack tray


Benefits Of the Best Tandem Stroller

These strollers are among the most innovative inventions in multi-baby transportation. Here are a few advantages:


This stroller is perfect for your requirements if you have twins or children of different ages. There is the option of changing one seat of your stroller or both with bassinets for infants or infant car seats.

In certain models, you can swap out the seat in the rear with a stand-on platform or bench. The older kids can get onto and off the stroller while you are going on.

When you have three children, certain best tandem stroller allows you to put an extra glider to the rear so they can all ride.

One of the great things about these strollers is that they can help forestall squabbles. Since no child can observe what the other is doing or playing with, the parents can have peace.

Car Seat Compatibility

Many best tandem strollers work with car seats, making it easier to move from the car to the stroller and vice versa. This is especially useful when your children are asleep, and you do not want to disturb them.

Narrow Design

A few doors and aisles in shops are narrow and can be difficult to maneuver. The tandem strollers are small, allowing them to navigate tight areas without hitting things.

It is not the case with double strollers in which two strollers are fitted side by side.

The Practicality of Travelling

Imagine packing two strollers inside your trunk, pulling them out, and putting your kids in the strollers. It is not practical or convenient.

The best tandem stroller can save you a lot of headaches and space in the car and cut down on time while loading and unloading the babies.

Cost-Effective Transportation

Making smart financial decisions, such as baby gear, is important. You will require a stroller for each child if you plan to have multiple babies.

If your spouse or other family members are unavailable to help, you might need to hire an assistant to help push the strollers.

It can add to the monthly costs. But the best tandem stroller can solve these problems for you.

Final Words

Purchasing the best tandem stroller without proper guidance is like throwing dice; you could regret the decision if it falls below average.

So, for our part, we have compiled a list of the best tandem strollers with their pros and cons. They are designed for different purposes and families; you can pick the one for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Tandem Stroller


Which Is the Most Effective Tandem Stroller?

Graco DuoGlider is among the best tandem stroller. With its suspension system and rubber wheels, it is easy to maneuver. You can fold it up with just one hand and store it in a small space since it folds compactly.

It lets you store many things inside its basket for storage and includes a snack and child tray.

What Are the Reasons To Buy The Best Tandem Stroller?

Tandem strollers are two-seater models that have one seat behind the other. These are the best option if you live in a large city and have frequent trips to the mall or eateries. They are small and can easily go from door to door and are also easier to push.

Tandem Vs. Side-By-Side Stroller, Which Is Superior?

Tandem strollers and side-by-side strollers offer distinct advantages. Each one is suited to different families.

The Tandem stroller is ideal for parents who want a small style and easy-to-maneuver stroller to carry their twins or other babies of different ages. A side-by-side stroller meets the requirements of parents who have twins and want identical amenities for both children.

Are Double strollers Allowed at Disney?

According to the new rules that go into effect on May 1, strollers must be less than 31 inches wide or 52 inches tall. Most single strollers will be suitable, and we suggest measuring double strollers before traveling.

Which Double Stroller Folds Up the Smallest?

It is the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller with 23.5 pounds of weight. It folds compactly and flat, which means it can be tucked away in any vehicle as it does not take up too much space.