Names That Mean Lightning, Storm, or Thunder

Top 280+ Names That Mean Lightning, Storm, or Thunder

(Last Updated On: August 18, 2023)

Are you searching for a baby name that represents the strength and liveliness of a storm?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Names that have meanings related to storms, lightning, or thunder can hold different meanings for different individuals.

On the one hand, a storm might be seen as a symbol of disorder and negativity.

Thunder can be associated with danger, while a lightning bolt represents sudden enlightenment and dispelling ignorance.

However, there’s also something truly remarkable about the immense power of nature. Even amidst chaos, there can be moments of beauty.

Many people find the sounds of a thunderstorm soothing as it washes away obstacles and clear the path for new beginnings.

Furthermore, going through challenging situations can make us stronger individuals.

This is why names that convey the meaning of storms can also represent resilience and perseverance. Allow me to share with you one of my favorite quotes:

“Storms may arise, but we shall weather them with unwavering strength, emerging even more resilient on the other side.”

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100 + Names That Mean Lightning

If you’re looking for a baby name related to the weather, you’re in luck! We’ve assembled a collection of 100-plus names inspired by lightning, thunder, or storms just for you.

These names will bring a positive and delightful atmosphere to your child’s life.

100 Boy Names That Mean Lightning

Raiden (Japanese): “Thunder and Lightning”

Thor (Norse): “God of Thunder”

Bolt (English): “A flash of lightning.”

Barq (Arabic): “Lightning”

Fulgor (Latin): “Lightning”

Indra (Sanskrit): “God of Thunder and Lightning”

Rayden (English): “God of Thunder”

Tempest (English): “Violent Storm”

Zapper (English): “One who emits a sudden burst of energy.”

Ignis (Latin): “Fire and Lightning”

Blitz (German): “Lightning”

Jove (Latin): “God of Thunder and Sky”

Kaminari (Japanese): “Thunder”

Electra (Greek): “Amber” or “Shining, Brilliant”

Thorin (Norse): “God of Thunder”

Fulmine (Italian): “Lightning”

Zephyr (Greek): “West Wind” associated with storms

Bajirao (Sanskrit): “Thunderbolt”

Einar (Norse): “Lone Warrior”

Storm (English): “Violent Disturbance of the Atmosphere”

Brontes (Greek): “Thunder”

Rumbler (English): “One who makes a low, rolling sound.”

Raidou (Japanese): “Thunder”

Zeus (Greek): “God of Thunder and Lightning”

Alistair (Scottish): “Defender of Mankind”

Fulgur (Latin): “Lightning”

Hadad (Hebrew): “God of Thunder and Rain”

Thunder (English): “Loud, Resounding Noise in the Sky”

Leif (Norse): “Descendant, Heir”

Voltaire (French): “Valley of Thunder”

Erling (Norse): “Descendant, Heir”

Raiko (Japanese): “Thunder and Lightning Child”

Yama (Hindi): “Lord of Thunder”

Flash (English): “A sudden burst of light or energy.”

Thunderbird (Native American): “Mythical Bird Associated with Thunderstorms”

Shango (Yoruba): “God of Thunder and Fire”

Raoul (French): “Wolf Counsel”

Bolton (Welsh): “Thunder”

Njord (Norse): “God of the Wind and Sea”

Dunar (Sanskrit): “God of Rain”

Rollo (Norse): “Famous Wolf”

Enlil (Sumerian): “God of Wind and Storms”

Aello (Greek): “Storm Wind”

Mjolnir (Norse): “Thor’s Hammer”

Lir (Irish): “God of the Sea and Storms”

Ziv (Hebrew): “Brightness, Radiance”

Ragnar (Norse): “Warrior, Judgment, Advice”

Jovian (Latin): “Of or relating to Jupiter, the Roman god of sky and thunder.”

Beran (English): “Bearer of Thunder”

Bram (Dutch): “Father of a Multitude; Raven”

Ravi (Sanskrit): “Sun, Lightning”

Striker (English): “One who strikes with force.”

Dunstan (English): “Dark Stone”

Ragnvald (Norse): “Mighty Ruler”

Torben (Danish): “Bear of Thor”

Fulminio (Italian): “To Strike with Lightning”

Bronte (Greek): “Thunder”

Ororo (African): “Storm”

Wulfric (English): “Wolf Ruler”

Ruarc (Irish): “Noble Ruler”

Taranis (Celtic): “God of Thunder”

Blitzo (German): “Lightning”

Rumbold (English): “Famous Wolf”

Voltan (Italian): “Thunder”

Kamin (Arabic): “Lightning”

Donar (German): “God of Thunder”

Niran (Sanskrit): “Eternal”

Bertram (German): “Bright Raven”

Thorian (English): “Thunder God”

Percival (French): “Pierce the Valley”

Rainer (German): “Mighty Army”

Havoc (English): “Destruction and Chaos”

Gairovald (German): “Mighty Spear Ruler”

Aodh (Irish): “Fire”

Fulgoro (Italian): “Lightning”

Stormrider (English): “One who rides the storms.”

Ceraunus (Greek): “Thunderbolt”

Tane (Maori): “God of Thunder”

Haddad (Arabic): “Thunder”

Yaron (Hebrew): “He will Sing, Rejoice.”

Thorald (Norse): “Thor’s Power”

Fulgencio (Spanish): “Bright, Shining”

Kendal (English): “Valley of the River Kent”

Bramwell (English): “Broom Well”

Farkas (Hungarian): “Wolf”

Aether (Greek): “God of the Upper Air and Light”

Halvard (Norse): “Defender of the Rock”

Loke (Norse): “Lightning”

Darian (Persian): “Wealthy”

Ragnarok (Norse): “Doom of the Gods”

Nishant (Hindi): “Night’s End”

Hadriel (Hebrew): “Splendor of God”

Shadid (Arabic): “Thunderstorm”

Cedric (English): “Chief, Leader”

Hekili (Hawaiian): “Thunder”

Thornley (English): “Clearing with Thorns”

Drevon (English): “Riverbank”

Birk (Scandinavian): “Birch Tree”

Elikai (Hebrew): “God is my Hope”

Ramiro (Spanish): “Supreme Judge”

100 Girl Names That Mean Lightning, Storm, Or Thunder

Aella – Greek name meaning “whirlwind.”

Amaya – Japanese name meaning “night rain.”

Arashi – Japanese name meaning “storm.”

Arvid – Swedish name meaning “eagle tree” or “eagle wood.”

Astrid – Old Norse name meaning “divine strength” or “divinely beautiful.”

Aura – a Latin name meaning “wind” or “breeze.”

Beaufort – French name meaning “beautiful fort” or “strong fort.”

Bela – Slavic name meaning “white.”

Bronte – Greek name meaning “thunder.”

Cadenza – Italian name meaning “rhythm” or “musical flourish.”

Celeste – a Latin name meaning “heavenly” or “divine.”

Cerys – Welsh name meaning “love” or “beloved.”

Chidori – Japanese name meaning “a thousand birds.”

Cielo – Italian and Spanish name meaning “sky” or “heaven.”

Dysis – Greek name meaning “sunset.”

Elara – a Greek name meaning “bright” or “shining.”

Elektra – Greek name meaning “shining” or “bright”

Elettra – Italian name meaning “shining” or “bright.”

Elira – Albanian name meaning “to shine.”

Enya – Irish name meaning “fire” or “kernel.”

Eos – Greek name meaning “dawn.”

Estralita – Spanish name meaning “little star.”

Fala – Native American name meaning “crow.”

Farah – Arabic name meaning “joy” or “happiness.”

Feryal – Persian name meaning “light” or “radiance.”

Freya – Norse name meaning “goddess of love and beauty.”

Fulmine – Italian name meaning “lightning.”

Gale – English name meaning “storm” or “strong wind.”

Galena – a Greek name meaning “calm” or “serene.”

Gilda – German name meaning “golden” or “gilded.”

Hikari – Japanese name meaning “light.”

Iltani – Mesopotamian name meaning “goddess of thunder.”

Indira – Sanskrit name meaning “beauty” or “splendor.”

Iris – Greek name meaning “rainbow.”

Izumi – Japanese name meaning “fountain” or “spring.”

Jalila – Arabic name meaning “majestic” or “exalted.”

Jorunn – Norse name meaning “horse lover” or “horse joy.”

Kahurangi – Maori name meaning “precious.”

Kaminari – Japanese name meaning “thunder.”

Kiana – a Hawaiian name meaning “divine” or “heavenly.”

Kyra – Greek name meaning “lord” or “ruler.”

Leila – Arabic name meaning “night.”

Lilika – Hawaiian name meaning “lily” or “flower.”

Lumina – Latin name meaning “light.”

Marisol – Spanish name meaning “sea and sun.”

Meghna – Sanskrit name meaning “cloud.”

Melinda – English name meaning “honey” or “sweet.”

Mira – Slavic name meaning “peace” or “world.”

Morrigan – Irish name meaning “phantom queen” or “great queen.”

Nalani – Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly” or “serenity.”

Nami – Japanese name meaning “wave.”

Nebula – Latin name meaning “mist” or “cloud”

Nessa – Scottish name meaning “from the headland” or “miracle.”

Orlaith – Irish name meaning “golden princess.”

Petra – Greek name meaning “rock.”

Raine – English name meaning “abundant blessings from above.”

Rajani – Sanskrit name meaning “night.”

Rhiannon – Welsh name meaning “great queen” or “divine queen.”

Roisin – Irish name meaning “little rose.”

Ronja – Swedish name meaning “God’s joyful song.”

Rowan – Gaelic name meaning “little red-haired one” or “tree with red berries.”

Salama – Arabic name meaning “peace.”

Samira – Arabic name meaning “companion in evening conversations.”

Selene – Greek name meaning “moon.”

Seraphina – Hebrew name meaning “fiery-winged.”

Shani – Hebrew name meaning “marvelous” or “gift from God.”

Shiori – Japanese name meaning “bookmark” or “guidance.”

Sigrid – Old Norse name meaning “beautiful victory.”

Skye – Scottish name meaning “cloud.”

Stella – Latin name meaning “star.”

Stormy – English name meaning “tempestuous” or “impetuous nature.”

Talia – Hebrew name meaning “gentle dew from heaven.”

Tempest – English name meaning “storm.”

Thalia – Greek name meaning “to blossom” or “to flourish.”

The – Greek name means “goddess” or “divine.”

Thora – Old Norse name meaning “thunder goddess.”

Tornado – Spanish name meaning “tornado.”

Ula – Celtic name meaning “gem of the sea”

Valencia – Spanish name meaning “bravery” or “strength.”

Vered – a Hebrew name meaning “rose.”

Xanthe – a Greek name meaning “yellow” or “golden.”

Yara – Arabic name meaning “small butterfly.”

Yasmin – Persian name meaning “jasmine flower.”

Yumi – Japanese name meaning “beauty” or “reason.”

Zara – Arabic name meaning “radiance” or “flower.”

Zephyr – Greek name meaning “west wind.”

Zora – Slavic name meaning “dawn” or “light.”

Aelwen – Welsh name meaning “blessed brow.”

Alvina – Old English name meaning “elf friend.”

Arden – English name meaning “eagle valley.”

Breezy – English name meaning “full of life” or “spirited.”

Elysia – a Greek name meaning “blissful” or “heavenly.”

Hina – Polynesian name meaning “goddess of the moon”

Keira – an Irish name meaning “dark-haired” or “dark-skinned.”

Nubia – Egyptian name meaning “gold” or “golden.”

Sora – Japanese name meaning “sky.”

Tempestt – English name meaning “violent storm.”

Vivienna – a Latin name meaning “lively” or “full of life.”

Yuvika – Sanskrit means “young lady” or “young woman.”

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80 Unisex Names That Mean Lightning

Adara – Fire, lightning

Akira – Bright, clear, intelligent

Aria – Air, melody

Arvid – Eagle tree

Arvidh – Lord of lightning

Arvidur – Lord of thunder

Astra – Star

Audra – Storm, noble strength

Axel – Father of peace

Bard – Storm

Barid – Thunderbolt

Baris – Thunder

Basu – Thunder

Bolt – Lightning

Bronte – Thunder

Ceraunia – Thunderbolt

Chidori – Thousand birds (Japanese)

Ciara – Dark-haired, little dark one

Dara – Thunder, oak tree

Dhiren – Lord of thunder

Draven – Child of the storm

Einar – Lone warrior

Enlil – God of wind and storms

Erik – Eternal ruler

Fawzi – Successful, victorious

Fulgora – Lightning

Fulgur – Lightning

Gale – Storm, strong wind

Galen – Calm, tranquil

Garvan – Rough, rugged

Gavin – White hawk

Haimi – Golden

Halcyon – Calm, peaceful

Inazuma – Lightning (Japanese)

Indra – God of thunder and lightning

Iniki – Hurricane (Hawaiian)

Jove – Thunder

Kamui – Divine, godlike (Ainu)

Kaminari – Thunder (Japanese)

Keraunos – Thunderbolt (Greek)

Kiara – Clear, bright

Leander – Lion of a man

Leba – Lion

Lennox – Elm Grove

Lev – Heart

Liraz – My secret

Loki – Trickster god associated with storms

Lumina – Light

Marv – Great friend

Merida – Honorable

Nariko – Thunder child (Japanese)

Nefeli – Cloud (Greek)

Nihar – Dewdrop

Nishita – Night

Noctis – Night

Odin – God of thunder, wisdom, and war

Ororo – Thunder (Swahili)

Paxton – Peaceful town

Perun – Slavic god of thunder and lightning

Raiden – Thunder and lightning (Japanese)

Rayen – Flower

Raziel – Secret of God

Roan – Red-haired

Ruidoso – Noisy

Rumina – Thunder

Shango – Yoruba god of thunder and lightning

Siar – Thunder

Skyler – Scholar, protector

Storm – Storm, tempest

Tempest – Storm

Thor – the Norse god of thunder

Thunder – Thunder

Topaz – Gemstone

Tora – Tiger

Tornado – Tornado

Torren – From the hills

Tove – Thunder

Trace – Brave warrior

Typhoon – Typhoon

Ulani – Cheerful

Urania – Heavenly (Greek)

Uranus – God of the sky and heavens

Vajra – Diamond

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Final Thoughts – Names That Mean Lightning, Storm, or Thunder

Choosing a baby’s name is a very personal and important decision. If you want a name representing lightning’s power and excitement, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we have a collection of names that each have their own special meanings and symbolism. You’ll find a wide range of options that capture lightning’s energy, strength, and transformative qualities.

Whether you prefer names inspired by nature that reflect the amazing force of thunderstorms, or names from mythology that honor the gods of lightning, you’ll find the perfect one for your child.

There are also symbolic names that represent deeper meanings of change and mystery. This list has a name that will surely resonate with your vision for your child’s name.

You can discover a striking name for your baby boy or baby girl that means lightning, drawing inspiration from various elements of history, nature, and symbolism.

Remember, the true beauty of a name lies in the personal connection and significance it holds for you and your family.

Let the magic and energy of lightning guide you as you choose a name that will bring pride and inspiration to your child throughout their life.

Embrace the power of lightning and watch as your little one illuminates the world with their unique spark.

FAQs – Names That Mean Lightning, Storm, or Thunder

What name means lightning?

The name that means lightning is “Bolt.”

What name means lightning and thunder?

The name that means lightning and thunder is “Storm.”

What is the Norse name meaning lightning?

The Norse name meaning lightning is “Tordis.”

What Celtic name means lightning?

The Celtic name that means lightning is “Branwen.”

What is the Greek name for lightning?

The Greek name for lightning is “Astrapaios.”

What is the Irish name for lightning?

The Irish name for lightning is “Fulgora.”

What name means struck by lightning?

The name that means struck by lightning is “Electra.”

What is the name of a lightning storm?

A lightning storm is commonly known as a “Thunderstorm.”

What are the three types of lightning names?

The three types of lightning names are cloud-to-ground, intra-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud.

What does thunder mean in names?

In names, “thunder” signifies power, strength, or a forceful nature associated with the sound of thunder.