How To Close Chicco Stroller Quickly and Easily

(Last Updated On: March 22, 2023)

How to close Chicco stroller? Are you one of those parents planning to buy a Chicco stroller? Are you worried about how to collapse the Chicco stroller?

Well! This article is for you.

Chicco brand is known for producing high-quality strollers. It has been working for over the past 50 years. The strollers manufactured by it are very durable, sturdy, and trustworthy. They keep the baby comfortable and make the life of parents easier.

This article will give you many valuable tips about the best Chicco stroller. For example, here, you will learn about the closing mechanism of these strollers. You will also find out which is easy to operate and which is difficult or whether you can handle them similarly.

How to Close the Chicco stroller? Guide About Different Types Of Strollers

Below are step-by-step guides about the folding of different Chicco strollers. Depending upon the type of stroller you own, you can see how to fold the Chicco stroller.

How To Close Chicco Bravo Stroller?

The Chicco bravo stroller comes with an infant car seat that is detachable. You can install or uninstall it from the stroller whenever you want with just one hand.

How To Close Chicco Stroller Quickly and Easily

This stroller has many incredible features, including quick fold and self-standing ability. Parents and caregivers can transport it from one place to another without any problem.

Step One: Car Seat Uninstallation

Firstly, to remove the infant car seat from the stroller, press the button at the back side of the car seat when it is inside the stroller. It will release the car seat from the stroller, and you can remove it.

Step Two: Pull The Handle

In the center of the stroller seat, a small handle is present. It is located just under the cover of the seat. You need to hold this handle and pull it in an upward direction.

Step Three: Transportation

The stroller will instantly fold up after falling backward. After folding, you can use the same handle for transporting the stroller from one place to another by using just one hand.

Step Four: Storage

You can also store it in a compact form.

How To Close Chicco Viaro Stroller?

The Chicco Viaro stroller features a one-hand, easy-to-fold option. It has a car seat and car seat base that is simple to operate.

How To Close Chicco Stroller Quickly and Easily

Step One: Find The Latch

First of all, find the latch that is located in the middle of the stroller seat.

Step Two: Pull The Latch

Then to close or fold the stroller, you just need to pull that latch with one hand and give it a jerk. The stroller will collapse on its own.

How To Unfold Chicco Viaro Stroller?

When the stroller is folded, but you want to use it again, you just need to hold it at one end and pull it upward. The stroller will unfold and set itself in its proper position.

How To Close Chicco Liteway Stroller?

One of the fantastic features of the Chicco Liteway Stroller is that it offers five different reclining positions. You can adjust the backrest according to your baby’s age, comfort level, and preference. Moreover, you can do this with just one hand.

How To Close Chicco Stroller Quickly and Easily

Step One: Foot Release Activation

When the stroller is open and in the right shape, firstly, you need to activate the foot release. For this purpose, you have to place your foot near the lever that is located at the back of the stroller and give it a slight upward push.

Step Two: Foot Pedal Pressing

After that, you will notice a small foot pedal that is present right above it. Now you need to push it up with your foot.

Step Three: Transportation

Once step two is completed, the Chicco liteway stroller will instantly come in a folded position and close in on the front side. Now it is effortless to pick the stroller up by using only one hand. In this position, you can easily transport the stroller from one place to another by pulling on the stroller handles and moving it on the wheels.

Step Four: Storage

You can easily store it wherever you want after it folds down into a compact piece.

How To Unfold Chicco Liteway Stroller?

After folding it, are you thinking about how to open Chicco stroller again? Well, no worries. You need to release the side latch whenever you want to use it again. Then shake the stroller after pushing the small foot pedal down until the stroller opens up and is set up appropriately once again.

How To Close Chicco Cortina Stroller?

How To Close Chicco Stroller Quickly and Easily

The Chicco Cortina stroller is one of the best baby strollers. It is equipped with an easy one-hand recline and a folding system. It is very easy to operate. Therefore, parents and caregivers can use this feature without a problem while holding the baby.

Step One: Tug The Handle Button

Firstly, you need to pull the small button that is present on the handle.

Step Two: Pull The Foot Pedal

Then push the foot pedal in an upward direction. This foot pedal is located at the back side of the stroller, near its legs. It will close the stroller in a compact form.

How To Unfold Chicco Cortina Stroller?

When you want to unfold the stroller to use it again, you just need to press the button and pull the handles. It will release the stroller from the collapsed mode. Then shake it until it comes back to its original position.

FAQs About How To Close Chicco Stroller?

Can You Fold Chicco Next 2 Me?

Yes. Chicco Next 2 Me Pop-Up is a unique co-sleeping crib. It has an advanced folding system, allowing you to fold the crib and set it up promptly. Moreover, you do not need to remove the mattress or disassemble any part of it. It has a compact fold so that you can take it anywhere.

How To Fold A Stroller?

To fold a stroller, you need to press the levers. These levers are positioned on one of the sides of the stroller’s handlebar frame. After that, push the handles in the forward direction. Then tug on the red handle that appeared on top of the folded seat, and the stroller will close.

Final Words

How To Close Chicco Stroller? I hope this article has assisted you with how to collapse the Chicco stroller, and its step-by-step guide has made the procedure easy for you.