Exersaucer VS Walker – Which is Best For Your Toddlers

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2023)

Exersaucer vs Walker, what to choose for your baby, is significant confusion among parents.

Growth in life has always been significant, and most people would want to avoid any issue related to it at all costs.

You can’t underestimate its importance in life; parents’ worst nightmare for their baby is not to grow.

Awareness of how crucial childhood development is may seem just another burden we struggle with. 

It would be like living in a constant state of shock with no end in sight.

Talking about it can be stressful for them, so what better than having fun with some toys that will keep your babies entertained while giving you time to take care of your other responsibilities?

A good place where this happens is Exersaucer because they have play areas perfect for babies who need something interactive during these early years when everything else seems new.

I can also use a walker for a baby for this purpose. So, if you want your kid to be healthy and happy through adulthood, let him play on a baby walker or the best baby exersaucer.

So he’ll have more muscle control while sitting upright instead of lying flat on their back.

Every parent wants their babies to be sophisticated and mentally developed.

But, of course, this also includes physical exercise, which is why comparing Exersaucer vs Walker can help you decide the best for your child. You can also check the Best Guide. When should I start Buying Baby Stuff for your newborn?

Exersaucer vs Walker Features


It contains:

  • Barrel
  • Cow spinners
  • 360 seats with a large surrounding tray
  • Toys (with sounds that are manual)

The activity center of the exersaucer has a wide variety of toys and activities that will help enhance babies’ mental and physical development and keep them engaged for hours.

Exersaucer vs Walker

The ten-plus age-appropriate movements provide them ample opportunities to find tasks like moving, playing, or even learning.

There’s also an area with rocking motions that can help strengthen muscles on both legs, back, and neck while providing some exercise time.

It also helps in providing all the bounce to babies that they love.

The activity center of the exersaucer grows with your baby, making it easy to use as they age.

With features like push-button and height adjustment for different ages of babies or toddlers, which ensure quality use from day one, you won’t need a new toy when your child becomes more active with his growing age.


  • Brake pads
  • Extra-wide base
  • Multidirectional wheels
  • Traps and buckles for safety
  • Comfortable seat that is adjustable too

If you’re looking for the perfect way to ensure your baby is safe while still giving them an enjoyable ride, look no further than walkers.

Walkers come with wheels and brakes at their base so they can’t fall over accidentally.

Exersaucer vs Walker

Also, brake pads are placed right next to these same areas.

They provide you with the opportunity to keep your baby safe and happy.

In addition, they make it possible for mothers to do whatever they need when caring for their children, from grocery shopping to getting ready in the morning hours for the office.

Modern design makes it easier than ever before. For example, the removable fabric covering or seats makes cleaning the walker easy and hassle-free.

The walker is an excellent accessory for your baby that helps prepare them to take their first steps.

It has multidirectional wheels, letting it move freely in any desired direction.

Exersaucer vs Walker Differences

To help you decide which Exersaucer vs walker will be fantastic for your baby, knowing what these two words mean is essential.

Then, these products can be compared and contrasted using the brief explanation given below:


Exersaucers were developed to replace walkers.

The significant difference is that while babies can move themselves around in a walker, they cannot when sitting on an exersaucer.

The first thing to know about exersaucers is that they were mainly developed by “Evenflo”.

It is a new invention that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

You can use an exersaucer when your baby needs something stationary but still wants some movement around them while sitting down or laying down.

In addition, an exersaucer has features that allow for interactive play, such as toys or music players.

So, the babies can stay entertained while mommy gets some rest during her journey of parenthood.

The Exersaucer is an excellent place for babies to learn and explore.

It can be used in various ways, from playing games to learning new things. It has interactive toys that attach to the base.

This gadget’s base propels it while ensuring your little one’s head stays safely inside. It can be used from four months old up until six months.


Walkers are a type of device that babies can use to help them walk around more easily.

They’re also known as mobile centers and come in many different designs.

It usually contains wheels.

It also has a suspended fabric seat and an activity or feeding tray. It is a great way to keep your baby happy and active as they learn how to walk.

However, once they understand the basics (how to hold up their head comfortably while seated), it’s time for some fun with this unique product.

Exersaucer vs Walker Pros and Cons




  • As one of the most innovative products, exersaucer meets safety tests and exceeds international standards.
  • It is a fun yet educational toy that can improve your child’s development.
  • The sturdy frames will hold up against any accidents. It’s easy enough that even young kids can use them without supervision.
  • It provides maximum engagement with the kids and enhances their playtime by allowing them to explore all sides of it while giving plenty of opportunities for learning through its various interactive features.
  • It has an easy-to-use design. Maintenance is also stress-free.


  • Exersaucers can be a great way to stimulate your baby’s senses and relieve some of their anxiety, but there is the potential for them to get into an uncomfortable position.
  • They are expensive.

Walker Pros & Cons


  • The walker has a three-position height adjustable, flexible design that can be used from birth until 12 months old.
  • It is designed to be comfortable and keeps your infant entertained while you do other things around the house or go on an outing with them.
  • They are cheaper than the exersaucer.


  • Using a walker for your baby is risky when you are not near them.
  • There are chances that the wheels of the walker can trap the hair and fur of pets.

Exersaucer vs Walker What to Look for While Purchasing?


When you’re buying things for your baby, they must be safe and durable. So before bringing home anything from the store, take some time to consider these factors: 

  • Is this item made of sturdy material which can hold an active little one?
  • Is there mention of how other customers felt about their product?
  • Do any reviews mention parts breaking or, even worse, pinching, hurting, or collapsing your baby?


It is essential to consider the size of an exersaucer or walker before purchasing one for your baby or toddler.

Some products lack flexibility and can’t be folded up, so consider how much space this will take up in your home.


A comfortable padded seat is essential for the exersaucer and walker.

It will allow your baby to remain happy and calm while you work efficiently around them with ease.

High adjustment:

An adjustable height setting can make life easier for parents with kids in the higher percentile.

Exersaucer vs Walker- Which One Is Good for the Little One?

You don’t need to purchase a baby walker and exersaucer.

However, the benefits of owning one include doing more things around the house because using them gives you some hands-free time.

The answer to which one is best when comparing an exersaucer vs a walker largely depends on what you want your baby to learn and how much time he is willing to spend in either exersaucer or a walker.

A walker may be right if you want something lightweight, simple, and inexpensive.

But if money is not an issue, then an exersaucer is the better option; it has excellent safety records and provides a more comfortable ride for babies.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Exersaucer and Walker

Is an Exersaucer Necessary? “OR” Why should I buy an exersaucer for my baby?

In a world where most babies are put in front of screens from an early age, it’s nice to have something just for them.

It allows the baby to relax without being overstimulated by bright colors or loud noises.

Exersaucer is a game-changer for parents.

It’s the only product on the market that enables your baby to interact with their surroundings entertainingly and engagingly while learning about objects around them.

It can be moved anywhere for endless fun. It is a new interactive toy for babies that lets them experience the world around them from an exciting point of view.

The Exersaucer is an excellent opportunity to build physical and mental strength for developing babies.

They’re also affordable.

Exersaucer helps caregivers catch up with their break time.

At what age can toddlers go into Exersaucer?

If you’re considering getting an exersaucer for your baby, the best age would be around 6 or 7 months.

However, many parents state they can safely use it with infants as young as four months, but this is not officially recommended.

You also need to wait until your baby can sit independently and balance himself without the support of arms.

Should newborns’ feet be flat in an exersaucer?

It can cause discomfort or pain to the baby if your baby’s legs are not touching down.

If you notice arching back positions or pushing up onto toes, stop using your exersaucer.

There are always some safety precautions when using this equipment, so please be careful.

What is the suitable age of a baby for having a walker?

Infant walkers have been around for a long time and are still among the most popular baby gear items. They’re upright seats hanging from the frame.

They allow your child to be mobile while sitting with their legs dangling down and feet touching the floor.

In addition, the tray tables in front allow them to snack or drink without having you bend over so close.

Most babies start using these from 4-5 months old until ten months, when they outgrow them altogether.

How should toddlers’ feet be in the walker?

Walker is a beautiful way to teach your child how to walk, but both feet must touch the ground.

The ideal position for an infant is when only part of their weight rests on the legs so that they can move around quickly.

According to the baby’s growth, it is also essential to adjust the walker’s height (sometimes, you need to change it weekly).

Can walkers help kids to crawl?

Walkers are often helpful for parents who want their babies to crawl or walk.

However, recent studies have shown that babies using them may learn later than others.

Using a walker allows movement before these skills are fully developed. Muscles need time to get used properly. Therefore, using a walker leads to delayed muscle control with delayed milestones.

What is better than a toddler walker?

The best alternative to baby walkers is a stationary activity center or push toy.

The stability, safety, and stimulation these products offer cannot be matched by anything else.

Final Thoughts

Exersaucer vs Walker, which one is the right option for your baby?

The baby walker is a controversial product, loved by many and hated by others.

The use of walkers has been heavily criticized for their great potential for danger that can lead to injury or even death if not used correctly.

However, some models that may be safer than others are out on the market today, depending on how they’re used.

If you want an exerciser that allows both baby’s safety and the caregiver’s peace of mind, then an exersaucer is a better option. It makes your little one feel safe in their own space.


Is an exersaucer or walker better?

Both have pros and cons. Exersaucers are safer and offer stationary play, but baby walkers may offer more mobility. Safety and developmental experts, however, generally discourage using baby walkers.

Is an exersaucer a walker?

No, an exersaucer is not a walker. The stationary activity center allows a baby to sit, spin, bounce, and play with attached toys but doesn’t assist with walking.

What is the difference between a baby walker and an exersaucer?

The main difference is mobility. A baby walker is designed to move around, potentially helping a baby “walk.” An exersaucer is stationary, providing a safe play area without the risks of mobility.

Why are baby walkers not recommended anymore?

Baby walkers are not recommended because they can be a safety hazard, leading to falls, injuries, or access to dangerous items. They may also delay motor and mental development by discouraging crawling and exploration.

What is the disadvantage of a walker for babies?

The main disadvantage of a baby walker is safety. They can move fast and lead to falls or accidents. They might also delay the development of proper walking and crawling skills.

At what age should baby use a walker?

Experts generally discourage the use of walkers. However, if one is to be used, it should only be when the baby can sit up straight, typically around six months.

Are exersaucers good for baby development?

Exersaucers can benefit a baby’s motor skills and sensory development when used in moderation. However, too much time in one can delay developmental milestones like crawling and walking.

Can babies start using walkers?

While babies can use walkers, it’s generally not recommended due to safety and developmental concerns.

What should I buy instead of a baby walker?

Instead of a baby walker, consider a stationary activity center, push-along walker, or simply a safe, open floor space for supervised tummy time and crawling.

What age is Exersaucer good for?

Babies can typically start using an exersaucer when they can hold their head up and sit with minimal assistance, usually around 4-6 months.

What should you use instead of a baby walker?

Instead of a baby walker, you can use a stationary activity center, push toys that the baby can hold onto and walk with, or provide a safe, open play area for crawling and exploration.