10 Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars with Amazing Features

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2022)

Are you looking forward to taking your baby out and showing them what the real world is? Choose the best strollers for under 200 dollars, so that your baby can take a ride in comfort without causing any burden on your pocket.

With a variety of choices in the marketplace, deciding the right stroller for your family could be a difficult task. But it is essential to have the ideal stroller for taking your child to the mall or out for a run while providing high-quality comfort. So, settling on any stroller is not the best thing.

We are aware that some best value baby strollers could cost a great amount, and that is why we have listed the best strollers under 200 dollars. Let’s determine which of these strollers meets your needs.

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars- Our Pick


Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller – Best Overall Stroller Under $200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars

If you are a parent who is constantly in motion, the Summer 3DLite Convenience is a great comfort to you. It is a compact stroller, with an incredibly lightweight of only 13 pounds. This means you can easily navigate huge crowds and streets with ease.

The seat of this one of the best strollers under 200 dollars reclines in four different positions. It means that your baby can have an hour or two to rest, even in the open air. To provide privacy during nap time, it comes with a huge canopy. In addition, there is a sun visor that promises to prevent your baby from the harmful sun’s rays.

It comes with five points harness to keep your baby secure. Keep in mind that it is safe until your baby reaches 50 pounds.

It has a huge basket with a pocket and a cup holder within the storage column. This basket’s capacity is about 10 pounds and can fit a standard-size diaper bag, with easy access.

It is simple to put together and simple to move. Both of your hands are required to use the stroller, but after folding, a strap pops out for carrying the folded stroller on your shoulders. For parents with an average height of 5.10 inches to 6.4 inches, this is the best baby stroller.


  • Reclines flat
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Large canopy that has a sun visor
  • Folds easily and is easy to move
  • The water bottle continues to fall off the cup holder


Baby Trend Rocket Stroller – Best Lightweight Stroller Under $200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars

The Baby Trend Rocket Stroller is highly recommended online with extremely positive customer reviews, especially considering the stroller’s price which is usually $50 or less when it is on sale.

It is a solid, lightweight model. It is a little more difficult to put together than other best strollers under 200 dollars but was good all-in-all. It has got a convenient storage basket and has an extremely tight turning radius. However, unfortunately, the wheels of this stroller are not big enough to cross obstructions.

The biggest issue with these cheap strollers is the canopy which is wobbly and difficult to fix and would not remain in the right position. If you can overcome this you can get past that.


  • Easy-to-access storage
  • Tight turn radius
  • Wobbly canopy
  • Fights against obstacles
  • It is difficult to put together


Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller – Best Jogging Stroller Under 200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
At a low cost, the Baby Trend Range Jogger stroller is the ideal jogging stroller. The stroller is 27.5 pounds, which is the same as the best strollers under 200 dollars that jog and will carry your baby to the weight of 50 pounds.

It is not just suitable for toddlers, but also infants of 6 months. The seat snaps Baby Trend car seats, without the requirement to purchase an adapter. Also, if you own an EZ Flex-Loc or EZ Flex-Loc Plus car seat at home, this is a killing deal.

There are two trays in the stroller that can be used by the child and the parent. You can place in them your keys, phones, and other useful items. The storage basket beneath can be used to store a big-sized baby bag with a diaper, coat, and even a few baby toys.

Attention to detail is what makes it a worthy investment. It has reflectors on the footrest to allow you to walk out with ease in the evening. The adjustable canopy on the stroller shields your infant from the sun’s UV rays.

The cleverly designed handlebar comes with rubber padding. Because of this, you can enjoy a comfortable and precise grip. While it does not have a hand brake, it is equipped with foot brakes that allow you to stop jogging.

A bit bulky once folded, however, the stroller is an excellent choice at this price. Built with robust wheels, this stroller can handle dirt, gravel, and cobbled roads very well. The front wheel can also be locked.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Car seat compatible
  • Smooth and comfortable rides
  • Two trays and an organizer
  • Storage basket of decent size
  • Bulky after folding
  • The Triangle footrest makes the child’s leg dangle


Baby Trend EZ Ride Travel System – Budget-Friendly Stroller Travel System

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
Are you searching for the most accessible stroller that converts or the best affordable strollers with car seats? Check out this one. It is the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel system, which comes with car seats at a price that is cheaper than the stroller by itself.

It is a nice-looking set with purple accents on the car seat and stroller. Its Ally 35 Car Seat features side wings that are adorned with cushions to provide your baby’s back with good support. It has a latch connector so that you can put it in the stroller straight out of the box.

The car seat can be used for babies who weigh 35 pounds. The toddler seat is suitable for children who weigh less than 50 pounds, or about 42 inches tall.

Despite the 3-wheel design, it is not one for jogging. The front wheels of the stroller are double and can be locked to avoid accidents. If you notice that your child is sleeping, you can recline the seat to let your baby sleep in a comfortable position.

An extended canopy, it keeps your baby away from the sun’s reach. The peek-a-boo window lets you know the correct details about the latest activity for your infant.

With an adjustable handle, it is the best stroller for short and tall parents. It is 42 inches high from the ground, at its highest height. Additionally, it is padded which makes it possible to hold for long periods.

One of the greatest things about one of the best strollers under 200 dollars is the child tray. It is a swing-away design and you can disconnect it to keep the stroller in a smaller space. In addition, it is also equipped with a parent tray that includes an organizer.


  • Smooth and stable
  • Gorgeous travel system stroller
  • The handle is padded and adjustable in height
  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • The car seat does not snugly fit


Baby Trend Expedition Race Stroller – Perfect Stroller Under $200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
If you are looking to enjoy the ultimate comfort while rewarding your child with the same, then the Baby Trend Expedition Race Jogger Stroller is a great choice. The stroller has larger and air-filled tires so it will smoothly roll over bumps.

It is possible to remove the front wheel since it comes with a quick-release clamp for easy storage of the stroller. The kid console that swings away is an ample space to keep snacks in the bag. There is also an adult console so you can also carry your smartphone and bottle in the stroller.

It is easy to push this one of the best strollers under 200 dollars due to the ergonomically raised handlebar. The sun canopy comes with UPF 50+, which means your child will be protected from harsh sunlight.

Additionally, the stroller has a five-point harness to keep the baby safe while preventing him from falling off by accident. We also loved the inclusion of a larger basket meaning you don’t have to carry a bag to carry important items.

The seat can be reclined quickly, and it can be laid flat when your child would like to sleep. It is also comfortable enough for your child to go on a run.

In short, this jogging stroller is ideal for any parent who would like their child to be at ease.


  • Folds easily and is easy to carry
  • Rear wheels are equipped with reflective lights
  • A cushioned seat with padding for added comfort
  • Tires can deflate, or punctured
  • A little heavier than the other strollers that jog


Kolcraft Cloud Plus Baby Stroller – Disney Approved Stroller Under $200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
If you already own two strollers and are looking for the smallest stroller to make your tasks easier, Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller is the ideal option. With only 11.8 pounds, it is lighter compared to other best strollers under 200 dollars.

Note that the stroller is Disney-size-approved. This means you can take it there. Also, as it is inexpensive, you will feel comfortable parking it during your trip. It is better to stay clear of it if you are carrying an infant. The stroller is not able to lie flat and recline.

The flip-out canopy protects your baby from head to foot. It is a practical and huge relief in the heat of summer. Additionally, the window that allows for peek-a-boo lets you look at your child from time to time.

Because of the front suspension, cobbles and curbs do not cause damage to your passenger. The front wheels are 5.75 inches, and the rear ones are 6.75 inches, both will give smooth and comfortable rides.

It is a single-hand fold, self-standing stroller. This is what makes it easy to keep in storage. The child tray is comprised of a juice and snack container, and there are also two cup holders and an organizer on the handlebar. All of these make it one of the best strollers under 200 dollars.


  • Easy to move
  • Disney size approved
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple folding with one hand
  • Big size storage basket
  • Does not recline flat
  • Cup holders tend to be smaller


Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller – Best Double Stroller Under 200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
If you are concerned to purchase a side-by-side stroller, because of the possibility that it will not be able to pass through doors, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus double stroller can eliminate this issue since it is 31 inches wide and fits every standard doorway.

It is a lightweight stroller with 23 pounds, which is less than compared to some other best strollers under 200 dollars.

It has four wheels. These wheels on the front are supported by the suspension mechanism, which allows it to stop against curbs and jerks when you walk.

Ideal for children of 4 years old, the stroller can be used throughout the years of family. The seats can carry up to 40 pounds and can recline slightly.

In the middle of the handlebar, there is a tray that is for parents. It is where you can store your keys, phone, and other useful items. There are separate storage baskets beneath for both seats. It has a large canopy that has a peek-a-boo window. It is necessary to fold this stroller with two hands.


  • Lightweight
  • Fits all doors
  • Self-standing after fold
  • Two large canopies
  • Includes snack trays
  • Storage is limited


Jeep Travel Stroller – Most Durable Stroller Under $200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight but durable stroller for your travels, take an eye on the Jeep Travel Stroller which is among the best strollers under 200 dollars. Its compact design allows it to cruise through the aisles and you will not face any problems when you take it out of narrow places.

It is a one-handed folding stroller, so you can fold it up on the go and put it into your car. It comes with plenty of safety features, including a five-point safety harness, and a faux leather bar for holding.

The canopy above will keep your baby safe from sun, and rain, so you do not need to worry about carrying an umbrella. The four wheels can rotate, so moving this stroller is much easier. Additionally, you can lock the rear wheels at any time with your feet. The storage basket under the seat allows you to carry diapers and other essential items.

Overall the stroller is built to last and you can fold it in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the faux leather bar is movable and can be removed if your child dislikes it.


  • JPMA Certified
  • Extra safe
  • Extremely light
  • Easy to move
  • Huge undercarriage basket
  • There is no console on the parent’s side


Baby Jogger City Mini – Most Appealing Stroller Under $200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
It is also present on the list of best strollers under 200 dollars. It is a lightweight stroller for jogging that weighs only 19 pounds and does not require you to fight to move it around with your child inside. The stroller is built with strong metal frames which ensure impressive longevity and the capacity to carry 50 pounds.

Its wheel in the front rotates well, and you can move it easily when running. The stroller comes with an ultraviolet 50+ sun canopy which will reflect UV rays back towards the sky while shielding your child from harm. The two windows allow you to peek inside the stroller and not stop while jogging.

It is an extremely comfortable stroller due to its reclined seat. The basket under the seat will be able to accommodate plenty of items, and you could carry your water bottle.

It is a good thing that the stroller folds with one hand and it comes with an auto-lock which means the stroller will not unfold automatically when you are transporting it in your backseat.

The front wheel that locks ensures that the stroller will not roll down while you are chatting with your jogging buddies. There is a pocket for storage on the back seat also that allows you to take more things.

The greatest feature of Baby Jogger City Mini is the 5-point safety harness. Your child will not be able to unfasten the harness, which means security is assured.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • One-handed foldable
  • The handle is comfortable
  • The undercarriage basket could have been larger
  • All accessories are sold as separate items such as the console and car adapter


Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller – Robust Stroller Under $200

Best Strollers Under 200 Dollars
This umbrella stroller is made by Graco and is a fantastic choice among the best strollers under 200 dollars to protect your child from UV harmful rays. The large sun canopy provides excellent coverage, which means your child will have more comfort when taking the stroller.

Additionally, the stroller can accommodate big kids. It has an adjustable reclining seat and you can also put the seat flat when your child wants to lie down.

The rear wheels can swivel to allow for greater flexibility. The suspension system can easily absorb shocks so that your child will not feel the jerks or bumps. The most appealing feature of the Breeze Click Connect by Graco Stroller is its wheel locking feature. The stroller’s front wheels can be locked to prevent the stroller from moving accidentally away from you.

Additionally, the soft seat provides a great level of comfort and it is washable. The Graco Breaze Click Connect Strollers may not fit in luggage, but it is very easy to transport. It is possible to fold the stroller using just one hand, and then it is ready to be tucked away in your car.

This stroller will be sure of the best safety for your child since it comes with an optional 3- or 5-point harness system.

In short, Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller is the best option if you are looking for a safe and comfortable stroller. It comes with an adjustable cup holder and an undercarriage basket which makes it even more comfortable.


  • Priced reasonably
  • Lightweight
  • Folds easily
  • Easy to take with you
  • An excellent option for shopping at the supermarket and airport travel
  • A few users had issues with wheel alignment
  • The lock on the wheel is not amazing

Final Words

These are the best strollers for under 200 dollars. If you want to purchase the perfect stroller for you, look at the capacity of weight as well as the stroller’s type. You can also look at your child’s needs to figure out if it is the ideal stroller to spend your cash on.