Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant – Is It Safe? You recently had the test for pregnancy and got the best news. You’re probably thrilled and bursting with excitement about the pregnancy!

Unfortunately, there are a couple of challenges your body is likely to experience during pregnancy, one of which is lower immunity. 

This is also a sign that you’re more susceptible to infections. You might be wondering, should you use Emergen-C during pregnancy?

Emergen-C is a vitamin C supplement that comes in drink mixes that are easy to mix and chewable tablets and Gummies.

This makes the brand appealing to those who want to boost their immune system immediately. However, because many supplements, including Emergen-C, aren’t regulated in any way by FDA Food and Drug Administration, pregnant women need to take extra measures before adding them to their diet.

Additionally, certain varieties of Emergen-C contain additional ingredients that you should be aware of before taking it if you’re expecting

Let’s take a deeper look at the Emergen-C pregnancy and birth and some important details you’ll need to learn before consuming it.

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What is Emergen-C?

Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant

Emergen-C is a powdered dietary supplement with high levels of B vitamins and vitamin C. It is said to boost your energy and immune system levels. 

It can be blended with water to make an alcoholic drink and is a favorite option during the flu and cold season to protect yourself from diseases.

What If I Take Emergen C Before Realizing I’m Pregnant?

If you have taken Emergen-C in the manner prescribed before you realized that you were pregnant, There is no reason to be concerned.

It’s very uncommon that you “overdose” with Vitamin C. If you consumed too high amounts of Vitamin C, it might have caused adverse effects such as stomach pain or diarrhea.

No evidence suggests taking too much vitamin C when pregnant, even during the days and weeks before when you are aware of your pregnancy, could cause harm to the baby.

What Are the Ingredients of Emergen C?

You’re probably wondering what it is that makes emergent c so bad for pregnant women.

Let’s look at the contents.

The first thing to note is that there are many types of emergence c and some are different from others with respect to the ingredients. But one of the most common is vitamin C.

The manufacturer claims that it’s excessive to the point that you can easily transform it into orange following consumption.

The reason for this is likely to be due to the fact that oranges are known as a supply of Vitamin C.

The Enhanced Immune Supplement Formula and Daily Immune Support also have Vitamin B, Zinc calcium, sodium, and other electrolytes.

Other supplements include sleep aids, electrolyte drinks, probiotics, plant vitamins, and energy-boosting vitamins.

Can Pregnant Women Take Emergen C?

When one is beginning to feel throat irritation, they usually are the times to reach in search of Emergen C.

It is, after all, in line with the criteria of what you’re searching for. It also is able to fight almost every germ that can create, such as colds and flu.

Its main element is vitamin C, which is widely known for its ability to boost a person’s immune system.

Everyone would be grateful for that and especially pregnant women.

This could signify being resistant to illness when their immune system is weak because that’s the norm during pregnancy.

It’s why having an emergent C during pregnancy sounds like a fantastic idea.

Of course, it will mean being well, which is great for your overall health. However, you must be careful with your horses.

If you’re pregnant, you should resist the temptation to take this supplement, no matter how cold it is, urging you to do so.

It’s because of one reason, and that is that it’s an add-on.

The FDA cannot regulate all supplements, which is why they are deemed unsafe to use during pregnancy.

There have been instances where a baby’s health was affected by the intake of supplements.

This raises a question. Are pregnant women able to be prescribed emergent c by their doctor?

Yes, as it’s classified under the check-in-with-the-doctoral list. This means that the doctor can let you know to use it in the event that he believes it’s appropriate.

What Are the Risks of Pregnant Women Taking Emergen C?

Pregnancy-related use of emergent c can impact your child’s health in a negative way.

This is because supplements can result in an unhealthy pregnancy, and the emergence of a C is not a one-off.

Also, there’s some confusion based on research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the effects vitamin C supplementation has had on pregnancies and newborns.

While some people benefited from the experience while others faced terrible consequences.

Thus, it’s prudent to stay clear of any item that can even harm your unborn baby.

However, until more studies are conducted on the effects of this are completed, it’s better to be more secure and safe than sorry.

Can pregnant women take Emergen C instead of prenatal vitamins?

Like everyone else, pregnant women require vitamin C within their bodies. Indeed, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women consume between 80-85 milligrams of vitamin C in their diets in order to maintain dental health and gums.

Bones. Naturally, that is in addition to other essential nutrients that are required for the health of a pregnant woman, such as calcium, iron, choline, Iodine, vitamin D, and vitamin B.

This makes multivitamin supplements like Emergen-C very interesting after discovering what you expect.

We’ve mentioned above that Emergen C also contains additional vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that assist in maintaining the immune system to be healthy. The fruity flavors and delicious chewable gummies could be appealing!

Do note the distinction between multivitamins and prenatal vitamins that are specially designed for pregnant women’s specific requirements.

For instance, pregnant women require greater amounts of Vitamin B6 (also known as folic acid) and iron because of the growing demands of their expanding baby. This is best achieved by taking vitamin supplements before the birth of your baby.

Emergen-C is loaded with Vitamins and other nutrients; however, they’re not specifically designed for pregnant women.

Even though it may have high quantities of vitamin C, the addition of vitamin C is not demonstrated to bring more benefits to pregnant mothers and their children.

Why Is Vitamin C Important to Pregnant Women?

Although emerging C isn’t a great alternative, it is a natural Vitamin C really is amazing.

  • It’s generally a useful mineral, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not. It’s because it’s a powerful antioxidant.
  • It also improves the immune system by preventing them from getting sick and avoids a scenario where pregnant women require medications.
  • Its crucial role in the development of a baby is undisputed.
  • It’s also known for decreasing the risk of being affected by certain heart diseases and cancers. It is, therefore, essential for pregnant women, particularly.

Dietary supplements, like Emergen C, are not regulated by the FDA

This means that in certain instances, the quantity of the actual ingredients could be different from what’s listed on the label.

Any uncertainty regarding the supplements you take could present a health risk for your child or you.

Some Ingredients May be Risky for Pregnant Women

Certain varieties of Emergen-C contain additional ingredients such as probiotics, electrolytes, glucosamines, the melatonin compound, and caffeine that you should be cautious about while pregnant.

Remember that whatever you consume could find its way to your baby within your womb; therefore, be extremely cautious.

Many of the nutrients in Emergen C are also found in prenatal

Consider carefully before you decide to pair Emergen-C with your usual vitamins for pregnancy. An excess of a certain vitamin can cause greater harm than it does good.

Let’s consider excessive vitamin C for an illustration. In addition to its anti-oxidant and immune-boosting characteristics, vitamin C also helps in iron absorption.

Absorption of too much iron can cause undesirable side effects, such as nausea, constipation, and stomach discomfort.

In addition to these factors, Emergen-C also cautioned nursing and pregnant women to seek advice before taking any supplements.

It is evident on the labels of their products and explained in the FAQ section on their website.

Conclusion – Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant

In the end, it’s recommended that pregnant women consult a doctor before drinking Emergen-C or any other dietary supplements.

Emergen-C is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and health benefits for everyone; however, should your OB/GYN not have given you the green light that you should take it, then it is more secure to stop consuming it for time.