20 Best Stroller for 3 Year Old of 2023

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2023)

Are you looking for the best stroller for 3 year old?

Your child may be older now, so you might not use your stroller often. However, you may still look for a stroller suitable for toddlers and big kids.

The weight range for 3-year-olds is between 25 pounds to 39 pounds. Many best baby strollers can accommodate this weight range.

This article will discuss what you need in the best strollers for 3 year olds and the best options.

The best thing about the stroller for toddlers is that it can be used until your baby is 5-6 years old and then for the second baby with a car seat.

Best Stroller For 3 Year Old – Our Top 3 Picks

The stroller for 3-year-olds offers smooth and effortless maneuverability, making it a joy to push.

Stroller For 3 Year Old
1Overall Best Stroller
BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller

· Highest Weight Limit
· Large Sunshade 
· Smoothshox Suspension 
· Zippered Storage Container

Stroller For 3 Year Old
2Great Stroller For 3 Year Old
Joovy Zoom Lightweight Jogging Stroller

· Near-Upright Seat
· Seat Mesh pockets
· Front Locking & Swiveling Wheel

Stroller For 3 Year Old
3Sturdy Stroller For 3 Year Old
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3 Jogging Stroller

· Large Wheels 
· Adjustable Handlebar
· Suspension System

Here are detailed reviews of some of the best strollers for 3 year old.

Before mentioning them, all these best strollers for 3 year old are tried and tested by friends and family members.

You can pick any of them for your baby and enjoy life with them.

1. BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller – Overall Best Stroller For 3 Year Old Travel 

BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller 1

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 75 Kilograms
Max. Height Limit: 44 inches
Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎46 x 25.5 x 45.5 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎32.3 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

With its sturdy construction and thoughtful features, this pram stroller is a reliable companion for your growing child. You don’t have to give up on your jogging. Get a Bob Alterrain Jogging Stroller for your toddler.


Highest Weight Limit

It has the highest weight limit of all strollers at 75 pounds. It’s durable enough to last for the whole family.

Large Sunshade 

It’s an excellent option for towns with high temperatures. It features a large sunshade with UV-rays-proof fabric and a magnetic peek-a-boo window.

With this, you can converse with your toddler and keep an eye on him.

Adjustable Handlebar 

It has an adjustable handlebar that allows both parents to walk comfortably without causing injury to their backs or feet.


You can also use it to stroll on hills with complete control of your stroller. It comes with a tether and a handbrake. The handbrake can be a bit stiff at first.

Smoothshox Suspension 

This is an excellent Bob stroller for gravel, with smooths-hox suspension and air-filled tires. It can withstand cracked sidewalks, grass, and cobbled streets.

Front Locking Wheel

The front wheels lock to make it more capable of handling uneven terrains.

Reflective Rims 

Alterrain Pro is safe and allows you to walk around even in the dark. The wheels of this best stroller for three-year-olds have reflective rims that let people know when you are nearby.

Car Seat Compatibility

You can also attach a car seat to this stroller so the second child can enjoy the ride. You will need adaptors to fit each car seat, including those made by Graco, Cybex, and Nuna.

Zippered Storage Container

It is unique because of its waterproof fabric and zippered storage container. It keeps your stuff out of sight and protects them from falling when you run fast.

Storage Pockets

The manufacturer includes five pockets to store your keys, phone, and hand towel. You can purchase the Bob parent console separately, but it has no cup holder.

One Hand Fold

It is the only Bob stroller that can be folded with one hand. It folds easily and locks automatically after folding. This allows you to transport the stroller with ease.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Fully padded seat and recline
  • Suspension system with swiveling locking wheels
  • Multiple pockets and a zippered storage bag
  • Reflective rims for wheels


  • Big and heavy

2. Joovy Zoom Lightweight Jogging Stroller – Great Stroller For 3 Year Old

Joovy Zoom Lightweight Jogging Stroller 1

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 75 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎47.5 x 24.8 x 42.5 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ 27.3 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This stroller is the best for a 3 year old due to its 75-pound maximum weight capacity and the long seat.


Near-Upright Seat

The stroller’s near-upright seat is another great feature. This makes it ideal for curious toddlers who dislike lying in the stroller.

Seat Mesh pockets

Mesh pockets are built into the seat so the toddler can store snacks or other items.

Easy To Turn 

The 2022 Joovy Zoom’s taller seat back has been upgraded to accommodate a child 46 inches in height. This stroller can still be pushed at maximum capacity and is easy to turn or maneuver.

Large Canopy & Peek-A-Boo Window

A large canopy provides shade for your child while you are on the move. Through a peek-a-boo window, you can see your passenger.

Because they allow for excellent airflow, most parents love the canopy and stroller fabrics.

Mesh Shade                

The 2022 Joovy Zoom comes with a front mesh shade. The mesh protects the baby from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing the baby to see through it.

It is easy to unzip the mesh when it is not needed.

Front Locking & Swiveling Wheel

The front wheel can be locked to improve stability when running or crossing bumps.

They can also be swiveled to give maximum agility and maneuverability. For a smoother ride, the suspension has been upgraded recently.

Air-Pumped Tires 

The jogger’s wheels are big, 16 inches in the back and 12 inches in front. It has air-pumped tires (pump included).

Parent Organizer 

This best stroller also features a handy parent organizer. The zippered pocket can hold your keys and phone; there are two water bottles and two drink holders.


The new Zoom weighs 27.3 pounds, which isn’t too heavy for a jogger.

Affordable Jogging Stroller 

Last, but not least, it is the most affordable jogging stroller on the market.


  • Shock-absorption
  • Not too heavy
  • Even with a heavy child, it is easy to push
  • Smoothly rides over rough terrain
  • Storage space is large
  • Cup holders for everyday use
  • Mesh sun cover that provides full coverage
  • Some parents use it for their larger children or children with special medical needs.


  • Handlebars are not adjustable
  • Even folded, it’s still quite large

3. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3 Jogging Stroller – Sturdy Stroller For 3 Year Old

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3 Jogging Stroller 1

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 75 Pounds
Max. Height Limit: 44 Inches
Dimensions: ‎‎ 46 x 25 x 45 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎28.5 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This stroller is sturdy and solid, making it a 3 year old stroller. It is one of the top-ranking jogging strollers that is constructed well. This pushchair is designed to meet the specific needs of 3-year-olds, making it an ideal choice for parents.



Redesigned seats provide airflow to keep babies calm and prevent them from sweating.

Sun Canopy

The sun canopy of this stroller is extensive and covers the little one from head to knee. The sun canopy is sturdy and extensive.

Peek-A-Boo Window

It is also equipped with a peek-a-boo window. You can look at your baby through this window. Moreover, the window has a magnetic closure.

Harness System

The Harness of this stroller is very easy to put on and take off. It is straightforward to adjust, and the buckle does not require excessive strength of fingers.

Large Wheels 

Flex 3.0’s large wheels are great for bumpy terrains such as unbeaten paths, cracked sidewalks, or sandy beaches. The rear wheels measure 16 inches, and the front is 12.5 inches.

Adjustable Handlebar

Another thing parents love about BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is they can adjust the handlebar to 9 positions.

Front Locking & Swiveling Wheel

You can set the front wheel in one of two positions. The swivel position allows for greater agility while locking provides stability when jogging over rough terrain.

Suspension System 

BOB’s suspension system absorbs all bumps and shocks so that you can conquer even the most challenging terrain.

Storage Basket & Pockets

This stroller has a large cargo basket and six pockets to store your valuables.

Easy To Fold

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller is not the smallest in the world, but it is a large jogger stroller designed for older children who travel on the most challenging terrains.

The stroller folds similarly to other joggers. You can also remove the wheels to make this best stroller for 3 year old more minor for your trunk.


  • Large canopy that provides full coverage
  • Offers a deep reclined and upright position
  • Robust, high-quality, and sturdy
  • It works great on uneven terrain and wooded trails
  • This stroller is suitable for parents who are taller than average


  • Accessories are not included, and some accessories can be pretty expensive
  • It takes some strength to put it in the trunk of your car

4. UPPAbaby MINU Stroller – Comfortable Stroller For 3 Year Old

UPPAbaby MINU Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 55 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎20.5 x 23 x 11.5 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ 15.2 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

MINU stroller is one of the best strollers for tall children.

It can be used for up to 50 lbs. The backrest, where the padding is, measures approximately 18 inches. However, tall children will have plenty of headroom (7 inches more).



This best stroller for 3 year old features a comfortable seat with a deep recline. It is spacious, with a depth of 9 inches and a width of 13 inches. This is much more than what most lightweight strollers can offer.

Extending Seat

The stroller is 18 inches long with a backrest. The seat extends approximately 25-26 inches from the bottom to the canopy (Remember that very tall toddler will have their heads above the headrest).

Harness System

Parents often use MINU for their 3 and 4-year-old children. The Harness can also be adjusted to fit big and small babies.

Large Canopy 

It also has a large canopy with an extendable sun visor that provides extra protection against the sun.

Compact Stroller

It is a compact stroller. It folds down to 11.5 x 20.5 x 23 inches. This allows it to fit in small spaces, such as under a coffee shop table or overhead lockers on planes.

Small Wheels          

Like other lightweight strollers, the wheels of this stroller are smaller than usual. This stroller is not recommended for use on uneven terrain as it bounces.

However, it can be used on pavement, sidewalks, and indoor surfaces.


It is lightweight (14.8 pounds), so you can carry it easily when your big children prefer to walk.

Easy To Fold

MINU is a travel stroller that folds easily and can be stored anywhere at the train station, airport, museum, or restaurant.


The MINU stroller does not come with accessories. However, you can purchase many add-ons, such as a belly bar, snack tray, organizer, or travel bag.


  • A deep recline is sufficient for taking naps
  • A large canopy keeps the sun from reaching the baby’s eyes
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • It is easy to fold and open
  • The compact fold is ideal for parents who frequently travel with their children or take public transport.


  • Higher-end price
  • Accessories sold separately

5. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller – All-Terrain Stroller For 3 Year Old

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 65 Pounds
Dimensions: 44.88 x 21.21 x 43.5 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ ‎21.4 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This great stroller is for big kids and can hold up to 65 pounds. This is a much higher limit than a standard stroller. It is also an excellent stroller for tall children.



The seat is padded with plush fabric and is comfortable. You can also adjust the height of the seat belts, recline the seats, and adjust the canopy to make it more comfortable for your passengers.

Longest Seat Back 

It has the longest seat back on the market. This stroller is comfortable for children over 40 inches.

Large Canopy 

Parents love this big stroller for its large canopy that provides UV 50+ protection. It allows your toddler to enjoy sunny walks. You can also see out of the window to keep an eye on your child.

Adjustable Handlebar 

Its adjustable handlebar is essential for taller parents. 


The hand-operated brake lets you maintain maximum speed and immediately slow down or stop the stroller.

All-Terrain Tires

This is the best stroller for 3 year old and is excellent for everyday use, such as shopping, running errands, and taking your baby to the grocery store.

It also has amazing all-terrain tires that allow you to take the stroller on dirt roads and grass.


A footrest is also available for the comfort of the little one.

Patented Folding Mechanism 

The patented folding mechanism makes Folding City Mini GT easy. Simply lift the strap, and the stroller will fold down.

It locks automatically so the stroller remains in its original position when stored or transported.

Carrying Strap

The strap at the middle of each seat allows you to carry the stroller. It is light and easy to transport, at 22.4 pounds.


  • High-quality and smooth pushing
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy and quick folding
  • Strong construction but not too heavy
  • Ideal for walking on trails with hard surfaces
  • Better shock absorption on cobblestone, gravel, and cracked sidewalks
  • For easy turning and steering inside buildings, the slim Design is excellent for the mall or the doctor’s office


  • Small storage bin
  • There is no storage to keep essentials at hand

6. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller – Amazingly Stroller For 3 Year Old

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎55 Pounds
Dimensions: 34 x 26.5 x 41.5 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ 28.2 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

Evenflo Pivot Modular stroller can be purchased for a few more features than Baby Jogger City Tour 2.


Luxury Stroller

This stroller for 3 year old is luxurious and offers all the conveniences you need to make your life easier and more enjoyable while traveling.

Flat Seat

The seat is flat and can carry your baby up to 55 pounds. 

Four Seating Modes

This stroller is great for toddlers who are afraid to go outside. There are four modes available, including one that is parent-facing. So, you can face the seat towards yourself and make your child feel at ease.

5 Point Harness

It also has a 5-point harness system to keep your baby in place.

Belly Bar 

Count the belly bar that it comes with. If your toddler unclips the 5 points harness, it will hold him in place.

Cruiser Tires 

Because of the cruiser tires, you can take long walks around the neighborhood with your toddler.

Suspension System 

Thanks to the front locking and back wheels’ suspension system, it is an all-terrain stroller.

Adjustable Leg Rest

The leg rest is adjustable at 5 points. This allows your baby to take a nap just like at home.

Flip-Flops Friendly Brake

You can stroll your baby in flip-flops since the parking brake is very friendly to them.


The stroller will last for many years. Expanding the top attachment can convert it to a double or triple stroller.

However, to enjoy these benefits, you must purchase the Evenflo Litemax car seats and glider board separately.

Storage Container 

It has a large storage container with a 10-pound weight limit and a cup holder. Stay hydrated by keeping your water bottle and travel mug inside.

Easy To Fold

The stroller is very easy to fold. It has many great features, but the 28.2-pound weight of the stroller is a challenge once it’s folded.

Great For Both Parents

It is a good option for couples with different heights as both parents can walk it. This seems like one of the great options for strollers for 2 to 3-year-olds.


  • High-quality, elegant, and beautiful
  • Converts into a double or triple stroller
  • The footrest and handlebar are adjustable
  • Flip-flop friendly brake
  • Provide access to two-sided storage baskets


  • Bulky and heavyweight

7. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller – Ultra Compact Stroller for 3 Year Old

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 20 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎ 37.75 x 19.6 x 39.5 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ 9 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

Are you a frequent traveler by plane or public transport? Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is the best stroller, then. The stroller is small in footprint and folds to 85% less than its unfolded counterpart.



The stroller weighs 14 pounds and is easy to maneuver, avoid large crowds, and carry. It’s an excellent choice for parents who have walk-up apartments.

Cushioned & Comfortable Seat

It has a cushioned, nearly flat, reclining seat that allows your toddler to take a nap.

The thick padding comforts your baby’s back while allowing him to enjoy the ride. It can be used until your baby turns 5, as it has a weight limit of 50 lbs.

Sun Canopy

It is the best stroller for 3 years old that protects your baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Peek-A-Boo Window

The canopy has a peek-a-boo window that allows you to see his activities.

Rubber Wheels

It is a stroller with rubber wheels and can withstand bumps and cracks. The stroller’s front wheels are 5 inches, and the rear ones are 6 inches. For smooth walks and rides, lock the front wheels.

Car Seat Compatibility

The stroller can be used for the second child if your toddler outgrows it.

Unlike other lightweight strollers, it attaches to Baby Jogger or other well-known brands’ car seats. However, you need to purchase an adaptor separately.

Storage Space

It lacks a cup holder or parent console but has a lot of storage space with its basket. You can store 15 pounds of heavy stuff in the basket and enjoy your day at Disneyland or theme parks.

Folded In Half

The stroller will lock in place when folded in half. It can stand independently and prevent dirt and debris from entering your baby’s car seat.

Carry Bag 

The manufacturer includes a carry bag to make the deal even more worthwhile.


  • Smooth rides
  • Plusher, deeper seats and reclining seat
  • Includes a storage bag
  • Compact, light, and easy to carry
  • Large canopy with peek-a-boo window


  • It falls on the pricy side
  • Does not have accessories

8. UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller – Durable Stroller For 3 Year Old

UPPAbaby G Luxe Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎55 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎28.8 x 18.8 x 43 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ ‎20 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

Although this stroller for 3 year old is more costly, it is included in the list because it is made of high-quality materials and can hold a child between 3 and 4 years old.



The stroller is lightweight at 16.3 pounds and can be carried on the included strap.

Impressive Seat

The seat measures 13 inches in width and depth, and the backrest measures 20 inches. This is quite impressive. The spacious seat makes it even the best stroller for a 4-year old to fit comfortably.

Ideal For Tall Children 

G-LUXE 2018, the latest version of this stroller, is ideal for tall or big children. 

One-Hand Recline 

Another useful feature of this stroller is the one-hand recline; it makes it easier for the parents to adjust the seat.

Large Sun Canopy

There is also a 7-inch extra at the canopy’s top, which gives plenty of head space. It means that even a taller child can fit comfortably in the canopy. Also, the canopy material has been updated.

Sun Visor 

The canopy has three extendable panels with an additional pop-out sun visor that provides excellent shade for the little passengers.

Single Front Wheel Design 

The stroller’s single front wheel design makes pushing on uneven terrains, such as gravel, more accessible.

G-LUXE 2018 can still be unsuitable on bumpy and unbeaten roads, but it can stroll smoothly on flat terrain.

All-Wheel Suspension

The all-wheel suspension system makes it easy to stroll the stroller.

Cup Holder

It even includes a cup holder where you can place your drinks.

Stroller Folding

Although folding needs practice, it will become a routine.


  • One hand and deep recline are enough for a toddler’s nap
  • Very spacious and comfortable for large children
  • A high canopy provides lots of head space for tall toddlers
  • Easy to remove and wash seat fabrics in the washing machine
  • Superior protection against the sun and wind with upgraded canopy material
  • Very smooth ride and one-hand steering
  • Indoor surfaces are tranquil
  • Materials and fabrics are durable
  • The back of the basket is easy to access


  • Canopy lacks a peek-a-boo window
  • The storage pocket at the back does not have a closure
  • Some parents may find folding difficult or stiff

9. Britax B-Lively Stroller – Lightweight Stroller For 3 Year Old

Britax B Lively Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎55 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎33 x 23 x 40 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎‎20 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

The new B-Lively is a great stroller that can be used for larger toddlers.


Comfortable Seat

The seat is very comfortable. You can also adjust it to suit your toddler’s needs. The stroller’s recommended weight is 55 lbs, measuring 44 inches. It can easily fit a 3 or 4-year-old child.

3-Wheel Configuration

The 3-wheel Configuration, with dual and swivel front wheels, is ideal for navigating city streets and over gravel paths.

Large Canopy & Peek-A-Boo Window

The large canopy with mesh peek-a-boo window is what parents love about this stroller.

The canopy on B-Lively was redesigned to provide better protection against the sun from both the sides and the front. It is a different shape from its predecessor, B-Agile.

5-Point Harness

It has a 5-point harness system to keep the baby in place and is very easy to adjust.

All-Wheel Suspension 

This stroller for 3 year old is highly maneuverable and has a tight turning radius.

It offers a smooth ride, thanks to all-wheel suspension. This stroller is not all-terrain but can be used as a city stroller.

Affordable & Lightweight

It is an affordable stroller and not too bulky. The stroller is lightweight at 20 lbs. It’s easy to use for daily use. Some parents even carry it in their other hand while holding their baby.

Mesh Storage Basket              

Britax B-Lively has a mesh basket under the seat to store your necessities. Although small, it can hold enough for you and your toddler on day trips.


This stroller is very easy to fold and requires just a pull of the handle present on the seat. The folding process has 2 steps and requires both hands to complete.


  • Sturdy                        
  • Provide smooth-rolling
  • It has a large canopy
  • Deep recline for naps
  • Even in tight spaces, it is easy to operate and turn
  • Convenient to transport, easy to fold and store
  • It’s great for walking around the neighborhood, shopping, or visiting Disneyland.
  • Some parents even use it for children as young as five years old


  • The Cup holder not included
  • For bumpy terrain, it is not recommended
  • The storage basket could be larger

10. Summer 3Dlite Convenience Toddler Stroller – Affordable Stroller For 3 Year Old

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Toddler Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎50 Pounds
Max. Height Limit: ‎43 Inches
Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎27 x 18 x 43 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎13 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

Summer 3DLite Convenience stroller is the perfect stroller for those who are tight on cash.


Lightweight & Compact Stroller

The stroller is lightweight at only 13 pounds, so you can easily climb stairs. It is the best stroller for 3 year old. And it can also be used for another 2 to 3 years. It’s the perfect compact stroller for toddlers.

Grow With You

The stroller can be used until your toddler reaches his 43-inch height or 50-pound weight. It offers more space than other strollers, allowing your baby to sit comfortably and lie down for naps.

Sun Canopy

You can protect your baby from the sun with the large canopy and pop-out visor you can use during naps.

Anti-Shock Wheels

The stroller’s front wheels are made from EVA foam and are anti-shock. The wheels lock to make maneuvering over uneven terrains like cracked sidewalks easier.

Padded Handlebars 

The padded handlebars provide this best baby stroller with a secure grip and control.

Storage Basket 

The storage basket can hold enough items to stay stocked for the day. It can hold 10 pounds and fit a large diaper bag inside it.

Storage Pocket & Cup Holder

The cup holder and storage pocket at the back is also helpful.


Its folding mechanism isn’t the easiest. But you’ll learn it over time. As the best stroller for toddlers, the real benefit is the auto-lock and carry handle that allows you to take it anywhere.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Spacious seat
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It is easy to maneuver 
  • Large storage basket with a pocket
  • After folding, it locks automatically and also comes with a carry strap


  • The Cup holder is made of plastic
  • It isn’t easy to fold

11. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller – Best Jogging Stroller For 3 Year Old

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎50 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎ ‎47 x 21 x 41 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ ‎25.5 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This is the best stroller for 3 year old and is very affordable. You can get this for your little one if you are budget-friendly.



It is spacious, with a height capacity of 42 inches and a weight limit of 50 pounds.

The backrest is not too tall, but there is plenty of head space under the canopy, which makes it easy to use for long periods. Even a tall child can fit in if you fold it away.

Multi-Position Reclining Seat 

The multi-position reclining seat has a vented top that can be used in full reclining. So, this is the best stroller for 3 years for old who wants to have a quick nap.


The entire sunshade can be rotated forward to protect the baby against the sun and wind. However, the canopy is relatively tiny. It has only two panels and a mesh sun visor.

Grow With You

According to many parents, this stroller can be used by 4-year-olds. Some parents also use it for even older children.

Simple To Use

Many parents say the stroller is so simple to use and turn that it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing a toddler. 


It is slimmer than best jogging strollers and can easily maneuver through tight spaces.

This is great for daily errands and occasional jogging as it is slimmer than standard strollers and only 22 inches wide. It weighs 26 pounds. 


Two large 16 inches wheels are in the rear, and one smaller 12 inches wheel is in front.

The front wheel can be locked to improve stability in rugged terrain. It moves quickly and rolls smoothly.

Large Storage Basket

It also has excellent features that parents will love, including a large basket under the seat to store all your outdoor gear and a parent console.

Cup Holders It comes with two cup holders and a covered compartment to store your valuables.


  • Quick assembly
  • A breeze to push, and it offers a smooth ride
  • Large storage basket that can hold both mom’s handbag and baby’s backpack
  • The canopy can be rotated forward depending on the sun’s position
  • Many parents say it’s not fancy, but it’s an all-terrain stroller
  • Some parents use it for children aged four years and older
  • Low price


  • For some parents, folding in is not as easy as it seems
  • After folding, it takes up a lot of room
  • Two pedals are required to lock the stroller
  • Some parents are unhappy with the quality of their wheels and how often they inflate.

12. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All Terrain Double Stroller – Reliable Double Stroller For 3 Year Old

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All Terrain Double Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎15 Kilograms
Dimensions: ‎‎ 40.7 x 29.25 x 42.25 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ 36.5 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This stroller is multi-functional and can be used on all terrains. The weight capacity of this stroller is about 50 lbs per person.

And it weighs about 32.6 lbs, which is quite a bit for a stroller. But it is essentially a double stroller.


Tall Back Seat                

The back seat height is 21 inches, which is quite tall compared to other strollers. The maximum height for the head is 26 inches.

Good For Large Children

Many parents have reported that this stroller can be used by children as young as four and five years old as it is big enough for large children.

Sun Canopies & Peek-A-Boo Window

It also has two large, independently adjustable canopies and two peek-a-boo windows. They have been upgraded and now feature a silent magnetic closure. 

All-Terrain Rubber Tires 

It is equipped with all-terrain rubber tires for city sidewalks and dirt roads.

Upgraded Suspension 

All wheels have a newly upgraded suspension for a smoother ride

Adjustable Handlebar

It also offers an adjustable handlebar that makes pushing easy for both tall and short parents.

Car Seat Compatibility

It is compatible with infant car seats. Therefore, you can even use it for your newborn baby.

Patented Folding Technology

One more thing, this stroller folds entirely by itself, thanks to its patented folding technology.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • It is an outstanding balance and can be used by toddlers of various weights.
  • It is slim enough to pass through doors without difficulty
  • It comes with large canopies
  • New silent closing for peek-a-boo window
  • Comfortable pushing and smooth ride
  • Even 5-year-olds can fit comfortably in it


  • A small basket with a bar in the middle

13. Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller – Lightweight Double Stroller For 3 Year Old

Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 45 Kilograms
Dimensions: ‎‎31.69 x 30.31 x 41.34 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎‎28 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

Joovy Kooper X2 double stroller is the best stroller for 3 year old.


Lightweight & Portable

It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport or run errands around the city. It is 28 pounds, which makes it lighter than most double strollers.

Two Reclining Seats

It has two seats that can be reclined in multiple positions. It has large seats that extend 25 inches from the bottom to the canopy. This large stroller is suitable for big kids.

Sun Canopy

It also features large, extensible water-repellent sunshades that have mesh vents. They protect the rider from harmful sun rays.


Although the stroller is just as large as the City Mini GT2, it feels lighter. For taller children, there’s a footrest.

Roll Well

This stroller for 3 year old can be pushed with one hand. The wheels roll well on grass and gravel, but it is not an off-road stroller.

This stroller is an excellent choice for parents who live in urban areas and want to take their toddlers on walks to the park or playgrounds.

Storage Basket

There is also a large basket underneath the seats that can hold 15 pounds and is easily accessible. Cup Holder & Zippered Pockets

A mesh cup holder is provided for parents, and zippered pockets can be used to store your keys, wallet, and phone.

Easy To Fold

The stroller folds effortlessly with the attached child trays. And then you can store it easily when not in use.


  • Comfortable seats
  • The seats are nearly upright, which is excellent news for older children and curious toddlers.
  • It is easy to push and maneuver with one hand, even when heavy children are in it.
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • It works for children of all ages and weights without pulling to one side
  • Ideal for both city and travel use
  • It’s easy to fold with one hand (you don’t need to separate the child tray before folding)


  • Wheels are not all-terrain

14. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3 Duallie Double Stroller – Trendy Stroller For 3 Year Old

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3 Duallie Double Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 100 Pounds
Max. Height Limit: 44 Inches
Dimensions: ‎‎‎48 x 30.5 x 45 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ 33.1 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This best stroller for 3 year old can hold up to two children with a maximum weight limit of about 50 pounds each.

This stroller is perfect for parents who love to jog and have big kids. It is 33.1 pounds in weight which, to be fair, is quite a substantial weight.


Heavy Duty

It is a heavy-duty vehicle and is capable of handling any terrain.

Comfortable Seat

It can fit children up to 44 inches tall. The seats are very comfortable and offer a deep recline and good ventilation.

Sun Canopies

It comes equipped with a sun canopy. Large canopies were redesigned two years ago and now feature silent magnetic peek-a-boo windows.

Adjustable Handlebar

The adjustable handlebar can be adjusted to 9 different heights, ideal for parents of all heights.

Air-Filled Tires 

Duallie has a 16-inch rear and a 12.5-inch front wheel. It has air-filled tires that are ideal for rough terrain.

Front Locking Wheel

The front-wheel locks forward, which is essential when driving on rough terrain.

It also swivels, which increases maneuverability. This is helpful when turning or going through tight spaces.

Suspension System

The suspension system is perfect for toddlers and will ensure a smooth ride.


  • All-terrain wheels
  • Great for older and taller children
  • It glides smoothly and is easy to push
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • The large canopy provides plenty of space for toddlers to grow
  • Even in flip-flops and sandals, the parking brake is easy to use
  • Reclination is easy to adjust


  • It is less convenient for toddlers and newborns
  • It may not be easy to lift the stroller and place it in the car
  • Accessories must be purchased separately

15. Britax B-Lively Double stroller – Lovely Stroller For 3 Year Old

Britax B Lively Double stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎50 Pounds
Max. Height Limit: ‎ ‎44 Inches
Dimensions: ‎‎‎40.75 x 31.5 x 41.4 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎ 29 pounds

This new, medium-price double stroller is for larger toddlers and can hold 50 lbs. This stroller for 3 year old can also be used by older children up to 5 years of age.



Parents with this stroller say the seat is spacious, with a large footrest and lots of headroom.

Multi-Position Recline 

Multi-position reclining is possible on the seats. Children can lie down and nap in the lowest position.

Sun Canopy

Other features that parents love about this stroller are large canopies that provide good coverage against bright sunlight.

Each canopy has ventilation that doubles as a view window so you can see your toddlers while they stroll.

Easy To Maneuver

Moreover, this stroller for 3 year old can be maneuvered and pushed easily, but it may require some practice to make sharp turns.

Car Seat Compatibility

It is a great stroller that can be used with both an infant car seat and a toddler seat.

Large Storage Basket 

A large basket underneath the seats can be accessed quickly, allowing you to store all of your family’s stuff.

Pouches & Zippered Pockets

Four pouches on the back of the stroller can be used as drink holders. Two zippered pockets are also provided for valuables.

Effortless fold

The best part about the Britax B-Lively double is its ease of folding and unfolding. It also fits into most car trunks. It weighs in at 29 pounds, less than many side-by-side strollers.

It is 31.5 inches wide, so narrow doors and narrow alleyways may pose a problem. However, parents report that they have no problems getting around it.


  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious storage basket
  • Pushes quickly and feels light
  • Easy folding and opening
  • It is easy to get into and out of your car trunk
  • It is more comfortable for older and larger children
  • The baby’s eyes are protected from the sun by big canopies


  • Bumpy roads are not for these wheels
  • It may be too large for narrow aisles and small doors in grocery stores
  • It can be a little tricky to adjust the harness straps

16. GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Stroller – Compact Stroller For 3 Year Old

GB Pockit Air All Terrain Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎55 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎28 x 17.5 x 39.8 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎‎10.4 pounds
Harness Type: 3-point

This is one of the top picks for the best stroller for 3 year old. This stroller can carry a child up to 55 pounds.



This stroller is lightweight at only 9.5 pounds, making it ideal for large children.

Ideal For Urban Parents 

This stroller is ideal for urban parents who need to be on the move with their children. It is small and lightweight but solid and durable to last parents a few years.

Lockable Front Tires 

Many parents recommend the GB Pockit for their four and 5-year-old kids. It also has pivoting and lockable front tires.

Swivel wheels improve maneuverability, while locked wheels provide stability. This is important when you are on uneven terrain.

Navigate Tight Spaces 

The GB Pockit can also navigate tight spaces like shopping aisles and restaurants.                   

Storage Basket

This best travel stroller for 3-year-old also has a basket underneath the seat that can hold up to 11 pounds of essentials.

Compact Fold

It folds down to the smallest size in the world. It can fold into a compact package that can easily be stored in hand luggage on an airplane or in a bag.


  • User-friendly        
  • Folding is minimal
  • Small car and apartment space saver
  • Even a 5-year-old child can fit in it comfortably
  • Ideal for flying with a child
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Tiny canopy
  • Small storage basket
  • The seat doesn’t recline

17. The Clutch Stoller by Delta Children – Disney Stroller For 3 Year Old

The Clutch Stoller by Delta Children

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎50 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎29.5 x 18.5 x 39.8 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎‎14 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

The Delta Clutch stroller is lightweight and the best stroller for 3 year old. Taller and older children can use it due to its spacious seat and sturdy construction.


Comfortable Seat For Large Children

The seat is different from standard stroller seats. It doesn’t have rigid frames, so the padding, especially the backrest, may feel more like a hammock.

The backrest is also fixed and does not recline. These features are why Delta Clutch should be used only after six months.

Although it doesn’t provide enough support for newborn babies, it is comfortable for large children.

Travel Friendly

The Clutch is the best stroller for 3 year old at Disney, and it’s perfect for frequent travels to other destinations.

It is an excellent solution for children aged 3-4 who sometimes need a stroller when they get tired from exploring new cities or museums.

It will change the way you travel. It can be placed under the table at a restaurant or behind the train seat in a small car.

Perfect Construction

Its slim design, lightweight construction, and compact fold make it an ideal stroller. It is lightweight at 11.7 pounds and suitable for babies from 6 months.

Sun Canopy

The sun canopy is long enough to protect the child from the sun’s overhead rays. However, the hood is essentially flat and doesn’t provide much sun protection.

Small Wheel

The Clutch’s small wheels make it ideal for smooth surfaces. You can push this stroller on pavement, indoor surfaces, or with one hand (such as at the mall or airport).

Slim Design      

It’s small enough to fit through narrow aisles in stores, museums, and airports.

The stroller’s solid frame and dual-wheel Design make it sturdy, even when carrying a child. It is amazing how stable it is.

Weight Limit

The maximum weight of the seat back is 50 pounds, which is excellent for toddlers and preschoolers.


  • Fits bigger kids
  • It opens and closes seamlessly
  • In tight spaces, this best stroller for a 3-year-old is slim and easy to navigate.
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport, ideal for trips to Disney and public transport with children.
  • The price includes a small, foldable, and practical travel bag
  • Even with a larger child, the seat remains stable


  • Some people complain about the size of its basket
  • When the sun is low, the hood is almost useless
  • No recline

18. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller – Double Jogging Stroller For 3 Year Old

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎55 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎47 x 32.75 x 40.5 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎43 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This is the best stroller for 3 year old for parents with twins or children of similar age. It is great for big toddlers as each seat can hold a child up to 42 inches and 50 lbs.

According to many reviews, parents used it even with children as young as 5 and 6.


Multi-Position Recline 

Multi-position recline allows for a very comfortable ride for toddlers. 

Sun Canopy

It comes with a sun canopy to protect against sun rays. You can adjust the canopies to suit the location of the sun. They retract from the top so you can pull them down.

Mesh Windows 

Two mesh windows are under the canopy at the back of the seat. They provide additional airflow. This feature is handy when jogging in summer.

4-Wheel Design

It has a unique 4-wheel design for a jogger. The front wheels can be locked straight to increase stability or swivel to make the stroller lighter and more maneuverable.

Pneumatic Tires 

The Navigator comes with pneumatic tires that are similar to a bicycle. They allow you to jog on uneven terrain.

Parent Tray

The stroller includes a parent tray with two cup holders and MP3 speakers. T

his is a very nice feature. Other parents claim they are loud enough to be heard while jogging without disturbing their neighbors.

Quick Fold

It weighs about 43 pounds, which is quite heavy. However, this stroller for 3 year old folds quickly and easily.

It folds down to the same size as other best double-jogging strollers. It will likely occupy most of your trunk space.


  • Comfortable seating
  • It’s convenient for running with two toddlers
  • It fits through standard doorways
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • It fits in most car trunks of average dimensions
  • Excellent value at a reasonable price


  • Heavy
  • You can still be upright if you are a little reclined

19. Keenz Stroller Wagon – Stroller Wagon For 3 Year Old

Keenz Stroller Wagon

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: ‎110 Pounds
Stroller Weight: ‎‎‎32 pounds
Harness Type: 5-point

This big kid stroller wagon is very affordable but still offers many unique features. It combines the features of the best stroller for 3 year old and a wagon.



It is only 32 lbs, which is relatively small for a wagon carrying two older children.

Padded Sitting Area

The interior of the wagon is softly padded with back cushions. It can carry up to 110 pounds (passengers plus items in the storage basket).

5-Point Harness

Each seat is equipped with a 5-point harness.

Mesh Sunscreen 

The retractable roof has mesh sunscreen and a curtain that protects your children from the sun, rain, and wind.

Adjustable Handles

It has adjustable handles (43 inches is the highest setting), making it possible to pull or push as you prefer. 


The front wheels measure 7.28 inches, and the rear 11.28 inches. All wheels have a tread pattern, with spring suspension and built-in cushioning.

For more rugged terrain, the front wheels can also be locked.

Storage Basket

A large, removable storage bin is available with a built-in shoe compartment.

Good For Children With Medical Conditions

This wagon makes the best stroller for 3 year old option for older children and toddlers who are heavy. It is great fun to ride in, and the kids will love it.

You can also use it for children with medical conditions. It can also be used for longer periods.

It can be used by parents even for an 11-year-old child with special needs.


  • Easily transportable
  • Durable and built to last
  • It is no bigger than a double stroller
  • It’s easy to push and navigate
  • Many parents use it for children older than five years
  • Ideal for trips to the supermarket, the beach, or the parks
  • If you have to change diapers or if your children want to take a nap, the canopy and curtain provide privacy and shade


  • It’s a pretty big fold
  • It takes practice to master maneuvering it with children, especially around corners.

20. Veer Cruiser – Trustworthy Wagon For Big Kids

Veer Cruiser

Technical Specification

Max. Weight Limit: 110 Pounds
Dimensions: ‎‎‎37 x 25 x 23 inches
Stroller Weight: ‎‎32.5 pounds
Harness Type: 3-point

This wagon is a wise investment. It can be used by infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and older children. This will last you many years, and you won’t need a stroller.


Grow With You

You can use the Veer Cruiser with an infant car seat or the wagon as a bassinet. This means that it can be used from birth.

The older child can ride in the built-in seat attached to the frame while the infant rides in the car seat.

Removable Canopy

Seats are equipped with a removable canopy. You can either buy the canopy separately or together with the wagon.

Each seat can hold up to 55 lbs of passengers, the average weight for a 7- or 8-year-old child.

3-Point Harness                  

It is equipped with a 3-point harness to keep the rider in place.

Adjustable Handlebar 

Parents will find the adjustable handlebar and foot-operated brake convenient. You can push or pull the wagon, depending on your choice.


The wagon has a front suspension and large all-terrain wheels with knobby tires.

This wagon’s rear wheels have fenders, making navigating mud and dirt trails easy. It can be taken on a cruise with your children.

Large Storage Basket 

Veer Cruiser also has a large storage basket that can hold all the items you might need for a day trip.

Special Needs Children’s Stroller

This stroller is an excellent option for parents with one or more children, especially if your kids are big or you need a vehicle that you can use as they grow older.

It is also great for older children with special needs.


  • Durable
  • It is easy to maneuver
  • Made from top-quality materials
  • It offers a smooth ride even on bumpy, rough terrain
  • It’s great fun for children
  • Ideal solution for older children who outgrow their strollers
  • It’s great for shopping, running errands, and strolling around the park
  • Ideal for parents who travel a lot or who want to be active with their children
  • Sturdy and more versatile than the best stroller for 3 year old
  • It’s easy to fold


  • Some parents believe it is heavy and bulky
  • Price is high

Best Stroller for 3 Year Old In 2023 Comparison Table

StrollersWight LimitHeight LimitDimensionsStroller WeightHarness
BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller75 Kilograms‎44 Inches‎46 x 25.5 x 45.5 inches32.3 pounds5-point
Joovy Zoom Lightweight Jogging Stroller75 Pounds ‎47.5 x 24.8 x 42.5 inches27.3 pounds5-point
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3 Jogging Stroller75 Pounds44 Inches46 x 25 x 45 inches‎28.5 pounds5-point
UPPAbaby MINU Stroller55 Pounds‎  ‎20.5 x 23 x 11.5 inches15.2 pounds5-point
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller65 Pounds 44.88 x 21.21 x 43.5 inches‎21.4 pounds5-point
Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller‎55 Pounds 34 x 26.5 x 41.5 inches28.2 pounds5-point
Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller20 Pounds 37.75 x 19.6 x 39.5 inches9 pounds5-point
UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller‎55 Pounds ‎28.8 x 18.8 x 43 inches‎ ‎20 pounds5-point
Britax B-Lively Stroller‎55 Pounds ‎33 x 23 x 40 inches‎20 pounds5-point
Summer 3Dlite Convenience Toddler Stroller‎50 Pounds‎43 Inches‎27 x 18 x 43 inches‎13 pounds5-point
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller‎50 Pounds ‎47 x 21 x 41 inches‎25.5 pounds5-point
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All Terrain Double Stroller‎15 Kilograms 40.7 x 29.25 x 42.25 inches
‎36.5 pounds  
Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller45 Kilograms 31.69 x 30.31 x 41.34 inches‎28 pounds5-point
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3 Duallie Double Stroller100 Pounds44 Inches‎48 x 30.5 x 45 inches33.1 pounds5-point
Britax B-Lively Double stroller‎50 Pounds‎44 Inches‎40.75 x 31.5 x 41.4 inches29 pounds 
GB Pockit Air All-Terrain Stroller‎55 Pounds ‎28 x 17.5 x 39.8 inches‎10.4 pounds3-point
The Clutch Stoller by Delta Children‎50 Pounds 29.5 x 18.5 x 39.8 inches‎14 pounds5-point
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller‎55 Pounds 47 x 32.75 x 40.5 inches43 pounds5-point
Keenz Stroller Wagon‎110 Pounds  ‎32 pounds5-point
Veer Cruiser110 Pounds ‎37 x 25 x 23 inches32.5 pounds3-point

Final Words

Standard and best stroller for 3 year old can accommodate babies up to 30-40 lbs. This is understandable, considering most children ride in a stroller until about 30 lbs. Every child is different and can grow at a different rate. These needs are met by manufacturers, which is fantastic.

It is unsafe to use the best stroller for 3 year old with a baby who exceeds the recommended weight. The stroller may tip over or break, making it less stable. It’s also unsafe for children to hit the canopy with their heads or step on the ground while strolling.

No matter what age your child is, whether older, more significant, or with special needs, ensure that the stroller you choose has the suitable capacity and features to meet their needs. Big children can use many strollers.

They have different features and weight limits; the seat size can also vary.

The best stroller for 3-year-olds ensures a comfortable and secure ride for your little one.

Blog Article: What To Look For In A Stroller For A 3 Year Old


Is A 3-Year-Old Too Big For A Stroller?

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics does not have any guidelines on when to stop using the best baby stroller, it is recommended that children transition out of strollers by the age of three.

Should I Take A Stroller To The Zoo For A 3 Year Old?

A stroller is essential because zoos often require a lot of walking. Your baby’s little legs will soon tire, so I recommend renting or bringing a stroller unless you want to lose weight by burning calories and carrying your toddler around. It is also great for storing your backpacks, jackets, and other items.

Do I Need A Stroller For A 5-Year-Old?

Strollers should not be needed beyond the age of 3. Children should be able to walk and run easily by this age and won’t require a stroller.

How Long Should A 3-Year-Old Walk?

At least 180 minutes of physical activity should be done daily by toddlers (3 hours). The more, the better. Spread this throughout the day, even outside.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Stroller?

A wagon is an excellent stroller alternative for 5 year old who doesn’t like them but still needs a ride occasionally. But wagons aren’t always compact and easy to transport. Foldable wagons should be allowed to go through gate inspection by airlines that allow strollers.

Do They Make Strollers For Older Kids?

Sit and stand is a favorite feature for older children. They feel more grown-up and can step on and off the stroller alone. The best stroller for 3 year old includes a parent organizer and a universal car seat adapter, which fits most major brands.