How To Choose the Best Baby Stroller?

(Last Updated On: September 7, 2023)

How to Choose the Best Baby Strollers? Buying the best baby stroller for your baby is not easy, and a lot of research goes into picking the best and most advantageous option.

At some point, you may feel that buying a stroller is similar to buying a new car. The choice becomes confusing with numerous options, and people have difficulty deciding.

A well-designed stroller can make all the difference in the convenience and accessibility of your everyday time with your baby, whether it is a stroll in the park or across the shopping mall.

A stroller is essential if you are heading towards the local park to take a relaxing stroll or to Paris to explore all the sights.

The ideal stroller provides your baby with a safe space to rest or nap and an area to store all those essentials you need, including diapers, wipes, a changing set of clothes, and an additional baby pacifier.

A basic umbrella stroller makes traveling (and storage) effortless and convenient, while high-function stroller systems include helpful features such as extra storage space, snap-on bassinets, or car seats.

For some parents, a simple model designed for daily use is perfect. For others, the investment in a more sophisticated model is worthwhile. If you often take your baby out on the streets or plan to have multiple kids, the stroller you choose should endure years of use.

Strollers save the day in every family’s life. They are an opportunity to move a child around the city effortlessly, exercise along the streets of a suburb, or stop the child from being exhausted on a long journey.

Not knowing how to choose the best baby strollers according to your lifestyle could leave you disappointed with a difficult-to-handle device that takes too long to fold or is too large to carry up the stairs.

Sometimes, you get what you spend, but in some cases, the most suitable stroller for babies is a simple, affordable stroller. It is essential to determine how to choose the best baby strollers.

You will have to ask a few questions to make sure you grab the best available piece. What type of terrain can a specific stroller handle? Is the suspension good enough? Can it seamlessly deal with the turns? What type of storage option does it have?

To make the best choice, you must consider different things when shopping for strollers. has some luxurious options at unbelievable prices.

Manufacturers make a choice more confusing by producing strollers that easily fit into multiple categories. Let us get started with picking the best baby stroller.

With this information in mind, you can pick the perfect stroller for your baby’s registry that will allow you to spend a memorable time outside with your child like a breeze.

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How To Choose the Best Baby Strollers? – Factors To Consider

A reliable, safe, and user-friendly stroller is an essential item to have. As a stroller’s price is usually between $30 and several thousand dollars, it is essential to ensure that you get the right product for your budget. The following points will guide you in choosing the best baby strollers.

Age Of the Child

If you are looking for a stroller for your infant that you hope to last through the pre-school years, you need to pick a different style than if your child already weighs about 30 pounds and effortlessly gets into and out of a stroller.

Some parents prefer the bassinet style for newborns; consider if you will purchase a new stroller once they grow and don’t want to sleep on their backs.

Integration Of Car Seats

If you want your stroller to attach an automobile seat, you will require an entirely different design.

Weight And Size

Stroller size matters when you are in a small vehicle but need to carry the stroller.

If you are using the stroller in situations where you may have to put it up and transport it around, you should think about how heavy you would like it to be, as the difference of a few pounds can affect the amount you sweat.

Ease Of Use

When spending money on the best baby stroller, consider its ease of use and maneuverability. Having said that, if you constantly juggle too many things, you will have to look for options that can easily get folded with one hand.

On the contrary, if you are short and have a partner whose height differs significantly, look for options with adjustable handlebars.

That said, options are always available for users to adjust with the strollers available. Also, if you frequently take trips, you should look for an option to make your trips to all locations easy.

A particular stroller could feature a complicated, multi-handed folding process or have a reputation for wheels that are difficult for you to secure or unlock.

Most of this information comes from reviewers’ reviews as manufacturers are keen to show the ease of their products to use, yet they are still worth looking at.


A few beautiful strollers are constructed using high-end materials. And If you will feel great in that stroller, consider it.

Go through the description of each stroller and specifications to find the list of materials used as you narrow your options. Sometimes, comments mention that the stroller is easily stained or easy to clean.

Also, consider any unique circumstances, like the possibility of crossing bumpy terrain or working along with the stroller, and whether you need a stroller that can move many children.


Strollers with more space at the base to put a diaper bag may be more convenient, even though you might have an extra-large, heavier stroller.


It is nice to sip tea while walking, so cupholders are an excellent option. It is also easy to keep your child’s cups and bottles.

Sunshades And A Canopy

You need to look for a canopy that does not make your child feel like they’re shackled into a corner if they’re older but can also be easily relocated and used when the child is tiny and sensitive to the sun’s full force.

Suspension And Strong Wheels

Although smaller wheels can help keep the weight and bulk down, they can also be damaged or cause the baby to experience every bump.


The price of strollers varies widely. While the most expensive models often come with many additional features for convenience, such as adjustable handlebars, rain shields, big undercarriages, and even multiple seating, they are not always required.


Your lifestyle also matters. Are you going to rely on the stroller to travel everywhere? Do you expect frequent, regular usage? Or do you require an occasional stroller for outings?

Are you able to carry your stroller in the vehicle? Do you plan on carrying it around the metropolis, up the subway stairs, and in and out of your apartment?

The answers to these questions will aid you in determining whether you should go for simple, lightweight models or if you can carry a heavier model equipped with all those bells and whistles.

Think if you will be using the stroller every day or if you need to buy it to keep it in the trunk of your car for emergencies.

The picture of your everyday life will help you decide on the best option. It is because your daily routine is responsible for helping you decide on the best available option for you.

Family Size

While buying a stroller, consider your family’s current and future size. Having said that, how many babies do you have right now, and what are your future baby plans?

For multiple kids, look for a convertible option or a double stroller. If you plan to have more than one baby, investing more in a model that can accommodate more children is usually wise.

Although you will need to bear the cost of the larger model, in the beginning, it will ultimately spare you from purchasing multiple strollers.

How To Choose the Best Baby Strollers? -The Most Helpful Features to Look for In Stroller

Safety Features

Before any other things, ensure that the stroller you keep your eye on meets the minimum safety standards.

Wheels Of High-Quality

It is unlikely to travel many miles on wheels that are not sturdy; they can get stuck on rough terrain (including slippery walkways) and are also more susceptible to snapping.

Sun Canopy

Find wide or adjustable canopy options to protect your baby from rain, sun, and other elements. Some models have vents or clear windows, which means you can keep an eye on the baby.

Washable Fabric

It is not a secret that babies are messy. So, your stroller will endure a lot of mess like snacks, snot, milk, and normal wear and tear. A stroller that is easy to clean will ensure that your stroller is in great shape for a long time.


To get the most value for your money, opt for a stroller that can increase in size with the baby and maybe even more if you add more children to your family.

How Can I Ensure My Stroller Is Secure?

Safety should be the priority when walking on the streets with your infant. Most strollers today meet safety requirements, but you should consider some additional safety features when shopping for a stroller.

The safety of children when using a stroller begins with reading the stroller’s instructions in-depth enough to be aware of any warnings.

When you first view the stroller you’d like to purchase in person, you must look for the potential pinch points where children could get a toe or finger caught while using the stroller. Nooks and crannies in any baby item could be challenging, but you should be extra cautious when looking at strollers.

The toes and fingers of little ones are likely to get caught in narrow areas, so watch out for sharp edges or protrusions. Be sure that the points are not accessible or protected. Making use of the available harnesses is essential.

Make sure you have the five-point security harness. Five-point harnesses are pretty standard nowadays. However, some umbrella strollers might be equipped with a three-point harness. Check the snaps to ensure they are safe and secure (and not easy to remove for babies). Knowing when your child is big enough to move from the harness is equally essential.

You should examine the ease of the brakes and how easy to turn. Consider if the brakes can provide an effective stop or disengage the brakes once you are ready.

Also, adhere to the stroller’s weight and height limit to ensure the stroller won’t break during a time of stress or can cause harm to your child.

A canopy or shade for your stroller is essential for walks during the summer sunshine (or rain). You might want to opt for one with built-in SPF protection.

If you’re considering purchasing an infant travel system, look at the car seat’s safety rating and how it attaches to the stroller. Make sure you can use it with a single-click system, or do you need a lot of straps or adapters? It should be as easy as possible.

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How To Choose the Best Baby Strollers – Various kinds Of Strollers?

Lightweight Or Umbrella Stroller

The umbrella stroller’s fundamental design is a metal or plastic frame with a strand of fabric hung over it, which allows it to fold and weigh less than other strollers while taking up less space.

How To Choose the Best Baby Stroller

Modern light strollers and mini strollers are more brimming with bells and whistles. However, they are distinguished by their primary, lightweight design and an easy fold-up method that lets to fit in small areas.

You can lose some of the features in a giant stroller. However, umbrella strollers score points for being extremely easy to use while traveling.


A light stroller is designed for easy portability; many strollers weigh less than 15 pounds. They are simple to fold, making storing them in your car’s trunk easy. Taking it to the bus, plane, or train is easy.

Many strollers with a lightweight design have helpful features, like reclined seats, an expanding canopy, a storage bin, and a built-in cupholder or snack tray.


If you are searching for an easy-to-use stroller that you can utilize at the beginning of the newborn stage, an ultra-light stroller won’t be enough.

Although some models can safely transport infants with bassinet and car seat attachments, most umbrella strollers are specifically designed for infants six months or older.

Most lightweight strollers do not come with a convertible option, so if you have a second (or third) baby within a few years after the first, you’ll require a second stroller.

Large Stroller

The most basic concept of strollers is the full-sized strollers, and they typically have sturdy wheels, ample storage in the base, and the capability to fold for easy storage.

They might have a conversion possible from the traditional upright seat position, making them more suitable for children who cannot sit alone.

How To Choose the Best Baby Stroller

Additionally, many strollers include a wide range of features that don’t just ensure your baby’s stroll is a pleasure and fun but also make life more convenient.


A popular choice for families, a big stroller has everything, such as a comfortable, wide, well-padded seat, deep recline, the option to place the seat rear-facing or forward-facing, and the option to join a car seat. Some have a convertible design that grows with the baby.

Some of its features include an expandable canopy, sturdy tires that have a good suspension and absorb the shock impact, a roomy basket for storage, and telescoping handlebars (especially useful for parents who are taller and the other one is small).


They can be heavy and bulky, and if you use public transportation, climb stairs frequently, or walk-through narrow streets or stores with your infant, it can be difficult to take a trip with these strollers.

Also, not suitable for homes with small and little storage spaces.

Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are a subcategory of full-size strollers with an absorbing, tire-like wheel. Although they are designed for people who jog, they are perfectly suitable for rough or uneven terrain.

Even on flat surfaces, they could help stop babies from feeling every pebble and stick or jolting during nap time.

How To Choose the Best Baby Stroller

For running around, perhaps a jogging stroller would be the best option. They generally have larger robust wheels and better suspension that can easily handle bumps and terrain.


Superior suspension allows you to stroll, jog, or hike and keep your baby at ease while walking on and off the trail.

Many strollers for jogging have a front wheel that can be swiveled (for flexibility) and locked (for stability when moving at more speed).

Based on the model, the other advantages may include compatibility with car seats (for use from the newborn to toddler stage), high-recliner seats, adjustable handlebars, and big storage baskets.

Hand brakes, a harness with five points, and wrist straps are essential security features, so don’t run around with a stroller that doesn’t have these.


A jogging stroller can be a little heavier and can be a bit difficult to assemble. These strollers are typically less compact if space is limited than an umbrella stroller.

They are generally more significant than most large strollers, so getting them into narrow spaces can be difficult.

Note: Even though the term often describes many three-wheeled strollers as “joggers,” not all three-wheelers are designed for runners.

Many of the most sought-after 3-wheelers include hybrid strollers that lack hand brakes and other safety features and, therefore, are not designed to be used to jog with children.

For serious runners, it is recommended to take a test ride to ensure that their stroller is equipped with the proper safety features and functions.

Combination Stroller

Also called modular strollers, they allow you to modify the stroller according to the needs of your growing-up child.


Some come as a complete set that includes a bassinet and the option of reversible seating, but there are various options.

Start using it from the beginning of your baby’s life if you pick one that can accommodate an infant car seat, features an infant bassinet, or an infant stroller with a full recline.


Costs can be high. It’s likely to require car seats with the base and maybe an adapter for your car seat to the stroller.

Some have limits on carrying 40 pounds. However, you may not require the stroller once your child is at that weight.

Convertible Stroller

They can be converted into a pram or travel system by including the infant car seat or a bassinet.

Some models allow for a standing platform or a movable seat with a bench to accommodate the third child.


Flexibility allows you to set your baby up so that you’re in a face-to-face position or even in a position where he’s looking toward the outside world.

They have a variety of configurations that vary according to the stroller model, including two stroller seats facing forward or back, one stroller seat with one car seat, or two car seats.

Make sure that your stroller can accommodate two car seats for infants when you have twins, and it also allows the seats to face each other to ensure that later when the twins become toddlers, they will be able to look at each other.


It can be expensive and heavy

Car Seat Carrier

The wheeled frames are designed to instantly convert your infant car seat to a stroller.


Car seat holders are small and light. They’re easy to use and perfect for travel if you want a simple change into and out of the vehicle.

Some car seat carriers may even hold multiple children.


Car seat carriers are considered the best choice for use in the short term as the baby grows out of the car seat quickly.

However, some fully-featured strollers work as a frame for car seats and can be transformed into a stroller suitable for toddlers.

Car seat carriers typically don’t have additional options such as storage or cup holders.

Travel System

Travel systems allow car seats to be clicked into the car and later disconnected and snapped into an infant stroller frame.

Families love the ease of not pulling the infant from the harness to change from stroller to the car or from car to stroller.

A simple-to-connect travel system connects with an infant car seat and stroller. There are lightweight, full-size, and jogging stroller systems. You can pick a system that matches the style of stroller that you love the most.


A car seat connected to your stroller via an adapter (usually integrated) allows you to transfer your baby sleeping in your car to the stroller and not wake her up.


While strollers typically are used until the stage of development, the child will outgrow the car seat for infants much earlier.

If you are a multi-car family, you will require an additional car seat or base for the second vehicle.

Double Stroller

These strollers permit two to sit on them. Double strollers are the best option if twins or toddlers are not yet ready to end their stroller rides. 

Double strollers come in two tandem forms: one child is seated behind the other or in side-by-side seating.

The standard double stroller has two side-by-side seats. However, newer models include strollers that can plug in an infant carrier, have a regular toddler seat, and a standing platform so that older children can ride alongside parents pushing the stroller.


This option allows you to easily manage your children with one stroller if you have multiple kids. And since they are on the larger side, there is typically plenty of storage space.


Strollers designed for two can be heavier and bulkier, with a weight of 40 to 50 pounds and a bigger footprint.

While some lighter alternatives are not without problems because they cannot handle bumps and other types of terrains well.

When shopping, consider the size (does it fit in your door?). Also, consider mobility (is it stable? How do you turn it?) and whether it is compatible with two or one car seat.

Double Side-by-Side Stroller

Two seats are linked to a frame or, in some instances, look like two strollers joined. Side-by-side configurations are the easiest to navigate with kids of the same weight and height.


With two children on board, it can negotiate curbs much more efficiently than the tandem.

If you are looking for a stroller for twins in the infant stage, look for a side-by-side design with two seats that can recline to a flat position, and note that some strollers allow you to connect baby car seats.


If children with different weights use the stroller, it can pull to one side.

Some strollers will not take the infant car seat; others will only accept one.

It may be challenging to pass some side-by-side strollers through the doorway.

Double Tandem Stroller

Some strollers allow you to place the seats so your children face each other. Some include a stadium seating option that permits the child in the back to view the child in the front.


Tandems can fit through standard and elevator doors with less difficulty than side-by-side. A tandem folded takes up only a bit more space than a similar-sized stroller.

Certain tandems will accept the infant car seat for one or both stroller seats. (Find out the brands of car seats compatible with each other and the need for the adapter.)


It can be difficult to steer, and it may be challenging to cross curbs. Tandems can be long and are often extremely heavy, and those with smaller bodies might find it challenging to move around.

Specific models come with little leg support and limited legroom for children in the back.

Note: While most strollers fall into the categories above, many are not. Certain strollers may have features of more than one kind (i.e., a double stroller that jogs).

How To Choose the Best Baby Strollers- Types of Strollers by Age?

The Early Days- How to Use Stroller for Newborn To 6 Months

If you are wondering how to choose the best baby strollers, using a stroller that can recline to a nearly flat position, accommodate an infant car seat, or combine both is best.

Another alternative is to pick a car seat to ensure your infant’s security until she can control her neck and head and stand independently.

A stroller with an automobile seat compatible with the one that you already have will simplify your life.

All-in-One Travel System

It comprises an infant car seat, a car seat base, and a stroller. When your child can sit, you can use the stroller alone without the car seat plugged in.

Some travel systems include a stroller seat that can recline to a nearly flat position, which means it is suitable to stroll an infant, not sitting up.

Travel systems are an excellent value since they can be used even after your child is no longer in the car seat, in contrast to the frame for a car seat.

Infant Car Seat Carrier

The frame’s lightweight design does not have seats, so that you can utilize it with a baby car seat. Remove your car seat off the base of your car with the baby included and secure it onto the frame.

This is a great option for parents moving their infant in and out of the car often. Certain manufacturers provide car seat frames specifically designed to fit their specific car seats. Universal carriers, however, can be adapted to a variety of brands of car seats.

How To Choose the Best Baby Strollers For 6 Months To 3-Plus Years?

After your baby sits up, you can enjoy life with even more adventures, park trips, and play dates. Are you driving or using public transport? It could be a deciding aspect of the stroller you select.

If you depend on public transportation, such as buses, subways, and taxis, you will require an easy-to-use, best compact stroller that is sturdy and can be folded easily and quickly.

A car seat frame is ideal until your child is around one year old. You might also think about a light stroller and umbrella stroller.

You will frequently get in and out of the car if you are from the suburbs or in a rural region. This makes using a travel system or standalone stroller that can be used with the car seat a suitable option, especially when taking long strolls.

If you have a car or take a cab, ensure the stroller fits into the trunk or the back seat.

How To Choose the Best Baby Stroller- Tips?

Since no one stroller will be a perfect fit for everyone, it’s best to consider the areas where you may compromise when choosing the best stroller for your baby.

If, for instance, there are many bells and whistles you need that cannot fit in the lightest stroller, you can purchase an additional lightweight umbrella stroller for excursions.

If you like a particular stroller, there are usually available used strollers on sale that could save you cash or give you access to more usability.

However, you must be realistic about your usage and how the ideal baby stroller you can get for your needs, mobility, and freedom.

If you are sure you will often be outdoors, enjoying the essential sunshine and fresh air, you should invest in the stroller with excellent reviews, even if it is costly.

There is a vast resales market for strollers. So, you may be able to recover some of your costs by selling it when your kids have outgrown it.

Final Words

After going through the above-noted points, you now know how to choose the best baby strollers. There are a lot of options available. This is mainly because there is no one size fits.

Furthermore, there are many other things to consider when making the best pick for your family. A stroller is an essential baby gear that makes parents’ life easy. However, you must make an excellent choice based on your needs.

Remember your needs, preferences, and what you want for your baby. Narrow down the available options according to the required features and choose one that benefits you and your baby.

How To Choose the Best Baby Strollers? – Frequently Asked Questions

How will you make use of the stroller?

Some mid-range models are large and bulky, not the best choice for those who travel the narrow streets of a city.

A smaller umbrella stroller may not be the best choice if you require a big stroller basket to accommodate your diaper bag, purse, and other necessities. Be aware of where you will take the stroller; that is half the battle.

Is the stroller baby-friendly?

Find out the specifics. Certain strollers can have a bassinet or deep recline mode, meaning you can place your newborn in the stroller without a car seat from the first day.

However, some models are more suitable for babies with neck control or can almost sit up without support, which usually won’t happen until six months.

Connecting an automobile seat or a bassinet may need to make specific models suitable for infants, so be aware of the features you are buying before you purchase.

For how long do you intend to make use of the stroller?

While you might have to spend more at the beginning for some models, the ability to adapt from infant to toddler age can save you money in the longer term.

Do you intend to use the same stroller with several children? If so, you should shop to get the best value for your money and consider an option to add, like an automobile seat, a stand-and-ride bumper, or an extra seat for your new baby.

How simple is it to use it?

Once you’ve researched and narrowed your options, it’s a good idea to experience a test in person to see the difference between your options.

Also, remember that a smooth and shiny floor in a store might not be able to show how a specific model can handle rough terrain or uneven sidewalks.

How do you fold and unfold the stroller?

There is a good chance you will be holding your child and you have to fold or unfold the stroller, so a more straightforward fold is more convenient.

Many models boast the ability to fold with one hand. However, you should test it before buying, as not all one-hand folds are as easy as they seem.

Is it heavy?

When you are driving, the lighter is more convenient. Be aware of the particulars of some manufacturers’ claims that a stroller weighing 25 pounds is lightweight, whereas others weigh as little as 12 pounds.

For instance, if you are in the city, this could be an enormous difference between carrying a newborn, diaper bag, and strollers up and down stairs or squeezing onto the subway.

Do you require multiple strollers?

Maybe you’d instead use an umbrella stroller on the roads, but you will need a larger model for those hectic days in the neighborhood.

For certain families, one stroller is insufficient to cover all needs regardless of how well created.

If so, you should consider splitting your stroller’s budget instead of spending a large sum on one. You may need a significant model for your home and an umbrella stroller to take on trips.

Is a stroller suitable for a newborn?

If you plan to use a stroller with your infant, ensure it reclines, as newborns cannot stand up or raise their heads. Certain strollers completely recline or can be combined using a bassinet or an infant car seat.

How much should I pay for a baby stroller?

It is as low as $100 but well over $1,000. The styling, the lightweight materials, and additional features add to the cost. However, you don’t need to pay much for an excellent, safe, sturdy stroller.

When should I consider buying a baby stroller?

You should purchase your baby car seat before 32 weeks pregnant or a frame stroller in the 3rd trimester. It is unnecessary to purchase a convertible car seat or umbrella stroller during pregnancy.

Are strollers unsafe for babies?

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that strollers are appropriate for children in the infant and toddler stage and should be halted before the child is three years old. Pediatricians also advise against the excessive use of strollers.

Are strollers good for walking babies?

Even when strapped to your chest or lying in the stroller, they are exposed to every kind of stimulation outside that they are not getting inside.

This stimulation also helps build the synapses (connections between cells in your baby’s brain) crucial to cognitive development.