Top 650 Black Girl Names & Their Meaning

Do you know any Black girl names that are worth the try? Girls of color have a special place in society, so they must be given strong, intelligent divinely-inspired identities.

The perfect moniker will help them find success and show how well made up for life these ladies are.

Names for black girls are essential. No matter the culture, a name is a massive part of everyone’s life.

A name means identity and the beginning of personal branding, especially in this digital age where everyone has a social media page with their names attached.

So, it’s essential to have a name that reflects who you are and where you come from. 

Nowadays, there’s no end when searching through baby naming books or browsing online between all your favorite sources.

However, finding an attractive black female first name can feel almost impossible sometimes, especially if one wants something simple yet stylish at the same time.

From these options of never-ending names in the world, if you’re looking for one that will fit your little girl, you’ve come to the right place.

This article is full of the best and most popular black girl names. So whether you’re looking for a lovely or traditional name, this article has something for everyone.

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How do African American Parents Pick the Perfect Black Girl’s Name?

African-American parents are always looking for the perfect name to call their daughters.

They have a range of options, from traditional American names to African-sounding ones and everything imaginable.

Naming rituals can be found all over African peoples from one region to another; sometimes, even different tribes might share similar customs of passing along family heirlooms, leading many people to question whether this practice was passed down from generation to generation since ancient times.

“Mother Naming” is a common tradition where African cultures look to their mothers for guidance when naming children.

As a result, the name given by the mother will influence how that person looks, behaves, and is what they like as an adult. So, choosing wisely and consistently throughout your child’s life is essential. 

The Greatest Collection of Black Girl Names with Their Meanings

Do you know any Black girl names? Black girls are some of the most beautiful and intelligent people in this world, and Black girl names can help get them started on their journey to greatness.

Black girls also have a great sense of style, so they should be given names that match their personalities.

While it can be challenging for mothers to come up with unique names, this list has a wealth of African American girls’ name inspiration.

  1. Aaliyah (Exalted or High)
  2. Abana (A Building Made of stone)
  3. Abeba (Flower)
  4. Abelia (Vapour or Breath)
  5. Abril (To open)
  6. Absco (One having an inventive mind)
  7. Acacia (Thorny tree)
  8. Achebe (One protected by Goddess)
  9. Ada (First daughter)
  10. Adaeh (Chosen or Crowned)
  11. Adah (Adornment)
  12. Adaliya (Rainbow serpent)
  13. Adamma (A beautiful child)
  14. Adelaide (One with noble nature)
  15. Adwin (Intellectual or Artist)
  16. Aiysha (Prosperous or Living)
  17. Akani (Profitable encounter)
  18. Alaska (Great land)
  19. Alessia (Defending warrior)
  20. Alexandra (Defender of mankind)
  21. Alexis (Defending or Helping)
  22. Alexus (Defender)
  23. Alheri (Grace)
  24. Alisa (Countless Happiness)
  25. Aliyah (High)
  26. Alora (My dream)
  27. Althea (One with healing power)
  28. Alyssa (Noble or Honorable)
  29. Amabel (Beautiful and loveable)
  30. Amahle (The beautiful one)
  31. Amare (Strength builder)
  32. Amari (Strength)
  33. Amaryllis (Shine or Sparkle)
  34. Amazon (Female warriors’ race or The name of the Earth’s largest river)
  35. Ambara (Perfume or Ambergris)
  36. Ambareen (Lovely smell)
  37. Amber (Jewel)
  38. Ambereen (Amber, Fragrance, or Sky)
  39. Ambika (Moon’s Goddess or The Goddess of the warrior)
  40. Ambra (The amber color)
  41. Ambretta (French desert pear that has a musky odor)
  42. Ambrose (Immortal)
  43. Amena (Faithful or Honest)
  44. Aminah (Truthful)
  45. Amogelang (To accept or To receive)
  46. Anathi (The God Almighty is with us)
  47. Andile (Increased or They have extended)
  48. Andrea (Brave or Strong)
  49. Anele (The one who is enough, Adequate, Sufficient, or The last-child)
  50. Angel (Messenger)
  51. Angelina (Angel or Messenger)
  52. Aniya (The creative one)
  53. Aniyah (Guardian, Protector, or One who helps others)
  54. Annika (Grace, Favored)
  55. Ansley (Clearing with a hermitage)
  56. Anuli (Joy)
  57. Araminta (Prayer or Protection)
  58. Arbor (Tree)
  59. Aretha (Excellent or Virtuous)
  60. Ariadne (Most holy)
  61. Artemis (Butcher)
  62. Ashlynne (Dream)
  63. Asia (Bright, Rising Sun, or Lively)
  64. Athena (Praise or Goddess of wisdom)
  65. Aubriella (Ruler of elves)
  66. Audre (Noble strength)
  67. Aurelia (Golden)
  68. Auri (Soft wind or Breeze)
  69. Avethandwa (She’s truly loved or dearly loved)
  70. Ayah (Verse)
  71. Ayana (A beautiful flower)
  72. Ayanda (One who is always increasing)
  73. Ayanna (Flower)
  74. Azalea (A flower or dry)
  75. Baina (Clear)
  76. Bakang (Praise the Lord)
  77. Bandile (Increased in number)
  78. Barackisha (Unknown)
  79. Begonia (Flower of begon)
  80. Behati (One who brings happiness or The blessed one)
  81. Bellerose (Beautiful rose)
  82. Bethanie (House of Figs)
  83. Bexley (Woodland cleaning)
  84. Beyonce (Beyond others)
  85. Billie (Unbendable protector)
  86. Binta (With God)
  87. Bisa (Snow, Water, or Greatly loved)
  88. Blossom (Flower like or To bloom)
  89. Bokamoso (The future)
  90. Bokang (Rejoice or Praise)
  91. Bolanle (Find wealth at home)
  92. Bonifa (Inventive or Reliability)
  93. Bonolo (Ease)
  94. Brianna (Noble, High or Exalted)
  95. Briar (A bush of wild roses with thorns)
  96. Brie (Marshland)
  97. Brielle (God is my strength)
  98. Bristol (Place of the bridge)
  99. Bryony (To sprout or To swell)
  100. Buhle (Handsome or Beautiful)
  101. Busisiwe (One who is blessed)
  102. Buttercup (A wildflower of yellow color)
  103. Calixta (Most beautiful)
  104. Calla (Beautiful)
  105. Calliope (Beautiful voice)
  106. Camellia (Priest’s helper)
  107. Candice (Pure or Queen mother)
  108. Canna (Clear)
  109. Carline (Gift of God)
  110. Cassandra (One who shines over man)
  111. Cassietta (Unknown)
  112. Catalina (Pure)
  113. Cela (Heaven or Sky)
  114. Celia (Heavenly)
  115. Cellie (Blind)
  116. Chalondra (An intelligent woman)
  117. Chamomile (Peace or Spice)
  118. Chana (Grace or Moon)
  119. Charity (Generous love, Kindness, or Giving)
  120. Charli (The one who is free)
  121. Charlize (The free woman)
  122. Charlotte (Petite)
  123. Cheche (God will add)
  124. Chiamaka (Beautiful God)
  125. Chibueze (God is the king)
  126. Chibuzo (God leads the way)
  127. Chidinma (God is wonderful)
  128. Chidubem (God lead me)
  129. Chikelu (God created)
  130. Chikere (Created by God)
  131. Chikondi (Love)
  132. Chiondi (Good fortune)
  133. Chipo (A gift)
  134. Chloe (Fertility or Blooming)
  135. Chrystanthe (Flower of golden color)
  136. Ciara (Black or Dark haired)
  137. Clematis (A climbing plant)
  138. Clementine (Merciful or mild)
  139. Clover (To adhere)
  140. Condoleezza (With sweetness)
  141. Coraline (Pearl)
  142. Courtney (Short nose or From the court)
  143. Crisanta (A golden flower)
  144. Dahlia (Valley)
  145. Daisy (Eye of the day)
  146. Dakota (Friendly)
  147. Dalary (The gift of GOD)
  148. Dalia (Fate or Destiny)
  149. Dallas (Wise or Skilled)
  150. Dana (God is my judge)
  151. Danica (The star of the morning)
  152. Danielle (God is my judge)
  153. Daphne (Bay tree or Laurel tree)
  154. Darby (Without envy or dear park)
  155. Dayo (The joy arrives)
  156. De’Lanice (Good looking or beautiful)
  157. Deedra (Sorrowful or Brokenhearted)
  158. Deja (Remembrance or Already)
  159. Delilah (Delicate)
  160. Delphine (Dolphin)
  161. Delta (The fourth born)
  162. Delu (The only girl)
  163. Dembe (Peace or Ugandan)
  164. Desdemona (Unlucky or Misery)
  165. Destiny (To determine)
  166. Devyn (Poet or Bard)
  167. Diamond (Invincible)
  168. Diantha (Flower)
  169. Dinah (Judged or Vindicated)
  170. Dione (Goddess)
  171. Dolly (A gift from God)
  172. Dominique (Of the Lord)
  173. Dorina (Gift from God or Gift)
  174. Dubaku (11th born child)
  175. Dumi (The inspirer)
  176. Durah (Pearl)
  177. Ebele (Kindness or Mercy)
  178. Ebony (Blackwood)
  179. Edelweiss (Noble white)
  180. Edwina (Rich friend)
  181. Eega (Palm bird That loves to fly)
  182. Egypt (That troubles or Oppresses)
  183. Ekene (Praise or Thanks)
  184. Ekundayo (The sorrow becomes joy)
  185. Elaine (Shining light or Rays of the sun)
  186. Elektra (Amber or Shining)
  187. Elixyvette (A gift of gab)
  188. Ella (Goddess, Beautiful or Fairy maiden)
  189. Ellison (The son of Ellis)
  190. Elna (A creative person)
  191. Eloise (Healthy, Hail or Wide)
  192. Embelia (Shrubs of pink and white flowers)
  193. Emene (Trusted, Loyal, or One who has strong Imaan)
  194. Emerald (A rare gift from GOD or Precious)
  195. Emersyn (Powerful or Brave)
  196. Emery (Ruler, Brave or Powerful)
  197. Emmalea (Work)
  198. Emmaline (Peaceful home)
  199. Enzokuhle (To do good)
  200. Erica (Ever powerful)
  201. Eshe (Life)
  202. Esme (Beloved)
  203. Eulalia (Well spoken)
  204. Ezri (My help)
  205. Fabunni (God has given me this)
  206. Fahari (Magnificence)
  207. Faizah (Beneficial, Successful, or Victorious)
  208. Fajah (Thanks)
  209. Fallon (Leader)
  210. Faraja (Rest, Comfort, or Relief)
  211. Farren (Adventurous)
  212. Fayola (Walk with honor, Blessed or Good fortune)
  213. Feechi (Worship God)
  214. Flavia (Blonde or Golden)
  215. Fleur (Flower)
  216. Florentina (Blooming, Flourishing, or Prosperous)
  217. Folami (Respect me)
  218. Frankie (From France)
  219. Freesia (Freese’s flower)
  220. Frida (Peaceful)
  221. Frostine (Snow)
  222. Gabrielle (My strength is God)
  223. Gaelen (Calm)
  224. Garland (Prize or Wreath)
  225. Gasira (The one who is brave)
  226. Gemma (Gemstone or Gem)
  227. Genet (Heaven)
  228. Geranium (Crane)
  229. Ghalyela (Precious)
  230. Ghana (Sufficiency, Riches or Contentment)
  231. Giuliana (Graceful or Youthful)
  232. Gugulethu (Our treasure or Our pride)
  233. Gwenifer (White ghost)
  234. Hagos (Happiness)
  235. Hailey (Hay’s meadow)
  236. Halima (Generous, Gentle, or Forbearing)
  237. Halle (A small rock)
  238. Hannah (Grace or Favor)
  239. Hanuni (Cheerful or Happy)
  240. Harlee (The long field)
  241. Harlow (Army)
  242. Heliotrope (Plant whose leaves and flowers are turned towards the sun)
  243. Hera (Heaven’s Queen)
  244. Hibiscus (Flower)
  245. Hlengiwe (Helped, Redeemed, or Rescued)
  246. Hoyam (Passionate love)
  247. Hunter (One who hunts)
  248. Hyacinth (Purple color)
  249. Imani (Faith or Belief)
  250. Imene (Faith or Dream)
  251. Imka (Water)
  252. Indigo (Name of dye that is from India)
  253. Indira (Beauty)
  254. Ione (Violet flower)
  255. Iridessa (Like a rainbow)
  256. Iris (Rainbow)
  257. Isadora (Gift of Isis)
  258. Isis (Fertility, Magic or Healing)
  259. Ivy (Vine)
  260. Ixora (God’s gift)
  261. Jacenta (Beautiful)
  262. Jacquenette (One who supplants)
  263. Jada (Beautiful or Good Woman)
  264. Jahia (A widely known person)
  265. Jahmelia (African woman or who is beautiful)
  266. Jaivyn (The spirit of light)
  267. Janie (Noble or well-born)
  268. Jaslynn (Young, beautiful, or full of life)
  269. Jasmine (God’s Gift)
  270. Jayla (God will protect)
  271. Jelani (Great or Power)
  272. Jemila (Beautiful)
  273. Jemima (Dove)
  274. Jemma (Gem)
  275. Jendayi (Thankful or Grateful)
  276. Jenue (The people of Jenue or A city of Nigeria)
  277. Jessamy (Jasmine flower)
  278. Jettie (Black)
  279. Jioni (Evening)
  280. Jira (Related by blood)
  281. Jonbenet (Blossom)
  282. Jordan (Descend or To flat down)
  283. Jovienne (Cheerful, Good-humored or Merry)
  284. Jovita (Happy)
  285. Juji (Heap of love)
  286. Julene (Young)
  287. Jumoke (One who is loved by everyone)
  288. Jupiter (Sky’s God, Thunder’s God or Name of planet)
  289. Kabili (Brave or Honest)
  290. Kadeesha (Respected, Trustworthy, or Early baby)
  291. Kadence (Music or With rhythm)
  292. Kaikara (A traditional name for God)
  293. Kalei (One who works for the king)
  294. Kalifa (Ruler, Leader, or Successor)
  295. Kalina (Rowan tree)
  296. Kalinda (The sun)
  297. Kamala (Lotus)
  298. Kamirah (The Goddess of the moon)
  299. Kassiani (Cinnamon)
  300. Kataleya (Pure)
  301. Katlego (Achieving or The one who is successful)
  302. Kaya (Restful place)
  303. Kayla (Fair or Slim)
  304. Keandra (Son of Henry)
  305. Kecia (Great joy)
  306. Keeya (Garden flower)
  307. Keiko (Lucky child or Blessed child)
  308. Keisha (Great joy)
  309. Keita (Blessing)
  310. Kendi (One who is loved)
  311. Kendy (The one that is loved a lot)
  312. Kenn (The good-looking one or Fire born)
  313. Kennedy (Head that is misshapen)
  314. Kessie (Cassia tree)
  315. Keziah (Cassia tree)
  316. Kganya (Light)
  317. Khaleesi (The Queen)
  318. Kholwa (Believe)
  319. Kiara (Bright, Clear, or Light)
  320. Kiho (Born on a foggy day or Fog)
  321. Kijana (Full of youth or The one who is youthful)
  322. Kinfe (Wing)
  323. Kinsley (King’s clearing)
  324. Kione (The one who comes from nowhere)
  325. Kirabo (God’s gift)
  326. Kisha (Kitten or Rainfall)
  327. Kitoko (Beautiful)
  328. Konjit (Gorgeous)
  329. Kuron (Giving thanks)
  330. Kya (A diamond in the sky)
  331. Kylie (Beautiful princess or Graceful princess)
  332. Kynlee (Beautiful)
  333. La’Kisha (The chosen one)
  334. La’Tanya (Queen of the fairies)
  335. Laila (Dark or Night)
  336. Laney (Path, Roadway, or Torch)
  337. Laquisha (Great joy)
  338. Larah (Cheerful)
  339. Latoya (Praised woman or Virtuous one)
  340. Layla (Night)
  341. Leal (Nickname for a trustworthy or Loyal person)
  342. Leela (Beauty of night)
  343. Leilani (Heavenly flowers or Royal child)
  344. Lennox (Many elm trees or Elm grove)
  345. Lerato (Love)
  346. Lesedi (Light)
  347. Lethabo (Joy or Happiness)
  348. Letsatsi (Day or Sun)
  349. Levondia (Unknown)
  350. Liana (To twin around)
  351. Liberty (Freedom)
  352. Liliana (Pure or Innocent)
  353. Linathi (The one who is accompanied by GOD)
  354. Lindiwe (One that was awaited or Has waited)
  355. Linnea (Lime tree or Twinflower)
  356. Lita (Joyful or Gladly)
  357. Loba (To talk)
  358. Lolovivi (Honor or Wealth)
  359. Loyce (Renowned warrior)
  360. Lucinda (Light)
  361. Luella (The famous elf)
  362. Lungile (Good, Correct, Right)
  363. Luthando (Love)
  364. Lux (The bright light)
  365. Lyra (Harp or Lyre)
  366. Lysha (God is salvation)
  367. Maaza (Aroma, Essence)
  368. Madison (Son of Matthew)
  369. Mae (Pearl or bitter)
  370. Magdalena (Woman from Magdala)
  371. Magnolia (Magnol’s flower)
  372. Makayla (Who resembles God?)
  373. Makeba (Precious jewel)
  374. Malaika (Angels)
  375. Malika (Queen)
  376. Mandisa (Sweetness)
  377. Manuka (Tree that is famous for its flowers because they produce honey)
  378. Mariama (God’s gift)
  379. Marietjie (Wished for child)
  380. Marlowe (Pool or Lake)
  381. Martha (The lady or The mistress)
  382. Masara (Joy or Delight)
  383. Mashaka (Trouble)
  384. Mawar (Rose)
  385. Maxine (The greatest)
  386. Maya (A good mother)
  387. Mbalenhle (A beautiful flower)
  388. Mbali (Flower)
  389. Medusa (Cunning)
  390. Meilani (Mayflower or heavenly flower)
  391. Melokuhle (Beautiful one)
  392. Mhina (Delightful)
  393. Mia (Beloved)
  394. Michelle (Who is like God?)
  395. Mieke (Water)
  396. Mikaili (One who is like God)
  397. Mikenna (The one who brings joy)
  398. Milandu (A case to answer)
  399. Milena (Grace, Love or Warmth)
  400. Minenhle (Beautiful Day)
  401. Minerva (The Goddess of wisdom or Mind)
  402. Mirembe (Quiet or Peace)
  403. Misty (Hazy woman)
  404. Miyanda (The beginning, The ancestors, or The roots)
  405. Moana (Ocean)
  406. Monifa (I’m the lucky one)
  407. Monique (Single, Wise, Warm, or Advisor)
  408. Morathi (A wise man)
  409. Mpho (Gift)
  410. Muguet (Lily)
  411. Muna (Desire or Wish)
  412. Mylah (Soldier)
  413. Nadia (Delicate or Tender)
  414. Naiser (Founder of clans)
  415. Nakeisha (Her life)
  416. Nala (Gift, Queen, or Water in the desert)
  417. Nanala (Sunflower)
  418. Nandipha (The gift of God)
  419. Naserian (One who is born during the time of peace)
  420. Nasha (born during the season of rain)
  421. Nataki (Noble birth)
  422. Natasha (Born on the day of Christmas)
  423. Natine (From the Native tribe)
  424. Natoya (The one who can dance)
  425. Neeja (Lily)
  426. Neo (Gift)
  427. Nevaeh (Heaven)
  428. Neve (Snowy)
  429. Ngozi (Blessing)
  430. Nia (Purpose, Goal, or Lustrous)
  431. Nichelle (Like God)
  432. Nina (God has shown favor)
  433. Nkosazana (Princess)
  434. Noa (Comfort or Rest)
  435. Noemi (My delight)
  436. Nomusa (One who grants mercy)
  437. Nonhle (A beautiful woman)
  438. Nontle (A beautiful woman)
  439. Noor (Light)
  440. Nora (Light)
  441. Nosipho (Gift)
  442. Nosizwe (Mother of the nation)
  443. Nova (New)
  444. Noxolo (Woman of peace)
  445. Ntakeko (A blessing)
  446. Nthabiseng (Make me happy)
  447. Ntombi (girl)
  448. Ntombifuthi (A girl once again)
  449. Ntombizodwa (Only girl)
  450. Nur (The heavenly light)
  451. Nuru (Born during the night)
  452. Nyah (Goal or Purpose)
  453. Nyaring (Running)
  454. Nzinga (Came from the river)
  455. Oaklee (The meadow of oak trees)
  456. Oba (The Goddess of the river)
  457. Odelyn (The little wealthy one)
  458. Okal (To cross)
  459. Okapi (Animal having a long neck)
  460. Okoth (Born during rain)
  461. Okoye (Day of the week)
  462. Olufemi (I’m loved by the Lord)
  463. Oluyomi (Delivered by God)
  464. Onyekachi (Who is greater than God?)
  465. Opal (Jewel or Jem)
  466. Oprah (Fawn)
  467. Oratile (Origin)
  468. Oratilwe (The dearest or darling one)
  469. Ornella (Flowering ash tree)
  470. Paisleigh (The church)
  471. Palesa (Flower)
  472. Paloma (The one who is like a dove)
  473. Pandora (All gifted)
  474. Patchouli (A fragrant flower)
  475. Patriciana (Noble)
  476. Paulina (Small)
  477. Paulo (Small or Humble)
  478. Peggy (The child of light)
  479. Peony (Healing)
  480. Persephone (Bringer of death)
  481. Petunia (Flower that is of trumpet shape)
  482. Phylicia (Lucky)
  483. Poppy (The flower of red color)
  484. Precious (Having Great Worth)
  485. Pretoria (Official)
  486. Prunella (A small plum)
  487. Puleng (Out in the rain)
  488. Quanesia (Life)
  489. Quiesha (Favourite)
  490. Rada (Joy or Care)
  491. Rafiki (Friend)
  492. Rainey (Queen)
  493. Ramla (Prophet or Sand)
  494. Rania (Queen or The one who gave pleasure)
  495. Raven (Dark Haired)
  496. Rayen (Flower)
  497. Rayne (Song or Counsel)
  498. Reagan (The little ruler)
  499. Remy (GOD provides me comfort)
  500. Retha (Pearl)
  501. Rethabile (We are happy)
  502. Rihanna (Fragrance or Great scent)
  503. Riya (Vocalist)
  504. Rohandra (Unknown)
  505. Romina (From the land of Christians)
  506. Rosa (Little Rose or Kindness)
  507. Rosario (The garden of roses)
  508. Rouge (Red colored)
  509. Royal (Unknown)
  510. Ruby (A precious deep red colored stone)
  511. Rue (Regret)
  512. Russom (Boss, Head, or Leader in charge)
  513. Rylan (The Iceland meadow)
  514. Saanvi (Goddess Lakshmi)
  515. Sable (Black or Sandy)
  516. Sadie (Princess)
  517. Safari (Travelling or Journey)
  518. Saffron (Yellow or A spice name)
  519. Saidi (Auspicious or Fortunate)
  520. Saige (One who is wise)
  521. Sakina (Tranquility)
  522. Salama (Safety, Security or Peace)
  523. Sariah (Princess)
  524. Sassandra (Unknown)
  525. Saturn (God of wealth or A planet name)
  526. Selene (The Goddess of the moon)
  527. Serena (Tranquil or Clear)
  528. Serenity (Clear, Calm, or Peaceful)
  529. Shange (One who walks like a lion)
  530. Shanice (God is Gracious)
  531. Shaniece (God’s gift)
  532. Shaniqua (God is great)
  533. Shannel (Pipe)
  534. Shantelle (A place of stones)
  535. Shaquana (Truth in life)
  536. Sharon (A fertile plain)
  537. Sherly (Bright grassland)
  538. Shoshana (Rose or Lily)
  539. Shuri (Village)
  540. Sibabalwe (One who is blessed)
  541. Sibonakaliso (Proof, Sign, or Token)
  542. Sibongile (Thanks)
  543. Sibusisiwe (We feel blessed or We are blessed)
  544. Sierra (Chain of mountains)
  545. Simone (God had heard)
  546. Simphiwe (God’s gift)
  547. Sirena (Clear or Tranquil)
  548. Sisi (Born on Sunday)
  549. Sithembile (We are trusting)
  550. Skye (Cloud)
  551. Sloane (raider)
  552. Sojourner (To stay or Spend a day)
  553. Sora (Sky)
  554. Stephanie (Crown)
  555. Stevie (Crown or Garland)
  556. Sula (Baby female bear or Peace)
  557. Sutton (The one who is from the town of the south)
  558. Sydney (Broad or Wide Island)
  559. Tafadzwa (We are pleased)
  560. Tahleea (Dew from God)
  561. Taisha (Well or Alive)
  562. Taleisha (The Blooming Life)
  563. Tamar (Date, Palm tree, or Date palm)
  564. Tamara (Palm tree, Date Palm, or Date)
  565. Tanisha (Ambition)
  566. Tansy (Immortality)
  567. Taraji (Faith or Hope)
  568. Tarana (Anthem)
  569. Tatenda (Thank you)
  570. Taylor (Clothed with Salvation)
  571. Tene (Someone is widely loved or loved)
  572. Tenley (It means the girl who leaves her unwashed clothes all over the ground)
  573. Teshi (Full of laughter or Cheerful)
  574. Teyla (Blue or Sea green)
  575. Thabisa (To bring joy)
  576. Thalia (Dew from heaven)
  577. Thandeka (Someone who’s loved)
  578. Thandi (One who spread the love)
  579. Thandiwe (The loving one)
  580. Thando (Love)
  581. Thema (queen)
  582. Thembeka (A trustworthy person)
  583. Thulile (Quiet or Peaceful)
  584. Tiana (Day Light)
  585. Tiana (The light of day)
  586. Tiara (Crown)
  587. Tierra (Earth)
  588. Tiffany (Appearance of God or Manifestation of God)
  589. Tinsley (Tynni’s meadow)
  590. Tintswalo (Mercy)
  591. Tiwa (Kingship or One who owns the crown)
  592. Tokunbo (From across the sea)
  593. Toni (Priceless One)
  594. Tori (Conqueror or Winner)
  595. Toure (A person who belongs to Maninka)
  596. Tramicia (Unknown)
  597. Trillian (Name of a fictional character)
  598. Trinity (Triad)
  599. Trissa (Patrician or Noble)
  600. Tumelo (Faith)
  601. Unathi (They are with us)
  602. Ursula (Bear)
  603. Vale (Lives in Valley)
  604. Valencia (Healthy or Strong)
  605. Valentina (Strong or Healthy)
  606. Valeria (Brave or Strong)
  607. Vanesia (Butterfly)
  608. Varda (Pink or Rose)
  609. Venus (The Goddess of love)
  610. Verbana (Holy plant)
  611. Veronica (The one who brings victory)
  612. Vienna (The forest stream)
  613. Viera (Faith)
  614. Viola (Violet)
  615. Wendalyn (Wanderer)
  616. Willow (Willow tree or Freedom)
  617. Wilma (Resolute Protection or Will-Helmet)
  618. Winika (Christmas orchid)
  619. Winnie (Fair, Pure, Happiness, Soft or Smooth)
  620. Winona (The Firstborn Daughter)
  621. Wynter (Wet season)
  622. Xaviera (Splendid, Bright, or New House)
  623. Xia (Glow of the Sunset or Sunrise)
  624. Yafit (Beautiful or Worthy)
  625. Yakeera (Expensive or Beloved)
  626. Yakini (Truthful Lady or Honest Lady)
  627. Yalonda (Violet Flower)
  628. Yana (God is Gracious)
  629. Yara (The small butterfly)
  630. Yasmine (Jasmin Flower)
  631. Yewubdar (Gorgeous beyond limits)
  632. Ysabell (God is my oath)
  633. Ysolda (Fair lady)
  634. Zahara (Shining or Flowering)
  635. Zahra (Radiant, Bright, or Brilliant)
  636. Zalena (The Moon)
  637. Zama (Fly or The girl from…)
  638. Zarene (Golden One)
  639. Zaria (Princess)
  640. Zariyah (The flower that is blooming)
  641. Zelda (Strong woman or Dark battle)
  642. Zena (Moon, Fame, or Belonging to Zeus)
  643. Zendaya (To give thanks)
  644. Zenobia (Power of Zeus)
  645. Zinnia (Flower)
  646. Zion (The highest point)
  647. Zodwa (Single girl or The girl alone)
  648. Zola (Earth or Calm)
  649. Zora (The Sunrise)
  650. Zuri (Beautiful)

Final Words

I am a massive fan of black girl names. I’ve always loved their different sounds and how often they are spelled differently from their English counterparts.

It’s great to see more diversity in what we name our children nowadays.

It’s been an honor to be your guide in naming a baby in the black community.

I hope you found this post helpful and that it will help you find the perfect name for your new little one. Please get in touch with me through my website or social media channels if you have any questions.


What are rare black girl names?

Rare black girl names: Zuri, Jendayi, Akilah, Keturah, Aiyana.

What is an African girl’s name?

An African girl’s name is Amina, which is of Swahili origin and means ‘trustworthy.’

What is a popular black American name?

A famous black American name: Maya, a name popularized by Maya Angelou, a famous African-American poet and civil rights activist.

What is a black girl’s name that means beautiful?

A black girl name that means beautiful: Jamila, an Arabic name widely used among African American communities, means ‘beautiful’.

What is an excellent black name?

A fabulous black name, Malik, an Arabic name meaning ‘king,’ is considered calm and firm.

What does a black girl’s name mean, love?

A black girl’s name that means love: Eshe, a Swahili name meaning ‘life, energy, or love.’

What is a solid African name?

A robust African name: Jabari, a Swahili name meaning ‘brave one.’

What are the top 5 black last names?

The top 5 black last names are Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Harris, and Johnson.

What is the blackest name in history?

The blackest name in history: This question can be interpreted in many ways. However, if we’re looking at common names in African-American culture, names like Muhammad (popularized by figures like Muhammad Ali) could be considered.

What are some old black names?

Some old black names: These can include traditional names like Harriet, Frederick, and Rosa, names that harken back to solid historical figures in the African-American community.