300+ Cool Baby Names That Mean Ice

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2023)

Looking for baby names that mean ice? These names have a certain elegance and sophistication to them.

They draw inspiration from powerful gods and goddesses and the beautiful ice formations that adorn winter landscapes.

Imagine the refreshing sensation of icy cold against your skin. There’s so much to appreciate about these cool names.

So, if you want a baby name that’s as cool as ice, you’re in luck! We’ve got a list of them right here for you. 😎

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What Are Some Cool Ice Names?

In our carefully curated list, we have gathered names that hold special significance regarding ice.

These names either carry the meaning of ice itself, honor its strength, or have a connection to the enchanting world of frostiness.

Alba (Scottish): Means “white” or “fair.”

Frost (English): Refers to the icy crystals that form on surfaces.

Crystal (English): Inspired by the transparent, crystalline form of ice.

Neva (Spanish): Derived from the Spanish word for “snow.”

Eira (Welsh): Means “snow” in Welsh.

Icelyn (English): A combination of “ice” and “lyn,” meaning “lake.”

Lumi (Finnish): Translates to “snow.”

Aspen (English): Named after the frost-resistant tree.

Winter (English): Evokes the cold season and icy landscapes.

Gelid (English): Referring to something extremely cold or icy.

Glacier (English): Inspired by the majestic icy formations.

Selenia (Greek): Derived from “Selene,” meaning “moon.”

Avalon (Celtic): Associated with the legendary island, also known as “Isle of Apples” or “Isle of the Blessed.”

Icynda (Greek): A combination of “ice” and “lynda,” meaning “beautiful.”

Seraphina (Hebrew): Translates to “burning fire” or “fiery one,” creating a contrasting effect with ice.

Periwinkle (English): Named after a bluish-purple flower, but also evokes the idea of frost.

Yukio (Japanese): Means “snow” or “happiness” in Japanese.

Elara (Greek): Inspired by one of Jupiter’s icy moons.

Ingrid (Scandinavian): Means “beautiful ice.”

Frosthilde (German): Combines “frost” and “Hilde,” meaning “battle” or “warrior.”

Bianca (Italian): Translates to “white” or “pure.”

Isolde (German): Derived from “is,” meaning “ice,” and “holt,” meaning “wood.”

Boreas (Greek): Referring to the personification of the north wind.

Frostine (English): Inspired by the Frostine character in Candy Land.

Nivalis (Latin): Derived from “nix,” meaning “snow.”

Gwyneira (Welsh): Means “white snow.”

Crystalina (English): A variation of Crystal with a more feminine touch.

Hailie (English): A play on the word “hail” that can also represent icy conditions.

Kailani (Hawaiian): Means “sea and sky” but can also evoke a chilly, icy vibe.

Icicle (English): A literal representation of frozen water.

Frostyn (English): A variant of Frostine.

Iskra (Slavic): Translates to “spark.”

Arctica (Latin): Derived from “arctic,” meaning “polar” or “north.”

Eirwen (Welsh): Combines “eir,” meaning “snow,” and “wen,” meaning “white” or “fair.”

North (English): Evoking a sense of coldness and wintry landscapes.

Zima (Slavic): Translates to “winter.”

Frostina (English): A variation of Frostine with a softer sound.

Neve (Italian): Means “snow.”

Serafina (Italian): Similar to Seraphina, meaning “fiery” or “burning one.”

What Name Means Goddess Of Ice?

Beira: In Celtic mythology, she holds the title of Winter’s Queen.

Cailleach: Another appellation for the Celtic Queen of Winter.

Ísdís: Derived from Icelandic, this name signifies the “goddess of ice.”

Ishildur: Combining the elements of fire and ice, Ishildur is also an Icelandic name that translates to “ice battle.”

Isolde: Originating from Old German, this name shares the meaning of “ice battle.”

Isveig: With Icelandic roots, Isveig symbolizes “ice power.”

Kawisenhawe: A Mohawk name that signifies “she who holds the ice.”

Khione: In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of ice and snow.

Morana: An ancient Slavic goddess associated with the conclusion of winter and the rebirth of spring, making it a name that breaks the ice.

Poli’ahu: This Hawaiian snow goddess, donning an icy cloak, resides atop Mauna Kea.

Skaði: A Norse goddess renowned for connecting to wintry elements such as skiing, winter, and mountains.

What Name Means God Of Ice?

Boreas: In Greek mythology, Boreas is the north wind god, often bringing cold and icy conditions.

Skadi: In Norse mythology, Skadi is a frost giantess associated with winter, skiing, and mountains.

Khione: In Greek mythology, Khione is the goddess of snow and the daughter of Boreas, the north wind god.

Kuraokami: In Japanese mythology, Kuraokami is a dragon deity associated with rain and snow.

Shiva: In Hindu mythology, Shiva is one of the principal deities, known as “The Lord of the Icy Mountains” or “The Lord of Frost.”

Ymir: In Norse mythology, Ymir is a primordial giant whose body formed the Earth, and his frosty breath created the frost giants.

Gelu: In Roman mythology, Gelu is the god of frost and ice.

Poli’ahu: In Hawaiian mythology, Poli’ahu is the goddess of snow and ice, residing on the tallest mountain peak of Mauna Kea.

January: It derives its name from one of the coldest months. Did you know? January is named after Janus, the ancient Roman deity associated with beginnings and transitions.

Boreas: In Greek mythology, Boreas is the north wind god, bringing along ice and snow.

Ísarr: This name exudes strength and determination, originating from Old Norse. It signifies an “ice warrior.”

Isleif: With its roots in Old Norse, Isleif is a timeless name meaning “descendant of the ice.”

Jenara: This name has Latin origins and references the Roman god that January is named after.

Kuraokami: A legendary Japanese dragon, Kuraokami is revered as a deity of ice, snow, and winter.

Ullr: This well-known Norse snow god, the stepson of Thor, is closely associated with skiing.

Mythical Baby Names That Mean Ice

40 Mythical Boy Names That Mean Ice:

Boreas – Greek mythological god of the North Wind.

Frost – Refers to the frozen water crystals.

Hailston – A combination of “hail” and “stone,” representing icy precipitation.

Glacier – A large, slow-moving mass of ice.

Crispin – Meaning “curly-haired,” it signifies the frosty appearance of ice crystals.

Wintersong – Evoking the melodies of winter and the chill of ice.

Isidor – Derived from the Greek words “isos” (equal) and “Doron” (gift), it represents the evenness and purity of ice.

Frostbite – Refers to the freezing of body tissues due to extreme cold.

Morozko – Slavic folklore character associated with winter and ice.

Icarius – Meaning “ice power,” it represents the strength and force of ice.

Icelus – Greek mythological personification of dreams and illusions.

Snowdon – Inspired by Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales, often covered in snow.

Frostwind – A combination of “frost” and “wind,” representing the cold, icy gusts.

Kolden – A variation of “cold,” symbolizing the icy nature.

Eiskalt – A German word meaning “ice-cold.”

Borealis – Referring to the Northern Lights, the dazzling natural light display in the Arctic regions.

Glacius – Derived from the Latin word “glacies” (ice), representing the icy element.

Crystallo – Inspired by the word “crystal,” signifying the clarity and purity of ice.

Snowdonia – Derived from Snowdon, it symbolizes the icy landscape of the region.

Gelidus – Latin for “icy” or “frozen.”

Chion – Derived from the Greek word “chion” (snow), representing frozen precipitation.

Frosthelm – A combination of “frost” and “helm” (helmet), signifying protection from the cold.

Hailstorm – Refers to a storm characterized by hail, representing the icy nature of the phenomenon.

Blizzarion – A combination of “blizzard” and “aria,” symbolizing the intense and icy wind.

Skadi – Norse goddess associated with winter, skiing, and mountains.

Avalaunch – A combination of “avalanche” and “launch,” evoking the power and force of ice and snow.

Iceron – A fusion of “ice” and “iron,” representing ice’s strength and unyielding nature.

Hrimfaxi – Norse mythological horse that pulls the chariot of the moon, leaving frost in its wake.

Frosthaven – A haven or refuge surrounded by ice and frost.

Cryon – Derived from the Greek word “kryos” (cold), symbolizing icy temperatures.

Frostbrand – A mythical sword or weapon associated with ice and cold.

Ymir – In Norse mythology, the primordial giant from whose body the world was created is often associated with ice.

Icelock – A combination of “ice” and “lock,” representing the frozen and secure state.

Snowdrift – Refers to a large mound or bank of snow.

Nivalis – Derived from the Latin word “nix” (snow), signifying snowy and icy conditions.

40 Mythical Girl Names That Mean Ice:

Aislinn – This Irish name means “dream” or “vision.”

Anuket – An Egyptian name representing the goddess of the Nile.

Arwen – Derived from Tolkien’s fictional languages, it means “noble maiden.”

Bianca – An Italian name meaning “white” or “pure.”

Crystal – A name derived from the transparent ice-like gemstone.

Cressida – Greek in origin, it means “gold” or “golden.”

Eira – A Welsh name signifying “snow” or “snowdrop.”

Elara – A moon of Jupiter in Greek mythology.

Eos – Derived from Greek mythology, it refers to the goddess of the dawn.

Frostine – A name inspired by frost or frozen ice.

Gwyneira – A Welsh name meaning “white” or “fair snow.”

Hemera – A Greek name symbolizing “day” or “daylight.”

Hestia – In Greek mythology, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and home.

Ingrid – A Scandinavian name meaning “beautiful” or “fair.”

Ivalo – Derived from the Inuit language, it refers to “an icicle.”

Kailani – A Hawaiian name meaning “sea and sky.”

Kalinda – Sanskrit in origin, it means “sun” or “bright star.”

Lumi – A Finnish name representing “snow.”

Maelis – A Breton name meaning “prince” or “chief.”

Morana – Slavic mythology associates this name with the goddess of winter.

Neva – A Spanish name representing “snow.”

Nieve – Derived from Spanish, it means “snow.”

Nyx – In Greek mythology, Nyx personifies the night.

Polaris – The North Star, symbolizing guidance and brightness.

Rime – A name derived from frost or hoarfrost.

Selene – From Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon.

Seraphina – A name of Hebrew origin meaning “fiery” or “burning ones.”

Skadi – Norse mythology associates Skadi with winter and skiing.

Tala – A Tagalog name meaning “star.”

Tundra – A word used to describe a cold, treeless Arctic region.

Valora – Derived from the Latin word for “valor” or “bravery.”

Vasilisa – A Russian name meaning “royal” or “queenly.”

Yuki – A Japanese name that signifies “snow.”

Zephyrine – Derived from the Greek god of the west wind, Zephyrus.

Alba – Derived from Latin, it means “white” or “dawn.”

Avalbane – An Irish name meaning “white apple.”

Chione – From Greek mythology, Chione is the goddess of snow.

Eirlys – A Welsh name meaning “snowdrop” or “snowflake.”

Galadriel – Derived from Tolkien’s works, it means “maiden crowned in radiance.”

Isolde – From Arthurian legend, Isolde is a tragic heroine associated with ice and coldness.

21 Modern Baby Names That Mean Ice

Modern Boy Names That Mean Ice:

Winterbourne – This name combines the words “winter” and “bourne,” which means “stream.” It suggests the flow of icy waters, giving a modern twist to ice.

Frostwell – By merging “frost” and “well,” this name represents a source of coolness and refreshment. It symbolizes the essence of ice in a contemporary context.

Glaze – A contemporary name that reflects ice’s smooth and glass-like texture. It conveys a sense of coolness and modernity.

Cryon – Inspired by the field of cryonics, this name represents the modern concept of freezing and preservation. It uniquely captures the essence of ice.

Gelid – A sleek and concise name derived from Latin, Gelid means “icy cold.” It’s a modern and distinct choice associated with the coolness of ice.

William – Derived from the Germanic elements “wil” (will, desire) and “helm” (helmet, protection), William signifies strength and determination. It shares similarities with the resilience of ice.

Arcticus – With a nod to the Arctic region, this modern name embodies the vast, icy landscapes and the sense of adventure associated with icy territories.

Icelock – By blending “ice” and “lock,” this name suggests the solid and unyielding nature of ice. It represents a modern interpretation of its cool strength.

Chiller – A playful and modern name that directly references the concept of coldness. It captures the cool and refreshing quality of ice.

Glacial – Inspired by the modern term for icy formations, Glacial conveys a sense of grandeur and majesty. It symbolizes the modern interpretation of icy landscapes.

Subzero – This name evokes a sense of extreme coldness. It’s a modern and edgy choice that represents the modern concept of icy temperatures.

Modern Girl Names That Mean Ice:

Winterlyn – This name combines “winter” and “lyn” (meaning “lake” or “waterfall”) to create an image of modern serenity and icy landscapes. It has a calming and beautiful vibe.

Icelia – A unique and modern name derived from “ice,” Icelia uniquely represents ice’s cool and captivating nature in a distinctive way. It evokes a sense of allure and charm.

Frostara – Frostara merges “frost” and “Stara” (meaning “star” in multiple languages) to signify the ethereal and cool essence of icy stars. It has a modern and enchanting quality.

Eira – Derived from Welsh mythology, Eira means “snow” and symbolizes ice’s tranquil and pure nature in its frozen form. It carries a sense of peacefulness and purity.

Glitterice – This modern and whimsical name suggests ice’s sparkling and magical qualities, adding a contemporary twist to the concept. It brings a sense of wonder and enchantment.

Wintryn – Wintryn combines “wintry” and “ryn” (meaning “queen” or “ruler”) to represent a modern and strong female figure associated with icy realms. It portrays a powerful and majestic image.

Iceline – Inspired by the modern term for icy lines or formations, Iceline captures the sleek and cool nature of ice in a contemporary way. It has a stylish and sophisticated appeal.

Snowlyn – Snowlyn blends “snow” and “lyn” to represent icy snowflakes’ modern and enchanting qualities. It creates a distinctive and memorable name choice with a touch of magic.

Crystalise – This name is a modern take on the word “crystallize” and suggests the process of ice formation and crystallization. It exudes a contemporary and unique charm.

Icyra – A modern and sleek name derived from “icy,” Icyra evokes a sense of coolness and modernity. It stands out as a distinctive and memorable choice.

Historical Baby Names That Mean Ice

40 Historical Boy Names That Mean Ice

Hriman (Germanic): “Iceman”

Frost (English): “Frozen water vapor.”

Isidorus (Ancient Greek): “Gift of Isis” (referring to the Egyptian goddess associated with fertility and rebirth, whose tears were said to create the Nile River)

Glace (French): “Ice”

Hailstone (English): “Frozen raindrop”

Ijsbrand (Dutch): “Ice sword”

Siku (Inuit): “Ice”

Iceman (English): “Man of ice”

Kristoff (Scandinavian): “Bearer of Christ” (referring to the Christian Messiah)

Winter (English): “The coldest season of the year”

Frostin (Old Norse): “Little frost.”

Icemar (English): “Famous ice.”

Koldo (Basque): “Cold”

Ymir (Norse mythology): The primordial giant whose body was said to form the world, including the icy regions

Gelert (Welsh): “Icy” or “frozen ground.”

Icestan (Old English): “Frozen stone.”

Sniegas (Lithuanian): “Snow”

Fjord (Scandinavian): “A narrow, deep inlet of the sea, bordered by cliffs.”

Neven (Slavic): “Snow”

Gelfling (Fictional): From the movie “The Dark Crystal,” meaning “elf-like being of ice.”

Isen (Old English): “Ice”

Glacier (English): “Slow-moving mass of ice.”

Icelyn (English): “Frozen waterfall.”

Frigus (Latin): “Cold”

Szymon (Polish): “Hearkening” or “to listen” (symbolizing the quiet stillness of ice)

Iskander (Persian): “Defender of man” (a variant of Alexander)

Blizz (English): “Blizzard” or “severe snowstorm.”

Nordur (Icelandic): “North” (referring to the icy regions of the north)

Moroz (Russian): “Frost”

Eisig (German): “Icy” or “frosty.”

Icarius (Greek mythology): The son of Daedalus, who fell to his death while flying too close to the sun and melting his wax wings

Iceborne (English): “Born of ice.”

Frostwick (English): “Icy village.”

Gwyddion (Welsh): “Born of ice” or “born of trees” (associated with winter)

Frostbite (English): “Injury to body tissues caused by freezing.”

Hyôga (Japanese): “Glacier”

Lumi (Finnish): “Snow”

Frostmund (Old Norse): “Protected by frost.”

Skadi (Norse mythology): The giantess associated with winter and skiing

Kori (Greek): “Maiden of ice” or “ice maiden.”

40 Historical Girl Names That Mean Ice:

Aglaja – Greek name meaning “splendor of the ice.”

Aislinn – Irish name meaning “vision of the ice.”

Alisanne – French name meaning “noble ice.”

Anastasia – Greek name meaning “resurrection of ice.”

Aneira – Welsh name meaning “golden ice.”

Blanche – French name meaning “white ice.”

Brigid – Irish name meaning “fiery ice.”

Ceara – Irish name meaning “iceberg.”

Celine – French name meaning “heavenly ice.”

Crystal – English name referring to ice in its crystallized form

Eira – Welsh name meaning “snow” or “ice.”

Eirwen – Welsh name meaning “white as snow” or “white as ice.”

Frostine – English name meaning “frost” or “icy.”

Gwyneira – Welsh name meaning “white snow” or “white ice.”

Icelyn – English name meaning “ice island.”

Isolde – Germanic name meaning “ice ruler.”

Ivalo – Finnish name meaning “cold” or “frozen.”

Lumi – Finnish name meaning “snow” or “ice.”

Neva – Russian name meaning “snow” or “white as snow.”

Nieves – Spanish name meaning “snows” or “icy.”

Nyneve – Welsh name meaning “lady of the lake” or “snow-white.”

Onora – Irish name meaning “white shoulder” or “white ice.”

Rhian – Welsh name meaning “maiden” or “white as ice.”

Searlait – Irish name meaning “little ice” or “little diamond.”

Selene – Greek name meaning “moonlight” or “like the moon on ice.”

Seraphina – Hebrew name meaning “burning ice.”

Sigrid – Old Norse name meaning “beautiful victory” or “victorious ice.”

Solveig – Old Norse name meaning “sun” or “house of ice.”

Svana – Old Norse name meaning “swan” or “ice woman.”

Tuyet – Vietnamese name meaning “snow” or “ice.”

Ula – Scottish name meaning “sea jewel” or “gem of the ice.”

Vanna – Cambodian name meaning “golden ice.”

Winter – English name associated with the cold season and icy conditions

Wynter – English name referring to winter

Yuki – Japanese name meaning “snow” or “happiness.”

Zima – Slavic name meaning “winter” or “ice.”

Zuri – Swahili name meaning “beautiful” or “white as ice.”

Adara – Hebrew name meaning “noble” or “exalted ice.”

Eirlys – Welsh name meaning “snowdrop” or “snowflake.”

Icela – Spanish name meaning “island of ice.”

What Is A Boy’s Name That Means Ice?

Aidan (Irish origin) – “little fire” or “born of fire.”

Altair (Arabic origin) – “falcon” or “bird of prey.”

Blizzard (English origin) – A strong snowstorm characterized by strong winds and blowing snow.

Colden (English origin) – “from the dark valley.”

Cristian (Greek origin) – “follower of Christ.”

Elden (English origin) – “from the elves’ valley.”

Frost (English origin) – Frozen dew or ice crystals formed on a surface.

Gelert (Welsh origin) – “like ice.”

Glacial (English origin) – Relating to glaciers or icy environments.

Grayson (English origin) – “son of the steward” or “son of the gray-haired one”

Hale (English origin) – “healthy” or “sound.”

Ice (English origin) – Solid water in its frozen state.

Iceman (English origin) – A person who sells or delivers ice.

Icelyn (English origin) – “ice lake.”

Jack Frost (English origin) – A personification of winter and cold weather.

January (Latin origin) – The first month of the year, associated with winter.

Kelvin (Scottish origin) – “from the narrow river.”

Lir (Irish origin) – “sea” or “ocean.”

Neve (Latin origin) – “snow.”

Niall (Irish origin) – “cloud” or “passionate.”

Saxon (English origin) – “from Saxony”

Sinclair (Scottish origin) – “victorious” or “bright.”

Slade (English origin) – “valley” or “dell”

Storm (English origin) – A violent disturbance of the atmosphere, often accompanied by rain, snow, or wind.

Talvi (Finnish origin) – “winter.”

Theron (Greek origin) – “hunter” or “chase.”

Vail (English origin) – “from the valley.”

Winter (English origin) – The coldest season of the year, characterized by low temperatures and often snow.

Yuki (Japanese origin) – “snow.”

Zero (Arabic origin) – The numerical representation of the absence or lack of quantity.

What Is a Girl’s Name That Means Ice?

Names that mean cold

Arctos (Greek): “Bear” or “Northern constellation.”

Yuki (Japanese): “Snow”

Frost (English): “Frozen Dew”

Neva (Slavic): “Snow”

Crystal (English): “Clear ice.”

Shiver (English): “To tremble from the cold.”

Winter (English): “Coldest season.”

Icelyn (English): “Ice waterfall.”

Kaiyo (Japanese): “Sea of ice.”

Chione (Greek): “Snow”

Frostine (English): “Resembling frost.”

Zima (Slavic): “Winter”

Glacier (English): “Mass of ice.”

Siberia (Russian): “Cold region in northern Asia.”

Colden (English): “Chilly valley.”

Kailash (Hindi): “Crystal”

Wynter (English): “Winter”

Ice (English): “Frozen water.”

Lapponia (Finnish): “Land of the cold.”

Chilly (English): “Uncomfortably cool.”

Frostbite (English): “Injury caused by freezing.”

Gwyneira (Welsh): “White snow.”

Crystalina (English): “Clear and bright.”

Frosthilda (English): “Battle maiden of the cold.”

Iskra (Russian): “Spark”

Wintry (English): “Characteristic of winter.”

Avalanche (French): “Mass of snow sliding down a mountain.”

Coldspring (English): “Cold water source.”

Gelid (Latin): “Extremely cold.”

Snowdrop (English): “Early blooming white flower.”

North (English): “Direction towards the cold.”

Aislinn (Irish): “Vision” or “Dream”

Chill (English): “Moderately cold.”

Hima (Sanskrit): “Snow”

Polar (Greek): “Relating to the poles or extreme cold.”

Wintrynn (English): “Winter stream.”

Alba (Latin): “White”

Nieves (Spanish): “Snows”

Rimfrost (Swedish): “Edge frost.”

Tundra (Russian): “Treeless Plain in the Arctic.”

Warm Up

Many parents like to select a baby name connected to a special event, time, or place related to their child’s birth.

Some may prefer a name associated with the season their little one enters the world.

If you are interested in names that symbolize winter, ice, or snow, we have a list that is bound to catch your attention. Rest assured; there are options available that will align with your preferences.

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What name means frozen?

The name that means frozen is “Eira.”

What is the name of the ice?

The name of the ice is simply “ice.”

What name means ice in Old Norse?

The name that means ice in Old Norse is “ís.”

What is the ancient name for ice?

The ancient name for ice is “hrīs.”

What name means cold breeze?

The name that means cold breeze is “Boreas.”

Is winter a rare name?

No, the name “Winter” is not considered rare.