15 Best Stroller for NYC For Travelers: Lightweight, Compact & Trendy

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2023)

Do you think it will not be feasible to do everything within New York City with a newborn? No worries. If you have the best stroller for NYC, you can explore the city how you like.

The best baby stroller is necessary when walking long distances in NYC.

Living in an apartment in NYC is different from living in a home in the country’s countryside. Unsurprisingly, the features families require for their best city stroller also differ.

When you need to transport your stroller up and down the stairs to go into your home or walk it down for the metro, considerations of practicality become extremely important.

The ideal stroller for your children should be within your budget and, more importantly, a good fit for your family. Can it be used in your home? In your car? Are you on the subway all day long?

Are you living in a walk-up apartment on the fifth floor? There are various aspects to consider when shopping for the best stroller for NYC.

A stroller is among the most important purchase you will ever buy for your newborn baby.

They are an investment and the primary security source for your baby (not to be left out as the extension of your style). So you will need to ensure you choose the best one.

Do you know which best stroller for NYC will work great for you and your child to keep pace? We are here for you.

Here are strollers that can aid you in discovering the city that does not sleep, even with a newborn.

Best Stroller For NYC – Our Pick

Nowadays, there is an abundance of strollers available for babies. From models for active parents to those with two seats for twins, they are as distinctive as the families that utilize them.

We have the region’s most extensive assortment of top-quality strollers from the best brands. These are listed below:

1. UPPAbaby MINU – Daily Use Best Stroller For NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

The city lifestyle is more convenient when you choose to travel.

It is much less expensive than maintaining a car; you do not have to worry about parking spaces.

Carrying a heavy stroller is not a great idea if you take your children on a trip.

Choose the best stroller for NYC, such as the Minu from UPPAbaby.

This stroller is the ideal companion on your daily commute.

Its handlebars are made of leather and are comfortable to hold. However, they are not adjustable and could be uncomfortable for small people.

It comes with all-suspension wheels that create an enormous difference in comfort and control.

Also, they are made of rubber, with the ones on the back heftier than those on the front. Minu generally works excellent on roads and in parks around New York.

The pedals are simple to operate. There is one to lock and one to release the brake.

Some parents may like this method over raising the pedal to release the brake. So you can end painful toes while lifting your brake lever.

It comes with a primary toddler seat inside the stroller.

The seat has a recline and is large enough to allow your child to sit for a long time. While at the same time, it is pretty easy, even using just one hand.

You can adjust the five-point harness to suit your child’s height and extend the visor and canopy to protect your child.

If you are concerned about airflow, it has a magnetic peek-a-boo window.

The lowest part of the seat is not entirely flat, which means it will not be suitable for babies and newborns.

The good thing is that this best stroller for NYC can accept infant car seats made by various brands.

If you prefer using a bassinet, it comes with a From Birth Kit that you can fit into your stroller frame.

In addition to being maneuverable, it is also ideal for travelers because of its quick and simple fold.

You can fold the frame while the bassinet is in place, and you will not have to carry two pieces around.

All you need to do is press buttons then the stroller folds and locks itself.

It can also stand by itself so that you can keep it neatly close to you. Since Minu is light, utilize the strap for your shoulder, and you are set to carry it in taxis and buses.

The basket beneath can carry a large diaper bag and cargo weighing around 20 pounds. A back pocket can be used for small items like a sippy cup.


  • Lightweight
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Comfortable brakes
  • Many recline positions
  • It is easy to fold and transport around
  • It can be used in conjunction with bassinets or car seats
  • Affordable canopy extension with visor and peek-a-boo windows


  • The handlebar is not adjustable

2. UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller – Overall Best Stroller for NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

It is the best option if you are searching for a city-friendly umbrella stroller.

The G-Luxe utilizes an aluminum frame. Therefore, you can expect it to be light but durable.

It also has adjustable features for the recline and the footrest.

But, since it cannot fully recline or accept car seats or bassinets, it is unsuitable for infants.

The bright side is that toddlers will love the seat recline and footrest to nap.

Moreover, the adjustment is possible with one hand and an electronic button, so there is no need to worry when you are on the street.

The seat is cushioned and features an adjustable 5-point harness with straps comfortably positioned against the skin.

If your child gets messy, the fabric of the seats is simple to wash and take off due to the Velcro straps.

Unsurprisingly, this best stroller for NYC comes with an extensible canopy.

It offers a vast headspace to take off to save more space during traveling and storage. However, it does not come with the ability to peek inside.

This best travel stroller is perfect for NYC because it weighs only 15 pounds and is under 20 inches wide.

Imagine how smoothly you could navigate through busy areas and hallways.

Regarding mobility, the stroller has an all-wheel suspension in combination with the handles in PVC to give you the best control.

It comes with only one brake, so you might have difficulty disengaging the lock, particularly in sandals.

However, controlling the stroller and pushing it is not that difficult, but I do not think you will have a smooth ride if you use it in challenging locations.

It comes with a 10-pound capacity basket and a cup holder. The basket’s access is difficult, particularly when you recline the seat since it blocks the opening.


  • Good storage
  • Compact and light
  • Strong frame and ergonomic handles
  • The seat and footrests can be adjusted
  • The folding machine is operated by hand
  • Has shoulder strap


  • This is not recommended for infants
  • Braking requires effort


3. Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller – Budget-Friendly Stroller for NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

Evenflo Minno Twin is a great double stroller ideal for urban living and budget-conscious families.

It features two handlebars with curved handles that can be found in an umbrella stroller.

You cannot adjust them, but controlling is easy with the possibility of locking both front wheels.

The suspension is available in the front, which assists in reducing the bumpiness in rough terrain.

Your children will be at ease in their seats as each child has separate control of their footrest and recline.

In this way, each child can have a seat according to their comfort level.

It is also possible to extend the canopies and visors of each child separately to shield them against the weather.

Although it is a double stroller, this best stroller for NYC is still easy to fold. You can fold it using one hand, and it will stand automatically.

This means that you do not need to bend when lowering the frame.

Finally, the stroller comes with a mesh storage bin. It is pretty tiny, so we suggest a more petite bag; you can only access it from the rear.


  • Affordable
  • Self-standing
  • One-hand fold
  • Reclining seating and leg rest
  • Front wheels that are locked by suspension


  • Small basket
  • Maneuverability is considered to be average

4. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System – Amazing Travel System for NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

The other infant models will require you to buy bassinets and adapters for your car seat.

It is possible to avoid this extra cost using The Pivot Modular Travel system by Evenflo.

With this purchase, you will receive the Safemax Infant car seat, the SafeZone base, the toddler seat, a child tray, and a cup holder for the parent.

These items make it easier to take your child with you on your adventures around the city.

With the toddler’s seat in the stroller, it is possible to take the car seat off, which means you will never have to buy a new stroller when your baby grows.

The Pivot Modular of this best stroller for NYC is unique because it allows for different configurations.

It is possible to place the seat either facing the rear or front. You can also make it an infant bassinet or a travel system stroller with a base and car seat.

The SafeMax Infant Car Seat and SafeZone Base make the transfer from stroller to car easy and hassle-free.

There is no need to wake your baby, as you can attach your car seat to the base installed in your car.

You can utilize the handle to provide the most convenient transfer experience.

Of course, both are in sync to ensure that each car’s travel with your little one is secure due to their capacity for energy absorption.

Additionally, the current best stroller for NYC has an option for carriage.

There is no need for an additional bassinet installation, as it is enough to allow the toddler seat to recline completely for a newborn.

Regarding the seat for toddlers, it comes with an armbar that can be removed and various recline angles to ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

It also has an adjustable 5-point harness and an adjustable canopy. It includes a window that can be opened to ensure your child is at ease in hot weather.

Pivot Modular is the best stroller for NYC babies because it glides effortlessly, thanks to its massive back wheels and ergonomic handle.

It does not come with a single-action break; pushing and lifting the brakes is easy, even in shoes.

It has a huge storage basket and an adjustable cup holder for the parent. Not many strollers have this feature, making it an ideal addition for morning walks with your baby.

It also folds up quickly in less than 10 minutes. Pull the levers up on the handlebars, and the frame will collapse.

It does not require you to lower or bend over; you can lock the unit using a button.

The stroller can stand on its well, meaning it does not require anything to lean against.


  • Easy to fold
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Good maneuverability
  • It already comes with a baby car seat
  • The stroller seat comes with a bassinet mode
  • Seat with adjustable height and extendable canopy
  • Child tray that can be removed, and the parent cup holder


  • The handlebar is uncomfortable for taller parents

5. GB Pockit+ All-City Stroller – Lightweight Stroller For NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

If you are looking for an affordable stroller that is easy on the pocket but still worth the New York City, pick the GB Pockit+ all-city stroller.

It is a budget-friendly stroller with decent padding seats. It weighs 13.2 pounds.

You can use the stroller throughout the year. It comes with a vast canopy, which is superior to other strollers in NYC that are available for sale.

Its UV-rays-proof design prevents your child’s skin from harmful elements.

With an adopter for car seats, it is a travel system-ready stroller. All you require is a Cybex car seat that is comfortable to fit.

Without the car seat, you may not be able to use it for your baby since it cannot recline in a flat.

The wide seat and sturdy structure make it an excellent stroller for tall toddlers. It can carry a maximum weight of 55 pounds. This is a remarkable figure.

While this best stroller for NYC is not equipped with cup holders and a stroller organizer, it has a big storage basket.

Be sure not to overload the basket, as the maximum weight for the bag is 11 pounds.

One of the reasons that parents are enthralled with it is its small size.

It folds up compactly at 12.6 x 7.9 x 18.9 inches and easily fits into the plane’s overhead compartment.

Additionally, an infant stroller bag keeps it safe from wear and tear.

The stroller folds down quickly and in a matter of seconds, which makes it the perfect choice to stay on top of the frantic pace of urban life.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact and light
  • A breeze to control and fold
  • Includes an adaptor for car seats
  • Fold it down to a smaller size and place it in the overhead bins of airplanes.


  • Does not recline flat
  • There is no cup holder or snack tray

6. Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller – The Best Stroller For NYC That Grows With The Baby

Best Stroller for NYC

We all know that living in cities can be costly, and you must be careful about managing your budget.

If you are a parent, you need to choose baby items that your child can utilize for an extended period without the need to replace them.

You can use this best stroller for NYC to take your baby from when he or she is born to when he or she turns a toddler.

It can take care of your child even when he/she gets older, so buying it is similar to buying several strollers with one purchase.

It has a sturdy and solid frame. No pieces are hanging out, and the curved shape will make it less susceptible to bending over time.

Even Bugaboo’s fabric material is durable and washable, so you can be sure it will serve your child for quite a long time.

Naturally, you will be uncertain about the small wheels of Bugaboo as compared to the other strollers.

However, do not let that fool you because they can handle different surfaces, from gravel to grass.

The small footprint makes it more maneuverable in narrow spaces within the metro.

While walking around the city, your stroller must permit you to multitask.

Because sometimes, you will need to carry grocery bags or a baby with one hand while pushing the stroller with the other.

This best stroller for NYC comes with the ability to adjust the handlebar’s length using side buttons.

This mechanism in itself is simple and allows every person to modify the stroller to their preferences.

Additionally, there is no longer the case when the foam on the handle is gummy and worn out because Bugaboo uses faux leather.

It is much simpler to keep clean and less susceptible to being destroyed.

We all know that city walking is unpredictable due to the terrain. However, you will not need to worry about unexpected bumps or curves since this model’s suspension helps you maintain stability.

It is also possible to lock your wheels, so there is no risk of getting a stone stuck within them, especially in more rough areas.

The foot brake is also suitable for flip-flops.

If your children prefer to sit and watch you rather than facing the forward direction, Bugaboo has a reversible seat on the stroller, which means your child can be rear-facing or forward-facing when they ride.

You can also purchase a Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled board and make it an easy-to-use stroller suitable for children of all ages.

This way, you will not need to be concerned about your older child getting lost in a busy urban area because he can stand up on the board.

A unique feature of the seat is that its canopy is washable.

It is wax-coated and water-resistant, so your child will remain dry and clean from all elements.

It can also be extended to give you more excellent coverage appropriate for your child.

The storage basket has large openings, and it is accessible in the front as well as the back.

It is also spacious enough to hold 4 kg so that diaper bags will fit there in peace.

Also, for smaller items, you can use the inner pocket with mesh to make it easier to keep your stuff organized.

If you feel the primary basket is insufficient, purchase additional storage items from Bugaboo.

They have a variety of items that range from a snack tray ( that is great for kids to keep their food and toys easily accessible) to an organizer for parents that has zippered pockets (that is great to keep your personal belongings safe).

You can also put bobbles on the frame as a cup holder if you want to keep access to your drink in a hurry.

Bugaboo’s best stroller for NYC is compatible due to its slim profile, comfortable weight, and how small and simple it folds.

You may require both hands when pushing buttons to unlock the sides, but pushing them individually is also possible if you want to fold using just one hand.

Bugaboo is also freestanding on its side, so you can quickly push it through narrow corridors or put it in your living room.


  • Folds easily
  • Good shock absorption
  • Adjustable leg rest and seat
  • Adjustable handlebars with faux leather grips
  • Large storage space and options to include accessories
  • It can be used in conjunction with infant car seats and can accept the bassinet


  • Pricey

7. Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller – Most Reliable Stroller For NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

If you plan to walk a lot in New York City, Bugaboo Bee 6 is a good companion. 

It has a compact footprint and is light because of the aluminum frame. 

Compared with Bugaboo Bee 5, it is nearly a pound heavier at 20.7 pounds.

It is designed for babies until they are 50 pounds or more.

It is an excellent alternative to letting your toddler sit down. There is an abdominal bar and an upholstered and reclined seat to make your child more comfortable.

Therefore, if your baby needs to sleep, he can do so for many hours.

Calling it the best stroller for NYC for newborn babies could not be wrong.

It includes an adapter for car seats and is compatible with Maxi Cosi, Clek, Cybex, Chicco, and Nuna, in addition to the Bugaboo baby car seat.

As the stroller is reverse-able, facing your child towards you can help him relax.

Shading your baby from head to foot will help your baby’s skin stay young and healthy for many years.

The updated version features a peek-a-boo that allows you to speak to your child and assist him in recognizing things that are around.

Make your driving experience more enjoyable with this stroller.

7-inch wheels and four-wheel suspension protect you and your baby from bumps when you stroll through splintered sidewalks, grass, or driveways made of gravel.

Ascending 36.02 inches above the ground, it is the best stroller for short moms, and they will be thrilled to stroll along with it.

The grip of the handlebar is firm enough that you can walk with only one hand.

One of the disadvantages of strollers is their collapse mechanism.

It is not exactly the most efficient and simplest thing you would like to use, but mastering it over time will resolve this issue.

It also stands independently and is a rare feature in strollers with a lightweight design. This best stroller for NYC can be described as a high-end stroller.


  • Easy to steer
  • High-end fabric and seat
  • The car seat and belly bar are included
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Extended canopy and peek-a-boo window
  • Available in 3 other colors


  • Low handlebar height
  • The folds and unfolds can be tricky

8. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller – Sturdy Stroller For NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

The next item on our checklist is another best strollers for NYC made by Baby Jogger.

This time, it is the GT2 that is the most recent version of City Mini.

It is, first of all, not expensive, yet it does have features you have seen on the models before.

For instance, you can modify the handlebar’s height to fit better with your height.

It is, however, pivoting instead of telescoping. The length range is impressive so that you can say goodbye to wrist pain and back discomfort.

The GT2 also has an automatic parking brake, allowing you to swiftly put it in the desired spot.

It comes with an all-wheel suspension, different from other models within the same price bracket and restricted to rear suspensions only.

It can take on rough surfaces and gravel effortlessly.

Indeed, the GT2 can also be transformed into a travel system using the car seat adapter.

You can even connect an infant bassinet if you think it will be more suitable and relaxing for your infant.

If you are worried about the toddler seat, you will be pleased to know it comes with an adjustable recline and leg rests.

It also has a vast canopy, which can be impressive considering that the GT2 is designed to be a small city stroller.

In addition, you will always be able to monitor your child regardless of the number of panels you use, thanks to the windows that peek out with a magnetic closure.

If you are looking for the top NYC strollers concerning folding, the GT2 is an ideal choice.

You must pull the hidden handle, which will lock itself when the frame is folded.

The only thing we do not like about this best stroller for NYC is that it comes with a smaller basket.

It is possible to use the extra mesh pockets and purchase an additional organizer for the parent.

In the end, this issue is dependent on whether you consider it to be a significant compromise.


  • Excellent maneuverability and shock absorption
  • Handbrake and an adjustable handlebar
  • It can be used in conjunction with bassinets and car seats
  • The footrest and seat can be adjusted
  • A large and extensible canopy
  • Window with magnetic peek-a-boo
  • One-hand fold that locks automatically


  • The capacity of the basket is not impressive

9. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller – Best Stroller For A Big Family

Best Stroller for NYC

]It is not a double stroller on the purchase. However, it is an excellent option if you are looking to expand your family in the future.

The City Select can handle your everyday journeys throughout New York with ease.

The suspension system and locking wheels in the front make the ride for your baby more comfortable, regardless of the road.

This best stroller for NYC also used larger tires instead of plastic wheels to increase its longevity.

To ensure your child’s safety, you will appreciate how easy brakes are to adjust and release.

We also love the parking brakes operated by hand, like those found in jogging strollers, because they are much easier to access.

The handlebar is also adjustable. It makes it more comfortable for all users, and the adjustment is simple with one button press.

But the wheelbase can make the stroller unwieldy to steer and maneuver through narrow paths, which is a problem.

If you are considering expanding your family, it is worth noting that the stroller can expand with different accessories.

There is the option of purchasing an additional seat for older children, bassinets, or car seat adaptors for your infant or newborn.

This allows you to use it for children of various ages without buying a new stroller. Overall it is an excellent stroller for children of all ages.

City Select offers more than ten different configurations, allowing you to combine and mix the designs of seats.

The seat is easily washable and adjustable, just like its canopy. You can also alter the footrest height based on your child’s needs to be more suitable for napping.

The harness is simple to put on and adjust, so you do not need to spend your time or energy struggling with it in the city.

The canopy even has magnetic peek-a-boo windows and has eliminated the Velcro counterparts, allowing for an easier and more subtle way to check on your baby.

It requires both hands to fold. It does not have the self-standing mechanism and auto-locking you have seen in earlier models.

However, on the plus side, this best stroller for NYC is easy to fold. However, you will need to lock it manually afterward.

It is not breaking the fashion of our impressive storage in NYC strollers. The City Select is no different.

It can hold 15 pounds of baby gear and is accessible from every angle. It also uses a pocket with zippers and a compartment with elastic to store your belongings.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • High-quality wheels
  • Suitable to use with infant car seats for newborn babies
  • A large canopy that is accessible on all sides
  • Magnetic window with a peek-a-boo feature
  • Expandable using various seating configurations


  • Problem in steering
  • Limitations to folding

10. CYBEX Balios S Stroller – Amazing Stroller For NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

If you are in a financial bind but still have trouble finding the best stroller for NYC, this model made by Cybex is affordable but still impressed us with its capabilities.

Although it may not include the infant car seat, Balios S still offers the possibility of using it with the car seat.

It is possible to purchase adapters to the Cybex and a Gb Infant car seat in addition to Cocoon S, the bassinet of Cybex if you plan to use it for a baby.

On the other hand, the seat for toddlers is quite tall compared to other seats.

It is not a problem since it can also be used as a suitable high chair. When you use it, the child can be seated facing you if more comfortable.

For comfort, you can recline the seat, whether rear-facing or forward-facing. It is possible to adjust by using just one hand, and in front-facing positions, you can also adjust the leg rest.

It has quite a fantastic canopy. It has three panels and an oblique sun visor, ensuring no harmful sunrays are reflected onto your child. Additionally, it has an open mesh window for ventilation.

For this price, Balios S is a bargain. Balios S uses an all-terrain set of rubberized wheels. It is no longer necessary to be concerned about punctured tires in the middle of rush hour.

In addition, you can secure the front wheels. Control the stroller is also much easier on the curving path.

Additionally, there is suspension on all wheels and one-action brakes for your baby’s safety and comfort. Suppose these features for maneuverability are not enough to impress you.

In that case, this best stroller for NYC uses an adjustable handlebar that allows you to customize its height according to the users.

It folds in two steps, but you can operate the process with only one hand. The stroller also stands independently, and you can use the handle to move the folded frame much more quickly.

The basket beneath can hold up to 11 pounds. With the seat’s height, you do not have to worry about obstruction, even if your seat is reclined.


  • Affordable
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Self-standing and easy to fold
  • Useful to substitute a high chair
  • It can be used in conjunction with a bassinet for infants and car seats
  • Modifications can be made to rear-facing or front-facing
  • Has a reclining seat, and the footrests can be adjusted
  • Adjustable handle and all-wheel suspension


  • It is necessary to purchase a separate set of car seat adapters

11. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy – Lovely Double Stroller for NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

If you are contemplating the best stroller in New York City, a double stroller may be the first thing that comes to mind.

Let us change your perception that double strollers are heavy and inappropriate for a city-based parent.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo weighs only 20 pounds and is less than 30 inches wide.

It can take two children together, but it is still relatively small.

This best stroller for NYC can be accessed through many entrances, elevators, and small openings. Do not be afraid to take your children to explore the city.

Although an oversized double stroller, Nano Duo can be surprisingly effortless. The weight distribution on this stroller and the rear suspension impressed us.

It also moves quickly and smoothly over curbs. The front wheels can perform the trademark “Curb Pop” by Mountain Buggy, and your kids will not feel the bounciness.

The wheels are lovely and comprehensive and large enough, and there is the option of locking them to ensure better maneuverability in specific spaces.

Additionally, they have single wheels and not double for greater control.

However, you should be aware of the double stroller because it will not be suitably designed for rugged and rough terrain as an all-terrain stroller.

In addition, you will not have an adjustable handlebar similar to the one on Bugaboo Bee5, and taller caretakers could end up hitting the back of their stroller.

However, for the brake, it is simple to release and engage due to the color-coded.

This double stroller is a comfortable fit for both kids because Mountain Buggy has designed them to include each feature.

The seats are tall enough to fit taller toddlers, but they also recline to nap during the day.

Connecting car seats via an adapter to one or both seats if you wish to use this stroller for infants is possible.

This way, children of different ages or even twins can share the stroller. And if you have both toddlers, the seats can recline, and the leg rests are adjustable to provide the best comfort.

Both seats have mesh components on the top. This is great during pretty humid days. But each pair comes with an overlay of fabric to help with more relaxed conditions.

You can also extend each canopy separately.

The Nano Duo is still capable of folding down into something compact. It will require both hands. However, the mechanism overall is quick and simple to master.

The device also comes with a strap for your shoulder, or you can utilize the handle for carrying, meaning the stairs or elevators within buildings are simple for you to master.

Finally, the storage capacity is also quite large. Although this best stroller for NYC aims to be a compact double stroller, it has a 17.6 pounds basket that could accommodate a huge diaper bag.

It is important to note that getting access to the basket is not simple due to the bars that hinder access to the opening.


  • Folds easily
  • Seats with ventilation
  • Basket with a large capacity
  • It comes with handles and shoulder straps
  • This can be used with one seat for infants and another for the toddler


  • Taller parents do not have enough rear spaces

12. Thule Sleek City Stroller – Durable Stroller For NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

We have all heard about Thule’s excellent jogging stroller performance, and Thule’s Sleek City stroller is no exception.

It is a very multi-purpose stroller that is ideal for strolling around the neighborhood, spending long hours in the theme parks, and even going grocery shopping for the day.

Take note that this best stroller for NYC has a singular model, but adding a second seating can transform it into a double version.

Add an incline board, and you will have three kids’ strollers.

With 15+ seating configurations, it is a reversible stroller that allows your baby to look both toward and against you.

It also features a baby-friendly design since it uses car seats with adaptors and the Thule bassinet for your new baby.

Both parents can stroll this stroller regardless of the size difference. It is well-padded with a movable handlebar. But it is somewhat heavier at 28 pounds and can be bulky once folded.

The credit for its smooth operation is due to the tires that are filled with air.

At 11 inches and much more significant than most city strollers, it lets you control the stroller effortlessly and avoid all the traffic of New York City.

It has a four-wheel suspension, which minimizes the impact of jolts and bumps.

A separate mesh channel for peek-a-boo and a ventilation window proves an intelligent design. In addition, the canopy prevents your child from UV rays.

Additionally, a big cargo basket is placed underneath the seat. The basket extends up to the feet and features an open zippered top. Your contents are in a safe place and away from everyone’s eye.

After folding, this best stroller for NYC automatically locks, making it possible to move it with ease and comfort. Additional colors for this stroller give you the choice of the one you prefer.


  • Flat and smooth rides
  • Separate mesh and peek-a-boo
  • Expandable and zippered storage basket
  • It can be converted into a triple stroller or double stroller


  • It Falls on the high side
  • Bulky and heavy

13. Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller – Best Travel Stroller for NYC

Best Stroller for NYC

It is a principal mode of transport that is common for every New Yorker.

If you are bringing your child along, choose an appropriate model that will not disappoint you during your day-to-day transportation.

Thanks to its solid frame, it is the best stroller for subway journeys.

The framework will not be flexed in unexpected ways, and it has quality wheels that are essential thing to consider during your journeys.

The subway can be overcrowded, so choosing the best stroller for NYC that is simple and easy to move around is essential.

Yoyo+ uses an all-wheel suspension system, which ensures your child is comfortable and safe while you struggle through crowds during rush hour.

It also opted to have a single front wheel instead of two, so you will be able to tell that it is simpler to steer.

The wheels are also narrow enough to be used on smooth surfaces, but you can expect some struggles with rougher terrain and gravel.

For the parents, the handlebar is easy to grasp. Since this is not an umbrella stroller with two handles, you can control and push it using just one hand.

It also has a single-action pedal, which is comfortable and large enough that it is simple to release and set regardless of the shoes you are wearing.

This stroller’s seat seems simple, but it can do the job. It is soft to feel and features an adjustable backrest that can be flipped.

But, it can only recline at a certain angle, which is why it is unsuitable for newborns and infants.

It also does not have a leg rest, which means the possibility of a complete horizontal nap is not possible for your child.

However, you can purchase adapters for car seats for the Cybex baby car seat. It means that you can use this stroller for infants and toddlers.

In the case of the harness on the seat of this best stroller for NYC, it is simple to change the threads to make adjustments.

The canopy can also be extended to ensure your child’s private space in a noisy area like the subway.

But do not be concerned, as the canopy features a peek-a-boo window to allow air circulation and for checking-ups throughout the walk.

Babyzen also provides additional accessories that can be used to safeguard your baby against the weather. A parasol is an umbrella you can put on the frame.

It provides better protection than your main canopy because you can adjust it according to the weather.

Also, if you walk during the mosquito season, you can protect your baby from bites with a mosquito net available as a separate item.

One feature you will likely love about Babyzen is the size of the basket it comes with. It is much more significant when compared to the earlier Yoyo model.

It can accommodate 11 pounds of goods, and you can also use the zippered pockets on the back to hold small items like wallets and phones.

If you are going to go through the steps on the subway, the best stroller for NYC needs to be folded swiftly and compactly.

The Yoyo+ can fulfill those requirements since it folds like an ordinary yoyo using the lever.

It does not require both hands to accomplish this; the model will lock and stand by itself.

In addition, the model has a rain cover, a carrying strap, and an airline-certified bag to ensure you are ready to travel.


  • Large storage basket
  • Quality suspension system
  • The harness is rethreaded easily
  • Simple fold with one hand.
  • The brake is easy to set and push.
  • Reclining seat that can be used in conjunction with an adapter for car seats
  • It comes with a rain cover, a strap for carrying, and a travel bag
  • A breathable, extendable canopy that can be retracted with the option to add additional safety accessories


  • Unimpressive seat features
  • It is compatible with a particular car seat

14. Maclaren Mark II Style Stroller – Ultra-Light Best Stroller For NYC 

Best Stroller for NYC

Maclaren Mark II is awarded the prize as the lightest and ideal stroller in NYC.

With a weight of 7.2 pounds, it is not difficult to see that this is among the lightest models available.

Even if you have put your toddler into the stroller, it is lightweight enough to lift and carry up the stairs.

The thing that makes this stroller ultralight is the material that is employed in its design.

In the stroller’s center is a hexagonal chassis constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum.

This not only helps in keeping its weight to a minimum but also improves its endurance. But, I do not think it is less functional because of its lightweight.

Another area in which this model is exceptional is the ability to fold. It can fold into the classic umbrella shape and only requires a few steps.

To fold it, lift the bars that fold on the back frame. Begin with the red-colored bar. The integrated locking clip helps to hold this folded structure in the right place.

Opening this best stroller for NYC is equally simple. Reverse the action, remove the clip, and then take the red bar until all are right.

It is easy to navigate. It can be operated with two hands or just one when you have another hand full. This stroller is designed for use on various surfaces, from grass to sidewalks and gravel.

Although it may be a bit rougher on uneven terrain, the all-wheel suspension will help the stroller perform much more efficiently.

In addition, you can put the wheels on lock, making maneuvering the pushchair over rough terrain much more comfortable.

Another unique feature you will find with this model is the fact that it is covered by a lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer will cover repair or replacement costs if you discover defects in the material used or workmanship throughout the stroller’s life.

However, you must purchase your stroller from the manufacturer’s official website or an official retailer.


  • Awarded a limited lifetime warranty
  • The aluminum build is a sturdy and lightweight unit
  • It comes with a large waterproof hood that protects against external elements
  • Parts for the replacement are readily available


  • The storage space could be increased

15. Britax B-Free Stroller – Best Stroller For NYC By Britax 

Best Stroller for NYC

The B-Free Stroller was released just recently. It is the most recent version of the best Britax strollers.

This stroller with three wheels doubles as a travel unit, making it a very adaptable model.

But its primary benefit is the ample storage of valuable space for parents living in busy cities.

It is a travel system that works with any infant car seat made by Britax. If you do not own the Britax baby car seat, you can purchase an adapter for it to be attached to car seats made by other brands.

Another feature you will appreciate the most about the stroller is the size of its canopy.

Considering the size and SPF protection the canopy offers, you will realize that it offers total protection from rain or the sun.

The canopy comes with a zipper opening. When you want to extend the canopy, you only have to do is take it off.

The storage is one of the areas where the B-Free stroller excels. With seven pockets, you will have all the space you require to store baby equipment and other necessities.

In addition to the pockets, you can easily access an enormous basket from the front or rear.

The ability to access the container from its front side is an exclusive aspect, as not many strollers have this option.

Reclinable stroller seats are another reason that makes this best stroller for NYC a great one to invest in. It features an infinite recline, allowing you to adjust it in various ways.

It can be set to lie flat or even in a sitting position. It is more flexible than other recline mechanisms due to two reasons.

Firstly, it offers endless configurations, and secondly, it performs more smoothly than recline adjustment.


  • It has a large canopy
  • Can recline infinitely
  • A higher weight limits
  • Allows access into the storage bin from the side


  • Cup holders are omitted

Final Words

Do not be scared by the sights and sounds in New York City. It may be a lot for your baby, but they will love exploring the sights together. If you need the best stroller for NYC, here is an array of the best stroller for NYC.

It is fun to move around, thanks to the tremendous absorbent shock, the handbrake, and a movable handlebar. If you carry a baby, you can use an infant car seat or bassinet with this model.

Some models on our list of best strollers for NYC include this feature, meaning you can choose an item you can use right from the time your baby is born through the age of toddlerhood.

While deciding which ones to choose, we thought about the urban lifestyle and the pace. We came with the easy-to-steer, maneuver, light, and compact best stroller for NYC.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Stroller For NYC

How Do You Get Around A Stroller In NYC?

An ideal option is to take the best stroller for NYC or the travel system, so you can use the car seat attachment to move throughout the city and then sit in the taxi with the car seat when required.

Should I Bring A Stroller To NYC?

New York City is an easy city to move around and is very baby-welcoming. Take the best stroller for NYC with you that is lightweight.

You will be out and about throughout the day, moving the stroller and folding and unfolding it. A heavy, bulky stroller is not ideal in this situation.

Can You Take Stroller on NYC Bus?

The current rules instruct that the best stroller for NYC needs to be folded when passengers travel on NYC buses. This poses a significant challenge for many caregivers who manage several children and bags on top of the often massive-sized strollers.

Can You Take The Best Stroller For NYC On The NYC Subway?

You can undoubtedly take your best stroller for NYC to the subway. If the train is not crowded, you do not need to fold it.

If you are in a crowded line, you can make more friends when the stroller is folded. Not all NYC subway stations have elevators, so you must take the stroller through the stairs.

How Do You Get Around NYC With Kids?

The most significant benefit of traveling as a family on your subway ride is that kids smaller than 44 inches enjoy free rides on all local and train buses when accompanied by a paying adult. This alone could make a New York City trip with families very affordable.

Do You Need A Car Seat In A Taxi In NYC?

It is important to note that the TLC urges people to bring their car seats for children.

And if passengers bring a car seat, taxi drivers must let the person install it in their vehicle. However, NYC taxis are not required to carry children’s car seats, and passengers are not required to use these seats.

Can You Take The Best Stroller For NYC On The Train?

Baby items can be carried on board or in checked baggage services instead of baggage items. There are no fees for service. Active strollers, carriers, and all-terrain strollers are likely for check-in.