How to Fold a Bob Stroller? Step By Step Guide

BOB Stroller is one of the best strollers. It is well known for its unique properties.

It is of different types. If you want to know How to fold a Bob Stroller, follow these easy steps to understand How to fold a Bob Stroller.

What do you know about BOB Stroller?

BOB stroller is a unique three-wheeled stroller that offers comfortable trips. It is best for parents who want to actively engage their baby in jogging.

A BOB Stroller emphasizes jogging and proves itself helpful for parents. It is beneficial for smoothing any walk on any surface.

BOB stroller company has experience about more than 20 years in the stroller market.

The reason for the fame of their growth increment in the stroller is the production of the premium quality stroller.

It is a unique stroller because they are comfortable to walk on any surface and is made up of a well-defined design. Due to its unique features, it is loved by every customer.

Types of Bob Stroller:

The typical types of a Bob Stroller include:

Single Stroller

Double Stroller

Travel systems for parents.

Essential Characteristics of BOB Stroller

How to Fold a Bob Stroller?

Quick fold:

  • It contains a sharp fold.
  • It is about one or two steps.

Easy connection:

  • It consists of an easy connection.
  • It usually consists of five points.

Stylish tires:

  • It contains modern tires.
  • It is easy to move onto the mountain and other rough surfaces.

Adjustable handlebar:

  • It consists of an adjustable handlebar.

Unique frame:

  • It consists of an impressive frame.
  • The frame or body of the stroller is exposed.

Storage basket:

  • It consists of a storage basket.
  • In this basket, you can store your valuable things.

There are some simple instructions that you should follow to fold the BOB stroller. Its folding does not depend on the type and design of the model.

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How to Fold a Single BOB Stroller

How to Fold a Bob Stroller?

BOB strollers are meant for jogging. These strollers are also known as jogging strollers. These strollers have a large surface area.

Air-filled wheels are an essential characteristic of the BOB stroller. These strollers are made for jogging and to facilitate parents.

The process of folding a BOB stroller somewhat depends on the type and model of the stroller. However, the general mechanism to fold a BOB stroller is the same.

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Difference between folding an Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller and an Alterrain Jogging Stroller

Both of these strollers have a mechanism of folding. Both are single-type BOB strollers. Instructions before folding a BOB stroller are given below:

Empty stroller:

  • You must check that the stroller is entirely devoid.


  • You must be on the parking brake of a BOB Stroller.

Raise Handlebar:

  • Don’t forget to raise the handlebar before folding a BOB stroller.

Press the Yellow button:

  • If you press the yellow button, you can fold the stroller in one step.
  • You can notice this yellow button under the calf section of the stroller.

Press the trigger button:

  • It would be best if you pressed the trigger button, which, in turn, will cause the locking of the stroller.
  • Now you can take it away.

Mechanism of folding:

Starting step:

  • You must remove all items from the stroller.
  • Now you can start folding.

Second step:

  • Now you should set the parking brake.
  • You can do this with your feelings.

Trigger pulling:

  • In this step, you should remove the trigger handlebar.
  • This will cause the forward folding of the stroller.

Strap pull:

  • Now you should pull the red strap.
  • It will cause compact packing.

Buckle attachment, the last step:

  • You should attach the clip.
  • Now you can store the stroller for later use.

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How to Fold a Double BOB Stroller?

How to Fold a Bob Stroller?

A BOB double stroller is also known as Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie. It is a unique stroller. You can carry out two babies at the same time.

As we know, a BOB stroller is a jogging stroller, so we can say it is a blessing for parents. You can take both babies or twins jogging at the same time.

It is a complicated stroller. It is heavy in size. You can follow these simple steps to fold the BOB stroller.

Initial step:

  • You should remove all things from a BOB stroller.
  • Baby removal is the first step.

Brake application:

  • You must apply the brake before folding.

Handle raising:

  • It would be best if you raised the handlebar on the stroller.

·         Check trigger button:

  • It would be best if you found the trigger button.

Pulling the trigger:

  • In this step, you should pull the trigger button and try to fold the stroller in the forward direction.

The red strap pulls:

  • Now you should pull the red strap.
  • It will cause the compact fold.

Buckle application, the last step:

  • In the last step, you should attach the clips.
  • This will cause the stroller to store for a long time.

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Conclusion: How to Fold a BOB Stroller

A BOB stroller is a jogging stroller. Whenever you want to know How to fold a BOB Stroller, you must know that the overall mechanism of folding is the same.

It is slightly different in its folding mechanism, which we can notice from our article.

FAQs about how to fold a BOB Stroller?

What is the reason to stop using a BOB stroller?

A BOB stroller is a unique stroller. It is best for parents who love jogging. Besides its advantages, it has some disadvantages. The main negative point of this stroller is that its wheels break when the parent moves it. It causes a lot of injuries.

How to select the right BOB stroller?

You must know about your need when buying a BOB stroller. You should choose a BOB stroller according to your baby’s condition. You must check the label, manufacturing date, and stroller’s model.

What are the advantages of a BOB stroller?

  • The BOB stroller is a jogging stroller.
  • You can carry it anywhere.
  • Its wheels are made for moving on rough surfaces.
  • It comes in a single type and double type.

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