List of Famous 50 Black Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Black baby names have origins all over the world. These popular African-American name titles can be traced back to ancient languages like Greek and Hebrew or can have origins in America.

Additionally, these unique monikers are often combined with different elements, such as different spelling variations or with some completely original words that stand alone.

When you have a new baby, his name is one of the most important things to decide. It will define who he is and connect him with other people in society for a lifetime.

However, coming up with just the right name can be difficult because, in this era, there are so many possibilities out there.

Today, we’ll look at some popular black baby names that would work great as your son’s moniker. So go through this article.

Popular Black Baby Names for Boys

Popular Black baby names for boys with their meanings, Origins, and some exciting information are listed below:

Black Baby Names for Boys and Girls
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It is a name that originates from the bible. Zion means “citadel” or fortress, which was in Jerusalem and has also been used as a surname since 2700 B.C. It is a biblical word with many different interpretations and spellings.

For example, Zyon is the alternative spelling option for the plain old name ‘Zion.’

This name’s popularity started to increase after 2000, with celebrities giving it to their children, such as Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley (musician), Marcus Samuelsson (chef), and Alvaro Jacomossi (model).

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This rare name originates from Arabic, and the meaning of this name is evident. This word can have many other meanings, but it most commonly refers to something that stands out as being very visible because of its clarity. It is a variation of Zahir or Zaher, which are also famous names in the Middle East.

Zahair is a rare name that is not in the top 1000 names. A Famous person named Zahir is Afghan prime minister Abdul Zahir.

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The name Xavier originates from a Basque phrase meaning “new house.” The spelling varies, but it is most commonly seen as Xzavier or Javier.

Xavier is a name that has been climbing the charts since 2001. Of course, it had some years where it was trendy and reached its peak popularity of #68 in 2007 and 2009, but lately, people are less interested in this classic choice for their child.

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Treyvon’s meaning is divine power. But this name has not been popular in the US since 2000. Its most famous namesake was Treyvon Hester, who played football at Cincinnati and went on to play for Washington Redskins during the 2017-2018 seasons.

The name Treyvon appeared four times on the charts in 2000, 2001, 2006, and 2007, while its other variations, like Trey’Von or Trevion, have not been used as much.

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It is the Arabic word for “king.” It has many alternate spellings and variations, including Malak (an angel in Islam) and Melik (a Turkish title of nobility or ruler that can be used as a given name).

Black Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Famous people named Malik include Malik Knighten (R&B singer), Malik Sosho (a well-known choreographer from China), and Malcolm Delaney (a basketball player). The popularity of this male baby name peaked in 2000 at position 176, but since then, it’s steadily declined on the charts to its lowest point so far, position 363.

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It is a unique Hebrew name that means Messenger of God but was more popular in the past. Though it’s not as common today, this old-fashioned moniker still has some staying power due to famous namesakes who have kept Malachi on people’s radar throughout history.

Famous People with this name include an author and journalist in Northern Ireland who worked to bring peace between Protestants and Catholics after decades of violence, known as “The Troubles.”

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The name Lamonte has African-American roots, meaning “man of law.” It is also the name of the singer and songwriter “Lamont Dozier.” According to recent data, it is a rare name and not in the top 1,000 names.

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The name “Lemarco” is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternative to more famous names like Lamar or Marcus. The Origin is African-American. This boy’s name means warrior, which would be perfect because your son will grow strong and brave.

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It has Arabic roots, and the meaning of this name is “friend.” Khalil can be spelled in several different ways in English, including Khaleel or Calleb, which are not very common names for this moniker.

Famous people named Khalil include Moroccan footballer Kahill Azmi and Palestinian academic Kalile al-Sakakhini, who served on three peace delegations between 1996–2002 to end the conflict in the Israel/Palestine region.

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It is a Latin name meaning justice. The term Justus originates from Latin. It has many famous namesakes, including German scientist Justus von Liebig and German actor Justis Dohnanyi. It was once popular, but today, this once popular boy’s name remains rare in America, according to Social Security Administration statistics for 2018.

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It is a Hebrew name meaning “God supports.” It has been given to many notable people, including Josiah Willard Gibbs (a scientist), Josiah Wedgwood (an English potter, entrepreneur, and abolitionist), and Josia Royce (founder of American idealism).


This name has its Origin in Hebrew, meaning “the river that flows between Israel and Jordan.” Regarding baby names, Jordan is one of the most traditional. From Biblical times onward, this name has been used for both boys and girls.

For some reason, nowadays, parents focus on more unique-sounding monikers that will never go out of style.

And Jordan is a well-used name that is always been in the top 100. In 2000, at position 36, it was most famous for boys. However, its popularity has declined slowly but steadily since then.

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The name Jeremiah originates from Hebrew, meaning “appointed by God”. It is pronounced “Je-ray’-mee-uh” and has many variations, including Jeremy or Jeremias.

Some famous people named after this biblical figure include Jeremiah Clemens (American novelist and politician), Dr. Jeremiah Wright (pastor emeritus), and Jeremiah Defoe (English footballer).

The most popular year for Jeremiah was 2010 and 2011 when it hit No. 51 on the top 100 names list. As of 2019, Jeremiah sits at 70th place in popularity rankings.

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An African-American name that is derived from the Hebrew word. Alternative Spellings for Jaylen are Jaylon, Jaylin, and Jalen. It was popular at one time but has declined since then.

Jaylen is a name used for many famous men in different fields, like Jaylen Robinson (rapper) and Jaylen Brown (Basketball player). However, its popularity has declined in recent years, and now it is at position 338 on the popular baby names list.

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The Origin of Jayden is African American. The name Jayden has been steadily rising in popularity since 2009. It currently sits at position 35 and is expected to continue increasing over the next few years. It has also been used for famous athletes and swimmers like “Jayden Hadler” or cricket player “Jayden Levitt.”

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Jamal is a beautiful Arabic name meaning beauty. Jamal has many other spellings and variations like Dzhamal, Gamal, Jamaal, and Xhemale. The most popular year for the name Jamal was 2002.

However, its popularity has decreased since then, and it currently sits at number 860 on the list of most common names in America, according to data from 2016.

Famous people with this given name include basketball players “Jamal Murray” and “Jamal Crawford”.

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The name Isaiah originates from Hebrew and means “The Lord is salvation.” The name appears in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. This variation of Isaiah has been around for over 400 years.

This famous male moniker has peaked for the past 20 years, peaking in 2006 at 39. However, it currently sits at 53. Famous namesakes include actor “Isaiah Russel-Bailey” and basketball player “Isaiah Thomas” who was named after his father’s mentor, Isiah Thomas.

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An Arabic name that means “wise”, Hakeem is a good choice for parents looking to give their child an accessory and an alternative spelling of Hakim’s famous names. However, it might be wise to keep this baby boy’s unique first name as simple as possible so others know how it should be pronounced.

A famous person named Hakeem is a Basketball player, “Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon.”


Elijah is a Hebrew name meaning “My God is Yahweh” and has been popular in the United States since 2010. The name Elijah was initially used as an Anglicized form of Elias. This top 21st-century boys’ moniker has been the 5th most popular U.S. first name for over seven years, currently at number 18 on 2018 records alone.

Famous people named Elijah are a religious leader “Elijah Muhammad” and Actor and producer “Elijah Wood”.


Darius originates from Latin and means possessing goodness. It has a variety of different spellings, including Darius, Dareios, and Dario.

Famous people with this name include French composer/conductor “Darius Milhaud” and singer-songwriter “Darius Rucker.” It was at peak popularity in the year 2000 when it ranked #220 according to the most recent data.


This name has Greek origins and means’ bearing Christ.’ When you think of meaningful names, Kris is one to consider. Famous people with this name are “Kris Allen,” the singer-songwriter most famous for winning American Idol’s 8th season of competition, and singer-songwriter “Kris Lawrence.”

According to US Popularity data from the Social Security Administration, this name peaked around 2000 at position 295, but since then, its popularity slowly declined, placing 771st most recently as per 2018 statistics.


Kristian is a Latin name that means Christian. This popular baby name’s alternative spellings and variations include Cristian, Christian, Carsten, and Karsten.

Famous people with this name are painter “Kristian Zahrtmann” and Industrial designer “Kristian Somer Vedel.”

According to current data, the popularity of this boy’s name peaked in 2000 at number 419 but has since declined to 793.”


The Origin of the name Booker is English, meaning the maker of books. Booker is a name that has been used for centuries. Many different spellings, such as Brook, Brooke, and Booker T, make this name even more unique.

Its popularity was highest back in 1917 when five baby boys named Bookers were born every day, but now it is a short name with only 204 people taking the moniker today.


This name originated from Italy and is a rarer male first name with many namesakes throughout history. Alternative Spellings for Antonne are Antony, Anthony, Antoine, Antwan.

A Famous person named Antoine is the film producer “Antonne Jone.” However, this name has never been in the top 1,000 most popular baby boy names.


Andres is a Greek name meaning manly. There have been over 200 Andres since 2000, but it has always remained between 150 and 220 on the US baby names list, peaking at 152 back in 2007.

Alternative Spellings for the name Andres are Andreas Andre. Famous people with Namesakes Andres are “Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,” the President of Mexico.

Some Famous and unique Black baby names for Girls

Black Baby Names for Boys and Girls

There is no particular order to this list of black baby names for girls. All these names have stood out as different, attractive choices.

For example, “Aaliyah” means “highest, topmost” in Arabic, while “Adora” has Old English origins meaning “beloved.”

Some interesting information about some of them includes that “Amara” translates into “eternal beauty”, “Aria” stands for “love or songbird” in Greek, and “Everly” refers to someone who “lives near a stream”.


The name Tanisha means ‘gift of god’ and originates from the African-American community. Many other spellings and variations are Tanya, Tanesha, and Latanya.

Tanisha is a rare name that was not popular but may have been inspired by the famous Tanesha.

Some Famous Namesakes for Tanisha are “Tanisha Harper” (a model) and “Tanisha Wright” (Basketball coach and former player).


Nikita originates from Sanskrit and means “house.” Nikita is a rare name, and no famous people or characters bear this moniker as of yet. This unique name has only made it onto the charts once, but in 2000, it ranked at 884 number.

There are many other spellings for this name, such as Niketa, Nikiataa (Native American), and Nikki (English), which may be easier to pronounce for those seeking something different.

A Famous person with the name Nikita is “Nikita Ramsey” (a Movie actress).


The name Makeba is an African American baby girl’s given name. The meaning and origin of the name are unknown, but it has been adapted as a variation on Makhiba or Mahkeba.

There were no prominent people named Makeba until South African singer, songwriter, and actress “Miriam Makeba” rose to fame in the 1960s.


Ladonna originates from the name Donna, which is a joint African-American name. However, this specific spelling was not very popular and only appeared once in the top 1 thousand names for girls born between 1930-1939. Some alternative spellings for Ladonna are Ladana, Donna, Ladan, and Dona.

Ladonna has many famous female namesakes, including singer, songwriter, and actress “Donna Summer,” who peaked at #29 on Billboard Hot 100.


The African-American Lacresha is a prophet in the African-American community. It is a rare, unlisted name inspired by an abolitionist Quaker women’s rights activist and social reformer known as “Lucretia Mott.”

She was very influential in the 1800s during specific movements. Some Alternative Spellings for Lacresha are Lucretia, Lucrecia and Lucrezia.


A name that is derived from Africa and means “divine.” This particular meaning makes Kiana an uncommon yet beautiful choice for your child’s name. Kiyana is a unique name that was inspired by the author Kiana Davenport.

While not in the top 1,000 names of 2018, this rare gem would indeed cause lots of excitement when it was announced at school pick-up time on Monday morning.


Keysha is a name that originates from the African-American community. There are many alternative spellings and variations, which include “Keesh-ah” or even “Keys.”

Keysha was made famous by singer, songwriter, actress, and television producer “Keyshia Cole” and actor “Keisha Castle Hughes” who played Pani in The Bad Seed (2006).

This unique girl’s first name does not rank high among the top 1,000 baby names recorded since 1880 but has gained popularity over time.


The rare and unique name Kaylen is derived from the English, which means “pure.” Some famous people named Kaylen are American track and field athlete “Kaylen Whitney” and Alpine ski racer “Kaylen Richardson.”

Alternative Spellings and Variations for Kaylen are Kaylee, Kailyn, Kalyn, Kailin, Kaylin, Kaelyn, Kaylyn, Kaylynn, and Cailyn. Although it was not on the top 1000 list of popular names, there were some years when Kaylen ranked number 686.


Kalisha is a beautiful African-American name that means “lucky”. It has several alternative spellings and variations, like Lecia, Kallissa, Lessia, and Felicia.

The Origin of this strong female’s name may be attributed to Kalista Miller, an American TV producer in charge of many shows such as Fear Factor (2001–2004) and Last Comic Standing (2003–2009). However, it remains rare; only 20 women were named Kalisha last year.


The name Jasmine originates in Persian and means “jasmine flower.” Still, it is also spelled with many variations like Jessamine, Jazmine, Yasmeen, Yasmine, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasmyn, Jazmin, Jazmyn, Jazzmine, Jessamyn, Yasmin, Yazmin.

It has been a popular girls’ name for centuries, especially since the middle of the 19th century when Napoleon Bonaparte brought jasmines back to France after his Egyptian campaign (1798-1801).

Several famous women named Jasmine, such as “Jasmine Tookes” (American model), “Jasmyn Guy” (actress, director, singer, and dancer), and “Jazzmen Waltz” (reality television personality).

The name Jasmine is not as common anymore. In 2009, the name dropped out of the top 50 names for girls, and in 2015 it fell from being a popular 100th-ranked baby girl’s moniker to 131st place, according to Social Security Administration data released this year.


It is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility and magic. It is currently considered a rare name. It was most popular in 2005 at rank 522 before dropping off the charts entirely in 2015.

Famous people with Isis include “Isis King,” an American model, actress, and fashion designer.


Imani is a Swahili word meaning “faith.” It has two alternative spellings, Imaan and Imanni. Famous namesakes include American singer, songwriter, and violinist “Imani Coppola” and actress “Imani Hakim”.

The name peaked in 2001 as the 300th most popular name in America, but its popularity has decreased since then with an overall trend of becoming less common.


Dominique means “the day of the Lord, ” a Latin baby name. It was once famous as well but now only has its record position from 2000 to go by for popularity records, and numbers used before 2018 are no longer considered relevant as it dropped off the charts in those years because it fell out of favor with parents naming their babies this moniker.

Some famous names people with the name Dominique are “Dominique de Villepin” (a former prime minister of France), “Dominique Monami” (a tennis player), and “Dominique Voynet” (a French politician).


The name Destiny has a Latin origin. The most popular spelling of this name is Destiny, but some variations exist, such as Destinee and Destinie.

It was at its peak in popularity in 2001 when it ranked 22 number for baby girls born within the year before.

But after 2012, it dropped off the top 100 list for names of newborns due to people moving away from traditional biblical or religious naming trends towards trendier ones like Logan and Carter instead.

Some famous people are “Destiny Chukunyere” (a Singer), “Destiny Lights” (actress, singer, and dancer), and “Destiny Williams” (a basketball player).


A North American native name meaning “allies” or “friends” has been around since 2001 and is most popular among parents born in the 1970s.

Dakotah’s also spelled and has many famous namesakes, including Dakota Fanning and Dakota Blue Richards.


The name Chloe is of Greek Origin, meaning “green shoot”. Some alternative spellings are Cloe, Kloe, Cloa, and Khloe. Famous people with the name Chloe are “Chloe Bennet” (Singer and actress), “Chloe Webb” (actress), and “Chloe Hosking” (racing cyclist).

It has been a popular choice for girls in the United States since 2000. However, the years that it was most familiar were from 2009 to 2012, when many people chose this moniker as their little girl’s name.

It is currently ranked at number 24 on the most commonly used baby names today and may continue to climb.


Chantelle is a French name meaning “stony”. It’s also an uncommon, feminine baby-naming option with many spellings and variations, such as Shantel, Shantelle, Chantel, Chanelle, and Chantal.

One famous Namesake is “Chantelle Anderson,” a Basketball player. In the U.S., Chantel peaked as #1 in 2013 for girls born between 1990-1999 but has since fallen out of favor to become a rarer variation on this popular girl’s name that came from France during the Middle Ages.


The name is Cassandra originates from the Greek word which means “to shine”. A famous namesake of this beautiful and unique name is American singer, songwriter, model, actress, and dancer “Cassie Ventura.”

Some alternative Spellings and variations for Cassandra are Kassandra and Kasandra. This name peaked in popularity as the number 100th most popular girl’s baby name back in the 2000s, with a gradual decline to its current rank at 612 on the 2017 list.


Brianna is a name that means high and noble in English Origin. Some alternative Spellings for this name are Breonna, Bria, and Briana.

Famous people named Brianna are “Brianna Perry” (a Rapper and actress), and “Brianna Rollins-McNeal” (a track and field athlete).

It was most popular in 2000 when it was the 15th most common baby girl’s name. Now Brianna has dropped out of the top 100 and now ranks as 147 number for girls born between 2010-2017.


Aniyah is a name that means “grace,” originating in English.

Aniyah has grown steadily in popularity since 2000 and peaked at 177 positions in 2010 before declining slightly to put her overall at 290, according to today’s most recent data.


Angel is a Latin name that means “messenger,” and it’s both a boy’s and a girl’s name. In the past, Angel has been more popular for boys than girls in terms of its rank among all names on record.

The most recent data puts Angel at 395th place as a girl’s given name while placing 72nd when referring to boys instead. Alternative Spellings for Angel are Angelia, Angela, Angelle.

Some famous names are “Angel McCoughtry” (a basketball player) and “Angel Haze” (Rapper and singer).


A Spanish and Swedish name that means “noble.” The name has many different spellings, such as Alecia, Alesia, or Alice.

Famous people named Alicia include “Alicia Keys” (singer and songwriter) and “Alicia Alonso” (prima ballerina and choreographer).

It peaked in the early 2000s with the 121st most popular girls’ names ranking, but its popularity declined drastically after the 9/11 attacks.


The name Alexis is derived from the Greek word for the defender. Notable people with this name include French diplomat and historian “Alexis de Toqueville” and actress/model “Alexus Bledel” (who played Rory Gilmore on “Gilmore Girls”).

Alternative spellings and variations for Alexis are Alexus, and Alexia. It was at its most popular in 2001 but has since fallen to 236th place, according to 2019 data.


Alexandra was a Greek name meaning “defender.” It peaked in the year 2000. It is now no longer popular, sliding down to position 130 as of 2019.

Some alternative spellings are Alexandrina, Alexandria, Aleksandra, Alexandrea, Alexandrie, Alexandrina, Oleksandra, Alejandra, Alessandra, and Aleksandra.

Famous people with names are “Alexandra Burke” (a Singer and songwriter) and “Alexandra Stan” (an actress).


Aaliyah is a high, lofty name with Arabic origins that means “high” or “sublime.” It has been popular since 2001, when R&B singer Aaliyah died in a tragic plane crash. Although it’s still very much on the rise, peaking at position 36 in 2012 and currently sitting at 70 as of 2019.

The Last Word

Choosing the right name for your baby is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You can select from this list of black baby names or use family names that reflect your history and culture.

It will be sure to feel pride as you see your child grow up with an excellent and unique name.