How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need for My Little One?

It is estimated that parents use between 2,500 to 3,000 diapers per year. So, how many baby wipes do I need to change this many diapers per year?

When preparing for your baby’s arrival during pregnancy, you will have many questions about diapers and wipes. So, in this post, we will cover everything you need about baby wipes.

You will use approximately 2-3 baby wipes per diaper change. Plan to use 3-4 baby wipes packages per week for the first two years.

These numbers can change depending on the surprises your baby holds in their diapers, but they are a good guideline.

As your baby grows older, you will notice a decrease in diaper changes and a reduction in the need for wipes. Don’t throw away extra baby wipes.

Wipes can be used to clean around the house and in the car for unexpected accidents.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need Per Day?

What number of baby wipes do you use each day? What number of wipes should I register for?

How many baby wipes do I need? These questions will help you figure out how many baby wipes are needed.

Baby wipes are needed by new parents approximately 30 times per day.

This number can vary depending on how many babies you have. According to the NHS, a newborn baby will need their nappy changed on average ten times daily.

You will need only 1 to 2 diaper wipes for pee, while you will need 3 to 4 diaper wipes for poopy. Although newborn poos are often small, they can also be messy because they are runny.

You may need to use a few more for a very explosive nappy. The poops can go up the baby’s back and end up everywhere, including on the changing mat.

During the first three months, you will use 6-8 diapers daily. It means that you will use approximately 15 to 20 wipes daily. The number of diapers your baby uses daily will decrease as he ages and requires fewer diaper changes.

However, with your baby’s growth, you may need more diaper wipes to clean up messy diapers. On average, you will expect 2.5 baby wipes per diaper change during the first six months.

After six months, your baby will use an average of 2 wipes per diaper change and undergo 4 to 6 diaper changes daily. So, you will need 8-12 baby wipes per day.

You may need to use more wipes if you also use wipes to clean your changing mat between changings or if you have a messy diaper accident.

This information will allow you to calculate the daily requirements for baby wipes.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need Per Month?

Parents will need approximately 900 wipes per month for a newborn baby. A baby older than one month may require 480 wipes.

If you buy a pack of 56 wipes, you will need between 8-16 packs per month for your baby.

How Many Wipes Do I Need For The First Year?

There will be a variation regarding how many baby wipes I need during the first year. However, you should get approximately 8,280 wipes.

It is only for changing nappies. If each pack contains 56 wipes, this would be approximately 148 packs.

You will need to use more if you are using wipes to clean your baby’s highchair after they have eaten or washed their faces, as many parents do.

You can add 1,620 wipes to your total if you consider that your baby may need up to three wipes after each meal when he/she is six months old.

What Is The Average Number Of Baby Wipes Present In A Pack?

The exact amount varies depending upon the manufacturer, but big brands like Huggies or Pampers sell packs of 56 wipes, while Water Wipes sells packages of 60 wipes.

In the United States, Pampers sells a pack of 72 wipes. So, there are many options, and you can determine how many wipes you require depending on which brand you prefer.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need Per Age Group?

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need For A Newborn

New babies go through around 8-12 diaper changes per day. And you will use a lot of wipes in the first few weeks.

A diaper change may only require a handful of wipes, but a significant spill can cost you as many as ten wipes.

Therefore, moms with newborns need to have plenty of wipes. It is impossible to predict when you will need them.

You can use a standard pack of wipes to get 70 wipes. To ensure you are never short, we recommend purchasing a large pack of wipes at this stage because you must have enough for newborns.

6 Weeks – 4 Months

After six weeks, you will notice a decrease in diaper changing. You will likely change diapers 8-10 times per day, resulting in fewer daily wipes.

Although it is not a large number, you will find that a pack lasts for a few extra days.

4 – 8 Months

Your baby will experience fewer bowel movements as they are slowly introduced to solids. And they will also become firmer.

You will probably only need to change your baby eight times a day once they reach four months. It will drop to 6-7 times when your baby turns eight months.

Considering that you will use about 2-3 wipes per change, you will need about 20-25 wipes daily. And a pack of 70 baby wipes lasts about 3-4 days.

8 – 12 Months

You will notice that your stash of baby wipes has remained steady as your baby approaches its first birthday.

Babies are now eating solid, so the frequency of their diaper changing is much lower than in their newborn days.

Your baby will change five to six times daily, and you will use about 20 wipes daily. You will use about 2 to 3 packs of wipes in a typical week.

Remember to add a weekly pack if you use the wipes for sticky hands and dirty faces.

12 Months And Beyond

When they become potty-trained, your baby goes through about 5-6 diapers daily.

You will probably notice a decrease in the number of wipes you buy after your baby has had about one to two bowel movements per day.

But don’t forget to add them to your shopping cart. Even after babies have outgrown diapers, baby wipes will still be valuable years later.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need for My Little One?

It is common for toddlers to have very messy diapers as they start eating various foods. Using at least ten diaper wipes for each poopy diaper is possible.

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Factors That Influence Baby Wipe Use

Age Of Your Baby

The most important factor in deciding how many baby wipes I need is your baby’s age. Unless you have a big mess, you will likely need 2-3 baby wipes for each diaper change.

The Skin Sensitivity Of Your Baby

Baby wipes can cause severe reactions in babies with sensitive skin. If your baby falls within this category, you should not use so many diapers per change.

Wipes that are specifically made for sensitive skin may be an option. You can rinse the wipe before use if your baby reacts.

Many parents prefer Water Wipes for babies who have eczema. The National Eczema Association approves them and contains the cleanest ingredients of any brand.

You should check the label to see if your baby reacts differently to one wipe than another.

One brand may irritate your baby’s bottom, but another wipe will work fine. The baby’s skin will feel gentler if more cotton is in the wipes.

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Baby Wipes Brand

How many wipes you use daily and how often you use them depends on the brand. Remember, cheap wipes will not effectively clean your baby’s skin.

Have a detailed look at the top baby wipes. You might need to try several brands before you find the right one.

Some Of The Best Baby Wipes

Many baby wipes brands are on the market, but how do you know which is right?

To reduce their environmental impact, I would recommend using organic baby wipes.

These are the best because they are biodegradable and do not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens or phthalates that could irritate your child’s skin. These are my top five picks.

  1. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
  2. The Honest Company Wipes
  3. WaterWipes Biodegradable, Toddler & Baby Wipes
  4. Babyganics Unscented Diaper Wipes
  5. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Baby Wipes
  6. Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Water Baby Wipes
  7. Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes

How To Buy Baby Wipes- Some Tips

Do Not Buy In Bulk

Although it is tempting to buy bulk because it is usually cheaper in the long term, don’t rush. You and your baby should be comfortable using the wipes.

And having a large stock of wipes you don’t like is not a good idea.

To help you choose the best wipes, start with small samples of different brands. To try out other wipe brands, I recommend registering for them all.

Once you have found your favorite, buying them in bulk is a good idea. You will save money on each package and have less chance of running out.

Check Out Coupons

You now know that you will use a lot of baby wipes. I suggest keeping your eyes open for coupons.

Coupons can help you to lessen the cost of baby wipes, whether you are still looking for the right one or already have a favorite.

You can often find coupons on the manufacturer’s website. You may also get discounts on baby wipes by joining rewards programs.

Avoid Using Scented Wipes

Although there may be a different opinion, I have never enjoyed scented wiping cloths. I don’t like the extra ingredients, which are not as good for the baby’s skin.

Although the scent can mask unpleasant smells, using it with baby wipes is unnecessary. Scented wipes can also irritate if your baby is sensitive.

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Frequently Asked Questions- How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need

Do You Need Baby Wipes For Every Diaper Change?

You may be unsure if a baby wiping is needed if your baby is just wet. These diapers are highly absorbent and will not require a wipe for every change.

Urine is not known to irritate babies’ skin in the short term, so a slightly damp diaper change doesn’t necessarily need a wipe.

How many wipes can you stockpile?

Baby wipes don’t expire, so you can keep your entire year’s supply in stock before your baby is born. Baby wipes have a two-year shelf life.

However, if they aren’t kept in a cool area or sealed until you need them, they can be less valuable.

What happens if you have too many baby wipes?

The good news is that they can be used for many other purposes. I still use baby wipes even though my children have outgrown diapers.

How long can baby wipes last?

It all depends on how they are stored. The baby wipes can still be used if kept in their original, airtight container.

However, the wipes may have dried out if they are old and are transferred to a new container. Baby wipes are inexpensive, so replacing old and dry ones won’t cost too much.

What do I do if I don’t have enough wipes?

Nothing is worse than finding yourself without wipes or empty packets. A paper towel can suffice to clean your child’s bottom in this situation. You can also use tissues to make a substitute for a wipe.

When I was out with my child, this sometimes happened. I always made it a point to change them again when I returned home. Although a paper towel can be used in an emergency, I prefer the clean-up of baby wipes. They contain soap or another cleaning agent.

What Is The Drying Time Of Wipes After Opening?

After each use, it is a good idea to seal your package or the baby wipe box. Otherwise, you can get dry-up wipes if you leave the package open.

Although it will usually only affect the next wipe, if you leave it open for too long, you will end up with a whole dried-up package.

Baby wipes can technically be disposed of after two years. They will lose their moisture at that point and be less effective in cleaning.

What Is The Best Time To Stop Using Wipes?

If you’re like me, you keep a few extra wipes around when your children are potty-trained. Wipes can be used for almost anything.

Although I no longer use wipes for my baby’s bottoms, I still love that they can clean up spills or dirty faces. I also use them to remove my makeup when necessary. You can also use a wet wipe to clean up quickly if you are in a hurry.

Although you don’t have to visit the wholesale club to stock up on wipes, you will likely need them around the house. A pack of wipes is always handy, especially when your little one gets sick. Wipes are the best friend of a mom.

Are Baby Wipes Reusable?

Baby wipes are generally non-expirable. Only a few brands expire after two years. The wipes can lose their moisture and become moldy after this time.

What Are The Alternatives To Disposable Baby Wipes?

You might be irritated by the number of baby wipes you will use. So, you can also use baby washcloths. Baby washcloths can do an excellent job cleaning a baby’s bottom. Look for ones that are hypoallergenic and absorbent.

You’ll need to figure out how many wipes you will use each day once you have decided to use reusable wipes. This route requires extra cleaning, so be ready for this. To ensure that you always have a clean washcloth, plan on keeping around 50.

Some Best Baby Washcloths

  1. Amazon Basics 100% Cotton Terry Washcloths
  2. Spasilk Washcloth Wipes for Newborn
  3. Absorbent Knit Terry Washcloths
  4. Simple-Magic Cotton Washcloths

Final Words

How many baby wipes do I need? It is essential to have enough wipes to ensure your baby has clean diapers and a clean bottom.

Depending on the level of diaper content, each diaper change will require approximately 2-3 wipes. Wipes can last for a long time if they are correctly stored. Although changing diapers can be messy, using enough wipes will make the process easier.