Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Reviews

Freemie independence mobile breast pump Review

A breastfeeding mother can pump freely with the Freemie Independence II Deluxe pump. It is easy to pump milk using the Freemie Independence II Deluxe pump during movement. The Freemie Independence II Mobile Breast Pump offers the freedom and convenience every nursing mother desires.

The main components of this pump include ten-speed suction and strength, three memory settings, and an LED light display.

It also has a Turbo Mode, best for release cycle and deliberate suction. Its typical ability to store milk is about 8 oz., with about 25mm and 28mm lips.

This article will give you a detailed description of the “Freemie Independence II review.” If you are interested in the Freemie Independence II review, read this article from top to bottommost.

What Do You Know About Freemie Independence II?

Freemie Independence II Review

Pump Features

Fully mobile
Dual electrical 

Say goodbye to traditional pumps and embrace the mobility of the Freemie Independence II Mobile Pump. There are two primary components of this breast pump which are:

  • Main pumping appliance
  • Milk collecting cup

You must place the collection pump in your nursing bra and clips the expedient to your pant.

It is essential to give you ease in daily living tasks which are TV watching, car driving, kitchen working, and playing with your little ones.

Freemie Independence II Review

The device’s typical weight is about 4.34 pounds. The unfilled cups weigh about 2.5 ounces each, weighing about 5 ounces. 

Apparatus power is about 120 volts max. A 64-inch adaptor and cord and adaptor are also included in this.

You can gather apparatus parts without difficulty, and there is no requirement for the instructional manual to clean and assemble the Freemie Independence pump.

Freemie Independence II Specification

With the Freemie Independence II Breast Pump, you can enjoy the freedom to move around while expressing milk.

Number of items1
FeaturesWearable, Hand free, Portable 
Dimensions7.76×7.36×6.57 inches
Material composition50% electric motor,25%plastic, 25% silicon
CellNot needed
Dishwasher safeYes
Weight1.65 pounds
Warranty1 year
StyleOne touch

Freemie Independence II Reviews- Pumping And Freedom.

According to my observations, most of the pumping women are satisfied with his work, and they review that I wish I had found this pump before.

Here we will discuss different breast pump parts and their benefits in daily life.

Handsfree and Auto Pumping

Freemie Independence II Review

It helps mothers to pump milk during moving. It did not bind mothers to stay in a specific place to pump breast milk. Thus, it provides mothers great ease in moving from one place to another. Those women who have to run a business, children to instruct, and families should provide for them.

Advanced breast pumps like Elvie and Willow’s pumps are expensive and not affordable to everyone. Moreover, most are not secured by insurance, so most prefer the Freemie Independence Breast pump.

It is low in price compared to Elvie and Willow pumps and offers hands-free pumping. In addition to this, it is protected by insurance.

Freemie Independence II Reviews

The mobile design of the Freemie Independence II allows you to pump discreetly and confidently wherever you go.

 The main components of this pump include ten-speed suction and strength, three memory settings, and an LED light display.

It also has a Turbo Mode, best for release cycle and deliberate suction. Its typical ability to store milk is about 8 oz., with about 25mm and 28mm lips.

This article will give you a detailed description of the “Freemie Independence II review.” If you are interested in the Freemie Independence II review, read this article from top to bottommost.

What Is The Mechanism Of Working Of The Freemie Independence II Breast Pump?

This pump differs from Elvie or Willow breast pump because it is not entirely wireless because of the tube’s presence.

As discussed earlier, it contains tubes meant to connect the Freemie Independence breast pump cups. In addition, you can rawhide these tubes under your shirt.

In that case, you can efficiently perform daily life activities and can perform pumping during the following:

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Prone lying 
  • Side-lying 
  • Walking

 Its two versions, Standard and Deluxe, are present in the market and well known for their quality. 

Both versions possess 25mm flanges but point to be noted the Deluxe version includes an extra set of 28 mm flanges.

Now we will move on to the working mechanism.

First, you must choose the flange size that is best for your breast size and fits properly in your bra.

. Make sure that the valve base is present on the flange.

After that, you need to set the milk collection cup in proper alignment and then snap it on. There is an L-connectors which is present at the cup and a Y-connector which is present on the base of the pump. Both these parts ensure that the tubes are connected correctly or not.

In this way, this pump provides you freedom.

How Would You Relate This Breast Pump With Other Breast Pumps?

We can relate anything with others based on their assets, so we will also relate this breast pump based on these inimitable qualities.

  • Easy to use
  • Best suction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable
  • Battery
  • Suction

This breast pump deserves a 10 out of 10 scores because of its unique design, easy to wash by hand, and milk collection cups that cannot go in the dishwasher.

It is best from every point of view, but I will give it a 9 out of 10 score. 

Product Overview

The Free Independence II review shows that it is a hands-free pump. As discussed earlier, you can suck milk from two tubes. It fits appropriately in your bra, and you can quickly move around by wearing it.

You can easily hide this pump in your bra and shirt because of its small size and slimness. It is very portable, and its standard length is equal to the size of your palm.

Things Include in the Freemie Independence II Box

These things are present in the box

  • Two barriers
  • Two L-connectors
  • Four breast flanges (two sizes)
  • One wearable breast pump
  • Two ordinary cup parts 
  • Carrying bags 
  • Pump clothing bags
  • Three tubing pieces
  • One USB charging cable
  • Two valves 
  • Two valve bases
  • One Y-connector

Each beast pump cup can store about 8 ounces of milk; thus, both cups can hold about 16 ounces.

Keep your breast milk in the milk bag or bottle. Remember to clean cups after specific time intervals and make sure to use them again and again.

Important Characteristics And Advantages

1.      Conventional Setting

Freemie Independence II Review

You will be surprised to know; this breast pump possesses about 10 grades of suction and speed. It suits mothers because breastfeeding women can adjust its setting according to their needs quickly.

There are small LED lights that give you an indication of speed and suction. You can also adjust their speed.

There are about 3 memory slot buttons which are a beast to remember your average suction speed; thus, when you find an average suction rate, you can easily save it in 3 memory slots just by simple settings.

This will give you ease in suction because memory slots make it much easier to adjust your average suction rate.

Furthermore, it is easy to start the suction process just by pressing one button rather than pressing a simple button many times. 

You might shock to know there is a long draw cycle known as Turbo mode; it is for maximum suction, and you need to move the speed dialer at full speed. It shuts off automatically after 40 minutes.

2.      The Greater, The Better

As you know that the unique Freemie Independence II breast pump has 2 flange sizes for each cup. It is helpful for those women who need to feed their baby for a long time and females with more than two children. 

Don’t worry if your breast’s nipple size changes during breastfeeding. You may also consult an IBCLC in case of a feeding problem.

This breast pump has two collection cups, each of which can store about 8 ounces of milk; thus, both cups can hold about 16 ounces of milk, and famous breast pumps like Elvie and Willow has no such capacity.

This extra space is best for mothers to provide accommodation for milk production.

3.      Freedom To Move

This Freedom Independence II breast pump gives you freedom of movement, and its unique components hold.

You can quickly move around and perform daily activities by wearing a Freemie Independence breast pump.

This breast pump includes motor units and clothing clips, best for solid adhesion to bra and body cloth.

You must know that you can perform only daily life activities like walking, sitting, and standing. Still, you are unable to complete a forceful exercise like running. 

Removing the belt clips can also place this breast pump in your pocket. Its typical dimensions are 4x4x2, and its weight is about 8 ounces, so it will not burden you.

The Freemie Independence II review shows you can charge it with a micro-USB cable. 

It will prepare for the next pumping period with minimum charging of about 2 hours. A digital LED on the cup’s base indicates the charging life and pumping capacity.

4.      Washing And Care

 You must clean these cups by hand, which requires a lot of time.

Here I will give you some advice for washing cups of Freemie Independence II breast cups. You need to clean them hot with soap. 

Remember to change the cup walls after a couple of months (minimum 2-3 months). 

You can also consult the Freemie customer care center if you notice any problems working this breast pump. 

Its typical warranty is about 1 year. The customer care service center will replace or repair your breast pump if you have a problem working during the first year of purchase. First 60 days of purchase, the Freemie cups are covered.

5.      USB Charger

You know that it can charge with a USB, and you can also set your laptop in USD. 

6.      Hand-Free Design For Extra Flexibility

There is no need for hand use during breast pumping. You can efficiently pump any time during office work, baby carrying, and relaxing in the evening. 

7.      LCD Keeps You Informed

Freemie Independence II Review

There is an LCD to keep the user engaged with pumping. This LCD will allow you to check the pumping mode, memory function, and duration or extent. 

 I thank this feature because it can charge with a USB charger.

8.      Plastic Collection Cups

The Freemie Independence II review shows that its cups are made of food-grade plastic. Your breast milk will not be polluted with cup material.

There is also a seal that helps increase the extent of suction every time you pump.

9.      Increase Milk Supply

As a mother of 4 children, I used many breast pumps, and I noticed I got a lot of breast milk by using this breast pump compared to other breast pumps.

A mother can produce more breast milk because of relaxation, flexibility, and being hands-free.

As you know, the increase in breast milk suction will increase the rate of breast emptiness and, finally, milk supply. 

If you are facing an issue with decreased breast milk supply issue, this pump will help you increase your milk supply.

10.  No Sound, No Commotion

It’s the biggest problem for mothers because they must use their breasts at midnight or while their little one sleeps.

If your breast pump produces a sound, it will wake up your little one, creating a distracting condition for you.

Freemie Independence II Review

I believe it does not produce any sound, but some customers complain that it makes a loud sound. Furthermore, it will not disturb your little sleeping ones.

11.  Double And Single Pumping

The Freemie Independence II review shows that it allows you to both single and double pumping. 

It is best for all situations because you can pump both sides simultaneously.

Who Needs To Purchase This Breast Pump?

As described earlier, it is loved by many moms due to its excellent hand-free pumping option.

Still, the main drawback of this stroller is its short battery life and milk leakage when bending your bend over.

You can walk, work in the kitchen, do business deals, read books, eat, and cook without distractions.

Suppose you want a breast pump at a reasonable price and a relaxed pumping experience. In that case, I highly recommend using this unique Freemie Liberty II Deluxe pump.

The Difference Between Freemie Liberty And Independence Pumps:

Freemie Liberty and Independence breast pumps are similar to each other.

But, two significant dissimilarities between them are:

  • Independence pumps have an LCD screen
  • Liberty pumps have a button that automatically shuts them down and assists you in fixing up the duration.

Freemie Breast Pump As Hospital-Grade Breast Pump:

The organization referred to the Freemie breast pump as hospital-grade. Its sucking ability is about 280mm. 

The sucking ability of the Spectra is 300mm. So, a Freemie breast pump has less sucking ability than spectra.


  • The pump is silent, but it isn’t completely silent. It was created such that it can discharge milk while you are clothed.
  • It’s comfortable, and it works with other pumps.
  • The cup can hold 8 ounces, which is ideal for pumping exclusively.
  • The Freemie cups can be used with traditional pumps like Spectra and Medela.
  • You can buy the cup separately for use with different pumps.
  • Freemie is $50 cheaper than Liberty. Freemie is $50 less expensive than its Freemie Liberty.


  • The pump may be leaking out.
  • Freemie’s independent mobile breast pump has not that ability like its rivals.
  • The mobility is not as wide.
  • The LCD is not present screen on the Independence model. Independence model.
  • The cups aren’t dishwasher safe.


Freemie Independence II review shows the best breast pump in the middle price range.

It gives you the freedom to move and perform daily activities, no sound, no distraction, and an increased milk supply. 

 Experience true independence with the portable and hands-free Freemie Independence II Breast Pump.

The Freemie Independence II Mobile Pump empowers nursing mothers to pump on their terms. Enjoy the convenience and mobility of the wearable Freemie Independence II Breast Pump. The Freemie Independence II allows you to maintain your independence while providing nourishment for your baby.

Experience the joy of breastfeeding freedom with the portable and versatile Freemie Independence II Mobile Pump.


What is a method to use the Freemie Breast Pump?

This breast pump is joined to milk collection cups through tubes. Two clips are helpful for the attachment of the milk valve and milk valve base. After this, you need to attach a milk cup. At last, you should place the cups on your breast under your bra and attach clips to secure the pump to your breast pump.

What is meant by Turbo Mode on Freemie Pump?

You can change the standard breast pump to Turbo mode by converting it to the slowest setting. It draws out breast milk slowly and smoothly. It is best for women when sleeping, sitting, or working in the kitchen or office. This Turbo mode automatically shuts down after 40 minutes.

What is the typical milk holding capacity of the Freemie Independence II review?

The milk storing capacity for the Freemie Independence II review is unique because it holds up to 8 ounces of milk in each cup. Both cups of this breast pump hold up to 16 ounces of milk. Other brands store about 4 to 5 ounces of milk. This breast pump is helpful for women to increase their pumping capacity.

How to clean the Freemie Independence breast pump?

You know that the Freemie Independence II review shows that it is not dishwashable, meaning you must wash it by hand. You must use warm water to fulfill the sterilization requirements. You must tint its parts in boiling water and wash them with soap. Then you must dry all features of this breast pump before fitting it in the breast pump.

Which is best among the Freemie, Willow, and Elvie breast pumps?

In case OF fewer prices, the Freemie breast pump is best the other two pumps.
But, in case of placing the breast pump in your nursing bra, the Elvie and Willow are more suitable. They are:
Easy to wear,
String less
Without tunnel
Appropriate and Suitable
Lush or Expensive

What kind of reviews from people about Freemie Pump?

Majority of users like this pump very much. The reviews of the people about Freemie Pump are 100% good. We know very well that the feedbacks about this pump are somewhat neutral.
Liberty Pump is offered at Amazon and has many positive reviews on it.
Aero Flow Breast Pumps have almost 29 feedbacks on the websites, and the rating of breast pumps is 3/5 stars.