Elvie Breast Pump Review: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking about investing in the Elvie breast pump? This is a thorough Elvie Breast Pump review that covers everything.

You should think about it before making your choice on a new pump!

What is the Elvie Pump?

The Elvie pump is an ingenious breast pump that’s hands-free and wireless, instead of connecting yourself to a pump using the tubing or breast pump components.

It is simply a matter of placing the entire pump inside your bra.

Elvie Breast Pump

That means both pumps are to be pumped at the same time. This means you have to use two distinct Elvie pumps.

An app controls the pump for your smartphone. The app will inform you of the amount of milk you’ve pumped.

What’s included in this package? Elvie Pump Double

Elvie Breast Pump: Everything You Need to Know
  • 2 Hubs
  • 4-ounce bottles of milk, with lids for storage, All BPA-free.
  • The dishwasher is safe.
  • 4 seals, 4 spouts, 4 valves.
  • 2 breast shields in 24mm and 2 breast shields in 28mm.
  • 4 bra adjusters.
  • 2 micro USB charging cables.
  • Two-year warranty on The Hub. a 90-day guarantee for parts that can wash
  • 2 bags for carrying.

Key characteristics

Two types (stimulation as well as and expression).

7 settings for suction intensity.

The infrared (IR) energy sensor monitors the volume of milk in the bottle.

Automatically begins in the stimulation mode. Then switch into expression mode after two minutes. Or when the sensor detects that there is a slow-down

The sensor senses when that milk bottle is filled and stops pumping.

The app is free. It connects to each pump via Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor milk while pumping actively. Moreover, helps you view your statistics for previous sessions and check your output levels. The app can also function as a remote for you to begin or stop pumping, alter the intensity setting, and switch to stimulation or expression mode.

Manual control on every pump to stop and start pumping. You can change the intensity levels.

While advertised as a “silent” breast pump, it’s loud but much quieter than other pumps.

FSA/HSA funds are compatible and can be repaid by various insurance companies.

The Science Behind Pumping

As a first-time exclusively pumping mom, I was concerned about whether I could produce the quantity of milk my baby needed without her nursing at the breast.

The quantity you’ll be capable of producing as a mom pumping will be different based on a study.

This study established that how much milk you produce depends on genetics rather than pumping instead of breastfeeding.

This can be a good thing for specific individuals.

I noticed that, at first, I was producing enough for my baby to pump all the time to build an intake.

My body could never naturally adjust to my baby’s needs.

I had to perform some trial-and-error with my pumping routine.

Elvie Breast Pump: Everything You Need to Know

Also, since I used the traditional breast pump early on, I was concerned about how the suction on the Elvie could compare. When I first tried the Elvie pump in my breast.

I was stunned by how little I felt it as opposed to the aches and pains of pumping every two hours using a conventional pump. The Elvie was a sign of luxury.

It was pretty surprising. Despite how much more relaxing this pump was, I noticed no reduction in the milk I drank.

I noticed that I got more from each pumping session.

I believe it is due because I wasn’t in such discomfort. I was not dreading the process. I was able to unwind more and get more of my milk drained.

Stress hinders breastfeeding, so nursing mothers are often advised to take a break while feeding their children or pumping.

However, if you’re a pumping mom full-time, it’s easier than you said.

My pumping experiences before the Elvie hands-free breast pump arrived were highly stressful.

I was trying to keep my baby happy and able to hold her. At the same time, she was pumping and begging my milk to flow more quickly to allow me to alter her diaper.

The Elvie had taken a lot of pressure off me when I was pumping, and I certainly saw it reflected in how my milk leaked and my milk supply performed.

Design and specifications

I chose it. I went with the Elvie Pump Double, but you can also purchase one pump. The difference is that you’ll get only one pump instead of two.

It’s a seamless unit that fits into your bra. The design is sleek and minimalist and has simple control.

The unit is comprised of three components:

The Hub that houses the electronics and pumping equipment

the milk bottle is detachable with a valve and spout

The breast guard and seal, which houses your breast and nipple.


To set it up, it is necessary to put together the pump you wear and then put it on your breast. Five parts for each side can easily be put together.

You’ll probably require two hands to start. Make sure the pump is correctly placed at your nipple. You can secure your nursing bra in the event of a dreaded let-down.

It is important to note that your Elvie pump requires a lot of support. Especially those who have enough production to refill storage bottles.

You’ll need an appropriate nursing bra. It should safely support the device (and milk) in your breast. In the end, you’ll be able to relax and relax. Just do what you like.

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What are the benefits of having the Elvie Breast Pump?

The most crucial selling point is that it’s highly portable. You can move through the house and handle items around your home while pumping. You can even pump in public areas without knowing what you’re doing.

Since it’s simple to pump from wherever and wherever you are, it’s much easier to stay regular in pumping. It’s much easier to adhere to your pumping schedule when you can pump from anywhere rather than within a certain distance from an outlet.

The Elvie Pump is very soft. It was designed to make you feel like a newborn nurse.

It’s nearly silent. (They claim it’s silent, but most users say it’s quiet, though not silent.)

The Elvie includes two chargers and sets of everything else you’ll need.

What There are the negatives of this Elvie Breast Pump?

There are some things to keep in mind when considering purchasing an Elvie.

The pumps could leak if you bend while pumping and your movements are limited.

Elvie’s bottles weigh 5oz (150ml). If you tend to pump more than one side, you must swap out the bottles at the beginning of your pumping session.

A few women reported that suction was not as efficient with the Elvie. They said other conventional pumps (like the Spectra or Medela) are better.

The Elvie is clearly at a higher cost than other breast pumps.

What are the benefits of having the Elvie Breast Pump?

Besides the Hub, all the components are dishwasher-safe on the top rack. They can be sterilized. You can clean it using boiling water or a microwave sterilizer.

Make sure that all the components are dry before making use of them again.

I’ve observed that if breast shield seals are slightly damp. It could impact the suction. The Hub itself is to be cleaned with an aqueous cloth. Sometimes,

I have milk spill onto the Hub and down its crevices. However, I have discovered using a soft toothbrush to remove any milk that has dried gently.

How long will batteries last?

Elvie Pump Elvie Pump lasts for two and a half hours. And it will take approximately two hours to recharge.

Pumping Through the Phone By Using the Elvie App

The Elvie has Bluetooth connectivity. It makes it simple to connect your smartphone to control the pump. The Elvie app allows you to start as well as stop the pumps.

Elvie Breast Pump: Everything You Need to Know

It also allows switching from stimulation to expression modes. It also allows adjusting the intensity of the pump over seven suction levels.

It records how long you pump during your session. It provides milk volume quantities for each Hub.

Furthermore, it maintains a log of all the data. So you can examine your pumping history.

The firmware on all hubs needs to be updated via Bluetooth capabilities.

And the app will alert users to upgrade their hubs when necessary.

In the beginning, when I was feeding my baby. I heavily relied on the app as each drop of milk I pumped was crucial to my newborn. Who struggled with weight gain.

I utilized the app to keep track of the amount of time I pumped and the volume of milk I received in a given session.

This information allowed me to make educated decisions regarding my baby’s feeding.

I discovered the timer and monitoring to be extremely helpful. I tried to have my sessions run for around 15 minutes each hour.

However, there were instances when the milk output volume was inaccurate if keeping track of milk volume using the app is essential to you.

Here are some guidelines you can learn from Elvie.

For example, ensure you’ve got a dark bra to provide contrast and frequently update the application.

Per Elvie’s privacy policies, all your information is encrypted if you’re concerned about privacy.

And kept secure and is not sold to anyone for any reason.

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Our Elvie Pump review

I went from spending all day pumping. I have tied myself to an unfinished wall. I could hold my baby while pumping or preparing meals for the other children.

I’ve used Elvie Pump for my breasts. Elvie Pump has been successful for the last four months. This is my experience and why I believe it’s worth looking into the wearable breast pump.

Unique properties of Elvie Breast Pump


Finally, in contrast to the wireless Baby Buddha Elvie, a similar model. Elvie isn’t known for its power and is less effective than other pumps like the Spectra S1 pumps.

Many women claim it’s less effective than other pumps due to its soft suction. It’s not the most effective option to increase milk production.


Women devoted to the Elvie appreciate it because it gives them independence while pumping. It is possible to walk around.

You can eat lunch, work from your desk at home, travel, or even take your dog out for a (slow) stroll. It is fantastic.

However, the device requires more or less “stationary activity.” It fails when you bend or engage in any activity that is a real one. Many users are aware of the possibility that Elvie leaks when you do anything that requires turning.

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Tracking and visibility

The collection bags are inside the breastcup. It means there’s not much physical or visible access. Due to this, some women report that it’s hard to determine how much milk they’re collecting.

This could be a bit confusing, even nervous. If you’re a first-time pumper, this might be the norm.

But those who have pumped before know that not having actual-time information is a significant change.


Yes, you can use this in public places, at lunch, at work, or any other site. The capability to breastfeed before people without them knowing is a breakthrough.

It is true. However, because the Elvie was also designed to keep 5-8 oz bottles filled with milk “on-site,” your bumps might appear comically oversized, or at least to you.

One reviewer commented: “I do look a little bit crazy.” Another person said she was like a fembot of Austin Powers.

The Elvie does not eliminate the necessity for a private space at the back and front ends of pumping.

To set things to pump, reaching your breast and being attentive is necessary (it requires some effort). The same thing applies to the end of the session.


Many women who have used the Elvie love the pump, but many do not. However, many hail Elvie because it’s “game-changing” and “emancipating” compared to other pumps.

It is wholly believed it’s worth the cost. Others state that they “love the pump in theory.

But it doesn’t work great,” or they declare it “useless.” Remember that many insurance companies will not provide coverage for the latest hand-free pumps, such as those of Elvie and Willow.

As with the Willow Elvie, there are an equal number of women in love with Elvie as those who regret purchasing it. Unfortunately, there’s a clear divide between fans and frustrated fans.

There’s no way to know what category you’ll be in, as everybody is unique.

The most frequently mentioned positive review for the Elvie is that it’s lightweight. It is easy to use, comfortable, and discrete.

The most common complaint concerning Elvie is the way it leaks. We believe this is a huge issue and tends to worsen when you’re moving.

This is the purpose. Elvie is unstable. It’s not equipped with solid suction (many women have reported that they have to pump separately after removing the Elvie to drain their breasts completely.

The application gives inaccurate information.

Wearable, Portable, and Hands-Free

The Elvie pump is placed directly onto the breast. An internal motor inside the breast cup within the cup itself is also placed.

This is a significant difference from the traditional breast pump in which the motor is in an external container, like the Spectra or the original Medela, the old-fashioned Medela Pump style.

The Elvie is wireless, tubeless, silent, and hands-free. Everything from the intrigue to the milk collection is in the same unit, which fits your regular bra.

The short and long of Elvie’s pump Elvie pump offers plenty of potential, but there are some issues -as well as some women dislike it just as others love the style. So let’s examine it more closely.

Elvie Breast Pump, what’s the final word?

The Elvie is a great portable pump. It’s life-changing to be capable of pumping and moving around with this range of flexibility.

You can check out the complete comparison here if you’re unsure whether to get an Elvie or a Willow.

If you are concerned about cost, take note that you may have the option of getting insurance for free or using the benefits of your FSA and HSA.

FAQs About Elvie Breast Pump

Do you think the Elvie Breast pump is worth the cost?

The final line. If you’re pumping at any time for an extended period, The Elvie breast pump wearable is well worth the money.

It gave me back my life cut the lengthy breastfeeding process for my baby down to just minutes, and gave me the flexibility to pump whenever I wanted to

Does the Elvie have an industrial-grade pump?

Created for mothers constantly on the go, this Elvie Hands-Free hospital-grade breast Pump is powerful but extremely quiet.

It is lightweight and specifically designed for use in the bra; it comes with ten intensities in both expression and stimulation modes.

Are Willow or Elvie superior?

The primary difference between Elvie and Willow is that Willow has greater flexibility in the positions you can pump from.

Moreover, you can change positions while you pump with an Elvie (I bent down to wash laundry and picked up my child, for example). The Willow states it is possible to pump while lying down, and that’s a huge benefit.

Does Elvie Pump her breasts empty?

The most common complaint regarding the Elvie is they leak (*this is a huge issue, we believe, and can be worsened when you’re moving. This is the main reason, isn’t it? ). Elvie is unstable.

It’s not equipped with an impressive suction (many women report that they end up needing to pump independently following.

Does Elvie Pump increase milk supply?

It is also a great way to create a routine for pumping. If you want to know how the Elvie pump maintains the milk supply, I’ll tell you it’s excellent! It’s not just because it’s better mechanically.

However, the Elvie pump makes life easy to pump more frequently. This, in turn, has helped me increase my supply of milk.

Does it hurt to use the Elvie Pump hurt?

Does Elvie’s pump hurt? While wearing the pumps, you can alter the suction level by using buttons on the top of the Hub or the mobile application.

Most of the time, it’s not an issue to me, but there are instances when it’s more uncomfortable in certain situations, but I’m not sure what the reason is.

Are you willing to bend to Elvie?

The pumps could spill if you bend your knees while pumping, limiting your movement. Elvie’s bottles weigh 5oz (150ml), and if you usually pump more than this on one side, you’d be required to swap out the bottles at the beginning of your pumping session.

Which is quieter, Willow or Elvie?

The Elvie is the perfect choice if you can save money (you do not have to purchase additional bags or containers, and there’s a possibility of buying only one side).

You won’t be pumping other items around because it’s quieter and more discrete than the Willow.