12 Best Stroller for Airplane Travel – Make the Life Comfortable

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2024)

Choosing the best stroller for airplane travel that folds into an overhead bin on an airplane is a great way not to worry about gate-checking for your stroller. It also reduces the chances of it returning broken or, worse, missing.

Although they are more expensive, they could be used as the primary stroller for your home, eliminating the necessity of having several strollers to serve different reasons.

Even some of them can connect to a bassinet or car seat, allowing you to use the stroller just after your baby’s birth.

The number of baby strollers that are compact is overwhelming, but selecting the ideal stroller to take on airplanes that will make flying with a newborn or toddler simpler is a difficult task.

We suggest looking for a lightweight stroller (14 pounds or less) and a simple fold-up for the best stroller for airplane travel. Not every compact stroller for travel is sufficient.

Still, it must be strong enough to endure transporting gear and traversing cobblestone roads.

Moreover, the right stroller to travel with works with car seats for infants and also has a backpack bag. The experience of traveling with your child can be a challenge.

So, with all the additional gear packed, you can enjoy your flight comfortably.

You are in the right spot if you search for the complete guide to the c.

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The Best Stroller for Airplane Travel – Our Picks

Searching for the best stroller for air travel? Look no further than the top-rated airplane stroller. Trust the reliability and convenience of the best travel strollers for flying, ensuring a smooth journey for you and your child.

Joolz AER Baby Stroller – Overall Best Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

“You get what you pay for” is the most well-known phrase used in shopping. The Joolz stroller fits into this quotation as it is expensive but worth every cent. It is an exclusive stroller with features that you can trust.

Considering travel needs and circumstances, this best stroller for airplane travel comes with travel bags and rain cover.

If you are in a new place and the uninformed rain showers start, this rain cover will help you.

There are a variety of colors available for this stroller, each looking classy.

In addition to the ample padding for toddlers and a flat recline, it is also car seat-compatible. Get the adaptors for it, and you are good to go.

This best travel stroller is designed to make your travel more accessible and fit in your overhead storage bin as it is an easy-to-fold design.

The folded dimensions for the stroller are 21 x 17.7 x 8.4 inches. After folding, it locks to ensure safety and allows you to carry it on the shoulder using the carry strap.

The weight of the stroller is only 13.4 pounds. The stroller has enough storage space at the bottom of the seat for the baby to keep his necessities.

It also has a canopy with a peek-a-boo window that keeps you and your child in contact while you travel. With a weight limit of 50 pounds, this is an affordable deal for the long term. 


  • It is lightweight and strong
  • Steady wheels and a smooth ride
  • The car seat can be adapted
  • It can be placed in the overhead bin
  • It comes with a rain cover and a travel bag


  • Expensive


Mountain Buggy Nano V3 Stroller – Best Performance Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

The Mountain Buggy stroller is perfect for both a stroller and a travel system.

In contrast to most travel strollers for airplanes, this one is equipped with a universal adapter for car seats which means you can plug your infant’s car seat into it and go on your tour with your baby. (You can also buy the Cocoon Carrycot separately if you prefer a bassinet.)

This best stroller for airplane travel is small and light enough to fit numerous carry-on luggage units on trains, planes, or even in a trunk.

The bag comes with an attached strap and handles to make it easy to carry.

The small width and front swivel wheel make it suitable to use on urban streets and other narrow places, and the seat comes with an entire recline that is ideal for taking naps.


  • Full reclining seat
  • Ventilated backrest to allow airflow
  • It comes with a universal car seat adapter


  • two hands are required to fold it down
  • There is no suspension mechanism and peek-a-boo window


Maxi-Cosi Lara Travel Stroller – The most Compact Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

Suppose you are looking forward to owning a stroller that is not just packed with incredible features but also easy to push.

In that case, Maxi Cosi Lara can be your best stroller for airplane travel. It has a cushioned and harnessed seat that is comfortable and soft.

Its storage capacity is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It is built with two storage baskets. One is on top of the other.

This means you can carry on the habit of packing too much, even in the city you choose to explore.

The folded dimensions are 20 x 19.5 x 14 inches, which can fit into the overhead compartments of many aircraft. Its one-hand fold design assists you in bringing it down quickly while arming your infant.

The stroller is not designed for babies as it is incompatible with a car seat. But, it can be flat in a single click with the adjustable calves support that allows your baby to rest in any posture he wants.

A giant sunshade to protect your child from the sun’s overhead light and the peek-a-boo windows make it the best stroller for airplane travel.

The weight of 14 pounds permits you to use public transport easily. 


  • Smooth maneuver
  • Cost-effective
  • Two spacious baskets
  • Large adjustable sun canopy
  • leg rests that can be adjusted


  • A car seat cannot be connected


UPPAbaby MINU Stroller – Most Reliable Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

From your neighborhood to wherever your travels lead you and between, the Minu provides all the comforts of a standard stroller in a compact package ideal for travel.

One-handed folding, a massive sunshade, a comfortable seat with multiple recline positions, and a spacious, easy-access basket are just a few of this stroller’s unique features.

This best stroller for airplane travel performs equally well for a trip as it would for a stroll to the supermarket.

The spring-action shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension allows the perfect ride on bumpy terrain. The Minu folds up and has a carry strap and bag for storage and easy transportation.


  • Perfect for daily use
  • Large storage basket
  • Full sun canopy
  • Small and simple to transport
  • Shock-absorbing suspensions for smooth riding


  • A reclining cushioned padded seat


UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller – Most Durable Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

This best stroller for airplane travel is a bit heavier than other standard strollers you can take on the road. It does not fold into a carry-on bag size but is budget-friendly.

The sturdy frame means it is unlikely to be damaged when tossed around by baggage handlers.

Once you reach your destination and need to make space, it can stand by itself when folded.

While the G-Luxe did not score particularly well in terms of portability due to its size, the built-in shoulder strap can allow hand-free, easy carrying. 

The stroller has earned high scores for its mobility and looks excellent in design.

This is due to the cushioned seat that reclines quite a bit and the calf rest that is entirely extendable. It also comes with a large UPF 50+ shade and a cup holder. 

Two possible drawbacks include the absence of a peek-a-boo window in the canopy and the issue that the under-seat storage space can be a little tricky to access, especially when reclined.

Suppose your travel plans include many city walks and not much stuffing into tiny car trunks.

In that case, This stroller will help you save money and give your child an enjoyable seat during your journey. 


  • A convenient shoulder strap
  • Reclining and comfortable seat
  • The canopy is large and generous


  • It is not easily foldable
  • The seat partially blocks access to storage


G-Link 2 Stroller – Best Double Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

Although there is no easy way when travel with two stroller-aged children, having a double stroller can make a huge difference in making it more straightforward.

The Uppababy G-Link 2 side-by-side umbrella stroller is smaller than other strollers because it only has four wheels instead of six.

The mechanism of folding, which consists of a loop that runs between the handles and you need to pull it up, is exceptionally smooth.

This best stroller for airplane travel performs well on bumps and makes turns like a single stroller.

But the spacious UPF 50+ canopy, fully reclined seats, and a well-placed cupholder are not up to the level of a single stroller in terms of convenience and design.


  • Light and narrow
  • Smooth folding


  • No strap for carrying
  • The size does not decrease when folded


The Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller – Best Umbrella Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

Many parents opt for an umbrella stroller when traveling. You should consider the Summer 3D Lite on your shopping list if you are among those parents.

The 3D Lite is a great stroller that can be used for travel. It is lightweight (about thirteen pounds), has a simple and compact fold, and has a built-in carry strap.

It has a seat that reclines close to the flat and an enormous storage basket.

It is an affordable stroller with unique features.


  • Great value
  • Easy to move
  • The umbrella-style fold is bulky


  • Because it is an umbrella stroller, it does not have a compact trifold design


Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Stroller – Robust Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

Traveling is no longer an issue since the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 stroller assists you. This best stroller for airplane travel comes as a convenience package, which includes the travel bag.

This means you can secure your stroller by gate-checking and putting it in the bag for secure traveling.

With just 14 pounds, it can also be carried while you arm your infant. One-hand folding and the auto-lock are other advantages of this.

It keeps your stroller locked once you shut it off, which helps avoid injuries when you throw it into an overhead cabinet of your plane.

Children of any age can have an enjoyable time in this stroller. It connects car seats from various brands using an adaptor.

This makes it suitable for infants. The 50-pound limit for weight makes it the best travel stroller for toddlers.

The adjustable leg support and the large storage basket that holds 15 pounds are great features of this stroller.

Many things can be stored in the basket, from diapers to toy bags, giving you the most ease of use.

This stroller has rubber wheels that lessen the impact of the sidewalks and cobbled streets common in cities.

The sleek design can easily cross busy streets, and the nearly flat recline lets your child sleep on his schedule.

Considering its price, this best stroller for European travel has an unbeatable frame warranty that is awe-inspiring.


  • Compact stroller
  • The car seat can be adapted
  • Large storage basket and a solid frame
  • One-hand fold and auto-lock


  • Does not come with a strap for carrying


Graco NimbleLite Stroller – Budget-Friendly Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

Parents searching for a second or even third stroller may consider the Graco Jetsetter the best stroller for airplane travel.

It is a budget-friendly stroller with numerous features that will assist you in making your travel effortless.

It comes with a bag for carrying. This means that your stroller will be protected from wear and tear and will remain well for the journey to and from the airport.

It is a stroller for infants as it connects to a car seat. It is necessary to possess a Graco car seat to fit it comfortably.

The seat that extends to lie flat and the adjustable leg rest ensure a comfortable position for your child during travel.

With a weight of just 14 pounds, it is light. It is a single-hand fold model with an easy pull-up after folding it in half. It is small enough to fit into the overhead bins of the plane.

It has a convertible 3-to-5-point harness, so it will grow to accommodate your growing baby.

The bumper bar provides an extra layer of protection to your safety system. It is a great feature if the environment outside is exciting for your child and he bounces around a lot.

The stroller is not only great with its features but also performs well. The front locking and swiveling wheels keep the stroller moving on various surfaces.


  • Easy to move
  • Affordable price
  • Includes a tote for carrying
  • Convertible harness and bumper bar
  • Adjustable leg rests and flat recline


  • Attaches only Graco car seats
  • Lacks peek-a-boo window

Gb QBit+ All-City Stroller – Amazing Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

This model of the best stroller for airplane travel comes with luxurious-looking fabric and faux leather on the handle and the bumper bar.

It can fold down to carry-on size by using only one hand and clicking two buttons.

When the seat reclines, a lovely mesh window opens up, allowing a breezy ride. It strolls very quickly and effortlessly.

The ride on hardwood and gravel will also be comfortable and smooth due to the all-wheel suspension.

However, it weighs a few pounds more, 17.6 pounds, and does not come with a carrying strap.


  • Easy to fold
  • Suspension helps in providing a smooth ride


  • The canopy could be larger
  • Heavier than other travel options


Gb Pockit+ All Terrain Stroller – Lightweight Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

The Gb Pockit+ All-Terrain stroller remains the smallest stroller in the last decade for traveling.

It folds up like an ultra-compact bag, with dimensions of 11.8 x 7.09 x 13.78 inches. This is how it fits into the overhead compartments of planes and cars’ trunks.

It is small enough to navigate through busy streets, but it is also lightweight. With 10.4 pounds, it is possibly the lightest stroller on the market.

If you suffer from back pain, this best stroller for airplane travel could be an ideal solution to help ease your back and arm.

While it is not designed for babies, it is a good option for toddlers, even with high heights.

The back measures 25 inches, allowing the stroller to be utilized for many years. Children who weigh less than 55 pounds are ideal to use it.

For extra convenience, the back of the seat is made of mesh. Its disadvantages include its small canopy, a small basket, and lack of firmness in the rough terrains.

It is a great choice for shopping malls and even surfaces, but it can wobble when walking on streets with cobbles.

There is no tray for parents. But you can purchase an inexpensive cup holder and parent organizer and create a great deal. It folds effortlessly.


  • Mesh back and quality fabric
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It folds and unfolds easily
  • Smooth ride over even terrains


  • Short canopy
  • Small storage basket

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller – Easy To Fold Stroller For Airplane Travel

Best Stroller for Airplane Travel

Suppose you do not want to invest a significant amount on a stroller you can take on the road or have a family not often traveling.

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is an outstanding option with many innovative features, especially considering the cost.

The lightweight is the main feature here. It weighs less than 12 pounds. Its fold is worth taking a second look at.

Although it is not super small, it is easy to fold with only one hand, something we appreciate every time we travel.

Other features include an extended canopy with windows that peek out, an adult tray with two drink holders, and a large storage bin.


  • Very light
  • Great value
  • Simple folding mechanism.
  • There are trays to serve children and adult


  • The handle is branded loudly
  • Too big for overhead bins
  • There is no strap to carry
  • The seats had multiple positions. However, it does not recline fully flat


What To Look for In The Best Stroller For Airplane Travel?

It is no wonder that you purchase an infant stroller for your travels to get the most out of your travels or adventures. Will you not be disappointed if you travel to the airport and your stroller becomes a hassle?

It is better to study these suggestions and purchase the best stroller for airplane travel in line with these.


One of the most essential features is safety. The stroller you are using should be equipped with five-point harnesses and brakes for the wheels.

It should be simple to fold and should not be unfolded while transporting. Buy the best stroller from a trusted brand for airplane travel and pick one with positive reviews and no safety issues.


Particularly for gate-checking, you do not want a lightweight stroller that shatters when it is moved around. In addition, you need the best stroller for airplane travel that can handle everything the road can throw at it, including cobblestone streets, numerous folding, and unfoldings, uneven ground, etc.

It must also be sturdy enough to last through the infant stage up to the stage of toddlerhood. We suggest getting a stroller that has a large max-weight capacity.

The Age of Your Child

While some strollers can be used to attach car seats, some are not designed to fit one snugly. These kinds of strollers are designed for toddlers and children six months old and older. Before purchasing a stroller, ensure it is suitable for your child’s age.


Keep in mind that you have got an infant and baggage to carry. An overly heavy stroller will likely cause problems handling everything in this scenario. Choose the best stroller for airplane travel that has less than 14 pounds.


The wheels of the stroller ought to be easy to move. For that, look at other parents’ experiences with the stroller they use. A suspension system is useful in navigating difficult terrains.


Are you not embarrassed that you need to find a way to fold the stroller in the middle of a crowd? To avoid this, ensure that you have the best stroller for airplane travel equipped with easy folding and unfolding mechanisms using simple steps.

Folded Dimension

It is crucial to determine whether strollers can fit inside the overhead compartment of your aircraft. Check the fold dimensions and ensure that it is worth the purchase.

Each stroller has its dimensions for collapse, so it is important to evaluate each contender against the overhead of an airplane bin.

Carrier Bag

Many best stroller for airplane travel includes a bag for carrying. However, there is no requirement to carry one. It is an additional advantage.

Everyone does not want a stroller that is worn out when they step from the terminal.


If you carry a lot of stuff, having ample storage space helps keep all the essentials for your toddler’s travels.

The basic strollers do not have much storage space. However, we have suggested some of the above lists of the best strollers for airplane travel.


Price is always a consideration. It is important to understand your budget before shopping for the best stroller for airplane travel, particularly because strollers that are compact and used for air travel typically become the third or fourth stroller you purchase.

How To Select The Best Stroller For Airplane Travel?

Parents have been traveling with their children for a long time, usually picking the lightest umbrella stroller for travel.

While these strollers are excellent because they are light, fold small, and easily gate-checked, better alternatives fit into the overhead bins on aircraft.

They can now decide whether they prefer a compact stroller that they can take on the plane or gate-check the stroller they are using instead.

Parents who travel light can examine their stroller and their luggage and not think about getting everything onto the plane. They can also employ a baby carriage to help carry their child to the airport.

Gate-checking your stroller will permit you to carry it all up to the airport, and, in the majority of cases, you can get it back at the gate that is on the other side. However, some parents would like to have their best stroller for airplane travel with them the entire time.

The pushchair is the perfect companion for hassle-free airplane travel with your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Maximum Recommended Age for A Child to Use A Stroller?

Mostly it is recommended to use strollers for kids until they reach three years of age. However, some families prefer to have the best stroller for airplane travel on hand for long-distance tours for flexibility or when a kid is tired.

How Can I Protect My Stroller During Traveling?

Many airlines provide free gate checks for strollers, which means they can be placed on the plane with more care than the usual checked baggage. You can also purchase an infant stroller bag to safeguard it if you want.

Is My Stroller TSA-Friendly?

Yes. It is possible to bring strollers through security. They will often ask you to get your child out of the stroller and fold it down to allow it to pass through the scanner.

In other instances, they will examine it using the metal detector or by hand. It is best not to carry around too many unattended objects in your stroller while traveling around the airport.

What type of stroller should I use for a flight?

A stroller with an unclasped diameter of not more than 25.5 millimeters (10 inches) and a height of not over 92cm (36 inches) is allowed, in addition to the carry-on allowance, regardless of your destination.

The stroller can be checked at the gate and delivered to the airport after your flight.

Are you able to travel through the airport in strollers?

All carry-on luggage, like children’s toys, bags, blankets, and bags on the X-ray belts, will be screened. Strollers, umbrella strollers, baby carriers, cars, backpacks, and booster seats must be screened using an X-ray. Place the items in the stroller’s baskets or pockets in a carry-on bag or on the X-ray belts to be screened.

Do strollers get damaged in planes?

My stroller was destroyed by the airline when I had a child. It’s as absurd as it sounds. Actually, after getting a travel stroller, we flew it four times and half of the time, it was damaged.

How do you move a stroller when you travel?

Strollers are examined for tickets at check-in or your standard baggage at the counter. When traveling on American, every adult ticketed can bring one stroller that can be checked at no cost.

The counter must check large strollers (20 pounds and more) for tickets. Other strollers, which are smaller, are examined at the gates.

What can you do with the stroller at the airports?

You’ll have to run your stroller through an X-ray machine at the airport security checkpoint. Therefore, take your child out and put it in a bag before you get your turn since we’ve all been through that the TSA line can be stress-inducing enough.

Final Words

They were the best strollers for airplane travel. If you purchase them, be sure to check the weight, the folded dimensions, the age of your child, the wheel’s performance, and the folding mechanism. A locking feature and carry straps are additional benefits.

Experience peace of mind with the best travel stroller for flying, designed to make your air travel experience a breeze.