Elvie Catch Best Milk Collection Cups

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2024)

Are you worried about the leakage of breast milk in your breast pads? If you are concerned about it, you are in the right place. An Elvie catch can help you in this regard.

An Elvie milk catcher prevents the leakage of breast milk. It also stores it for your baby.

In this article, there is a complete guide about the Elvie catch. You must continue reading if you want to know about Elvie’s catch.

What Is Meant by Elvie Catch?

Elvie Catch Best Milk Collection Cups

The Elvie Catch is a cup that collects breast milk. The core feature of Elvie Catch is that it quickly adjusts to the bra.

Furthermore, it is helpful in the collection of extra milk that may outflow during the day and feeding sessions. It is an unproblematic way to store breast milk, which will outflow.

The Elvie Catch is the only breast pump that catches outflow milk. Other breast pumps like Haaka or Elvie Curve manual breast pumps use firmness suction to collect breast milk.

It is too easy to use and too reliable. Some customers review that it is better than any other breast pump. In addition, it stores up to one-to-two-ounce milk on each side of the breast.

What are the Benefits of Using the Elvie Catch?

Elvie Catch Best Milk Collection Cups

The main benefits of wearing an Elvie Catch are given below:


It helps store breast milk that may have been wasted into a breast pad made of pure cotton. It is given to the baby to meet appetite.

Easy to use:

Collecting breast milk wasted on the side while feeding or pumping another breast is effortless.

Prevent nipple damage:

It prevents nipple damage. It is due to no clothing and nothing that touches your nipple and causes damage. It is too easy to use.

Less cost:

It is cost-friendly. It can be used again; thus, this is better than any disposable breast pump.


It is also helpful for the environment because it is reusable.

It is unnoticeable when you put it into your casual nursing bra. It all depends on your clothes.

What are the Drawbacks of using the Elvie Catch?

As Elvie Catch has so many benefits, there are some disadvantages to using Elvie Catch which are given:

Regular Wash or Multiple Sets:

You must wash the Elvie Catch every 3-4 hours if you need to wear it throughout the day. The second possibility is that you must have many sets of these pumps.


Breast milk must be stored at room temperature only. It is reserved only for 4 hours.


The Elvie catch is not throwaway like other chest pads.

It is easy to remove them to wash, but putting them into a bra is not much more effortless.

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Is it clear that you are using Elvie Catch?

Elvie Catch Best Milk Collection Cups

It is not noticeable that you are wearing an Elvie Catch breast pump. It is my personal experience. But it also depends on the size of your chest.

Moreover, it also depends on the clothing you are wearing. It is clear if your chest size is large and your bra does not contain cotton pads.

How to wash Elvie Catch?

First, you must separate Elvie’s catch when you wish to wash it.

The top should be detachable for cleaning.

Now you should wash it in soapy water.

Remember that you must wash it in warm water. It is washed just like you wash other products for an infant.

You Can Use the Elvie catch if You are Worried About the Outflow of Bbreast Milk.

Elvie Catch Best Milk Collection Cups

It is my personal with the Elvie Catch. There was about one ounce of milk in breast cups.

And I wore it for many days, but there was no leakage. I noticed that there was no leakage when I roundabout on the floor.

I will not use it at night. However, some people advised me to use it at night, but I was not willing to do this.

Before using it at the workplace or night, I will prefer to suspend it at home. In reality, I was amazed to see how people protect themselves.

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Use the Elvie Catch, If you can

Do you know how the Elvie Catch works? The Elvie Catch only collects breast milk. It does not work like the Elvie curve of the Haaka pump.

It does not encourage expressions. You can store breast milk with it. It is the best alternative to a breast pad nursing pad. You must place this breast milk at room temperature.

The Elvie Catch has two components one is the skirt, and the other is the cup. A channel around the skirt secures the cup of Elvie Catch.

After linking, you can catch the breast milk in cups. It would be best to care that your breast nipple is centered on the cup. The catch is formed by grade silicon.

Due to its unique properties, you can wash it quickly and be used as a dishwasher safe. You can wash it as you wash casual bottles, nipples, and pacifiers.

You can use the Elvie catch for 2-3 hours. But you must check it regularly. You can catch outflow and should not store more than one ounce of milk.

You must collect and shift milk to the bottle for storage purposes. Its shape is simple to use, and it has a simple process. It would be best to appreciate the Elvie catch because it was leakage free.

Why Should You Cchoose the Elvie Catch?

Suppose you are thinking about using the Elvie Catch and don’t know why you should use it. Then you are in the right place. Here I will give you advice about why you should choose it.

Before selecting a breast pump, you should think about some things.

What is the percentage of your current breast milk supply?

What is the level of your disappointment?

How frequently do you need to change your nursing pad?

You must choose the Elvie to catch if you face leaking milk and refilling a nursing pad. I am worried because I have been using nursing pads for a long time and must change them after a few hours.

I have chosen the Elvie Catch because it helps me overcome the difficulty of changing places. I store milk during day time. It was too helpful to me.

What do you know about the outcomes of the Elvie Catch?

The Elvie Catch is a blessing for mothers. I wear it during the whole session of my breastfeeding. I preferred the Elvie Catch instead of ordinary breast pads. I think it has many benefits like:

You can store milk for your baby. But other ordinary breast pads do not store milk properly. Instead, they have a leakage problem.

Other breast pads cause nipple damage due to touching, but it has no disadvantages.

It is helpful to prevent breast milk leakage when nursing on the side.


When concerned with the breast pump, you must choose the Elvie Catch. The Elvie Catch is a cup that collects breast milk. It can store breast milk, is easy to use, is cost friendly, and prevent nipple damage.


Is the Elvie catch able to make suction of breast milk?

The Elvie Catch is not able to perform suction of breast milk. It does not have a curve and fits appropriately in your bra. It has holes for your nipples like The Elvie curve breast pump but cannot perform suction.

What is the average duration of wearing the Elvie Catch?

You can use the Elvie Catch for about three hours. It is the most comfortable duration of use. You can collect up to one ounce of milk.

Is it possible to sleep by wearing the Elvie Catch?

You can sleep by wearing the Elvie catch. But it is not preferable, and we will not advise you to use it during sleep and lying. It is because, during the sleep period, the breast pump may displace from its original position.

How frequently can I pump with the Elvie Catch?

The production of milk depends on the frequency of pumping. The expected frequency of pumping is 3-4 hours per day. It helps increase milk production.


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