How To Fold Graco Double Stroller?

It is pretty easy to fold a Graco double stroller when you know how to fold Graco double stroller properly.

You can fold new models of Graco stroller quickly compared to older models of Graco stroller.

Graco duo glider, click-connect, and ready-to-grow strollers are advanced models of Graco double strollers.

In this article, our main topic of discussion is “How to fold Graco double stroller?” We will also discuss the method of folding old and latest models.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller?

You will be glad to know that there is no remarkable difference between the folding mechanism of old models and new ones except for a slight variation.

Don’t be afraid; I will give you a detailed description of different methods of folding a Graco stroller concerning models.

Before knowing the folding method, you must confirm your stroller model for which you want to know the folding mechanism.

Things To Consider Before Folding A Double Stroller

First, you need to remove everything present in the stroller before starting the fold. These things include:

  • Parent’s essentials
  • Diapers
  • Snacks 
  • Toys 
  • Extra infant seats

These things can cause hindrances in the folding of the Graco stroller, so it is essential to remove them before folding.

There are also some chances of damage when you do not remove essentials from the stroller.

How To Fold Old Models Of Graco Strollers?

Here are some steps to fold the old Graco stroller models.

Initial step:

  • The first step is the brake setting step.
  • You should use your foot to press down the lever.
  • This lever is present near to back wheels.
  • When you press the wheels, it gets in a lower position and will lock the wheels, and your stroller will not be able to move.

Front-wheel locking step:

Some strollers must lock the front wheels to prevent the stroller from moving.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

First, you must move the stroller some steps forward to cause the wheels to be forward.

After that, you should find a small lever between the front wheels.

If you discover this wheel, you need to push or pull this lever to lock the stroller. This thing is to close the front wheels, and it may vary according to the type of stroller.

Canopy folding:

It is also easy to fold the stroller’s canopy.

You must gently pull the stroller’s canopy and allow it to fold.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Seat reclination 

After canopy folding, you must pull the seat back to recline it.

In some Graco stroller models, you must remove latches on the side stroller to make reclination possible.

Lower the handle of the stroller:

You have to search for the left and right sides of the stroller to get a small handle.

It is present near the wheels or in the seat base.

Some older models get folded when you pull this handle in a specific direction.

But some contain a button in the center of the handle to push down and hold in a position when you fold it.

The final step of stroller folding

You can finally fold the older models of strollers by pushing the seat and back.

You should grip the lower handle if it is present in the stroller.

You can apply a tug to the lower frame, which is present near the wheels, to start the stroller folding.

You should immediately withdraw your hand from this area because it can cause pinching of your fingers.

At last, finish folding the mechanism by pushing the stroller handle.

How To Fold New Models Of Graco Stroller?

There are different latest models of Graco stroller, and here I will discuss the main latest models of Graco stroller.

Folding Of Ready To Grow 2.0 Double Stroller:

First, I will describe the folding mechanism of the Ready to Grow 2.0 double stroller.

Initial step:

First, you need to point out the triggers of the stroller, which are available on the right and left sides of the stroller near cup holders.

You must push these triggers inward.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Then pull it straight up in the direction of the handlebar.

Second step:

After that, you should press the stroller’s handle toward the ground.

You must clutch the stroller firmly to prevent it from falling over the ground and to stand on its own.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Final step:

Following the above two steps, your baby’s stroller will become folded.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

 Folding Of Ready2 GROWTM LX 2.0 Double Stroller

Now it’s time to discuss the folding mechanism of the Graco stroller named ready2Grow LX 2.0 twin stroller.

You will be glad to know that this stroller is one of the most advanced models of the stroller.

This stroller can accommodate two children simultaneously and folds like a single one. This thing makes it easy to transport from one place to another. 

Initial step:

First, you must ensure that the stroller’s brakes are on.

You can use your foot to lock the brakes if the brakes are not on.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Second step:

After applying brakes, you need to point out two buttons on top.

You must be done pressing the button and pulling at the same time. 

After that, you should push down the handle of the stroller as much as you can.

After pressing the stroller’s handle downward, you must clutch the opposite side of the stroller to pull it in your direction.

You should ensure that the stroller is facing you.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Final step:

If you follow the instructions described in the last stroller, your stroller will become folded, and this stroller will be self-standing.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Folding Of DuoGliderTM Click Connect Double Stroller:

Now it’s time to learn the folding mechanism of the Graco Duo glider double stroller. This article will detail folding mechanisms; we will only discuss the unfolding mechanism.

This folding mechanism is somehow the same as the folding mechanism of the Graco fast-action stroller. Its folding mechanism is too simple, and I read my instructions to fold it.

Initial step:

First, ensure that the stroller brakes are on.

Ensure that the stroller’s basket is up on the posterior side of the stroller.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Second step:

Now it’s time to find out the red dot on the handlebar.

After that, you need to rotate it forward to fold the stroller in a forward direction.

Now, you should clutch the stroller on its side and pull it tightly to snap it in the right place.

After that, you have to apply a buckle to attach the straps.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Last step:

By following the above steps, your stroller will be folded.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Steps To Follow Before Folding The Stroller

The Graco stroller is considered a convertible stroller, meaning you must add or remove the baby’s car seat and other accessories.

Before folding the stroller, you must remove all accessories from the stroller.

Initial step:

First, lock the brakes of your baby stroller.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Second step:

You have to remove the infant seat before folding it.

You can also remove the storage organizer attached to the bottom seating position.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Third step:

To store the bottom mounts, locate the button on the inside of the mount and push it. 

Slide the mount into the designated store position until you hear it lock into place. 

Repeat these steps on the other side. If you have an infant car seat, baby carrycot, or a storage organizer attached to the top seating position, kindly remove it.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Fourth step:

Sometimes you do not want to remove the stroller seat, and you can only fold the stroller when the stroller seat is in an upright forward-facing position.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Fifth step:

Firstly, pull both folds triggers upward. Next, gently push the handle down until you hear a clicking sound. 

This indicates that the storage latch on the side has engaged.

Now, the stroller will rest on its rear wheels and handle, allowing it to stand upright when folded. 

This user-friendly design ensures convenience and stability when storing the stroller.

How To Fold Graco Double Stroller

Conclusion- How to fold Graco Stroller?

How to fold Graco Stroller? You can follow the above-described guidelines according to your baby’s stroller model.

There are two types of stroller models one is older, and one is new, and both have slight differences in folding mechanisms. You should know all the things present in this stroller.

FAQs-How to fold Graco Stroller?

Is it possible to fold Graco Duo Glider stroller?

Yes, it is possible to fold the Duo Glider Graco stroller. This is also a double stroller, which can be folded by a hand-folding mechanism.

IS Graco double stroller reclinable or not?

The Graco stroller is not reclinable and does not contain an adjustable footrest or leg rest.

Is your baby able to sleep in a Graco Bassinet stroller?

Yes, your baby can sleep in this stroller, but you must keep a proper check-in on your baby and follow proper guidelines to care for your little one.