How To Tie Solly Wrap? Or How To Put On Solly Wrap?

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2023)

How To Tie Solly Wrap Or How To Put On Solly Wrap

How to tie Solly wrap (How to put on Solly wrap)? Do you want to learn that? Parents love wearing the baby wrap for many reasons, but babywearing is especially beneficial when you have an older child. It is an absolute lifesaver, then.

The Solly Baby wrap is the perfect Wrap for the first year of a baby’s life, as it is made of a lightweight fabric with just enough stretch.

Contrary to other wraps, it cradles the baby without drooping. It is not too hot and is available in a range of trendy patterns and colors that go with the chic, modern mother’s style.

Parents like the flexibility and softness of the Solly Baby Wrap. Unlike others, this one is more breathable and does not make a mother or baby hot.

How to Tie Solly Wrap (How To Put On Solly Wrap): Step-By-Step

Discover how to knot the baby wrap to carry your infant easily. Here are easy step-by-step instructions about “how to tie Solly wrap or put on Solly wrap” to soothe your fussy baby and allow you to work more throughout the daytime.

  • Find the middle, typically identified by a tag, and then look for one of the ends.
  • Many companies make it simple by putting an item tag. If you design the Wrap yourself, I suggest using a marker or ribbon to make it easier.
  • Place the tag in the middle, and place it under your chest on your abdomen.
  • Choose the right side to place on your back and then your shoulder. Ensure the fabric remains free and straight (not folded up). It will ensure that the baby’s weight is evenly distributed.
  • Then, place the fabric underneath the fabric that lies over your stomach.
  • Take the part that lies over your stomach, then bring it to your back, and using your right hand, bring it up over your shoulder, ensuring the fabric remains level and lays out nicely.
  • Take the fabric that’s over your right shoulder. Put it between the middle piece of fabric that covers your stomach. There are now two pieces of fabric over your shoulders and one in the front.
  • Pick both ends, cross them, and then put them in your back. After that, cross them in the back. Bring the fabric forward, then tie it in front.
  • Examine the mirror to ensure that everything is distributed and that the wrap-around of the shoulders is lying on its side.
  • Then, place the baby inside by setting them on your chest, with their head resting on the top of your shoulder.
  • It is possible to place his arms inside or out. It’s your choice.

The first few attempts you try won’t be comfortable, but you must push through it because you’ll be awed by it. There are certainly ups and downs.

How to Tie Solly Wrap (How To Put On Solly Wrap): Some Tips

  • Try it out by using a Solly baby wrap video tutorial. The video tutorials are so helpful, and you need to watch them.
  •  It cannot be easy to wrap right the first time. So Solly makes it more straightforward with a clear explanation, a video to view, and safety guidelines.
  • Do not give up. Some babies are resistant to either the carrier or wrap initially. Try again, and eventually, they become enthralled with the Wrap.
  • Put it on at home if you must take the infant out on a stroller or car seat. This way, you won’t feel the stress of putting it on fast when arriving at your location.
  • Do not wrap your baby up before feeding time unless you can nurse the baby while wearing the baby.

Things We Love About Solly Wrap


The Solly Baby wrap utilizes a specially designed Lenzing Modal, a lightweight, slightly stretchy, buttery comfortable, sustainable fabric constructed from Austrian beechwood tree pulp.


Babies are like tiny furnaces, especially when cuddled with dad or mom. Our experience has shown that hot and sweaty babies (and parents who are hot and sweaty) are not always highly content.

Of all the wraps available, Solly Baby is the most popular. Solly Baby Wrap is by the coolest.

Fantastic Colors And Patterns

The Team at Solly Baby has excellent taste. They seldom make a wrap with a pattern or color their parents do not love.

They are also adept at creating chic, easy outfit ideas for mamas that work perfectly with their wraps because who doesn’t want an occasional outfit inspiration?

Small Size Fold

Because the Solly Baby wrap is an extended length of cloth, it is possible to fold it easily and place it in the diaper bag.

New, Shorter Length

Solly got smart and chopped off a bunch of excessive length from their wraps, resulting in a shorter, easier-to-tie, less likely to graze the filthy city streets accidentally.

They also carry the longer “XL” length for those who like more excellent fabric or have extra girth.

Produced By The USA

Not many brands can boast that their products are made in the USA. However, Solly Baby can.

The Best Wrap For Babies In The First Year Of Life

The Solly Baby wrap is made for babies who weigh up to 25 lbs. It is approximately the first year of a baby and is the ideal period for babywearing.

Things We Don’t Love As Much About Solly Wrap


We love Solly Baby Wraps and won’t change anything about the wraps. We only wish that our little ones could stay longer in them.

Benefits Of Babywearing

  • It helps create bonds between the baby and the one carrying them.
  • It soothes the baby. Babies who are swaddled tend to be less crying.
  • It can help to improve language development through listening to words spoken, observing facial expressions, and participating in the conversation.
  • Engage with other children and do other daily chores more efficiently.
  • Helps with physical and emotional development.
  • It can help increase milk production since the baby is there and can nurse discretely.

Is The Babywearing Method Risk-Free?

Yes. But there are some things to be aware of while carrying your baby. It is essential to see your baby’s face and mouth. Babies should be close enough to touch their foreheads.

It is a rule of thumb. Always pay attention to the breath of your child. You don’t want them

smashed against you so they cannot breathe.

How Much Weight Could The Moby Wrap And Solly Wrap Support (Solly vs. Moby Wrap)?

The Moby (or Boba) wrap is safe for babies weighing 7 to 45 pounds. A Solly wrap is safe for babies as much as 25 pounds.

Solly Baby Wrap

How To Tie Solly Wrap? Or How To Put On Solly Wrap?

Moby Baby Wrap

How To Tie Solly Wrap? Or How To Put On Solly Wrap?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Major Differences Between A Solly Wrap and Moby Wrap?

They share several of the same characteristics concerning dimensions and functions. The significant difference is the kind of fabric employed.

Solly is made with the most buttery soft, and stretchy sustainable fabric. Moby is made of thicker and less stretchy material.

So, Solly makes it more comfortable to wear a baby in summer. But the Solly can accommodate up to 25 pounds baby, while the Moby can accommodate a weight of up to 45 pounds.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Solly Wrap?

Solly wraps can be washed in the machine and dried by tumble drying, making them easy to tidy.

How Can I Ensure That My Solly Wrap Is Tight Enough?

It is not necessary for your Wrap to feel tight, but it is essential to ensure that no area of your Wrap is loose or floppy before tying it off.

One tip that could assist is to ensure that your long ends are at your natural waistline when you tie off your double knot instead of tying it over your hips. It can help a lot.

Is It Possible To Wrap A Newborn Inside A Solly Wrap?

When is the best time to start making use of Solly Baby Wrap? The baby wrap is appropriate for babies from birth. Typically, babywearing professionals recommend the minimum weight should be 7-8 pounds.

Solly Baby Wrap can be used to carry babies up to 25 pounds. They are often the best and most comfortable for babies until 9 months.

How Long Can You Wear Baby In Solly Wraps?

The Wrap was designed to last through the initial year of an infant’s life, and the Solly wrap weight limit is about 25 pounds.

Most wrap wearers will experience the most use during the initial 9-12 months. If you or your baby has special needs, it is recommended to consult your doctor before wearing it.

Do You Think This Solly Wrap Is Worth The Cost?

The fabric of the Solly is the most comfortable, offering plenty of support to transport your baby comfortably. I also love the fact that it is cool and light.

Can Dads Utilize The Solly Infant Wrap?

The Wrap is very soft and light. It is incredibly soft and lightweight. Solly wrap folds extremely compactly and can fit into your diaper bag. It does not take up much space. It is ideal for dads and moms who are always on the move.

How Much Weight Is Allowed On Solly Wrap?

The Solly is recommended for use with infants weighing 25 pounds or less. Other wraps we thought of are rated for 35 pounds or more, so it’s not the best Wrap for the long haul.

How Do You Know If Solly Wrap Is Too Tight?

The Wrap should be snug enough to hold your baby close because this is most comfortable for both of you.

Loose or slack fabric can make your baby fall within the Wrap, making breathing difficult and even causing back pain. It is essential to observe your baby’s face simply by looking down.

Final Words: How To Tie Solly Wrap?

How to tie Solly wrap (How to put on Solly wrap)? Many people glance at the Solly and think it’s too complex to even think about. But mama!

Solly Wrap offers amazing instructional videos, and a little practice goes far. Many moms utilize the mirror to guide them when they tie their baby at first, and some approach using toys before their baby is born.

While it might appear awkward and difficult initially, it will get easier quickly, and it is worthwhile to keep going.