Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Reviews

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2023)

Freemie independence mobile breast pump Reviews: What You Need to Know About this Hands-Free Pump Freedom to move and pump With Freemie. If you’re pumping while caring for your child at home, portable, hands-free breast pumps can be a lifesaver for any breastfeeding parent’s goals.

This Freemie Freedom II Breast Pump has been rewarded with a bit of applause all over the web from women who have posted happy comments about not being tied to a pump.

Let’s take a closer look at what Freemie’s review of the breast pump has to say and also the things that Truly Mama considers “freeing” about the breast pump that is hands-free.

What is the Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump?

Freemie Independence is a dual electric, hands-free, hospital-grade, totally mobile, and wearable breast pump.

The pump can be divided into two major components: the milk collection cup and the main pump.

You’ll need to place the cup inside your nursing bra and then clip it to the pants so that you can perform other activities, such as watching television or driving with your children.

The machine’s weight is about 4.34 pounds. The empty cups weigh 2.5 grams each, making them weigh 5 pounds. The machine operates on the basis of a 120-volt AC adaptor with a 64-inch diameter and cord.

The pump is simple to put together and doesn’t require any manual to instruct you on how to clean it. Freemie independence mobile breast pump.

The box comes with the Freemie pump with a motor cord, two collection cups, and the connection kit that includes all the valves and tubing you’ll need.

Freemie independence mobile breast pump Reviews

Pumps are tiny hexagons and weigh around half an ounce. It can comfortably fit into the palms of your hands, and it can be secured to your pants.

It is powered by batteries (a USB rechargeable) that generally last between 50 and 60 minutes. It’s quiet, but it makes some beeps; the clock’s frequency is 50 dB compared to that of the Medela Pump In Style, which has a 60DB.

The milk collection has been designed to be conveniently placed inside your nursing bra. The milk that is extracted from the breasts is stored in these cups to be used later.

The cups can accommodate up to eight ounces of milk, which is higher than the other brands that are available.

This Freemie independence mobile breast pump has an auto-shutoff function that assists you in working or performing other chores.

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  • The pump is silent, but it isn’t completely silent. It was created such that it can discharge milk while you are clothed.
  • It’s comfortable and it works with other pumps.
  • The cup can hold 8 ounces, which is ideal for pumping exclusively.
  • The Freemie cups can be used in conjunction with another pump that is traditional, such as Spectra as well as Medela.
  • You can buy the cup separately to be used in conjunction with different pumps.
  • Freemie is $50 cheaper than the Liberty. Freemie is $50 less expensive than it’s Freemie Liberty.
  • The pump may be leaking out.
  • Freemie independence mobile breast pump has not that ability like its rivals.
  • The mobility is not as wide.
  • The LCD is not present screen on the Independence model. Independence model.
  • The cups aren’t dishwasher safe.

How does the Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Function?

This Freemie Independence II Deluxe pump has no hands that can be easily tucked into your bra. Contrary to Elvie and Willow, this pump has tubes, meaning it’s not totally wireless.

The motor of the pump is connected to the cups inside your bra with tubes that can be concealed underneath your shirt.

Independence II Independence II enables moms to pump standing, sitting, or walking and even lying in a side position when you alter the pump within their bra.

Freemie Independence Freemie Independence comes in both the Standard and Deluxe versions. Both sets come with 25mm flanges. The Deluxe comes with an additional set of flanges measuring 28mm.

When you’ve selected the flange size which is the one that best suits your needs then, simply clip two tiny components, the milk valve as well as the valve base, on the flange, then place the milk collection container and connect it.

The pump comes with L-connectors on the base of the cup and a Y connector on the base of the pump to ensure that the tubing is securely connected.

The cups should be placed on your breasts under your bra, secure the pump’s motor to your waistband (or any other place you’d prefer it to be), and let the pump go incomplete the freedom!

What We Think About the Breast Pump

We evaluated Freemie independence mobile breast pump II Freemie Independence II on the following aspects:

  • Suction
  • Budget
  • Portability
  • Battery
  • User-friendly

The pump is close to a 5-star rating; however, because it must be cleaned by hand in order to wash the cup for the milk and can’t be washed into the dishwasher, We have given it a rating of 4.

Freemie Features

Freemie is a very simple pump. However, it comes with many distinctive features that are worth noticing, including:

Custom Settings

Freemie independence mobile breast pump offers 10 levels of suction that is hospital-grade and speed so that mothers can modify their settings according to the best fit for their needs. 

Small LEDs on the pump display the level of suction and speed.

When you have found the optimal blend of suction and speed, you can save your settings by pressing one of three buttons on the memory slot.

Which makes determining the best suction as easy as pressing one button instead of playing around with the dial or pressing the button 17 consecutive times.

If you slow the speed completely down, you’ll be able to begin an extended draw cycle, known as “Turbo Mode,” which will shut off automatically after 40 minutes.

The More Extensive, the More Powerful

It is also a great choice for breastfeeding. Freemie Independence pump also features two sizes of flanges for each cup, which is ideal for moms who nurse long haul or who have had multiple children (not to ruin anything, however, your nipples may alter in size during nursing! ).

A cup is able to hold 8 ounces of milk. This is much higher than what Elvie, as well as Willow, can hold. The extra space in cups is great for mothers with a surplus of milk.

The Freedom to Travel

The reason for the Freemie is that it can offer the freedom to move around, and this is true. It’s possible to use the Freemie due to its base, which is the Freemie Independence motor Freemie Independence motor has an apparel clip attached to what you’re wearing.

It’s not designed for intense exercise like running, but it will remain in place even when standing or walking. Belt clips can be removed should you wish to keep them in your pocket.

The pump motor measures 4″ 4″ 2″ and weighs just 8 pounds, making it an additional weight you must carry.

Freemie independence mobile breast pump charges via a Micro USB cable, which makes it easy to switch chargers between your phone and the pump.

After around two hours of charging, you’re ready for the next session of pumping. Light from the battery LED on the base shows how much power the pump is left.

Care and Cleaning

This is the biggest drawback of the Freemie pump. The cups and the components are not dishwasher-safe; make time to wash the plastic components manually following the pump.

To clean the cups and the plastic parts for pumping Freemie Independence, and the pumping parts of Freemie Independence, you’ll need to clean them in hot water using soap and then dry them completely. 

Also, the valves on the cups might need to be replaced every two to three months.

If you encounter any issues with your pump, make sure to contact Freemie’s customer care. It’s the Freemie Independence that comes with a 1-year guarantee.

If you experience an issue with your pump one year after usage, contact their customer service to inquire about the possibility of replacing it.

It is important to note that the Freemie cups are only covered for 60 days from the date of purchase.

Freemie Breast Pump Reviews What Pumping Parents are Saying

It’s not a secret that even though this is a hands-free device, it does have cords. Therefore, not all moms love this model. Some customers report that the cables can be caught on clothes or other objects, and some complain that they are unwelcome.

Many reviewers agree; however, the cords are a reasonable cost for an item freeing the user from the shackles of pumping.

There’s also a huge debate over whether the Freemie is suited for bigger breasts. While some like it, others just can’t find a way to work.

But it’s the Freemie Independence Deluxe offers an additional flange size that can help fit larger breasts. Additionally, there are plenty of suggestions on their website for tips on making your pump perform better if you’re richer.

Another aspect that is often discussed in the reviews is that although Freemie Freemie can be used hands-free, it’s certainly not discrete. The point is that people are likely to notice that you’re using the Freemie.

This Freemie Independence does have noise-reduction technology; however, users shouldn’t expect to pump with complete silence. 

It’s also evident that you have the cups in the position you’re pumping them. Nobody will be fooled if you suddenly increase by three bra sizes in the same shirt.

You should be aware of this if you’re planning to pump during your work hours. However, an extra bit of clothing and imagination can’t solve anything.

Consider putting a scarf and jacket on top of your clothing or wearing loose-fitting tops will make it easier to see but not the sound of the pump.

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Prior to Your Buy

The most important thing to consider when selecting the right pump is to figure out the most effective way to accomplish its mission by producing milk.

The answer is not easy because every woman is unique and has unique situations that produce different results when using a hand-free pump.

However, if you’re thinking about it, consider that the best milk is when you’re relaxed. So should a hands-free pump help you relax so you will get ample milk?

Furthermore, the parts of this pump aren’t dishwasher-safe. If you have a parent, this could be an issue. So when you’re planning to do lots of pumping, consider that you’ll be doing lots of handwashing.

The final aspect to consider when buying an automatic pump that is hands-free is cost. It’s the Freemie Independence Deluxe.

Freemie Independence Deluxe comes in the top position for this model. It’s more affordable than its rivals, Willow and Elvie.

Contact your insurance company to determine the extent to which your insurance will cover the cost of Freemie pumps. Also, keep in mind that Freemie accepts HSA and FSA cards as payment.

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Final Verdict

If you’re a pumping mother and you want to pump hands-free, a hand-free pump such as Freemie Independence II Deluxe is an excellent way to fill in what you’ve been doing wrong and even get the entire price of the pump by insurance.

Although the tubing might seem like a pain, the price is more reasonable with custom-designed controls and cord-free parts that put pumping independence in the hands of many women.

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Frequently Answered Questions


What is the Distinction Between Freemie Liberty and Independence?

The Freemie independence mobile breast pump and Liberty are indeed identical pumps. However, there are two major distinct differences.

The Independence model is not equipped with an LCD screen, whereas there’s an auto-shutoff feature on the Liberty that can assist you in setting up the timer.

Do Insurance Plans Cover the Freemie Breast Pump?

Consult your insurance provider to find out more about breastfeeding coverage. FSA, as well as HSA cards, are used by Freemie.

Does the Freemie Pump Medical Grade?

The suction of this pump is 280mm. Additionally, the company promoted it as a medical-grade pump when you compare it to other brands with a good reputation and brands.

You’ll notice only a tiny difference in the suction power and the other brands. The suction strength of Spectra is 300mm. This means that the pump is less suction-y than Spectra.

Which One is Better? Freemie or Willow?

The ideal breast pump will be based on your situation and your preferences. It is the Willow that has a cord-free design.

Willow is cord-free, while Freemie Independence II Freemie Independence II has tubes and connectors that can be worn under the clothing. This is because the Freemie Independence II is cheaper than the Willow.