How To Fold Nuna Stroller?

How To Fold Nuna Stroller? A Comprehensive Guide

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2023)

As you know, the Nuna Mixx stroller is considered the unique stroller in the world. In our previous article, we discuss reviews of Nuna strollers, and now we will discuss how to fold Nuna strollers.

The Nuna Mixx stroller is among stylish strollers and best for parents who want extra features like lightweight, extra space basket, reversible car seat, and all surface wheels.

The Nuna Mixx stroller has a convertible car seat and a large baby seat. Its brakes are much easy to apply with adjustable leg rest.

This article will explore “How to fold Nuna stroller?”

How To Fold Nuna Stroller?

It is simple to fold the Nuna Mixx stroller, and you have to follow these instructions to fold Nuna Mixx stroller effortlessly:

Initial step:

First, you should align yourself with the stroller.

Then grip the handlebar firmly, press the button, and push it down.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

After that, you should move it forward to fold it down.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

Canopy folding mechanism:

After handling folding, now is the time to fold down the canopy.

You can easily fold down the stroller’s canopy with simple downward pulling.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

This thing makes the stroller flattened.

Locking step:

After the canopy folding stroller takes a compact form and now you should lock the stroller.

This stroller has a lever bar; you should push it upward to lock it.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

It is present near the wheels.

After locking, it can stand in an erect position.

This is the last step of standard stroller folding, but if you want a more compact fold, follow these instructions.

Seat removal step:

You can remove the stroller’s seat for a more compact fold.

To remove the stroller seat, you need to pull the seat. 

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

You should place your hands in the space of the stroller seat and pull it.

This is how you can remove the stroller’s seat.

Rear wheels removal:

For compact folding, you must remove the stroller’s rear wheels.

To remove the wheel, place one hand on the front side, and remove it with the second-hand press button from the present rear to the wheels.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

Front wheels removal:

You can remove the stroller’s front wheels by pressing the button on the upper side.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

Final step:

After removing the front wheels, it takes the shape of a compact body, and you can store it in a small place.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

In addition to these features, you can put your stroller’s accessories in the stroller’s space.

This is how you can fold down the baby stroller.

How To Fold Nuna Stroller

Conclusion-How To Fold Nuna Stroller

How to Fold the Nuna Stroller? You can follow the above simple steps to fold down the stroller. You can also fold the stroller in two ways.

One is standard folding, and the other is compact folding; both can be gained by following the above steps.

Stroller Compact folding takes about one minute when you become aware of the folding mechanism.