5 Benefits of Using a Wearable Breast Pump for New Moms

As a mom, you have to be busy all the time, and it does not matter if you are first time-mom or have several babies. You have to work all day and have no time to pump your breast milk. It is about impossible to pump breast milk.

Don’t worry here; we will discuss wearable breast pumps present in the market.

These unique breast pumps are made to fulfill your pumping challenges without disturbing your daily routine. These wearable breast pumps can perform a variety of challenges at the same time.

These pumps come with easy-to-clean parts, easy-to-access features, unmatched opportuneness, and everything best to ease your life. The wearable breast pump is considered to be a best friend for mothers. 

In this article, our main topic of discussion is “The benefits of using a wearable breast pump for new moms.”

What Do You Know About A Wearable Breast Pump?

The unique wearable breast pump is easily fitted inside your bra and will allow you to move and pump freely.

In this type of breast pump, there is no need for a power source, heavy motors, and adjusting problems. In addition, there is no need to remove clothing for pumping. 

You can also store breast milk. The best-ever wearable breast is the Freemie Independence breast pump.

In What Way the Wearable Breast Pump Is Different From The Non-Wearable Breast Pump?

You will be surprised that an ordinary wearable breast pump is compatible with a traditional breast pump, but it is compact and portable.

Its components fit inside your bra correctly without any additional effort. Its main parts include:

  • Flanges
  • Collection cups 
  • Motor unit

This motor unit is the battery meant for the power supply, and no connecting wires exist.

At the end of the pumping session, you must empty the collection pumps and feed your little one.

Krystyn Parks, MS, RD, IBCLC, a pediatric dietitian, IBCLC, and owner of Feeding Made Easy, say that “Some products collect data on your pumping sessions, which can be a big bonus,”

The Benefits Of Using A Wearable Breast Pump For New Moms

Easy to move

The main reason for the popularity of this breast pump is the easy-to-move feature and work performance during pumping. You can wear this breast pump all the time without any irritation.

You must know that wearable breast pumps’ mobility depends on their type and pumping quality. I advise you to use a Freemie Independence II breast pump.

You can easily pump breast milk during any work, and it comes with collection cups and a chargeable battery.

The Elvie breast pump is also a type of breast pump that is designed to pump breast milk in a container and allows you to walk freely without any restrictions.

You can efficiently pump your breast milk while sleeping, even in yoga class and running. You can also walk and drive during pumping sessions but cannot perform vigorous or crazy activities.


As you know, having a breast pump is very important, and it is done in a private place.

A breast pump is considered one of the best breast pumps where there is no need for private space to pump breast milk.

You will be pleased that a wearable breast is unnoticeable and fits appropriately inside your bra. As it is unnoticeable, you can use it while walking, running, driving, and working at the office.

You will surprise to know that when you wear this breast pump in your shirt, it will give you a Dolly Parton look, due to which you can pump it in a public place.

The wearable breast pump is considered to be unique because of its silent feature.


As you know, it is most important every breast pump should be quite working, so we recommend you use a wearable breast pump.

The Freemie Independence breast pump, Elvie breast pump, and Willow pumps are the most silent breast pumps. 

These breast pumps can hide in your bra, and no one can identify whether you are pumping.

Elvie Breast pump claims it is best to eliminate noise, and Willow breast pump is silent.

Easy to wash

Most breast pumps come with a few parts, which make them easy to clean. This feature is present in Freemie Independence and Elvie breast pumps.

The Freemie Independence breast pump has about five parts, and the Willow breast pump comes with two parts: Flange and tube; both companies suggest that these pumps are easy to clean.

You can wash it with your hands and use the dishwasher for cleaning.

Latest technology

Most wearable breast pumps are compatible with Android and iPhones. Due to this feature, you can easily adjust the pumping strength and suction levels.

You can also switch between stimulation and suction mood, allowing you to monitor the pumping time output of breast milk. I hope you will like this type of breast pump.

Drawbacks Of Using Wearable Breast Pumps

High cost:

The high cost of this wearable breast pump is considered one of the most significant drawbacks. These breast pumps are considered one of the highest ranges in the market.

The Freemie Independence II, Elvie curve breast pump, and Willow’s breast pump minimum price range are up to $499.

Some wearable breast pump companies allow you to get up to 50 percent off, and some buying schemes make buying easy.

One interesting fact about this breast pump is that it does not lie in the insurance policy and is eligible for FSA/HSA, so there is no need to pay extra money.

Remember that if you buy a Willow breast pump, it will come with reusable bags; for this bag, you must pay about $0.5. This thing is considered to be one of the extra costs.


As you know, no wires are attached to this breast pump, so you must remember its charge and charge it after a specific period.

As you know, there are two charging sides of a wearable breast pump, and the Willow breast pump comes with only one charger, so you need to buy an extra charger or charge both sides simultaneously.

The Elvie breast pump has two chargers, requiring about 2.5 hours to charge it completely. After a single charge, your breast pump can give you about five pumping sessions.

Weak Suction Strength

The primary con of wearable breast pumps is that their suction capacity is not much high as hospital-grade breast pumps.

The typical intensity of the most popular wearable breast pump, the Freemie Independence and Elvie breast pump, is about 220 mmHg, and Willow’s breast pump suction capacity is about 245 mmHg.

This suction capacity is much lower than Spectra S1, about 270mmHg at maximum capacity, and compatible with hospital-grade breast pumps.

This means you have to face the low suction problem using this breast pump type. Some wearable breast pumps are involved in maximum suction capacity, which is better than standard suction.

Conclusion- Benefits of Using A Wearable Breast Pump For New Moms

The benefits of using a wearable breast pump for new moms include being easy to move, no noise, and the latest technology.

The main drawbacks of using wearable breast pumps include high costs, charging problems, and weak suction capacity.