Chicco Liteway Stroller Review

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2023)

These days the Chicco Liteway is a well-known umbrella stroller. It is rated as one of the best strollers by many websites. It is only due to its value and features.

Many parents and caretakers have heavy and massive strollers and want to buy a lightweight, harder, cost-friendly stroller for their short trips and traveling.

The best Chicco Liteway stroller is totally for this purpose. It has a large seat with one pillow seat. It can accommodate a child with a weight of up to 40 lbs. 

Naturally, the Umbrella stroller was not made for newborns. The Chicco Liteway stroller is made well enough to support your baby’s back.

That’s why you can easily use this branded stroller from birth. I will place a special supporting pad into the car seat or the stroller before putting it.

It is straightforward to move on the Chicco Liteway stroller. This stroller has four rubber wheels to roll on. It contains the back suspension system and pivots from the wheels.

It is designed for flat surfaces, but you can move it on any surface if you lock the stroller’s front wheels. It has an easy 3D folding mechanism with auto lock.

The automatic lock is for storage. The Chicco Liteway stroller is not your over-the-shoulder type umbrella. Its typical weight is about 17 lbs. 

It is not designed for moving around, but it was designed for transporting in the car. It contains carrying straps, a medium-sized canopy, five-point connections, a mediocre canopy, and a leg rest.

The Chicco Liteway stroller is one of the best strollers; I will rate it 5 out of 5 stars. It is hard to find such an ideal stroller at a reasonable price.

The features I love about this stroller are its strength and large storage stroller seat.

But the one I want from this stroller is that I wish it contained a large canopy and window closure. The Chicco Liteway stroller is not the only lightweight stroller in the market. Some umbrella strollers are more lightweight strollers than the Chicco Liteway stroller.

It comes in eight different colors. Its price ranges between $139.99 on AmazonThis platform provides free delivery, no sales tax, and an easy return possibility.

The Chicco Liteway stroller comes with a leg cover and a cup holder.


Frame ManufacturingAluminum
Stroller’s warranty1 year
Stroller’s wheelPlastic wheels
Stroller’s colorBlack and white
Stroller’s width in18.5
Width in folding10
Depth in folding46
Height in folding12
Minimum stroller age6
Maximum stroller age48
Stroller’s model number05079562880070
Maximum stroller weight40 lb.
Stroller depth46
Stroller’s height41
Stroller configuration numbers1
Core featuresCalf support, storage basket, peek a bow window, and recline.
Strollers’ brakesFront pedal brake, back wheel brakes, individual wheel brakes.

Properties of Chicco Liteway Stroller:

1.      Canopy:

The canopy of the Chicco Liteway stroller did not satisfy me. It contains only one panel, and no sun visor protects the baby from sunlight.

Other umbrella strollers have sun visors. Your baby will not get enough protection from sunlight. It contains a follow-the-sun option.

But there is a problem. If you disengage it on the back side, the material will fall on your baby’s face. I wish I could disengage the canopy panel only.

It also contains a bopeep window and is made up of clear plastic. I want to see the dark mesh.

It is because there is no window cover, and if the sun shines directly in front of the window, it will fall on your baby’s face. 

Many parents and caregivers use Kiddopotamus Rayshade to solve this problem. It is a portable canopy that protects your baby from the sun’s UV rays.

You will be pleased to see that its cost is only $15. The only negative point of this stroller is that it is black, and this black shade will destroy the overall look of your baby’s stroller.

2.      Handlebars:

The Chicco Liteway stroller contains two handlebars covered with soft foam. The ideal design of this stroller makes it very easy to move.

According to my experience, I can quickly push it with one hand when the car seat is empty. In reality, I’m not too fond of skin handles, but I like the thickness of this stroller.

The average height of the stroller’s handle is about 39’’ from the ground, and this handlebar has also this height.

My wife’s height is about 6.1,” and she often complains about the stroller handle, but this stroller is complaint-free.

3.      Large Seat:

The stroller seat is about 12” in width and 18” in the back of the seat.

The average length from the mid-seat to the edge of the canopy is about 24”.

As discussed above, I prefer something other than strap reclines. But I was happy to see there was a one-hand lever recline. The incline is too deep and has about positions, including the flattest one.

The unique feature of this stroller is that it can facilitate the baby from birth and can bear the weight of a baby up to 40 lbs.

A Liteway Plus stroller is the most popular stroller in the market and is not similar to the Chicco Liteway stroller. It is because it can be used for 6 months only.

It is the most expensive model. It is essential because you can use it from birth, and ideal stroller if you want to travel for a long time. You can also use it because it facilitates not carrying heavy car seats.

My wife usually uses a flat position when changing baby diapers.

The unique feature of this stroller is that this seat is too deep and can protect the baby from a harsh cold environment. This feature is a blessing for many parents and caregivers.

It is better than other umbrella strollers because these strollers protect babies from sunlight, and these are not deep enough to protect babies from winters.

4.      Hide-Away Boot:

This stroller contains a hide-away boot. It is to hide the baby from adverse environmental effects. It is present below the leg rest. It is a thin cover, and it does not provide any heat.

5.      Adjustable Leg Rest:

The Chicco Liteway stroller has an adjustable leg rest. It has three positions up, down, and plane.

I saw on a website that it contains only two positions, but that website did not notice the point which makes the stroller come in a vertical position.

It is effortless to adjust the leg rest. You need to press the button and move the legrest. The adjusting buttons are present on the sides of the stroller frame.

6.      Five-Point Attachments:

This unique stroller contains a 5-point adjustable harness and hard unlock buckle. An abdomen pad surrounds the stroller’s buckle.

It is a double plus. That is because it protects the abdomen.

7.      Wheels:

The Chicco Liteway stroller has 6 hard rubber wheels. There are 5” wheels on the front and 6” on the backside.

Front wheels have 360 degrees of rotation and have a lock for rougher land

8.    Storage basket:

In the past, the Chicco Liteway stroller had a removable storage bag. But to my knowledge, the Chicco turned the storage bag into a regular stroller basket. I don’t know whether anyone got this point or not.

The Chicco Liteway stroller’s basket size is medium. Moreover, you are unable to put large-size diapers in the storage basket.

But this is not bad if you consider this type of stroller as an umbrella stroller.

Don’t worry; you can quickly put small-sized Pampers and other essential things into the storage basket. In my experience, you can hang large-size diapers with the handlebar, and I have done it many times.

You might think the Chicco brand did not recommend doing it but believe me; the handlebars are strong enough to bear the weight of a diaper bag. That is my point of view; you may disagree.

You can get an approach to the storage basket from the back. But remember one thing: it is tough to get access when fully sitting on the stroller’s seat.

9.    Back wheel suspension:

It is the unique feature of the Chicco Liteway stroller. The back wheel suspension of the Chicco stroller makes it smooth to ride. You must know that this stroller is not any path stroller.

It is mainly designed for flat paths. You will be pleased to know it can roll on other surfaces like stony surfaces, grass, and covered surfaces.

10.  Parking brakes of Chicco Liteway stroller:

The Chicco Liteway stroller contains separate parking brakes on each back wheel. The brakes locked the wheels when the stroller walked on. Remember, this stroller is not flip-flop friendly.

11.  Easy 3D folding:

This stroller has a characteristic Umbrella fold. You can fold it by a straightforward method. At first, you need to push the stroller’s canopy backside, then push the lever up.

It is present on cross bars. Then it would be best if you stepped on the Chicco’s side pedal to fold it.

I think you can easily fold this stroller with one hand. But there is a negative point that you cannot carry the baby on the other hand.

You must bend down toward the ground to fold this stroller. The Chicco Liteway stroller has a handle and automatic lock, which make it easy to transport. This Chicco Liteway stroller is rugged.

Moreover, it has a more prominent fold than the FLIMSY umbrella stroller. As per my experience, the more complex the stroller is, the more prominent the fold is.

I challenge you; it will win if you compare this stroller with any other full-size stroller.

You might think I am kidding, but I had enough space left for my other home product after placing it into the trunk of my SUV.

The unique feature is that you can also place it in the back seat when shopping without your baby.

The folded dimensions of this stroller are about 46.5″ L* 10″ W*12H. I have Vela Easy Drive, and this stroller occupies less space than Vela Easy Drive.

One thing I can’t forget was when I was trying to put Vela Easy Drive in the rear seat of my SUV when I purchased a big Kitchen toy for my daughter at Babies Rus.

Just imagine my facial expressions when I was unable to fit them anywhere.

Furthermore, I could not get it into the car’s trunk. You can imagine I returned it and came again to buy it. The Liteway stroller’s weight is about 17 lbs. But I thought it was heavier than 17 lbs. 

Remember that it is not an umbrella stroller, and you can’t carry it over your shoulder.

If you want to carry this Chicco Liteway stroller over your shoulder, you must have a strong shoulder.

12.  Cup holder:

The Chicco Liteway stroller has a detachable cup holder. It can fit a water bottle or a cup.

13.  The footstool of the Chicco Liteway stroller:

The best Chicco Liteway stroller contains an adjustable footstool or footrest. In my life, I have not yet noticed this feature in any stroller.

You can adjust it up and down according to your baby’s height. This feature plays a vital role in relaxing your baby.

14.  Foldable:

Almost all strollers are foldable. However, it is essential to know baby strollers’ range or degree of compatibility.

As per my experience, someone referred me to use the jogging stroller, and I bought it because he told me it was the best stroller.

You can imagine that the stroller was unable to fit in my trunk. In addition, it quickly narrowed down those places I could easily use.

The Chicco Liteway stroller has no such problem. It has a high degree of compatibility and is easier to fold than any casual stroller.

As you know, this stroller is not an umbrella stroller, and it has less range of compatibility than a standard umbrella stroller. This stroller gets an average size when it gets broken.

15.  Travel system of a Chicco Liteway stroller:

Some people wonder whether this stroller has a travel system or not. It means that it is well-matched with a car seat or not. The answer to this common question is no.

The Chicco Liteway stroller cannot combine with the stroller’s car seat. The Chicco Liteway stroller is compatible with the car seat. If you are interested in this model, you must purchase it. It is because it is the Keyfit 30.

16.  Care feature of Chicco Liteway stroller:

As you know, that stroller gets dirty very fast. Children do not know how to clean themselves and the surrounding environment. Have you ever noticed a minivan?

It is a small vehicle for babies, and pieces of crumbs and snacks are in the back seat.

Here I am not pointing to the opposing point of parents. You all have noticed dirtiness near your baby, and you have no energy and time to clean this dirtiness your whole life.

But you also did not expose your baby to dirtiness and want to keep your baby neat and clean.

You know very well germs are too dangerous for babies. You might think about how to clean your baby’s Chicco Liteway stroller without removing the fabric from the frame.

According to Chicco Brand instructions, you can easily remove fabrics on the stroller, and you should only hand wash in cold water.

I am sure you are thinking about the reason for this particular instruction. Don’t worry; I am available to guide you in this regard.

It would be best not to put it in your washer on high heat. As per my personal experience, this thing causes the fabrics to shrink. The stroller’s fabric shrinks immediately when I put it on high heat.

The stroller’s fabric did shrink too much, but it indicated danger. Wash it with cold water and hang it to dry naturally.

For clothes that cannot be removed from the stroller, you wash them with a wet cloth. You must wash the baby stroller’s plastic and metal frames with a wet cloth.

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The Disadvantages of this stroller are given below:

a. Medio care canopy:

The canopy of this stroller is not small enough for an umbrella stroller; I want to see a sun visor in this stroller.

Adding a sun visor will make it most admirable and very light. It will not increase too much expense, and one plus point is that you can remove it any time from the stroller.

Some people buy Kiddopotamus Rayshade ($15) to get extra protection from sunlight. There is no peekaboo window which is a bad thing.

It is because if the sunlight comes in the head side, it will fall directly on the baby’s face.

b. Medium-size basket:

I never see a large basket on an umbrella stroller. But I think it would be nice to see it. It isn’t easy to do because of a crossbar on the back side of the stroller.

c. Absence of travel system option:

There is no travel system option is any umbrella stroller. But I think it would be best to have it. This is a rugged umbrella stroller, and it can handle a car seat.

d. Trays:

It is a bad thing for the Chicco Liteway stroller. A Chicco Liteway stroller has no tray. Some people prefer an umbrella stroller to a Chicco Liteway stroller.

It is an opposing point of this stroller because there is no parent tray near the handlebars of the Chicco Liteway stroller, nor a baby tray in front of the baby.

No doubt this thing makes it easy to compact down this stroller, but on the other hand, it is challenging when you go with this stroller.

There is a lot of joy when your baby has snacks when going for a walk. This thing makes your baby happy when he has some Cheerios and a water cup in his baby try.

But unfortunately, you have no baby. Try to put these things and make your baby happy. Moreover, there is no single cup holder in this stroller to put your baby’s bottle or morning coffee.

That is a significant negative point of this stroller.

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Chicco Liteway Stroller – Conclusion:

The Chicco Liteway stroller is the best option for your baby. It is light in weight, and you can fold it to a manageable size. You can quickly put it in and out of the trunk.

Moreover, it contains a visor and several flexible options, which include an adjustable footstool and recliner. The negative point of this stroller is the absence of baby and parent try.

Many strollers are in the market, but the Chicco Liteway stroller is an excellent choice at a reasonable price. Simply put, it contains all the necessary features a stroller should contain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to open a Chicco Liteway Stroller?

To open the Chicco Liteway stroller, first, you must release the locking frame mechanism. After this, you must push down the anterior part of the stroller’s frame toward the ground.

Remember to hold the handlebars. At last, you should press down the safety bars with your hand or foot. It would be best if you pressed it down until it got locked.

Is the Chicco stroller reclinable?

Yes, the unique Chicco Liteway stroller is reclinable. It has four reclining positions for your baby. There is an adjustable handle at the back side of the stroller, which you can catch with one hand to adjust.

You can use any reclining position to make your baby comfortable.

How to fold a Chicco Liteway Stroller?

The Chicco Liteway stroller has a characteristic Umbrella fold. You can fold it by a straightforward method. At first, you need to push the stroller’s canopy backside, then push the lever up.

How to clean a Chicco Liteway stroller?

You should wash the removable fabrics of the Chicco Liteway Stroller with cold water. The non-removable fabric must be cleaned with a wet cloth.

The plastic and steel parts of the frame must be cleaned with a wet cloth.

What is the average height for a baby with this stroller?

The average age for a baby is about 6 months, and its weight is 40LB.

Does Canopy have UV protection?

The Canopy of this stroller does not have any special UV, UPF, or SPF coating. Canopy only provides shade from UV rays.

Does this stroller recline for baby comfort?

There are four reclining positions for the baby’s comfort.