Where To Donate Stroller Near Me? 8 Best Places

Where To Donate Stroller Near Me? If you want to make your life easier and hassle-free after having a baby, then the best baby strollers are a must-have.

Donating strollers can be a deeply rewarding experience, knowing you’re providing for a family that may not have the means to afford one otherwise.

They make it possible for new moms to do their basic tasks like long walks or runs, going on tours, shopping, and visiting a friend without any worry.

However, when your baby enters the toddler stage of his life, the significance of the stroller starts decreasing.

And then, with every passing day, the only thing that your baby’s stroller do is take space and collect dust. This means that it is time to let it go now.

Now you must be thinking about where to donate the stroller near me.

Fortunately, many places happily accept baby items donations, and they will help you give your stroller to other needy parents. In this way, you can play your role in making someone’s life easier.

Local charities eagerly welcome stroller donations as a way to support parents and children in the community.

I have created a list of different organizations that work for this purpose. Here’s where you can donate your strollers when you no longer use them.

8 Best Places To Donate Your Baby Stroller

1. Loadup

If you are looking for the right place, Loadup is the best option. This waste removal organization will care for your new jogging stroller, just like anything else.


They will charge the transportation fee, and then depending upon the condition of your stroller, they will either recycle it or give it to someone in need on behalf of the customer (you).

You can visit their website to schedule a day for your stroller pickup. They will pick up the stroller from your house as soon as possible.

They also accept many other baby accessories, including baby carriers, car seats, playpens, etc.

2. 1-800-Junk-USA

1-800-Junk-USA is another trash removal organization that works in all 50 states of the US.

They will visit your home for the pickup of your stroller or any other thing that you want to donate. If the item is in good condition, they will present it to other parents on your behalf.

This way, you will be free from the worry of locating and transporting your used items to a suitable location.

3. BabyGoRound


Another organization where you can donate your umbrella stroller for parents living in Canada is BabyGoRound.

In 2012, it was initiated by a mother who wanted to donate her carefully used baby items but could not find any suitable place near her.

This organization accepts most newborn items up to two years old.

4. Goodwill

The purpose of Goodwill is to help people in attaining their full potential.

In this way, they will be able to achieve their goals like obtaining employment, supporting the needs of their families, and growing in their careers.

Requesting donations is one of the different approaches they utilize for this purpose.

They could be both money and used children’s items. In the case of children’s goods, they are sold to make income for the community.

If your toddler is no longer using the toddler stroller and wants to donate it, you can visit a local Goodwill store to drop it there for charity.

5. Donation Town

DonationTown is a website where you can enter your zip code to know which charity organizations will pick up your used baby equipment in your area.

So, you want to avoid going somewhere to drop your stroller off for a charity. You can schedule a pickup time with the organization (shown in the search results).

6. Donate Stuff

Donate Stuff is an organization that will allow you to donate your old and used items in exchange for cash.

It is pretty new and works in six regions of the United States, but they are spreading their services to other areas too.

Check their website to know whether they work in your area or not if you are looking for a stroller donation.

After collecting them from your house, they will distribute the baby items to various charities nationwide.

7. Local Charities

It does not matter whether you live in a small town or a big city; there is always a local charity dealing with old and new baby items.

To find one of them, you can do a Google search for charities looking for strollers in your area. They will happily accept your baby’s stroller and give it to someone in need.

8. Online Groups

Another suitable option for donating your stroller is online groups. If your stroller is in good condition and you are no longer using it, you can post its picture in any of these groups.

And someone who needs it will contact you.

You can find these free groups on Facebook and FreeCycle.org

How To Find Location and Where to Donate Stroller Near Me

Where To Donate Stroller Near Me

The closest children’s center near you will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness when you donate a gently used or new stroller.

If you want to donate a stroller, there are some other choices too, that are mentioned below:

Speak to other parents in your community about donating your stroller. Parents of older kids often donate their used baby items so that they can guide you.

Talk with those who have already donated their baby stuff. This way, you will know who they contacted and how they found the location to present the stroller.

Ask the daycare center of your child about the locations looking for strollers. They might know some charities and can help you.

Look for the community centers present in your area. Sometimes a noticeboard may have stories and information about local charities searching for baby products.

Look for the local recycling centers. Some centers are always looking for material to upcycle and recycle, and they might want your stroller.

Local baby wellness centers may also have a list of locations searching for baby strollers and other baby stuff donations.

Ask your Facebook friends about where to donate the stroller near me. You will be amazed by the number of people who will give you suggestions.

Options Other Than Stroller Donation

1. Store The Stroller For Your Next Baby

If you welcome a second baby and your firstborn’s stroller is still in a good position, you can store it for the new one.

2. Give It To A Friend Or Family Member

Donate if you have a luxurious stroller that you used carefully and want to avoid giving it to someone you don’t know. You can give it to a family member or your friend so that they can get an advantage from the high-quality stroller.

But be careful not to insult them. Give it to them only if it is really in good condition.

3. Recycle The Stroller

If your stroller is not in good condition, and you cannot store it for your next baby, you cannot give it to a friend, family member, or charity. Then the best option is to recycle it.

Frequently Asked Questions- Where To Donate Stroller Near Me

Can You Donate Your Used Baby Strollers?

Yes, you can donate them. Strollers do not come with an expiry date, unlike car seats. Firstly, you can give your stroller to a friend or family member.

But if no one needs it, you can donate it to one of the above-listed organizations.

Can I Donate Used Baby Car Seats?

Most organizations do not accept car seats because of safety reasons and expiry dates. So, it is better to recycle your used infant car seats.

Once a year, Walmart and Target arrange a car seat recycling drive. Customers who avoid keeping their car seats can bring them for recycling.

Where To Donate A Pack And Play?

Suppose you own a Pack and Play, baby crib, or any other equipment you no longer use. In that case, you can donate it to one of the organizations listed above.

How To Get Rid Of Old Stroller?

No safety risk is linked to using a used stroller (unlike a car seat and mattress). So, you can donate it to someone in need depending upon the condition of your stroller.

What Are Car Seat And Stroller Donation Options Near Me?

There are many options; you can donate it to women’s shelters, homeless shelters, churches, and local family services. Rules are different for different places, but most of them will love to have your stroller.

What Is A Good Price For A Used Baby Stroller?

Most of the time used baby strollers are priced at around 60 % of the new price. Luxurious, high-quality strollers and strollers in excellent condition may be sold for a higher amount.

Final Words

When considering where to donate strollers, it’s heartening to know that many local charities and non-profit organizations would happily accept your generous donation.

Are you looking for somewhere to donate a stroller near me options? You can give it to one of the places mentioned in this article.

They will provide your stroller to someone who badly needs it. And if your stroller is in bad condition, these organizations will get recycle it.