600+ Beautiful Black Boy Names With Meaning

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2023)

Historically and presently, Black Boy Names are significant for Black people’s self-perception. They can be unique and come from different backgrounds and origins worldwide. Some words, such as Dominique, are gender-neutral and suitable for Black baby boys and baby girls. Traditional names like Michael or Isaac are also commonly used for boys. Other words like Jarel convey a strong message, meaning “brave and open-minded.” Parents with solid religious ties may choose biblical names like Malachi.

Black boy names offer virtually limitless options to cater to each family’s desires. Parents can choose word
based on cultural, historical, religious, and personal preferences. When naming their new “bundle of joy,” parents consider the name that best reflects their values and hopes for their child.

Black names contribute to Black individuals’ and families’ cultural identity and heritage. They reflect
individuality and uniqueness, showcasing the diverse backgrounds of Black people. The diversity of Black names allows for a wide range of names, from traditional to modern names to gender-neutral names.

Black names suggest positive traits like bravery, open-mindedness, and religious devotion. They can also be inclusive by being suitable for various genders. Choosing specific names reflects parents’ values, beliefs, and aspirations for their children. Black names preserve and honor the cultural heritage of Black communities worldwide.

They can empower individuals by reflecting on their cultural roots and identities. Black boy names celebrate the diversity of cultures and traditions within the Black community. Naming a child is a meaningful way for families to bond and express love and hopes for the future.

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Black Boy Names: Collection

A Collection of Adorable and Soothing Black Boy Names are listed below:

  1. Aaron (Lofty, The Mountain of Strength)
  2. Abasi (Stern)
  3. Abel (Vapor, Breath)
  4. Abhimanyu (With self-respect, Arjuna’s son)
  5. Abraham (The father of multitudes)
  6. Absolan (The father of peace)
  7. Adair (Happy Spear)
  8. Adama (Earth)
  9. Addison (The son of Adam)
  10. Ade (Royal)
  11. Adric (A blessed ruler)
  12. Adrik (Dark person)
  13. Adwin (Intellectual, Artist)
  14. Aegon (Competition, Struggle)
  15. Aera (Lion)
  16. Ahmad (Much praised)
  17. Ahmed (Highly praised)
  18. Ahmod (The one who is highly praised)
  19. Aiden (The little fire)
  20. Aitan (Long-lived)
  21. Aiyden (Little fire)
  22. Ajou (Determined, Courageous)
  23. Akrsna (Moon, Pure)
  24. Alastair (The defender of humanity)
  25. Albany (From Albany, From Scotland)
  26. Alder (Old)
  27. Aldous (Wealthy, Old)
  28. Algernon (Wearing a mustache)
  29. Ali (Elevated)
  30. Alistair (Defending men)
  31. Alonzo (Noble, The one who is ready for battle)
  32. Aloysius (The famous warrior)
  33. Alphonse (The one who is always ready for battle)
  34. Alwan (Nobel friend, Colors)
  35. Amadeus (Love of the God)
  36. Aman (Peace)
  37. Amani (Wishes)
  38. Amari (Eternal)
  39. Ambrose (Immortal)
  40. Amir (Immortal)
  41. Amos (To carry)
  42. Anderson (Son of Ander, Son of Andrew)
  43. Andor (Brave)
  44. Andra (Manly, Brave)
  45. Andre (Manly)
  46. Andreas (Manly, Brave)
  47. Andres (Warrior, Manly, Brave)
  48. Andrew (Manly, Brave)
  49. Andri (Manly, Brave)
  50. Angelo (Messenger)
  51. Antama (Royal)
  52. Anthone (The one who is worthy of praise)
  53. Anthony (The one who is priceless)
  54. Antoine (The flower, Priceless, Praiseworthy, Inestimable)
  55. Antonio (The flower, Priceless, Praiseworthy, Inestimable)
  56. Antonne (The one who is Priceless)
  57. Anwa (Strong-willed)
  58. Apollo (Destroyer)
  59. Aray (Determined, Courageous)
  60. Archer (Bowman)
  61. Ardashir (The best king)
  62. Armstrong (The strong fighter)
  63. Arran (The dweller of Iceland)
  64. Arris (Best)
  65. Arsenio (Strong)
  66. Arthur (Bear)
  67. Asaad (Lion)
  68. Aspen (Quaking tree)
  69. Assad (A Lion)
  70. Aston (The noble stone)
  71. Atu (Powerful)
  72. Aurelius (The Golden one)
  73. Autry (Noble strength)
  74. Averey (Magical being)
  75. Avery (Wise)
  76. Aweinon (The moving flowers)
  77. Ayren (The mountain of strength)
  78. Azib (Earth)
  79. Azibo (Happiness)
  80. Azuriah (Yahweh has helped)
  81. Bailey (The agent of law)
  82. Barnaby (Son of exhortation, Son of consolation)
  83. Barrington (The fair-haired)
  84. Bartholomew (The one who has many furrows)
  85. Basil (Kingly)
  86. Beau (Handsome)
  87. Behnam (Reputable, Honorable)
  88. Behrouz (Prosperous)
  89. Bellinor (Dark person, Beautiful)
  90. Berta (Bright)
  91. Bjorn (Bear)
  92. Blaise (Stutter, Lisp)
  93. Blake (Dark)
  94. Blamore (The dark moor)
  95. Blaze (Fire)
  96. Booker (The bookbinder, Scribe)
  97. Brady (The descendant of Bradach)
  98. Brandon (Fiery hill, Broom-covered hill)
  99. Brayton (Wise, Brave)
  100. Bruce (From the brushwood thicket)
  101. Bryony (Poisonous climbing vine)
  102. Bryson (The son of a nobleman)
  103. Burleigh (The meadow of the trees that have knotty-trunk)
  104. Busta (Person who used to break things, Fellow, Friend, Weak individual, Fake person, Dude)
  105. Caesar (Thick head of hair, Long-haired)
  106. Cain (Spear)
  107. Caleb (Whole-hearted, Faithful Dog)
  108. Calem (Dove)
  109. Calix (Handsome)
  110. Calvin (Bald)
  111. Cameron (The crooked river)
  112. Carel (Freeman)
  113. Carl (The free man, The strong man)
  114. Carlos (Freeman)
  115. Carnell (The one who defends the castle)
  116. Cartier (The transporter of goods)
  117. Casey (Vigilant)
  118. Casim (The one who controls the anger)
  119. Caspar (Treasurer, The keeper of the treasure)
  120. Cassian (Vain, Empty)
  121. Cassius (Hollow, Vain, Narcissistic)
  122. Cato (All-knowing)
  123. Cavin (The One who is beautiful at birth)
  124. Cedar (Tree)
  125. Cerne (The one who has black hair)
  126. Chacha (Eagle)
  127. Chante (Singer, To sing the song)
  128. Chaquille (Little)
  129. Charlie (The freeman)
  130. Chike (The strength of God)
  131. Christopher (Christ-bearer)
  132. Ciaran (The little dark one)
  133. Clark (Clerk, Scribe)
  134. Clay (Clay worker)
  135. Clayton (Humility, The settlement of clay)
  136. Clem (Merciful)
  137. Clementine (Merciful, Gentle)
  138. Cleveland (Hilly area, the land of cliffs)
  139. Clinton (Settlement on a hill)
  140. Cody (Helpful)
  141. Coleridge (Dark ridge)
  142. Colt (The young horse)
  143. Colten (The swarthy person)
  144. Corbin (Raven)
  145. Cornelius (Wise, Strong-willed)
  146. Cornell (Horn colored)
  147. Craig (From the rock)
  148. Crisento (Gold flower)
  149. Curtis (Polite)
  150. Curtiss (Courteous, Polite)
  151. D’andre (The brave man)
  152. Dace (Of nobility)
  153. Daevin (Beloved)
  154. Daevon (Beloved)
  155. Dagen (Black Haired)
  156. Dajon (God is gracious)
  157. Da-Jon (God is gracious)
  158. Da-Juan (Favored by the God)
  159. Dakarai (Rejoice, Happy)
  160. Dakari (Rejoice)
  161. Damien (To overcome, To tame)
  162. Damon (Loyal, Constant)
  163. Damone (Gentle)
  164. Dangelo (Angel)
  165. Daniel (God is my judge)
  166. Daran (Great)
  167. Darby (Free from the envy)
  168. Darel (The one who is tenderly loved)
  169. Darius (Rich, Powerful, Kingly, To possess good, Good)
  170. Darryl (Beloved one, Dear)
  171. Da-Shawn (The one who is like God)
  172. Dauntay (Strong, Powerful)
  173. Davian (New home, Light)
  174. David (The beloved one)
  175. Davu (Beginning)
  176. Dayton (Light town, Day town)
  177. Deandra (The one who defends mankind, Divine)
  178. Deandrae (The one who defends mankind, Divine)
  179. DeAndre (Manly)
  180. DeAnthony (The one who is worthy of praise)
  181. Deaven (Romantic)
  182. Deckard (Unknown meaning)
  183. Deion (Revelry, The God of wine)
  184. Delano (The healthy black man)
  185. Delroy (The king)
  186. Demarcus (The son of Marcus)
  187. Demetrius (The one who is devoted to goddess Demeter, The goddess of fertility)
  188. Demont (I am the king)
  189. Denzel (From the high stronghold, Wild One)
  190. Derek (The ruler of the people)
  191. Deshawn (God is gracious)
  192. Devon (The defender)
  193. Dewayne (From the maker of wagons)
  194. Dexter (The one who dries the clothes)
  195. Diego (Supplanter)
  196. Dijon (God is gracious)
  197. Dikembe (A sports figure)
  198. Dominic (Of the master, Lordly, Belonging to God)
  199. Dominique (Belonging to the Lord, Of the Lord)
  200. Donner (Thunder)
  201. Donovan (Little brown one)
  202. Dontrell (God’s gift, Lasting)
  203. Douglas (Stream)
  204. Draco (Dragon)
  205. Drew (Wise)
  206. Duante (The maker of Wagons)
  207. Duke (The leader, Marmaduke’s son)
  208. Duron (Strong)
  209. Eden (The biblical garden)
  210. Efrem (Doubly fruitful)
  211. Ekon (Strong)
  212. Ekun (Lion)
  213. Eldrick (Sage ruler)
  214. Eli (Elevated, Uplifted, High, Ascended)
  215. Elijah (My God is Yahweh, God is powerful)
  216. Elimu (knowledge)
  217. Ellery (Cheerful)
  218. Elliott (My God is Yahweh)
  219. Elon (The oak tree)
  220. Elowen (Elm tree)
  221. Emanuel (God is with us)
  222. Emerson (Son of Ethelmar, Son of Emer)
  223. Emery (Loving)
  224. Emmett (Universal)
  225. Ender (Very rare)
  226. Eno (Strong with a sword)
  227. Erasmus (Desired, Beloved)
  228. Erasto (Beloved)
  229. Ericson (Son of Eric, Eternal ruler’s son, Ever kingly)
  230. Ernard (The brave bear, Strong)
  231. Ervan (Shrub, Yew)
  232. Erwin (Sea friend)
  233. Ethan (Enduring, Firm)
  234. Everett (Strong boar, Brave)
  235. Ezekiel (The strength of God)
  236. Faramir (Sufficient jewel)
  237. Farrell (The man of courage)
  238. Fayard (The strong magician)
  239. Ferric (Iron)
  240. Finias (The Nubian)
  241. Finnegan (The son of fair-haired)
  242. Finnick (Marshland farm)
  243. Florent (In flower)
  244. Florian (The yellow flower)
  245. Fox (A wild animal that is similar to a dog)
  246. Francis (The freeman)
  247. Frankie (The man who is free)
  248. Frederico (The peaceful ruler)
  249. Furnell (The hill that is covered with ferns)
  250. Fynn (Descendant of Flann)
  251. Gabra (Man, Human being, Gift of offering)
  252. Gabriel (My strength is God)
  253. Gage (Pledge, Oath)
  254. Gandalf (Wand elf)
  255. Garlan (Prize, Wreath)
  256. Garon (Guards)
  257. Genji (Heal, Peace, Soul)
  258. George (The earth worker, Farmer)
  259. Ghalen (Calm, Peaceful, Tranquil)
  260. Gideon (Great destroyer)
  261. Gilford (The ford with the yellow flowers)
  262. Giovanni (God is gracious)
  263. Glover (Name given to the people who make and sell gloves)
  264. Godrell (Related to the God)
  265. Gogo (Like a grand-father, Tonga)
  266. Grady (Noble, The famous one)
  267. Gray (The Color Gray)
  268. Gulzar (The Garden of Roses)
  269. Guyton (Person from Gayton)
  270. Haji (The one who performed the Hajj)
  271. Hakeem (Physician, Healer, Wise, Intelligent)
  272. Hamidi (To be commended)
  273. Hamilton (Hill that is flat-topped)
  274. Hampton (Home settlement, High settlement)
  275. Hamza (The brave man)
  276. Hardwin (The courageous friend)
  277. Harper (The player harp)
  278. Harrison (The son of Harry)
  279. Haskell (The Helmet of God)
  280. Hassan (Good, Handsome, Favorable, Excellent)
  281. Hawthorne (The place where the hawthorn trees grow)
  282. Hayden (The hedged valley)
  283. Hector (Restrain, Holding fast)
  284. Herold (A strong fighter, Be a warrior)
  285. Hezekiah (My strength is Yahweh)
  286. Hinata (The sunny place)
  287. Hogarth (Unknown meaning)
  288. Hosea (To deliver)
  289. Ian (God is gracious)
  290. Ibrahim (Father of many)
  291. Idris (Smart, To learn in, Studious)
  292. Iker (Visitation, Visit)
  293. Indiana (The Indian land, The land of Indians)
  294. Iniko (The one who is born during a time of trouble)
  295. Isaac (One who laughs)
  296. Isaiah (Yahweh is salvation)
  297. Ishmael (God will hear)
  298. Isiah (God saves, My savior is God)
  299. Israel (The one who struggled with God)
  300. Issa (Jesus)
  301. Izaak (Laughter, He laughs)
  302. Jabali (Strong like the road)
  303. Jabari (The brave one, Courageous)
  304. Jadyn (Precious stone, God has heard)
  305. Jagger (Hunter)
  306. Jaheem (Dignified, Raised)
  307. Jalen (God lodges, The one who follows the light, Healer)
  308. Jamal (Beauty, Handsome, Beautiful)
  309. JaMarion (Sea, Sparks, Dashing, Charming)
  310. James (Supplanter)
  311. Jamir (Good looks, Highly good)
  312. Jareth (Unknown meaning)
  313. Jarrick (Favor, Strong)
  314. Jarvis (The servant of the spear, The spearman)
  315. Jasper (The one who brings treasures)
  316. Jax (Favored by the God)
  317. Jay (To rejoice)
  318. Jayden (Thankful, God will judge, God has heard)
  319. Jaylen (Thankful)
  320. Jedidiah (Beloved of Jah)
  321. Jelani (Mighty, Powerful, Big)
  322. Jemarcus (From the God Mars)
  323. Jeremiah (Appointed by God)
  324. Jerrick (The gifted ruler, Strong)
  325. Jevonte (The son of Jeptheh)
  326. Jimiyu (The one who is born during the summer)
  327. Joachim (Established by God, God has granted)
  328. Joaquin (Established by God, God has granted)
  329. John (Graced by the God)
  330. Jonah (Dove)
  331. Jordan (To flow down, Descend)
  332. Joseph (To increase, God will add, Praise, Fame taken away, May he add)
  333. Joshua (God is deliverance)
  334. Josiah (God has healed)
  335. Jules (Youthful)
  336. Julian (Youthful, Young at heart, Child’s love)
  337. Julius (Downy-bearded, Youthful)
  338. Jupiter (The supreme God)
  339. Justin (Righteous, Fair)
  340. Justus (Righteous, Fairness, Just, Justice)
  341. K’yeon (Good fortune)
  342. Kadeem (Servant)
  343. Kael (Slender)
  344. Kahlil (Friend)
  345. Kaidan (Fighter)
  346. Kale (Manly, Strong)
  347. Kamau (Quiet warrior)
  348. Karlus (The settlement of the free man)
  349. Kasim (Divided)
  350. Kearney (Fighter)
  351. Keenan (The little ancient one)
  352. Kellan (Slender)
  353. Kelvin (Narrow waters, From the narrow river, Riverman, Friend of ships)
  354. Ken (Healthy)
  355. Kendi (The loved one)
  356. Kendis (Pure)
  357. Kennedy (The helmeted chief)
  358. Keon (God is gracious, Realm, King)
  359. Keshawn (Happy)
  360. Kestrel (Falcon cry)
  361. Keyon (Leading, Guide)
  362. Khalan (One who is a strong warrior)
  363. Khalil (Friend)
  364. Khalon (The strong warrior, Little king)
  365. Kijana (Youth)
  366. Killian (The little church)
  367. Kimbel (The war leader, Chief warrior)
  368. Kiume (Strong, Masculine)
  369. Knox (Top of a hill)
  370. Kofi (The one who was born on a Friday)
  371. Kordell (The cord maker)
  372. Kristopher (Bearing Christ)
  373. Kwame (The one who is born on Saturday)
  374. Kwamie (Spirituality, Health)
  375. Kyan (Little King)
  376. Kyrie (The Lord)
  377. Kyrone (Brash)
  378. La Vonn (The small one)
  379. Laikin (From the lake)
  380. Laken (Treasure)
  381. Lamonte (Man of law)
  382. Lars (Crowned with the laurel)
  383. Lashawn (God is gracious)
  384. Lavaughn (Wood)
  385. Lazarus (God has helped)
  386. Leander (The Lion Man)
  387. LeBron (King)
  388. Lee (Meadow)
  389. Legend (Myth, History, Story)
  390. Leif (Descendant, Heir)
  391. Lemarcus (Warrior, From the God Mars)
  392. Lennox (With many trees of Elm)
  393. Leonardo (Brave, Hardy, Strong)
  394. Leonidas (The one who is like the lion)
  395. Linden (Made from Linwood)
  396. Lionel (The little lion)
  397. Lisimba (Lion)
  398. Llyod (Grey)
  399. Logan (Little Hollow)
  400. Lotem (The bush of golden flowers)
  401. Louis (Famous)
  402. Lovell (The young wolf)
  403. Lucius (The one who brings the light, Luminous)
  404. Ludacris (Musician, Rapper)
  405. Ludo (Famous)
  406. Lumi (Snow)
  407. Luther (Lute player)
  408. Lysander (Savior, Liberator)
  409. Mablevi (Don’t deceive)
  410. Mackenzie (Wise man’s child, Comely)
  411. Major (Greater)
  412. Malachi (My messenger)
  413. Malachiah (God’s messenger)
  414. Malik (The king, The master)
  415. Marcel (The young warrior, Warlike)
  416. Marques (The lord of the borderlands, The nobleman)
  417. Marquis (The nobleman, The Borderlands Lord)
  418. Martell (Warrior of Mars)
  419. Marty (The war’s God, Servant of Mars)
  420. Mashawn (Vivacious)
  421. Mason (The stone worker)
  422. Mathias (The gift of God)
  423. Matthew (Gift of God)
  424. Maurice (Dark-skinned)
  425. Maverick (The one who is wildly independent)
  426. Max (Greatest)
  427. McKenna (The son of the handsome person)
  428. Merritt (The boundary gate)
  429. Meurig (A moor)
  430. Miles (Merciful, Servant, Soldier)
  431. Milo (Merciful, Soft hearted Soldier)
  432. Mohanbir (Brave, Charming)
  433. Moise (Saviour)
  434. Montana (Mountainous)
  435. Montraie (Fussy)
  436. Montrell (Mountain)
  437. Moses (Taken out, To draw out of the water, Delivered from water)
  438. Mosi (Born first)
  439. Mukunda (The freedom giver)
  440. Murphy (The sea warrior)
  441. Mwamba (Strong)
  442. Mykelti (The one who is like God)
  443. Nabulung (Don’t receive)
  444. Naeem (Benevolent)
  445. Napoleon (Lion in the new city)
  446. Nasr (Supporter)
  447. Nehemiah (God has comforted)
  448. Nero (The powerful one)
  449. Neron (Sea)
  450. Neville (The new village)
  451. Niles (Son of Neil, Champion)
  452. Nimbus (Dark clouds, Rainstorms)
  453. Njau (Young bull)
  454. Noah (Comfort, Rest)
  455. Nolan (Champion, Renowned, Noble)
  456. Nyack (Persistent)
  457. Obiajulu (The heart is consoled)
  458. Obike (A strong household)
  459. Octavio (Eight)
  460. Odell (Wealthy)
  461. Odion (The first of twins)
  462. Oleander (The evergreen tree)
  463. Oliver (The olive tree)
  464. Oman (The giver of life)
  465. Omari (God is the highest, most Powerful)
  466. Orion (The mighty hunter, The rising star)
  467. Orpheus (The Darkness of the Night)
  468. Oscar (God’s spear)
  469. Otis (Wealth, Prosperity, Keen of hearing)
  470. Owen (Well-borne)
  471. Pahukumaa (Edge of sunflower)
  472. Palmer (Pilgrim)
  473. Parvez (Commendable)
  474. Pascal (Born on earth, The one who is born on the day of Easter, Born on Pentecost)
  475. Pax (Peaceful)
  476. Payne (The countryman, Rustic)
  477. Pedro (Rock)
  478. Percy (Soldier)
  479. Perry (A dweller that is near the Tree of pears)
  480. Peter (Rock, Stone)
  481. Phineas (The mouth of a serpent)
  482. Phoenix (Dark red)
  483. Pierre (Stone, Rock)
  484. Qasim (Share)
  485. Quaashie (Ambitious)
  486. Quarren (Tenacious)
  487. Quesnel (The little oak)
  488. Quinn (Counsel, Wise)
  489. Quintavius (Fifth child)
  490. Quoitrel (Equalizer)
  491. Raanan (Flourishing, Green)
  492. Raden (The God of thunder)
  493. Raffiel (God has healed)
  494. Raimy (Compassionate)
  495. Ranger (The guardian of the forest)
  496. Raphael (God has healed)
  497. Rashaad (Good guidance, Wisdom)
  498. Rashon (God is gracious, Shinning light)
  499. Reginald (The king)
  500. Remington (Settlement by the stream)
  501. Revon (The power of the sun)
  502. Rhodes (The place where the roses grow)
  503. Rhyland (The land where rye grows)
  504. Rion (king)
  505. Rocco (Rest)
  506. Rodell (The famous ruler)
  507. Rodney (Roda’s Island)
  508. Ronan (The little seal)
  509. Rory (The king who has red hair)
  510. Roscoe (Doe wood, The heartland of the roe deer, Deer Forest)
  511. Rufus (Red-headed)
  512. Runako (Handsome)
  513. Ryde (The mountain warrior, Knight)
  514. Sabah (Morning)
  515. Sage (Wise)
  516. Saleem (Safe)
  517. Salim (Peace)
  518. Sam (Told by God)
  519. Samar (The commander of the battlefield)
  520. Sammy (God is his name)
  521. Samuel (God has healed)
  522. Sauron (Tyrannical, evil, The person who is widely disliked)
  523. Sayon (The sun) See more names that mean sun here.
  524. Sebastian (Revered, Venerable, Looked up to)
  525. Sequoia (Giant redwood tree)
  526. Sergio (Attendant, Servant)
  527. Sextus (Sixth)
  528. Shaquille (Handsome)
  529. Sheldon (The hill with a flat top, The steep-sided valley, From the shield farm)
  530. Shevon (Zany)
  531. Shobi (Glorious)
  532. Shontae (Hopeful)
  533. Sirius (Brightest star, Glowing, Burning brightly)
  534. Sloan (Warrior)
  535. Solomon (The Man of peace)
  536. Spike (Heavy nail, Long)
  537. Spock (The maker of wheels)
  538. Stefon (Garland, A crown)
  539. Stockley (The meadow of tree-stump)
  540. Sulaiman (Peaceful)
  541. Sultan (King, Ruler)
  542. Sydney (The Wide Meadow) 
  543. Taj (Crown)
  544. Taj (Crown)
  545. Talasi (Cornflower)
  546. Talib (The one who seeks knowledge)
  547. Talon (The bird claw)
  548. Tamarius (Stubborn)
  549. Tamir (Date merchant, The trader of dates, Owns palm trees)
  550. Tate (Cheerful)
  551. Tatum (Tate’s homestead)
  552. Tavon (Nature)
  553. Tegama (A region in Niger)
  554. Tennyson (The son of Dennis)
  555. Terrell (The strong-willed)
  556. Terrence (Good, Gracious, Tender)
  557. Terrence (Unkown)
  558. Tevaughn (Tiger)
  559. Theodore (God’s gift)
  560. Tiberius (Of the Tiber River, Near the Tiber River)
  561. Timothy (Honoring)
  562. Titus (The title of honor)
  563. Tobias (God is good)
  564. Trayvon (The chosen one, Brave)
  565. Treyvon (The combination of Trey and Devin that means “The three divine”, The divine power)
  566. Troy (Foot soldier)
  567. Tyler (The one who makes tiles)
  568. Tyrell (Ruler, Thunder)
  569. Tyrian (The northern warrior)
  570. Tyrone (The young soldier, The land of Owen, Yew trees’ land)
  571. Tyrus (Sharp, Strength, Rock, Valuable)
  572. Tyson (Firebrand)
  573. Uba (Healthy)
  574. Uriah (My light is God)
  575. Urick (Unknown meaning)
  576. Uzoma (The one who is born on a trip)
  577. Valentino (Strong)
  578. Vance (From the Marsh)
  579. Vandwon (Covert)
  580. Verlyn (Growing)
  581. Vick (The champion)
  582. Warren (To protect)
  583. Wayan (The wise one, The first son)
  584. Wendell (Seeker, Wanderer)
  585. Wesley (The Field of the West)
  586. Wilder (Untamed)
  587. Willie (The resolute protector)
  588. Wren (The small bird)
  589. Wyclef (Dweller at white cliff)
  590. Xavier (Bright, New house, Savior)
  591. Xayvion (The new house)
  592. Xenon (Foreigner, Guest)
  593. Xyshaun (Zany)
  594. Yogi (The spiritual guru)
  595. Zachariah (God is renowned)
  596. Zachary (God remembers)
  597. Zahair (Clear, Bright, Shining, Evident)
  598. Zahar (Bloom)
  599. Zahir (Flourishing)
  600. Zain (Beauty)
  601. Zaire (The river that swallows all the other rivers)
  602. Zareb (Growth, Increase)
  603. Zashawn (God is merciful, God is gracious)
  604. Zedrick (God is just)
  605. Zende (Firm, Strong)
  606. Zephan (The prized possession of God)
  607. Zeshaun (Merciful, The God is gracious)
  608. Zy’aire (River)
  609. Zyaire (The name of the river)

Final Words

You want to make sure your name for your new baby boy will be a hit. Then, this list will help you in providing some great ideas.

The black boy, Carter, has a unique and cool name that sets him apart. Boy names like Jason, Levi, and Colton are popular choices among African-American parents. Mateo is a stylish and modern name for a black baby boy. Evander is a strong and distinctive name that suits any African-American boy.

Tony is a classic and timeless black boy name that never goes out of style. Zion’s name is a source of pride for him and his African-American heritage. Looking for black names for boys? There are plenty of options to choose from! African-American parents often seek out unique black boy names to celebrate their cultural identity. Cool names like Carter, Jason, and Levi can make any black boy stand out in a crowd.

Searching for black baby boy names? Consider the rich and diverse options within African-American naming traditions. African-American families often choose cute black boy names that reflect their love and joy. When it comes to black names for boys, there’s a wealth of choices that honor African-American culture.

The black boy, Carter, proudly embraces his African-American heritage through his name choice. Jason, Levi, and Colton are examples of black names for boys that have a strong and masculine appeal. Mateo’s parents carefully selected his name, ensuring it reflects his African-American roots. Evander’s unique name holds special significance within his African-American community. Tony’s black boy name carries a sense of tradition and honor.

Zion’s parents chose his name to highlight his African-American heritage and identity. Discovering black names for boys can be an exciting and empowering experience for African-American families. African-American parents often find inspiration in cultural traditions when seeking black baby boy names.


What is a cool black boy’s name?

A cool black boy’s name could be “Malik”, which originates in Arabic and means “King”.

What are the most popular black male names?

The most popular black male names vary by region and era, but as of my last training data in 2021, names like Elijah, Noah, and James were quite popular in the United States.

What are some mixed boy names?

Some mixed boy names, reflecting diverse cultural heritage, might include names like Kai (Hawaiian/Japanese), Jamal (Arabic/African), or Rafael (Hispanic/Portuguese).

What African boy name means royalty?

An African boy’s name that means royalty is “Ade,” which in the Yoruba language means “Crown” and signifies royal lineage.

What is a typical black guy’s last name?

A typical black guy’s last name could be “Washington.” According to U.S. Census data, “Washington” is the most common surname among African Americans.

What are some old black names?

Some old black names include historical or traditional names like Booker, Moses, and Roscoe. These names were more common in earlier generations but are less so today.

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