Baby Care Tips for Every New Mom

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2023)

Bringing home a new baby can be an exciting experience for many parents. They are excited to have a chance to spend time with the baby and see how that child grows up.

Expectant parents take classes to learn how to troubleshoot breast or bottle-feeding, give a bath, and change a diaper.

Mixed in with the excitement, though, can be a lot of uncertainty as you navigate the world as a new parent.

Many new parents are worried about raising a baby and how to handle all of the complexities of taking care of an infant.

It is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed, even after taking all of the necessary classes along the way. Some of the easy steps that you can take to help give your newborn baby the very best include:

Supporting the Newborn, the Right Way

The right support will make all the difference when it comes to taking care of your baby. When you decide to nurse them, you must ensure their neck and head are supported by one hand.

The neck muscles are not strong enough to hold the head up independently. The neck will get stronger, but you will need to provide support.

You must cradle the baby in your arm or hold onto their neck with one hand to ensure the channel will not have to support the head.

This can cause severe injuries if you do not provide this support, so ensure you learn how to hold onto the baby.

Changing the Diaper

Baby Care Tips for Every New Mom

If you have never changed a diaper on a baby, you may be a little worried that you will do it the wrong way. The good news is that changing a diaper does not have to be that complicated.

First, ensure you wash your hands before and after touching the diaper. This will ensure you don’t share any extra bacteria with the baby.

As you wipe, you need to go from front to back. This helps to prevent any infection and will keep the skin dry.

Make sure the baby is clean before you put a new diaper on. If you see any signs of irritation on the baby’s skin, add some rash ointment to help with this.

A big problem with changing a diaper on a newborn is the umbilical cord stump.

Ensure the diaper doesn’t go past the belly button to avoid irritating this area.

You can fold the diaper to help make everything clear and keep the baby comfortable after the change.

Feeding the Baby

You can choose whether to breastfeed or formula-feed the baby. We will take a look at tips to make both easier.

For those who are breastfeeding the baby, you may find that it can be a difficult thing to get started. Working with a lactation consultant if you are confused about how to get started can make a difference.

Make sure to position the baby safely and comfortably.

For the baby who tends to get tired or doze off while feeding, you may have to get creative to get them to stay awake rather than fall asleep all the time.

Tickling their feet or stopping the feeding and moving them around can help.

You can also feed your baby formula. If there are any special dietary restrictions, you and your pediatrician can discuss this and ensure you are prepared to feed the baby.

Never use the microwave to warm the bottle because this often creates hotspots that burn your baby’s mouth.

Getting the Baby to Sleep

Baby Care Tips for Every New Mom

Newborn babies go to sleep often. There are a lot of new experiences going on all the time, and it can provide a ton of stimulation to the baby’s little brain.

You may find that the baby will sleep most of the day when they are first born, but you can work with them to devise a good schedule that works for both of you when it comes to the baby sleeping.

It is easy for a baby to get confused day and night if you are not careful. During the day, ensure you keep the home bright and light.

The more light, the harder it is for the baby to fall asleep during the day.

Then, you can dim the lights at night to help prepare them for bed. This can help the baby learn the difference between day and night.

Take Time for Yourself

There are a lot of responsibilities that new moms have to worry about when they bring a baby home.

Between the feeding and diaper changes and getting them to sleep, it becomes straightforward to get overwhelmed and not know what to do.

This is why it is so essential for new mothers to schedule time for themselves when caring for the baby.

Something as simple as a nice shower in the evening, taking the baby for a walk in the stroller, or reading a novel for ten minutes while the baby napes can make a big difference and help you to feel like you are doing something for yourself, rather than always doing it all for the baby.

This little self-care will help you get through the newborn stage a bit easier.

Taking Care of Your Baby

Every new mom worries about whether they are providing the best care for their baby.

Asking for help and giving yourself a break when things get difficult can make a difference.

Follow some of the easy baby care tips above to help make the transition to becoming a new mom less stressful.

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