7 Best Stroller For 3 Kids In The Market

Are you searching for the best stroller for 3 kids? We have got a wide selection of the top options.

Children are moody, especially during toddlerhood. They would like to be in the stroller just like their twin siblings.

The best stroller for 3 kids is a perfect choice in this scenario.

So, if your children are growing in number and you require a triplet stroller, look at all the options listed here to select the most suitable for your requirements.

Best Stroller For 3 Kids – Our Picks


Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller – Overall Best Stroller For 3 Kids

Best Stroller For 3 Kids

Most people do not want an additional child seat purchasing part on them. 

If you are one of those parents, get Baby Jogger City Select Lux to accommodate your growing family. 

However, carrying that third kid will require a Glider riding board.

It is the best stroller for 3 kids, whether twins and toddlers or children of various age groups.

One of the three kids must be able to keep his head and back in place because he will be riding on the board.

With the board attached, the back seat rider cannot sleep because there is not enough room to recline.

There are 20+ seating configurations for the seats, meaning your kids can face you, the world, or even each one.

You can also connect car seats in both of the seats of strollers by using adaptors.

The weight limit of your stroller’s rear and front seats is about 45 pounds for each.

The stroller has an all-wheel suspension and a huge container for the baby’s travel needs.

The front swivel wheels that can lock handle any terrain well, making it an all-terrain stroller.

Compared with other triple tandem strollers, it folds about 30% smaller. However, its collapse process is not easy. 

The auto-locking feature and the adjustable handlebar (39.5 inches up to 42.3 inches away from the floor) are added convenience. I absolutely love my stroller for 3 kids: it’s such a convenient and practical solution.


  • Sturdy and robust design
  • Large storage basket
  • Hand brake and telescopic handle
  • It folds smaller and auto locks
  • You can attach car seats from a variety of brands


  • It is a heavy stroller
  • The folding process is not easy with two seats


UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller – Best Performance Stroller For 3 Kids

Best Stroller For 3 Kids

The first buzzword that you get to hear in the market for best baby strollers is “Uppababy Vista V2”. 

This is why parents are buying it with the intention of long-term usage. It will provide your children with a comfortable ride.

The stroller was initially equipped with the MESA Car Seat, a bassinet rain cover, and a mosquito net constructed of top-quality materials.

However, to carry three children, you must purchase a Rumble Seat and a Piggyback Ride Along with the Board.

If you are due with twins and you have a toddler, this best stroller for twins and toddlers will be an ideal accessory for the family.

Vista V2 attaches two car seats or bassinets at the same time. Thus, infants can ride in the 2 car seats while the toddler can stand on the board from the rear.

Contrary to other tandem strollers that make it longer and harder to push, this best stroller for 3 kids is simple to move around.

All-wheel suspension and big tires handle the city’s sidewalks and gravel roads.

In addition, it comes with a massive basket for storage to store your child’s toys, food, and other necessities. 

The bumper bar at the back of the seat provides a security layer, and the zippered canopy shields them from the sun’s rays in the most scorching temperatures.

Look over its features and stroller prices to determine whether it is within your budget. With my 3 child stroller, I can easily handle outings with my triplets.


  • It does not require adaptors
  • Large zippered canopies
  • A smooth ride with all-wheel suspension
  • The handlebar is padded with leather
  • It comes with a rain cover, a mosquito net, and a car seat


  • Expensive
  • Low limit of weight for the Rumble seat


Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Triple Stroller – Versatile Stroller For 3 Kids

Best Stroller For 3 Kids

The most appealing thing is that you do not need a bench or riding board to put your third child as in other strollers.

A standing platform at the stroller’s rear lets your child stand up and enjoy the scenery.

He can stand and sit in a chair when his legs tire. It is an all-in-one stroller suitable for infants and toddlers under 45 pounds.

It comes with two snack trays to feed the two tiny passengers. They can eat, drink, or snack while you drive. 

The storage basket underneath the seat can hold the equivalent of 10 pounds, so it is small to hold your three children’s items.

This best stroller for 3 kids is compatible with universal car seat adaptors and saves your money while being versatile.

Take a look at the trunk of your vehicle before purchasing the stroller. It folds extremely large to 64 x 21.5 x 14 inches. 

While it is somewhat difficult to push this stroller, its suspension lets you effortlessly cross grass, gravel, and dirt. Three babies? No problem! My stroller for three babies makes it a breeze to take them all out together.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Removable snack trays
  • It is all doors compatible
  • Has all-wheels suspension
  • Includes a universal car seat adaptor
  • The built-in bench seat and a standing platform


  • The back seat does not recline.
  • The size is enormous after the fold


Joovy Qool Stroller – Comfortable Stroller For 3 Kids

Best Stroller For 3 Kids

When looking for the best stroller for 3 kids and the perfect travel system, do not miss the Joovy stroller.

It has the highest conversion capability from a single to double to triple stroller in just a few seconds.

Furthermore, you will love the machine-washable fabric, and consequently, you can effortlessly keep it clean, unlike the older models, which can take up much of your effort and time.

It can be converted into a double stroller by adding a car seat. However, you will need an adapter for car seat installation (sold separately) properly.

The adapters for front seats are easy to install because of the click-in system and compatibility with Nuna, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, Chico, Britax, Cybex, and many other car seat models.

You can also put in a bassinet or another car seat.

It also includes an organizer for the parents that is easy to attach and has mesh designs and zippers to keep your items secure.

With this stroller, your children will experience a pleasant journey and maximum comfort because of the soft and comfortable car seats and an oversized canopy with UPF+. The buggy I purchased for my three kids is a lifesaver; it keeps them comfortable and secure.


  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Installation is simple and easy to do


  • Bulky and heavy


New Joovy Qool Customizable Stroller – Durable Stroller For 3 Kids

Best Stroller For 3 Kids

Finding a child stroller that accommodates three children was a game-changer for our family. Do not forget the Joovy Qool Customizable stroller, which is stylish and flexible.

When you switch it into a triplet stroller, there are 56 seating configurations.

The stroller is a single stroller that can be connected to a car seat without an adapter.

It is possible to snap in the car seat and bassinet into the second seat (55 pounds limit for weight), but that requires adaptors.

If you are looking for a third seat, there is the option of a bench seat. It allows your child to have a space when he is finished walking.

Adding all the costs for the car seat, the second seat, the adaptor, and the bench seat will cost you much less than Uppababy Vista V2.

In its latest version, the stroller comes with an adjustable footrest that can be adjusted to make your baby feel comfortable during sleep and an adjustable handlebar.

The handle of this best stroller for 3 kids ranges from 39 inches to 42 inches. This is an ideal fit suitable for 5.4-6.3 feet tall parents.

It is a stroller with rubber wheels that measure 8 inches in front and 12 inches in the rear. 

The wheels are backed by a suspension system that stops the bumps from reaching the baby’s neck, head, and back.

There is no doubt that Joovy is a safe option for older siblings and twins or three kids aged over 6 months old and less than 6 years old. 


  • 56 seat configurations
  • It is easy to push and hold bumps
  • Swing away the tray and organizer for parents
  • Footrest and handlebars can be adjusted
  • Storage baskets hold 25 pounds
  • The top seat comes with two height levels


  • Bulky to transport


Foundations Triple Sport Stroller – Compact Stroller For 3 Kids

Best Stroller For 3 Kids

The children’s stroller I bought for my triplets is not only adorable but also incredibly functional. Consider this triple sport stroller if your three children have reached their 6-month mark and weigh less than 40 pounds.

This best stroller for 3 kids is compact, and you can make groceries with your three children or walk around the neighborhood.

One of the drawbacks is the seating style since it is not stadium-style. 

The front seat blocks the view of the two back passengers. There is no recline to a flat position for napping, nor do they come with a large canopy.

However, it can hold 3 children at a time, and you will not have to drag your toddler when you go out.

The foot brake on the back lets you stop for a moment whenever you go to the cafe or come across a friend in the street.

The stroller’s handlebars are padded so you can push the stroller effortlessly. It is 41.5 inches away from the ground and is an ideal suitable size for tall parents.

To allow you to keep valuable things, this best stroller for 3 kids has a zippered pocket inside the basket. 

The storage basket can hold a large diaper bag, blankets, toys, and other items that are easily accessible from the rear. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Large storage basket with a pocket
  • UV Rays proof sun canopies
  • Tall and padded handlebars


  • It is not easy to push
  • Take the whole trunk of the car


Foundations Quad Sports 4-Person Stroller – Best Stroller For 4 Kids

Best Stroller For 3 Kids

I can confidently say that my stroller for three children meets all my expectations and more. This stroller is the best for 3 kids and is also suitable for four kids that are close in age and has side-to-side seating.

It is a better alternative to jogging for active parents.

Additionally, you will enjoy it due to the reclined seats.

It will allow you to place your children in a comfortable position, follow their body postures completely, let you pick the correct position, and then adjust the seats with ease.

The harness and UV canopy provide the best security for your kids as they have superior stability and security while safeguarding them from elements of the weather and other adverse conditions.

It also provides ample storage underneath the seats to keep your essential items and the baby gear so you can organize your trip easily.

Furthermore, this best quad has folding capabilities suitable for all types of MVs. It is also an ideal travel companion suitable for any terrain and surface. 


  • Flexible
  • Simple to operate


  • Not suitable for the home door


Commonly Asked Questions – Best Stroller For 3 Kids

Do The Best Triple Strollers Exist?

Yes. The best stroller for 3 kids can hold up to 100 pounds of combined child weight. Additionally, the lifetime of the stroller could be extended by adding toddler seats for older children.

Do They Make Triple Strollers?

A convertible triple stroller is a double stroller that can add a seating area or riding board. This is a good option when you have 2 big kids and expecting a third one. Based on the manufacturer, certain models will have an extra seat at the front, and some are at the rear.

Can City Select Hold 3 kids?

It can fit all three children in the same space where it fits only one baby (you can increase the number of seats). It is highly efficient in space and maneuvering.

What Is The Distinction Between City Select And Lux?

The City Select LUX has four wheels filled with foam and all-wheel suspension, while the City Select has only front-wheel suspension and front wheels made of plastic. The most noticeable difference is in walking across grass or on uneven terrain.

Final Words

These are the best stroller for 3 kids. If you decide to purchase them, remember the age of your children, the different types of strollers, and their foldable dimensions. Also, make a comparison of prices.

If you plan to go out with a companion, it is possible to use two strollers. Use a double stroller for the twins and a straightforward stroller for the older child. Managing three kids on the go is no hassle with my child strollers designed for multiple.

Thanks to my three strollers, I can effortlessly navigate outings with my little ones.

Having reliable strollers for 3 kids allows me to enjoy quality time outdoors with my children.