Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant – Safety Reviewed

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2023)

Cold is a common problem because most people in the United States get worried. The ordinary cold ratio in adults is about 2 to 3 times a year. 

Due to the cold problem, most adults feel sick, and they have to postpone their work due to this problem.

You might be surprised that the missed working days ratio is about 40 percent in adults.

Cold is not easy to face, and it can make you meet problems when you are pregnant. Cold is a common problem during pregnancy due to immune system weakness.

Natural home remedies help treat colds, and Emergen-C is one of them. It is a well-known vitamin C supplement. The main question is, “Can you take Emergen-C while pregnant”?

Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant?

Immunity support helps treat colds during pregnancy. Can I drink Emergen C while pregnant?

This article’s main topic of discussion is “Can you take Emergen C while pregnant”?

But we will also discuss questions like Emergen-C while pregnant in the first trimester. Is Emergen C safe while pregnant? I have many other related questions.

What Is Emergen C, And Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant?

Emergen C is a Vitamin-C formula and immune support supplement called a fizzy mix of nutrients. It is an excellent combination of vitamin C and vitamin B.

It is powdered, and you can drink it as an immune booster.

At first, the Emergen-C came in an orange flavor to show the amount of vitamin C in it.

But with time, this immune booster comes in different flavors, but the primary formulation is the same.

Most people use Emergen-C at the start of a cold, but some use Emergen-C when they need to stay near a sick person. They use Emergen-C to strengthen their immune function.

Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant?

Most people who have to spend more time indoors than outdoors use vitamins C and B during winter.

You must know that Emergen-C has no research support and clinical testing of Emergen-C to give final wording about its efficiency and actual working mechanism.

Vitamin C is helpful in the prevention and treatment of colds, as concluded by a research study in 2013. 

Vitamin C is not responsible for the occurrence of colds. Still, it helps decrease the symptoms of colds and their severity.

How To Use Emergen-C Supplement?

Emergen-C is one of the best immune booster drinks and comes in powder form. Mix this powder with 4 to 6 oz of water for the best energy drink.

Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant?

This Emergen-C exists in different flavors and formulation which is best for your healthy life:

  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Enriching probiotics
  • Immune support

Emergen-C also comes in gummies; other vitamin C supplements are in the market as chewable or dissolvable tablets.

These vitamin C supplements are present at:

  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery stores
  • Retailers

Is It Safe To Use Emergen-C During Pregnancy?

Vitamins are essential to body parts; you need to take them to enhance your power and perform daily activities efficiently.

The National Institute of Health advises individuals to take recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) and says these vitamins are essential and ideal for adults.

The usual recommended dose of Vitamin C for adults is given below

Non-Pregnant adult women

The typical vitamin C ratio for women is about 75mg per day. Under 18 pregnant females

  • The vitamin C ratio for those under 18 pregnant girls is about 80mg daily.

Over 18 pregnant females

  • The vitamin C ratio for this type of woman is about 85mg daily.

Adult males 

  • Males require a considerable amount of vitamin C; its typical ratio is about 90 mg daily.

Knowing that there are about 1000mg of Vitamin C in a single dose is essential. Its dose is about 10 times higher than the regular daily dose, as suggested by health organizations for adults.

Our main topic of discussion in this article is “Can you take Emergen C while pregnant and breastfeeding?” and the answer is yes.

You can take Emergen C while pregnant because it is safe to use without adverse effects.

I want to disclose that there is no need for supplements and vitamins with extra vitamin C in most pregnant females in the U.S.

They can get all essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from prenatal vitamins.

These vitamins are present in all pharmacies and other sectors in different products. One of the common examples of these types of products is Emergen C.

As discussed earlier, there is no contextual support for vitamin C supplements to prevent and reduce cold symptoms.

As there is no contextual support for using this supplement in pregnancy and its role, we cannot say anything.

One thing you must know is that these supplements have no side effects.

Risk factors and safety problems with the use of Emergen C while pregnant.

We know it is difficult for a person to sit constantly and peel oranges to fulfill his vitamin C deficiency.

It is much easier to take vitamin C in gummies, chewable vitamins, and powder form, which causes an increase in taste and less effort.

But if you are pregnant, you must consult your gynecologist before using any supplement.

Most medical consultants advise patients to use prenatal vitamins and avoid artificial nutrients. Your doctor will certainly advise you to take vitamin C from fresh fruits.

Whether the use of Vitamin C during pregnancy is good or not lacks research support.

According to The World Health Organization (WHO) research, some researchers describe vitamin C’s effects on pregnancy and birth outcomes.

However, the main problem with this research is that no precise results exist. In addition to mixed results, vitamin C improves birth outcomes in some cases, but some females feel no effect.

The World Health Organization does not advise females to use vitamin C during pregnancy, but it does not mean it will harm you and affect your baby’s growth.

Furthermore, its effects on the immune system, especially during pregnancy, lack contextual support. 

Drugs and Lactation Database advises that you can take the maximum dose of vitamin C, which is about 1000mgs and is present in Emergen C.

There are no side effects of this vitamin.

If you are facing a breastfeeding problem and are interested in increasing it, you must use a high amount of vitamin C because it can increase your breast milk supply.

What Do You Know About Elements Of Emergen C?

Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant?

Most people wonder whether Emergen C is safe during pregnancy and which things make it dangerous.

Now we will take a look at elements of Emergen C:

First, you must know that there are different types and varieties of ingredients present in Emergen C, and other brands may vary in the formulation.

However the core ingredient of this type of product is vitamin C.

According to the manufacturer, converting it into orange after use is much easier. The main reason is that orange is a rich source of vitamin C.

You can increase your immune health with everyday immune support because it contains ingredients like:

  • Vitamin B
  • Zinc
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Other ingredients include:
  • Sleep aid
  • Electrolyte drinks
  • Probiotic source
  • Energizing vitamins
  • Vitamins are sourced from plants.
  • Others contain sleep aids, electrolyte drinks, probiotics, vitamins sourced from plants, and energizing vitamins.

What Do You Know About Other Elements Of Emergen C?

If your vitamin C formula contains a considerable amount of vitamin B, you do not need to be worried.

Vitamin B plays a key role in strengthening your immune system.

In addition to immune health, this vitamin is responsible for increasing cell metabolism and helping food conversion to energy.

When you become ill due to disease, vitamin C will boost you because of its key role in energy production.

There are no side effects of using vitamin B12, and it has no exceeding limit. From this, we may conclude that you can take vitamin C and B12 as much as you need.

But we must remember that vitamin C levels in Emergen C are fairly typical.

Furthermore, if you suffer from morning sickness, you may benefit from vitamin B6. In addition, most morning sickness drugs have a high level of vitamin B6.

You know that there are no exceeding limits of vitamin B and have no adverse effects so that you can take Emergen C during pregnancy. It will not harm you and your baby.

What Is The Medical Consultants’ Point Of View About Emergen-C While Pregnant?

Most medical consultants and health organizations, including the World Health Organization, do not recommend you use vitamin C to reduce symptoms of flu and sickness.

They advise most pregnant women not to use vitamin C for healthy pregnancy and delivery.

According to the Centers for disease control, if you are a pregnant mother, you must keep yourself healthy during pregnancy.

It is best for you and your baby, and you must take prenatal vitamins to avoid the flu and keep healthy.

You can keep yourself healthy by:

  • Proper hydration
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • This is one of the safest routes of administration to protect yourself from colds and influenza. You must follow the above instructions to avoid any adverse conditions.

Now, we will discuss factors for which medical consultants do not advise you not to take Emergen C and other supplements during pregnancy.

You Get The Required Amount Of Vitamin C From Your Prenatal Vitamin

During pregnancy, prenatal vitamins are necessary to use because these vitamins have all essential vitamins in the correct amount to support your baby’s growth.

Our topic of discussion is Emergen C, and you know that it contains a considerable amount of vitamin C to protect you from any harm of cold and flu by strengthening your immune system.

Extra vitamin C is not required in the human body, and it can cause many adverse effects like stomach pain and other related problems.

Taking one ounce of Emergen C will give you the energy of more than ten oranges.

When you take prenatal vitamins with vitamin C, your body will face an increase in vitamin C, which is not best for you and your baby. Let’s explore the Safety Precautions Every Pregnant Traveler Needs to Know

1. Extra amount of Vitamin B

Most doctors and organizations did not recommend the use of Emergen C due to its high level of vitamin B, among which the most abundant is vitamin B6.

You will be surprised if you take Emergen C alone during pregnancy and there is no addition of any vitamin; you take more than seven times more vitamin B6 than the usual recommended dose.

Some other types of vitamins besides vitamin B are in minor quantities. These vitamins mainly include pantothenic acid and folate.

Some adverse effects of excess vitamin B can cause:

  • Skin Irritation
  • Nerve damage
  • Nausea
  • Heartburns

2. Extra Amount of Iron

When you take vitamin C in an excess amount from different brands like Emergen C, it can cause adverse effects like:

  • Excess iron absorption
  • Kidney stones
  • Stomach problem

Sometime during pregnancy, you may become ill, and the doctor advises you to use vitamin C in the form of Emergen C to prevent health issues and vital immune function.

In this case, you must not do this for a more extended period.

3. Lack of Research Support

No doubt there are a lot of benefits to using vitamin C supplements, and they strengthen your immune system. It also helps you to combat disease.

But one most important factor to know is that there is no research or contextual support to use it during pregnancy which is the most critical phase of a woman’s life.

Some studies show that using vitamin C as Emergen-C does not harm the mother and her baby.

Some studies also indicate that it will show little adverse effect if you use this formula for a short or long period.

One thing you must know is that if you use vitamin C in an excess amount, your baby may be affected by an adverse condition like Scurvy.

This is because your baby cannot metabolize vitamin C after delivery.

Can You Take Emergen C While Pregnant?

Suppose you suffer from a cold and fever, and your cold symptoms increase with time.

In addition, you notice your cold symptoms are becoming severe, and you are worried about it.

In this case, you need to consult your healthcare worker to reduce the symptoms of a cold and strengthen your immune system.

You must not use any home remedy without a doctor’s prescription if you are pregnant.

Some doctors prescribe supplements like vitamin C in the form of Emergen C in a specific amount.

Your medical practitioner will advise you on a specific amount according to your pregnancy condition, and you should not increase or decrease the dose.

Most doctors advise Emergen C during pregnancy to know about vitamin C results.

It is just for clinical trials. However, some doctors advise you to take vitamin C during pregnancy as long as possible because of the lack of side effects.

Use Of Vitamin C And Miscarriage

If you want to know the harms of using Emergen C during pregnancy, read this portion of the article.

Using vitamin C during pregnancy for longer than usual due to illness or health may cause miscarriage. This is because research shows that an excessive amount of vitamin C can cause miscarriage.

Values Of Vitamin C And Exceeding Limits

  • The typical intake range of vitamin CV is about 2000mg.
  • The products like Emergen C are jam-packed with vitamin C.

If you use vitamin C in the normal range, you may suffer from the following:

  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Decrease in energy level in case of overdose.

You must know that there is no proper research on the effects of vitamin C during pregnancy, and we can say it is not involved in miscarriage.

This product type is not tested by FDA regulation, so practicing such products on pregnant females is terrible.

The above discussion shows the use of vitamin C during pregnancy, and it does not mean It can cause the death of your baby.

Be Careful Before Using Emergen-C

If you are pregnant and using Emergen C or other brands for a long time to strengthen your immune system, you must consult your medical practitioner at your appointment.

You should elaborate on your condition to your medical consultant and act according to your healthcare worker. At first, you need to elaborate on the thing, and further appointments will be casual.

Different Formulations Of Emergen C

Suppose you are suffering from a cold or flu, and your medical worker recommends you use Emergen C to strengthen your immune system.

In this case, you must ensure that users use the original brand formula.

You must ensure the original formula if you are using vitamins other than vitamin C. Enhanced versions and Sleep Aide variants contain different types of ingredients other than vitamin D, like:

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B

Medical consultants and healthcare organizations will not advise using vitamin D or zinc because it will affect your health badly.

You know it very well; the average Emergen C formula helps increase your immune health and assists in the reduction of disease symptoms like cold and flu.

You should not use any supplement for purposes like:

  • Getting more sleep
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Gaining probiotics

Emergen C Is Safe For You If You Are Breastfeeding?

It is a common question for most mothers: “Is Emergen C safe if you are breastfeeding women”? Yes, it is safe for you.

If you are a breastfeeding woman and your breast milk production is enough for your baby, use vitamin C to strengthen your immune system.

You will notice an increase in breast milk, and it might be possible you will notice breast milk leakage and need to use the pump.

However, there are some risks of breast milk reduction or contamination because of pumps and supplements.

Effect Of Emergen C On Breastfeeding Babies

As you know very well, whatever you eat affects the baby. So, we can say that your nutrition will affect your baby’s health because, through breast milk, he will use what you are eating.

The use of vitamin C has different effects on pregnant and breastfeeding women.

But modern research shows that vitamin C has positive effects on breastfeeding babies.

Moreover, it will reduce symptoms of illness and disease without any adverse effects on the baby.

Effect Of Emergen C On Pregnant Women

When you are pregnant, there is a lot of anxiety and depression about your baby’s health and keeping your baby safe from any disease.

Vitamin C is essential to strengthen your immune system and fight against the disease. But you should not use this until your medical specialist advises you to use something.

Using any medication during pregnancy without medical consultancy harms you and your baby’s health.

There are no apparent effects on baby and mother health with Emergen C during pregnancy, but medical experts did not advise patients to use it.

You must consult your doctor before using any medicine.

 Which Effects Do I Face If I Use Emergen C With Prenatal Vitamins?

Now it’s time to discuss the effects of Emergen C usage with prenatal vitamins.

Some prenatal vitamins contain an average amount of vitamin dose, but most of the vitamins of such type contain a high dose of vitamins.

Many examples of such vitamins contain a higher level than the recommended dose; you must beware of these vitamins and don’t buy them. It will affect you badly.

When you are unsatisfied with the Emergen C formulation or vitamin you are using and want to increase the recommended dose, in this case, you are looking for a vitamin with high doses, and we will not advise you to use such a supplement.

In such a situation, you can add prenatal vitamins to improve your condition and mental satisfaction.

I would like to recall again you must not use any vitamin with medical consultation because it can harm you and your baby.

What Are The Best Alternatives When Emergen C Is Out Of Stock?

It is common when people use a single product in large amounts or doctors prescribe it regularly, and it becomes short or out of stock.

In this case, you should not worry because we will discuss a simple solution to this problem.

In case of shortage or out-of-stock, the first option that comes to mind is using a brand that contains the same formulation.

The most well-known product is Airborne, and it is compatible with Emergen C with minor vitamin differences.

There are some other products in the market that you can purchase in case of a shortage of Emergen C. The most abundant products include Zarbees and Oxylent.

Create Your Self-Immunity Supplement

From the above discussion, we can conclude that it is easy to build up your immunity supplement by using existing products in the market. But it requires more effort and dollars.

Anyhow, you can save money using Emergen C during pregnancy.

These products are generally less expensive, and anyone can afford them.

Furthermore, daily supplements can improve your general health because they are more than a normal vitamin.

If you are using prenatal vitamins that provide enough nutrients and energy, then there is no need to use additional supplements.

Supplement Formation

  • First, you need a core vitamin C supplement.
  • Then, you need to find supplements containing vitamin B and zinc.
  • At last, you need to add a vitamin D booster supplement.

What Are Vitamin C-Rich Foods For Pregnant Females?

As you know, oranges are rich in vitamin C. But you don’t know about fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C except for oranges.

Remember, when you cook vegetables, they cannot give you vitamin C. You must consume vitamin C-rich food each day.

Here, we will discuss some natural food that fulfills your vitamin C needs and in what amount you should consume

Red bell pepper:

  • Its ordinary dose is 95 mg per ½ cup of raw

Orange juice:

  • Its recommended dose is 93 mg per ¾ cup


  • Its ordinary dose is 70 mg per medium fruit

Grapefruit juice:

  • Its recommended dose is 70 mg per ¾ cup


  • Its recommended dose is 64 mg per medium fruit

Green bell pepper:

  • Its ordinary dose is 60 mg per ½ cup of raw


  • Its typical dose is 51 mg per ½ cup of cooked


  • Its ordinary dose is 49 mg per ½ cup of sliced

Brussels sprouts:

  • Its ordinary dose is 48 mg per ½ cup of cooked


  • Its ordinary dose is 39 mg per half medium fruit

You will be surprised to know that vitamin C is best for increasing iron absorption in the human body. So, you can fulfill your iron deficiency with vitamin C.


Can you take Emergen C while pregnant? Yes, you can take it during pregnancy. But its overdose can affect you and your baby.

You can use it to reduce cold and flu symptoms but must not use it without medical consultations.

Modern research does not recommend using it during pregnancy because its mechanism of action is unknown. It is an overdose and can affect you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use vitamin C during pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to use vitamin C during any trimester of pregnancy, and it is rich in vegetables and fruits.

Most medical consultants advise taking prenatal vitamins, which contain abundant Vitamin C.

Anyhow, you must avoid vitamin C because a large amount of vitamin C is harmful to you and your baby.

The typical vitamin C dose for 18 aged women under 18 is about 1800mg and about 2000mg per day for women above 19.

However, avoid taking large doses of the same since too much of it could do more harm than good.

Can I use Airborne instead of Emergen C during pregnancy?

Airborne is also a well-known supplement and is considered an alternative to Emergen C. Its formulation includes herbs, nutrients, and vitamins, which are helpful in immune boosting.

But you must know you need not use it without medical consultation.

Is a pregnant female using Emergen C for a cold safe?

Most doctors prescribe natural medications for treating colds during pregnancy.

Some natural remedies include

  • Chicken soup,
  • Vaporizer
  • Saline nasal wash
  • Hot showers.

If these remedies are not enough to relieve your problem, you can use these medications:

  • Chloraseptic spray
  • Zinc lozenges
  • Pseudoephedrine
  • Diphenhydramine

You must consult your healthcare worker before using any medicine.

Can I take Emergen C while pregnant?

Yes, you can take Emergen C while pregnant. But you must use it in the average range. An overdose of Emergen C can affect your and your baby’s health.

Can you drink Emergen C while pregnant?

Yes, it is possible to drink Emergen C while pregnant. This Emergen C comes in powdered form, and you can drink it by mixing one to two ounces of water. Thus, you can use it as an energy booster drink.

Can you use Emergen-c while pregnant in the third trimester?

Emergen-C is safe during pregnancy and can be used in any trimester. It does not matter in which trimester you are using it. Thus, you may conclude you can use Emergen-c while pregnant in the third trimester.

Can you use Emergen-c while pregnant in the second trimester?

Yes, you can use Emergen-c while pregnant in the second trimester. You can use it throughout pregnancy. It has no adverse effect, but excess vitamin C can cause miscarriage.