9 Best Strollers For First Time Moms And Dads In 2024

Are you looking for the best strollers for first time moms? Many parents spend a great deal of time researching strollers before adding one to their baby’s registry. 

Strollers are often one of the more expensive baby equipment you will have. They help you get out of the home with your child in a much simpler way, and you will probably use the stroller for a long time to get value for money.

Finding the best baby stroller that perfectly meets your needs can be difficult for a new mom. But who said you must figure it out on your own? Today, we present the 9 best strollers for first time moms that most first-time parents consider sufficient.

Best Strollers For First Time Moms And Dads – Our Picks

Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller – Best Stroller Overall

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

Active parents should not abandon their routines after the arrival of their baby. Thanks to the Thule Urban Glide stroller, one of the most effective jogging strollers.

It is equipped with all the features of a jogging stroller. The wheels are made of EVA and are large enough. While the rear wheels are sixteen inches, the front ones are 12 inches. There is also suspension on all of them to ensure comfortable rides regardless of the kind of terrain.

One of the most popular features is its weight limit of 75 pounds. If you purchase this stroller, it will pay back for many years, providing a seat for your growing child.

It is not just for you; your husband could also easily walk it, regardless of height as the stroller’s handle is adjustable and padded, with 35.5 inches at the smallest setting and 44 inches in the top setting.

Apart from being huge and spacious, the basket comes with an upper zipper cover, because of which your child’s equipment will not escape when you are running swiftly. One-hand recline is practical for those moments when your child demands to be put down and is irritable.

Within the safety column, it comes with a 5-point harness system and a hand-twist brake that gives complete control. Compared to other best strollers for first time moms, it is quite heavy at 32.6 pounds. But you can take out the tires to make the compact version.


  • Large canopy
  • Zippered basket
  • Good limit of weight
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • All-wheel suspension


  • Bulky and heavy
  • The seat is slightly bent in the upright position

Baby Jogger City Mini – Best Jogging Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

This stroller has numerous features that parents will love. All-terrain tires make it easy to push, whether you are walking along the streets of the city or in the grassy parks. 

It comes with an adjustable handle which is suitable for caregivers of various sizes and heights, and a brake operated by hand to allow the baby to be safely parked. It also folds down using just one hand and automatically locks in its folded position.

This special need jogging stroller is also compatible with numerous car seat brands, is equipped with an adapter for car seats, and can therefore be used as a traveling system.

Babies can sleep almost flat, thanks to the adjustable calf support and reclining seat. They can see mom and Dad through the window inside the extra-long UPF 50 + canopy.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • Small storage basket

Graco Modes Pramette Stroller – Budget-Friendly Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

For a budget-friendly, best full-size stroller, Graco is among the best strollers for first time moms. It is easy to use on nearly every terrain, including gravel, grass, and sidewalks.

While it is designed for babies of 6 months, you can also use it immediately following your child’s birth. It is a convertible stroller that can connect to a car seat or bassinet.

It is a large-sized stroller. It has a snack tray for the kids and an organizer for parents. 

The storage basket underneath the seat is big and wide and can place a large baby bag, blankets, and toys.

This Graco stroller weighs just 20.8 pounds, which is enough compared to other strollers available. The weight limit for it is set at 50 pounds.

It also comes with an adjustable canopy. When you leave during the afternoon, this canopy will shield your baby from the sun’s rays. 

Since it is a one-hand fold, it is easy to collapse, even when the infant is armed.


  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Large basket
  • Transition into the best travel system stroller
  • It can be tucked away in the trunk of the car


  • It will accept only Graco car seats

GB Pockit+ Stroller – All-Terrain Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

If you are a mother with a hectic routine, consider the GB Pockit+ all-terrain stroller

It has a tiny footprint and is very compact, so it will help you navigate busy streets and get through the crowded aisles.

Because of the simple and swift collapsible design with dimensions of 28 x 19.1 x 39.8 inches, it is possible to store it conveniently inside the overhead compartments of the plane, making it one of the best strollers for first time moms

It is also possible to store it in a tiny cupboard or a tight space at your home.

It features front swiveling and locking wheels, which makes it much easier to turn quickly on a crowded street.

It is simple to push with just one hand on smooth surfaces. However, it is not made for uneven surfaces.

The stroller weighs about 12.3 pounds and is suitable for babies six months and over.

You should utilize it when your child can stand up and hold his head and back. While the seat of the stroller can recline, it is not flat.

The canopy on the stroller is not long enough; you have to bring an umbrella shade for the stroller in case the weather is hot in your area.


  • Smooth ride
  • Front swiveling wheel
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick and simple folding
  • The slope is decent


  • Short canopy
  • Small storage basket

Bob Gear Revo Flex 3.0 Stroller – Reliable Baby Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

When you have experienced the Bob Jogging Stroller’s ease, you will never use any other baby stroller for a long time.

The jogging stroller you love is highly durable and features an unbeatable suspension to ensure a smooth ride, whether jogging along trails or strolling through the neighborhood.

It also has oversized tires and aluminum frames, which lets you maneuver it effortlessly.

It glides like butter. Other convenience features include adjustable handlebars, ample undercarriage storage, a magnetic peek-a-boo window, and the Sun canopy with UV50+.

After you have finished your day, it is flat. It folds in two steps, giving it an even smaller footprint (although it is not as flat as other best strollers for first time moms.

However, you can take the wheels off to make it more compact if you intend to store it for the long term).


  • Great suspension
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Plenty of storage


  • More bulky and heavy than other models

Peg Perego Booklet Travel System – Alluring Baby Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

The Peg Perego Booklet travel system is a high-end product with premium designs and appeals to the eyes of parents.

It comes with a lovely, thick, soft plush to ensure your baby is comfortable, eats, sleeps, and loves riding to the fullest.

It includes a Primo Viaggio 4/35 car seat that can be inserted into the stroller without needing adapters. It is not just the toddler seat but also cushioned car seat.

Thanks to this double-layer cushion that covers the neck, head, and rear, your child can rest without pain.

It has an adjustable bumper bar; the manufacturer has guaranteed your child’s safety despite installing the five-point harness system.

The bar can be swung away, and you can take it off whenever possible.

The stroller’s weight is 20.6 pounds. Reclining the seat with one hand and letting your child sleep during your journey is possible.

Moreover, it also has a wide, extendable, UV-rays-proof canopy.

In contrast to other best strollers for first time moms, this stroller folds up inward and keeps the seat free of dust, dirt, and germs.

It may seem difficult for the new mom, but you will become accustomed to it over time.

While it is not equipped with an eating tray, the storage bin beneath the seat is larger than we expected.

It is enough to hold an enormous backpack of diapers, gear, and blankets with quick access. The suspension system makes it easy to walk on different surfaces.


  • Appear luxurious
  • Recliner and plush seat
  • Car seat included
  • A fair amount of weight
  • The bumper bar is swung away
  • A slender canopy that can be extended and the huge basket


  • It can be difficult to unfold

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller – Durable Baby Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

Not every stroller comes with the features it claims to offer, even when you pay an incredibly high price. But, Uppababy Vista V2 does excel in its capabilities.

First, the stroller is gorgeous and is available in a range of colors that you can pick from.

It is made in the USA and comes with high-quality leather that is washable.

The seat is flat and reclines and is the perfect choice for a newborn to a toddler who is content to nap whenever he wants.

The bundle includes a stroller frame, a bassinet, a rumble seat, a Mesa car seat, and bug covers.

By purchasing it, you get all the items for many seasons and years.

Being a first-time mom will likely have more children in the days ahead. 

In this case, it is one of the best strollers for first time moms to put their money into it because the stroller can carry three kids simultaneously.

All you need is an additional seat and glider board to push them together.

The baby can be positioned either way (forward or backward) while inside the stroller.

The stroller has many configurations, so you can pick the ideal one to meet your family’s requirements.

In addition, the stroller comes with an all-wheel suspension that provides the smoothest ride and a reclined seat that can be adjusted to an infinite degree.

The large basket weighing 30 pounds is an added benefit to storing a massive backpack of diapers, gear, and everything you would like for your travel.

It features an extendable canopy that is UV safe and will shield the baby from head to toe.

One disadvantage is that strollers weigh about 27 pounds, which can be heavy.


  • Gorgeous
  • Reclines flat
  • Stands after folding
  • Accessible and easy to use the large storage basket
  • It includes rain, bassinet, bug shield, and a car seat


  • Heavyweight

Summer Infant 3Dlite Stroller – Lightweight Baby Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

This 13-pound Summer Infant umbrella stroller is ideal for mobile families due to its four reclining positions to ensure your baby is comfortable.

It also comes with a five-point harness to provide extra security.

Additionally, it has anti-shock front and locking rear wheels and a large storage basket to store everything you will need to carry.

It is also available at a cheaper price as compared to other best strollers for first time moms.

Despite its flexibility, this stroller is also robust, so it can easily handle bumpy roads and sidewalks.

It is the ideal vehicle for infants who weigh as much as 50 pounds, which means it will be good enough to last into the toddler years.

This is why many parents believe this is one of the best choices for travel.


  • Lightweight
  • Four recline positions
  • Large storage basket


  • Small sun canopy
  • Many parents believe it can be difficult to fold

Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller – All-In-One Stroller

Best Strollers For First Time Moms

For parents constantly on the move, there is no better choice than the convenience and flexibility offered by Doona, a stroller and car seat in one, weighing only 16.5 pounds.

The process is simple, press a button, and the Doona can be converted from an infant stroller to a car seat. The wheels fold down to allow for car rides and then fold out to stroll.

Use it on planes, trains, and even cars; the incredibly cool system is a breeze, no matter the situation.

However, it cannot do just as well as other best strollers for first time moms with dedicated wheels, as the wheels cannot take bumps with the same ease.

Since it is not a true stroller, it is not ideal for babies to sit for extended lengths of time. Yet, many parents believe moving from the car to the sidewalk is convenient.


  • Lightweight
  • A stroller and car seat, all in one


  • It is short, and the babies grow out of it fairly quickly

What Types of Best Strollers For First Time Moms Are There?

There are many different kinds of best strollers for first time moms that you can choose from, including:

All-purpose strollers

These strollers are ideal for daily activities, such as walking around the neighborhood or through a shopping mall.

Travel system stroller

Travel systems are infant strollers equipped with car seats for infants, which can be attached to them.

Parents like travel systems because they can use them from day one, and they don’t have to disturb their baby during the car seat to stroller and stroller to car seat transfer.

You can buy a system with a stroller and car seat from the same manufacturer and mix and match various brands.

Light strollers

As the name suggests, these strollers weigh less than standard strollers. They are also called strollers for travel or compact strollers. 

They are perfect for parents who require an easy stroller to stroll.

Double strollers

Double strollers can hold two kids at once. A double stroller could help make life more convenient for twins or those who are almost similar in age.

They are available in two configurations, front-to-back (tandem or in-line) and side-by-side.

Convertible strollers

They can convert into a double stroller from a single stroller. They are an excellent option for families with two children that are close in age.

Like double strollers, they can be purchased in tandem or side-by-side designs.

Jogging strollers

Note that these best strollers for first time moms were designed to withstand rough terrain and feature upgraded suspension systems to provide a more leisurely ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put A Newborn In a Stroller?

If you are planning to purchase the best strollers for first time moms, ensure that it reclines as newborns cannot stand up or raise their heads.

Some strollers recline completely or can be combined with the bassinet attachment or an infant car seat. However, the majority of jogging strollers cannot recline.

At What Age Should A Baby Be In A Stroller?

We suggest switching to the stroller seat in reclined mode once your baby can support their head independently at around three months. Then, you can switch to an upright position in the stroller seat once the baby can sit independently, usually between 5 and 7 months.

Do I Have To Put My 1-Month-Old Baby In A Stroller?

Some best strollers for first time moms are made to be used starting at the time of birth to be used as bassinet strollers in a laid-back, relaxed position. While others do not recline completely and are typically not recommended for infants younger than 3 months old.

Remember, your baby must be able to support his head before you decide to put the stroller in an upright position.

Do You Buckle Baby In Stroller?

Ensure your child’s harness is properly and securely fastened and buckled while strolling in the best strollers for first time moms. Keep your stroller safe in a dry, cool area and away from wet floors to prevent rust.

Can A Bumpy Stroller Ride Hurt Baby?

Parents of newborns are usually worried about the possibility of accidentally causing injury to their baby. However, generally speaking, it is okay to be relaxed. 

If your baby is jiggling while you are adjusting their baby’s carrier and then seeing their head slide to the side when you take them out of the carrier or navigating bumpy roads in the car seats or best strollers for first time moms will not result in shaken infant syndrome.

Final Words

These were among the best strollers for first-time moms just starting their parenting journey. If you purchase one, be aware of the stroller’s type, the weight and height limit, the size of the sun canopy, the storage basket capacity, and the dimensions of the folded version.