8 Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2022)

Why do you need the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30? The most efficient way to travel with infants and toddlers is to select the best baby stroller and the baby car seat. When you begin seeking them out, you’ll realize how challenging it can be, particularly when balancing many aspects of life being parents.

Strollers are a great choice for various applications, and they are perfect for family trips or for parents who are especially hiking strollers allow you to enjoy quality time outside with your child. If you are going to have twins or have a new baby due, you may be looking for the best double strollers.

Perhaps you already have a stroller, with which you and your family are happy. But what happens if that stroller doesn’t feel suitable for your child’s car seat? It could be an enormous problem, especially if you travel a lot and require your car transitions to be smooth and quick.

When looking for a Car Seat Stroller Combo, you’ll surely come across an established brand like Chicco Keyfit 30, as it is rated as one of the top infant car seats on the market. Additionally, the Chicco name offers high-quality strollers with rubber wheels and car seats at a reasonable price. So, when shopping for a stroller for your infant, selecting the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat is crucial.

And if you have already got a KeyFit or KeyFit 30 car seat for your infant, then you must know which one is the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30.

This article is a comprehensive review of the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30

Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 – Our Choice

The list of best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30 includes each kind of stroller that doubles as a Tandem Sit and Stand as well as side-by-side. So, you’ll have various options if you are due with twins or your second baby.

Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

This stroller that sits and stands by Chicco is a must-have for families with two children with just a tiny age difference. It offers a good platform for your toddler while also having a seat for infants.

With this Chicco stroller, you will be confident. It got a unique appearance and well-blended colors which give an excellent feeling. The top-of-the-line features and smart construction is the reason behind it.

A mass of 33.5 pounds is quite heavy. But it is a double stroller, so the weight is just right. However, it is possible to move it so that you can throw it in your trunk without difficulty. Both seats on the Chicco stroller, which converts to double, carry about 40 pounds each. So, the stroller can be taken on a journey with you.

As it is not a tandem stroller, the seat configurations are limited. However, there are still options to use. If your infant’s seat is in front of you, your toddler can use the baby seat in the back. There is also a standing platform available, so if your toddler is exhausted from walking, he can rest there. In addition, some holders are attached to the opposite side of the frame to allow your baby to hold. They ensure that your baby does not lose control when standing.

Chicco always makes its strollers compatible with car seats. So, how would this not be the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30? And this is not all. It is also a good option for the KeyFit, KeyFit 2, and the KeyFit 35. The greatest thing is that there is no need for adapters with this model. The toddler seat folded in half can accomplish the task.

Comfortable and thick padding on the stroller’s rear makes it easy for children to rest for a long time. The harness on the back has 3-points, and the front is 5 points to ensure security.

The sun canopy is flip-able and can be removed on sunny days. It offers a private space for napping so that he feels secure. The back seat has a small canopy to protect your toddler in the rear. Also, he’ll be able to remain calm in the sunshine. There’s also a panel of ventilation in the canopy.

10 pounds of weight is suggested to be put under the storage basket beneath the stroller. It is better to be sure that the excess weight could cause an imbalance. The parent organizer and the child tray are two advantages to its storage.

While the handlebars on the stroller are not adjustable, you can hold them for an extended period because the area is cushioned and is very comfortable to hold. Be aware that the footrest is also not adjustable, but it is quite spacious for little legs.

With four wheels, it is the best stroller for completing daily tasks. It features an all-wheel suspension system that absorbs every bump and keeps it away from bumping into your child. Additionally, the rotating front wheel allows it to be flexible to move around.

Unlike other sit-and-stand strollers, it is easy on stones and sidewalks. You can move it across uneven surfaces too.

Easy to fold and requires only one hand to fold, and this is among the most important advantages since having two free hands isn’t possible when the infant is armed. The fold-down dimension of these best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30 is 18 x 23.25 x 35 inches.

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  • One-hand fold
  • Modern, sleek, and compact
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Full suspension with adjustable sun canopy
  • Snug fits every Chicco car seat
  • Full suspension with adjustable sun canopy
  • Handlebars aren’t adjustable


Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

The ideal choice for two children who are twins and age gaped, Chicco Cortina is the best in its field. It offers a comfy seat, and the back has a wide recline. It means that your child’s nap time is as enjoyable as when in his bed.

A bit less appealing than the other models on the list, Cortina has a presentable appearance. It appears decent yet a bit bulky, but still, it is one of the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30.

Around 40 pounds of weight makes this stroller heavy. It is a double stroller, and the weight is not surprising. If you have just suffered a C-section, this could be an issue for you. In other cases, go with this stroller.

Like the stroller’s capacity, every seat can bear around 40 pounds. It’s a bit less than other strollers, however fairly average. The main concern is that your kid could become too big for the stroller in a short period.

Forward, backward, or in the direction of each other, you can set the seat anywhere. This stroller can be used in different configurations. The options can be combined with car seats.

In addition to Chicco keyFit 30 you can add KeyFit, KeyFit 2, and KeyFit 35. So, no matter what car seat you own, you’re covered. Being part of the Chicco family, they all will fit without adapters.

The cushioning of the seat makes it an ideal choice. There is no difference between the front seat and the back. Children enjoy sitting in it, all because of this. The stroller’s harness comes with 5 points for both seats.

Compared to the other best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30, the canopies on this stroller are small. Though they’re independent, they do not provide enough sun protection.

A common issue that tandem strollers encounter is access to baskets. This stroller is the one that wins the column in this case. Its basket has three ways, with one with a zippered back end. Baby toys, diaper bags, jackets, baby toys, and much more can be stored inside it. It is quite spacious. The makers have a built-in tray for parents to snack on to make the design more appealing. For children, it has cup holders. It’s a good thing because most tandem strollers don’t have one.

In addition to providing adequate padding, the stroller’s handles are also adjustable, making it a great choice for tall parents.

The number of tires that are in Chicco Cortina is four. Even though they are made of plastic, a fully-proof suspension system is built into each tire. A foot-friendly swiveling feature is included, giving the most ease of use.

The vehicle may not withstand bumps with the greatest force, but it can perform well on dirt, grass, and sidewalks. It is ideal to use for daily errands and shopping at the malls. Its compact size makes it simple to get around on.

Chicco plans on easy folding, and therefore, they design all strollers with a single-hand fold. Cortina, the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30, can also be manipulated by this feature. When folded, however, it stands into a rather bulky dimension of 47.75 x 23.5 x 16.75 inches.

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  • Great legroom for both seats
  • One-hand fold that is quick and easy to fold.
  • Compatibility with every Chicco car seat
  • The padding is comfortable and reclines infinitely
  • Very bulky once folded
  • Not designed to be used on every terrain

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is one of the amazing strollers on the list of best double strollers that fit Chicco KeyFit 30. It’s an all-terrain stroller designed for jogging, but it can be used as a daily stroller. By using a car seat adapter, it is compatible with the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat.

It is among the popular jogging strollers on the market. The stroller is 30 inches wide, allowing you to pass it through doors of all kinds. The stroller tires are equipped to take on any terrain, while the suspension provides you a smooth, bump-free ride in difficult terrain. It comes with a lockable front wheel which gives greater mobility.

The stroller is compatible with car seats and will accept infant car seats made by BOB Gear, Chicco, Britax, Graco, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Cybex, and Nuna. It’s compatible with Chicco KetFit 30 using the car seat adapter.

By replacing the stroller seat with a car seat for your infant, you can travel with your newborn(s) in the stroller.

The stroller seat can recline to various positions without using both hands. Your child can choose to lie straight and sit or lay flat for a nap or even in between. The stroller seat is equipped with a five-point harness that ensures your child is secured to the stroller’s seat.

You can adjust the handlebar according to the parent’s height who is using the stroller. The stroller is 33.1 pounds, which is not bad for the double stroller.

The stroller can carry up to 100 pounds of child weight, 50 pounds each.

The stroller comes with an enormous storage basket. It has a sun-proof canopy that shields your child from harmful UV rays and has a peek-a-boo mesh to increase airflow.

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  • Carries up to 75 lbs
  • Hand-operated brakes
  • UPF50 Sun-proofed canopy
  • A bit pricey
  • There is no child cup holder or tray


Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

Another best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30 is the Baby Jogger City Select double stroller. It’s an all-terrain stroller and a convertible stroller that can be used to carry two or even three children.

It is a great stroller and is currently among the top convertible strollers available. As it is a convertible stroller, it is possible to effortlessly change between double stroller mode and single stroller mode by removing an additional seat. It is also possible to carry a third child by connecting a Baby Jogger gliding board.

It is a sleek stroller with various features, making it a great stroller for use in everyday situations. One of these City Select stroller configurations is to replace the stroller seat with an infant car seat, making it into a complete transport system. It is compatible with Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seats using a baby Jogger car seat adapter.

With the City Select double stroller, it is possible to carry twins as newborns or a toddler and a newborn mix. If you’re expecting another child or one of the children grow out of the stroller, you can alter the size of the stroller to suit your needs.

The stroller is equipped with big small-terrain wheels that enable users to ride in any terrain effortlessly. It’s suitable for walking on grass, snow trails, or roads that aren’t paved. It is also suitable for beach walks.

Along with the all-terrain wheels, it has an all-wheel suspension system that stops the stroller from shaking when you move. This gives you an even more pleasant riding experience.

It is also possible to replace seats in the stroller using the City Select Pram Kit, which transforms the stroller into a stylish pram. It is important to note that this kit must be purchased separately in addition to the stroller.

The stroller features a large extensible UV-proof canopy that protects your children from harmful UV radiation. The canopy includes an open-closed ventilation flap and a mesh that helps improve the airflow when required. It is located right above the stroller canopy and acts as a source of the perfect view.

Security is paramount when choosing a stroller for your child. Therefore, it is an additional benefit to know that the City Select stroller has a 5-point harness that is convertible. This helps keep your kids securely strapped into a stroller seat. The stroller features a big basket to store the essentials you need to carry on the go.

The stroller comes with the feature of reversible seats, which allows you to alter the stroller’s seat so that it is either facing forward or backward. Your baby can be sitting in front of you or toward the front side.

The stroller weighs approximately 28 pounds. Each stroller seat can hold a maximum weight of 45 lbs. 

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  • Adjustable leg rest
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Convertible stroller
  • UPF50 sun-proof, sun-resistant canopy
  • Easy to fold and quick to fold
  • Glider board to help a third child
  • This isn’t suitable for huge toddlers
  • The maximum child weight is 45lbs
  • A bit pricey. Extra costs for all accessories
  • Quite heavy


Baby Jogger City Select LUX Double Stroller

Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

The variety of The Baby Jogger City Lux’s features has given it the title of best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30. In addition to other double strollers with two children, this stroller can accommodate three. All you need is to attach the glider board provided by the company, and you will be ready to go.

City Select consists of the right features to make heads turn. This model is all about the class, from its gorgeous canopy to its sleek frame. It shows your taste through its attractive and appealing design.

The tandem stroller is not lightweight, and the tale is the same as the Baby Jogger case. It weighs 41 pounds and is difficult to lift. If your spouse is always present to help and you want it, then go for it. In other cases, you need to think before considering it. However, 45 pounds is the maximum weight allowed in each seat. That is why it is the ideal double stroller for twins.

It is fun to engage in family talk when strolling through the streets. With this stroller, it is feasible. Thanks for the twenty-seat layouts that the stroller offers. Using this model, you can set both seats in a row, facing each other, and so on. If not both, you have the chance to modify the configuration of at least one seat.

Of course, City Select Lux is the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30. But an adaptor to Baby Jogger can be your must-have. The lower and upper seats permit you to attach your Chicco car seat.

Like every other feature, the Baby Jogger isn’t far behind in its padding. The seats are made with premium padding, ensuring that your child can use the stroller comfortably. It comes with a five-point harness system that protects your child.

Take away the worry concerning your child’s head hitting against the canopy. It is suitable for babies that are up to five years old. It is likely to make no difference to children under this age.

Additionally, you can get a three-layer canopy made of fabric that can be extended to shield your baby from harmful UV rays. In the canopy, you will find a Peek-a-boo window that can open and close under your own control. It is a magnetic flap-over design.

With plenty of space in the basket of your stroller, this stroller facilitates you in the most efficient way. It comfortably fits a diaper bag, lunches, jackets, a few toys, and much more. In comparison, it is quite spacious compared to other strollers. When you have a seat facing you, getting to the basket can be somewhat challenging. The main drawback of the stroller is the absence of a tray.

It does not matter if you or your husband are of the same height or have a difference. You can both ride this stroller without difficulty regardless of the height of six feet or more. The credit goes to the handlebars that can be adjusted. Additionally, the handlebars are padded so your hands will not be cold even at the lowest temperatures.

The footrests of the double stroller can be adjusted. They can be adjusted up and down, and for a baby to sleep, this could be an enormous benefit. However, since both seats are facing one another, legroom may be limited.

The double stroller comes with four wheels. Fortunately, with all its wheels, it comes with suspension systems. When you put the baby in the suspension system, it absorbs every jerk you throw in your path. If your city is grassy or awash in gravel, then go for it. It’s perfect and is stable on such surfaces. It will keep you happy on long journeys.

Its compact size lets you pass through any door. However, folding the stroller can be somewhat difficult. It requires two hands and locks automatically when it is collapsed. Be aware that you will also need to take off the second seat to collapse it.

  • Smooth on all terrains
  • Large storage basket
  • Compatible with Chicco car seat
  • Multiple seating configurations for seats
  • A footrest that is adjustable and padded

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    Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

    Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

    Tandem and sit-and-stand, Joovy Caboose ultralight fall into both categories. As the platform that stands on its own transforms into a chair, your child can sit on it.

    The Joovy Caboose has beautiful finishes to its frame and a good appearance, and it comes in different colors than black. Turq, red, citron, and gray are four hues that you can choose from. Are you bored of the black strollers? Take these best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30.

    With only 22 pounds, it is a lot lighter than the other strollers listed on this list, thus making it the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30. Because of this weight, you will be able to effortlessly travel around without worrying about lifting a few pounds off the curbs. Each seat on the double stroller is equipped with a weight limit of 45 pounds. The maximum height of 44 inches, so if your child is the most suitable in the measurements listed, hand it down.

    There are no specific seat arrangements, but the stroller will make your child content with a variety of options. The stroller is a great choice for your child because your child can walk, sit or stand on his own. Do not worry about changing the stroller’s form is a piece of cake.

    With the universal adaptor, Joovy comes with, connecting your car seat is not an issue. Do not look for the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30 or KeyFit 2, as this stroller is the ideal model you could get for your little ones.

    Compared to other models, the seat does not offer enough padding on its front. However, it is acceptable since it will not cause harm to your child. However, there is no padding for the bench seat in the back. You will get 3, and 5 points harness for the back and front seats.

    The canopy is quite large to shade the baby. The back seat is a bit shorter and does not shade the sides. Note that you can take it off for storage. Be aware that the canopy does not have an opening to peek inside.

    13 inches in width and 18 inches in length, the basket that comes with the stroller is decent in size. It is all about how much you like to carry. The difficult access design is a big flaw, however. Moving things around is difficult when the backbencher is seated.

    It is designed to be user-friendly, and the padded bars are the reason for this. However, they are not adjustable, which is good for parents with 5 feet and only a few inches. Parents who are taller than 6 feet or more have difficulty walking.

    Made of EVA, The stroller has four wheels. The suspension that is built into the stroller ensures smooth and comfortable strolls. You can push the lock present on the wheels on the front if you are looking for more stability and satisfaction.

    Roads that are rough, gravel, grassy and dirty, this stroller can cope well with all these. The slippery snowy trails are a problem. The wheels of the vehicle are small, and maneuvering them through snow is a struggle.

    Technically speaking, it requires two hands to fold the stroller, as you have to push it together. The procedure is smooth and simple, and you can complete that swiftly. Self-standing after folding is not its thing, although.

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    • Move smoothly on all terrains
    • Easy and quick fold
    • Includes a universal adaptor for car seats.
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Pre-installed Parents Organizer for Parents
    • Access to the basket for storage is difficult
    • Handlebars are not adjustable


    Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

    Best Double Stroller That Fits Chicco KeyFit 30 Review

    Attention to detail is what the Thule manufacturers the most effective among best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30. It is a stroller that can be used for jogging, and it has brakes on the handles. In contrast to the standard ones used, Thule Urban Glide Stroller is operated with the twist of a hand, making it much easier to use.

    It has a sleek and shiny body that draws the eyes. If you are all about the design, this is the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30.

    The stroller is about 42 pounds. In the case of double strollers, it is not unusual. In light of that, it is not too heavy. It is possible to store it inside the car’s trunk easily. 100lbs is the maximum capacity of weight that seats offer. The maximum height is 53 inches. It is a fair claim to be the ideal double stroller designed for twins and older babies.

    For a side-by-side stroller, it is evident that it does not have seating configurations. But it is able to recline indefinitely. It is important to look at the structure of the stroller. Even the most upright part of the seat is tilted, and because of that, it is common for children not to want to sit in it. The seat is nearly at an angle of 40 degrees. Therefore, if your kids get scared easily by things that are not normal, this could be a cause for concern.

    Thule has adaptors with which you can connect most car seats. This stroller is compatible with Chicco KeyFit 30, but it also works with KeyFit Plus. Take any of the Chicco car seats based on your choice.

    The seat of Thule is plush. The stroller appears to be very well-padded. After spending time in it, kids ask for more rides while having the best time inside. Additionally, there is a 5-points harness system used on both seats.

    The canopy is similar to Thule Glide 1 and is also extended to the ground. From top to bottom, it is 28 inches. The canopy’s water resistance ensures that it is extremely reliable.

    Apart from being the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30, it also comes with an exclusive storage basket. It has a zipper to secure the baby’s equipment and has the capacity to hold 20lbs. A mesh compartment is placed on the backs of both seats.

    The handlebars of Thule can be adjusted, making it a great option for parents with more height. From 35.5 and 40 inches away from the floor, it is possible to set it wherever you want for a simple push. The legroom of the stroller is a huge consideration as it is a little short.

    It is obvious that a jogging stroller will always have three wheels. As such, there is nothing different in this particular model. It comes with extremely sturdy air-filled tires with a diameter of 16 inches in the rear. As with every aspect, Thule gets a 10/10 for its suspension system.

    If you are a fan of hiking in the mountains, taking a leisure walk, or your city gets snowy, this double stroller has all you need. It is able to perform in all terrains. It is simply one of the most durable all-terrain strollers available on the market.

    The stroller that folds with one hand is easy to fold. It can be folded in less than one minute. The bulkiness of it is the real issue, however. You will need a good place to store it or a large enough car.

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    • A well-thought-out and correctly positioned brake
    • Strolls easily on all surface
    • Good capacity for weight
    • Folds easily and is easy to fold
    • Super comfy rides thanks to the suspension system
    • Short footrest
    • Bulky after folding


    Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin

    When looking to find the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30, choosing one with a side-by-side arrangement is recommended because it is effortless to move. It is not just that, but it is very easy to control.

    When you consider all these aspects, the stroller we will be highlighting here is a great option. The side-by-side layout ensures that keeping an eye on both of your children is simple.

    The main benefit of this side-by-side stroller is the fact that it provides single-handed operation. It definitely reduces effort. The more powerful wheels make sure that the radius of rotation is not too large.

    A huge stroller can be difficult to control. The dimensions of this stroller are only 29 inches. So, whether you need to maneuver it through a narrow alleyway or in cafes, apartments, or even turn it around, you can do it with ease. When you are not using it, the item can be folded. The size, when folded, is less than the original size, so storing it will not be an issue.

    With the aid of a big storage bag on the bottom, it is very easy to transport everything you need for your baby. Additionally, the storage bag and the bottom are easy to reach. This is why you should store everything in a convenient place and keep the essentials on hand in case your baby needs them.

    In addition, the weight carrying capacity of 50 pounds per seat guarantees that carrying two babies is a simple task. The ergonomic handle will assist in moving it around.

    These best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30 will not leave you disappointed, no matter how you see it.

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    • Easy to move
    • Compatible with a variety of adapters
    • Storage space large
    • Large capacity for weight-carrying
    • Side-by-side configuration
    • Handle design could be improved


    Final Words

    The best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30 is very rare. The ones that permit its attachment are stunning and unbeatable in performance and features. We have listed them here, and we are sure you will be able to find a thorough review of each stroller that is worth a look.

    In making a choice about the best double stroller that fits Chicco KeyFit 30, it is good to be aware of the safety, comfort, cleanliness, and cost.