Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review

Here is the “Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review” for you. It is a full-size stroller that is bigger and more feature-rich than its smaller and less costly sibling.

It features better wheels, which are bigger and provide slightly better maneuverability.

It is more significant and durable in every aspect; however, the added capabilities and features aren’t enough to justify the price compared to the regular City Mini.

Parents loved the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, which was introduced in 2012. Don’t be fooled by the brand’s name; this buggy isn’t suitable for running or jogging.

The new GT2 version features a new design that offers foam-filled tires and an all-wheel suspension system that will provide uncompromising agility on any terrain.

Other features of the GT2 include an adjustable leg rest and an easy fold.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

We love this model so much that we included this in the list of our favorite strollers.

Reviewed By?

This Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review is given by Victoria Isabel, who lives in London with her family (husband and a two-year-old son).

As a mom who enjoys being in rural areas, she’s tried the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 on buses, trains, and even cars.

She used this stroller on city roads as well as countryside fields.

Why Choose Baby Jogger GT2 Stroller?

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Single Stroller is a fantastic All-Round Pushchair for many reasons.

To begin, it’s suitable for babies up to 22kg, which means it’ll be there from the beginning until your child no longer needs a stroller.

It’s also a compatible stroller travel system, so you can use it with the Baby Jogger City Go Group Car Seat and the Carrycot.

It’s loaded with the features you’d want to find, including a reclining seat, a calf rest that can be adjusted, and luxuriously padded seat fabric. It’s also straightforward to fold away.

What Were Your Initial Thoughts About This Stroller?

It was easy to construct and was simple to master how to operate the brake and adjust the seat.

What Makes The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Different From The Baby Jogger City Mini?

Apart from the GT2’s higher price than the Mini, the main differences include its “forever air” rubber tires and suspension that can handle rough terrain.

In contrast, the City Mini’s suspension and tires are designed for smoother terrain.

The GT2 also has an adjustable handlebar and a hand-operated brake rather than the foot brake.

In addition, the GT2 is also a bit larger, at 6.5cm taller, with just 1 Kg heavier than the Mini.

Detailed Performance Comparison Of City Mini GT2

Ease Of Use

The GT2 is easy to use, thanks to its simple features. However, some design choices can hinder true user-friendliness. For example, a crossbar blocks access to storage space.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

The seatback can recline nearly flat by working on an adjustable toggle that includes straps on each side that join.

It needs two hands to raise and lower it effortlessly.

The footrest is propped up for the flat nap and is a new feature compared to the previous model.

However, it’s not as comfortable as other models offering more positions.


The harness used on GT2 is harder to use. It is more challenging to work with than the one used in the earlier version, which we did not like.

The harness has the same rethread design as before but is challenging due to the slider button.

This buckle design is not easy to push, while the shoulder straps are separated from the waist straps when they reach the buckle. It’s not always simple to bring them back in place to buckle.


The bin for storage is big enough, but they’ve changed the frame to include an obstruction that limits the amount of stuff that can be put in, regardless of the weight limit of 10 pounds.

The front access is available in contrast to the previous model, which was a bit more rear-facing.

However it is not logical to put a bar on top of the bin’s access point, as larger diaper bags will not be able to fit easily.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

The GT2 has a pocket at the back of the seat with a 2-pound limit. It is suitable for easy-access items or even water bottles.

(If you are looking for a larger storage bin that is large enough to hold about 30 pounds, then the UPPABaby Vista V2 is an excellent alternative to think about.)


The GT2 features a handbrake that runs along the sides of the frame. It’s a good choice for sandal users because it does not involve your feet.

However, it could snap in the palm of your hand when you let it go. However, it didn’t happen to us.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

The UV 50 sunshade of the GT2 hasn’t changed much and is just as stunning as ever.

It’s a massive, fully covered canopy with dual peek-a-boo windows and magnet covers.

Fold And Unfold

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

According to my Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 review, it has a simple folding procedure compared to other models.

It has a simple process of opening the frame using the handle at the bottom of the seat. It is auto-locking, self-standing, and comes with a carry handle.

Car Seat Compatibility

GT2 works with a variety of infant car seats but requires purchasing adapters.

It is also possible to add the Baby Jogger brand car seat; however, no Baby Jogger car seats performed very well in our review of infant car seats.

Baby Jogger offers click-in car seat adapters for these brands and car seats: Britax, Chicco (including the Chicco Fit2 and Chicco KeyFit 30), Cybex (including the Cybex Aton 2 and Cybex Cloud Q), Graco (including the Graco Snugride Snuglock 35 Elite Maxi Cosi), the Nuna, the UPPAbaby Mesa, and Clek brand.


The single front wheel on the GT2 is a “forever fill” rubber tire with an all-wheel suspension.

It makes for more maneuverability than the dual wheel configuration on one leg of other models, such as the City Mini, which is not GT.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

The GT2 is slightly better at moving and turning on bumpy roads and can perform on flat roads that have smooth transitions.

If you want to move over greenbelts or make a park excursion, this model can handle.

However, it’s not the best choice, based on our experience with dirt roads or off-road hiking.

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Weight And Folded Size

The GT2 is relatively compact and lighter than most competitors but more spacious than the non-GT City Mini.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2’s weight is around the same as the prior version of the model, at 21.6 pounds.

However, it’s larger when folded at 9,462 cubic inches compared to the previous model, which was 8,400 cubic inches.

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How Does It Compare With Other Strollers You’ve Tried?

According to the Baby Jogger claims, it’s very agile and possibly the most agile among the ones I’ve tested.

Including those like the Bugaboo Cameleon3, Babystyle Oyster 3, Babystyle Prestige, and the Babyzen Yoyo,

It’s neither the lightest nor the largest, but it’s ideal for walking in parks and on rough tracks and fields.

What Is Its Performance In Comparison To Similar Pushchairs?

This model is more costly than similar pushchairs with three wheels and all-terrain tires like Phil and Ted’s Sport and Nipper from Out’ n’ About.

Like the Nipper, the GT2 can be used right from birth when you purchase the separate Carrycot.

Meanwhile, Phil and Ted’s Sport has an adjustable seat that reclines to a horizontal position for newborns, with no requirement for a carrycot.

The GT2 offers a more oversized seat over the Phil & Ted Sport, which measures 23cm in width and depth.

Like the Nipper, the GT2 has a capacity of about 22kg, more than the Phil & Ted Sport, which can only hold 15kg.

It’s straightforward to fold compared to its counterparts, the Nipper and Phil and Ted’s Sport.

Both buggies require two hands to fold, whereas Mini GT2 offers a simple one-hand fold, which makes it extremely simple to operate.

It also folds down less than the size of the other strollers. However, it’s located somewhere between the two regarding weight.

At 10.3kg, It’s more significant than the Nipper (9.8kg) but less heavy than the Phil & Ted Sport (12.5kg).

Final Words

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review: A good value for money, this three-wheeled stroller comes with a true one-hand fold and unfolds.

The all-wheel suspension enables you to navigate any terrain easily and quickly, which is excellent for families that love long, scenic walks.

The drawbacks are the problematic access to the basket, its absence of a rain cover, and the fact that children can only see forward. Despite these issues, it is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions – Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review

Does It Include An Infant Carrycot?

The Carrycot is sold separately and includes adapters that can be fitted to the frame of the primary stroller.

It’s cushioned and extremely comfortable for a baby, and the mattress pad can be washed in the washing machine.

For What Age The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Is Suitable?

You can use the GT2 for a newborn if you purchase the baby carrycot. It’s important to note that this seat is only facing forwards. It doesn’t have a parent-facing option.

The GT2’s seat capacity of 22kg is more significant than most strollers (which only hold up to 15kg). So it’s likely to last for three years or suitable for an older child.

Can You Put A Baby In The City Mini GT2?

The City Mini 2, City Mini GT2, and Summit X3 strollers have a greater recline angle and a close-to-flat position that can accommodate infants.

It means you can place a baby in these strollers’ reclined seats without needing an adapter for car seats or a bassinet.

Is It Comfortable To Use The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2?

Even though my son is two years old, the seat is spacious, and there’s plenty of room to expand over the next few years.

The seat is pretty big, measuring 31cm wide and 50cm tall (from the bottom of the seat to the highest point), and 22cm deep.

While the seat isn’t excessively cushioned, it is comfortable, and an adjustable rest for the calf gives an extra layer of comfort because your child can sprawl out in a flat position.

It also received high marks from our friend, who wrote, “My little girl loved being in the stroller”.

Which Recline Options Can You Find In The Stroller?

Recline is an excellent feature. It’s adjustable with bands at the back, so you can select any recline option, from fully upright to virtually flat. It’s also straightforward to change.

Is It Have A One-Handed Fold?

It is indeed one of the most valuable characteristics of the stroller. It folds using one hand by pulling the two loops attached to the seat.

One of the benefits is that when folded, it can stand on its own, and this can help keep it clean and makes it easier to put away.

Can Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Fit In The Trunk Of Your Vehicle?

It is a good fit into the rear of the Mazda 2, but only when we remove one wheel.

However, our boot isn’t large enough, so we need to take off wheels for most buggies except for The BabyZen YoYo.

Does It Fit In An Airplane Overhead Locker?

This stroller is way too big to fit into an airplane’s locker.

Does The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 have A Lightweight Stroller?

With a weight of just over 10kg, Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is a moderate-weight stroller. It’s a solid and sturdy product instead of bulky. However, I did find it challenging to carry in the fold.

How Simple Is It To Steer And Push?

The pushing process is easy due to the adjustable handlebar that allows you to pick the most comfortable spot, while the all-wheel suspension ensures an effortless and comfortable ride.

I was surprised by the extremely sensitive steering. However, three wheels need some time to get used to, particularly when going around corners.

What Did You Feel About It On the Public Transport System?

I’ve found it the most difficult to use when traveling on public transport because it is larger overall. It isn’t able to fit down the aisle of a bus.

However, it feels sturdy enough to bridge the gap between the platform or pavement onto trains or buses.

How Was Your Interaction With Your Child While Strolling Baby Jogger City Mini GT2?

There’s no parent-facing feature, which means this might be a problem for some parents. But, with the two windows that peek out of the hood, it’s straightforward to watch your child as they’re riding in their stroller.

Does The Brake Have Enough Strength, And Is It Simple To Apply?

Since it’s a hand brake, it’s highly flip-flop-friendly. The flip-on/flip-off handbrake can be found on the right-hand side, and while I did find the handbrake challenging to get used to, its position ensures that you aren’t at risk of the brake being smashed accidentally while walking.

Is the Basket On The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Big And Easy To Reach?

The basket isn’t easy to get compared with other strollers. However, it’s big enough to hold two shopping bags.

Will the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Be Used As A Traveling System?

It’s compatible with various car seat brands, including Maxi-Cosi Graco, Britax, Cybex, and Baby Jogger’s City Go. You can purchase the adapters separately.

Are You Happy With The Style Of This Pushchair?

It looks stylish and expensive, and I loved the design, including the shiny branding down the buggy’s side. It is available in four color options, all of which are subtle.

What’s Inside The Box?

The frame of the buggy, the wheels (which can be popped in place), the hood, and the instructions.

Is Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Simple To Construct?

There’s not much construction involved. All you need to do is pop on the wheels (they push into) and then attach the hood.

The directions are easy to follow, and it took me just a few minutes to put it together after removing it from the box.

What Would You Like To Know Before Purchasing The Stroller?

I would have liked to know more about the handbrake before purchasing this stroller. It could be an issue for some, but some find it a major benefit.

What Was Your Top Aspect From The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2?

The suspension and wheels. They give you an easy ride with a smooth push. We enjoy long strolls with the family, so this would be the ideal stroller for any trip, mainly when walking across fields or along rough tracks.

Where Can You Buy The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2?

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller is available on Amazon.