15 Best Strollers for Big Kids: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 Year Old

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2023)

Best strollers for big kids, do you need that? You have likely been using strollers since your young one was just a baby. It was the go-to item. It lets your hands be free to complete things with your infant.

As your child ages, you will probably use your stroller less often. Long walks may be your preference, but they make a huge difference in your growing child’s life.

Their need for a stroller can be right in all ways. Therefore, why not get him one of the best strollers for big kids?

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a stroller for an older child is its comfort and user-friendliness, as you do not want to be trying to fold and maneuver the bulky stroller.

However, your child must fit comfortably into their stroller.

Below are the best strollers we have discovered that are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting for big kids.

And, of course, these also include the stroller for an 8-year-old. Let’s look into which of these are the best ones for you. Parents can find a variety of big kids strollers that cater to their child’s needs.

The Best Strollers For Big Kids – Our Picks

Big kid strollers provide a safe and comfortable environment for older children, giving parents peace of mind.

Finding a stroller for big kids is an issue, especially with many alternatives. We have made it easy with this list of the best strollers for big kids.

Everyone knows the stroller’s essential, especially when your baby is new. When your child reaches 3, they are probably ready to get rid of their stroller designed for a newborn.

At this time, parents must know what stroller suits their older children. This list shows a range of the best strollers for big kids that suit your children.

BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Stroller – Best Jogging Stroller Overall

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

Surprised by the capacity of the stroller from BOB?

Just like you, we are in the same boat as the stroller had the maximum weight limit.

This is the perfect stroller for a 7-year-old.

It comes with a cushioned and infinitely reclined seat. So, you can trek throughout the day, and your child will be peaceful.

This is a good choice if you are expecting or planning to have another baby.

Because this stroller is car seat adaptable, its weight limit is about 75 pounds.

Contrary to other strollers, BOB is unique because of its canopy. It is water and ultraviolet-radiation-resistant.

This means that you get an all-season package. It has a reflective accent and a peek-a-boo window, and storage pockets.

As a traditional stroller for jogging, it features an incredibly small front wheel and a large rear wheel.

Each wheel’s suspension system ensures your arm does not suffer during jerks. For a smooth ride, lock the front wheel, then unlock it afterward.

While it does not have a snack tray, it does include a storage basket with a large capacity. 

The basket comes with zips so you can close it after filling it with your items. Contrary to other strollers that let your things go when you run, this one will not let this occur.

The folding process is fast and simple. It takes only one hand to fold it all together. Since it folds up compactly, it can quickly be tucked away in your car’s trunk or the corner.

The baby stroller has been upgraded, freeing you from dark colors and adding fresh colors to the collection.

You can ask your 6-year-old to assist you in picking between blue and green. All these features make it one of the best strollers for big kids.


  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Wheels made of solid steel with 360-degree motion
  • Brakes to make life easier
  • Sun canopy that is waterproof
  • Storage basket with zip-up storage


  • Falls on the heavier side


Joovy Zoom 360 Stroller – Perfect Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

Finding the most compact jogging stroller can be better than a conventional stroller if you think about it thoroughly. 

This is why we have included this stroller on our list of best strollers for big kids.

It is designed for youngsters until they reach 7 years or 42 inches tall (Once they cross 42 inches on the height scale, your child might need to stretch his back).

As a jogging stroller, it comes with a 5-point harness system and a reclined seat. It is also adaptable to Car Seat Stroller Combo.

The sun canopy on this stroller is huge. However, it can block the child’s view if he is heightened handsome.

It comes with a peek-a-boo window to help make your child visible to you and the reverse.

This three-wheeler is available in various sizes of wheels on the front and back. 

While the rear wheels measure 16 inches long, the front wheel is 12.5 inches. It moves greatly when it comes to cobblestones or narrow spaces.

The storage area is the most useful aspect of these best strollers for big kids. 

It is great to store diaper bags, balls, toys, or other items. But there is no snack tray for the child inside. However, it is not very important when looking for a stroller suitable for a growing child.

Additionally, it comes with an efficient parent organizer, an extra-large cup holder, and a phone compartment that can be closed.

The mechanism for folding can be a little tricky. You will need some time to become comfortable with the procedure. 

If you want a compact jogging stroller, this model will not be for you.

It is not compact, and it is heavy. Removing the wheels is the only way to store this stroller in your car’s trunk. 


  • One-hand steering
  • Adaptor for car seats
  • Shock-absorbing tires
  • Includes tire pump
  • A ton of storage


  • Bulky and heavy


Chicco Bravo LE Stroller – Best Stroller For Kids Of All Age

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

The Chicco stroller is not just the best for big kids of about 50 pounds and above; it is also suitable for newborns.

It has a comfortable seat and a 5-point harness for your baby’s security.

The seat is cushioned and reclines flat to maintain your child’s peaceful nap time. It is also removable so that you can clean it at any time.

It comes with a large canopy that ensures the sun does not have the chance to enter your child’s eye.

The manufacturer has also integrated the ability to peek inside.

This window assists you in seeing what your child is doing in the stroller and provides ventilation.

The stroller requires an appropriate suspension system to absorb the jerks and bumps. It is good to know that Chicco provides it to all its wheels.

However, pushing it once you are in second gear is difficult.

No worries if you carry other items to the mall or parks.

It comes with a huge storage basket as well as trays. This means your child can have his snacks right before him.

Take the canopy and seat out; the stroller can be lifted with one hand from beneath the seat.

Check out how easily it folds; it takes only a few minutes. And the best feature is that it can stand on its own.


  • Folds easily and quickly
  • Extra-large sun canopy
  • Move well on various grounds
  • Adjustable and cushioned handlebars
  • The seat and canopy can be removed


  • No lock on the front wheel


Graco Modes Pramette Stroller – Most Valuable, Best Strollers For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

Graco, an acclaimed company, has designed this stroller. So, keeping your hopes up with this stroller could be a good idea. Till your child is 6 or 7, you can utilize it.

This stroller can be transformed easily. It can be used with a car seat or bassinet, connecting it with whatever you want.

Like many other strollers, it can recline indefinitely. It gives your child the required comfort that he is looking for.

This stroller comes with an extensive canopy to provide your child with much-needed privacy during nap time.

And with its peek-a-boo window, you can observe your child.

Despite being made of hard plastic, the wheels perform very well on smooth pavements. On uneven surfaces, they squeak. 

There is a choice of front-wheel locking. These locks can be helpful when you are in a state of exhaling and puffing.

The storage space at the stroller’s bottom is enormous, making it the best stroller for big kids. You can list things you believe are necessary while on the go.

It comes with typical snack trays to feed your child and traditional holders placed on the frame for your smartphone and cup.

It is also easy to fold, and the storage is hassle-free.


  • Transitional design
  • Folds down small
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Trays for snacks for children and cup holders for parents


  • Only install Graco’s car seat


UPPAbaby Minu Stroller – Most Lightweight Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

It is among the strollers that are suitable for over 50 pounds children, able to support up to 55 pounds.

It has exclusive features and is the best stroller for big kids.

The seat of the stroller reclines. Simply pulling up the straps is all you require to lay it flat for your child if he wants a backrest. With its 5-point harness, the system guarantees that your child is in good care.

With the canopy extension, you can feel confident knowing your child is safe from sunburn. 

However, putting the canopy back is another option for enjoying the weather. It also features a peek-a-boo window.

Although its four wheels are stable on even grounds, they can be an issue regarding rough terrain. It cannot withstand the bounces and send them directly to the arm.

The drawbacks of this product are related to storage. There are no snack trays, which can cause you discomfort. 

Moreover, the storage basket is not large enough to hold more than a diaper bag.

One of its strengths is folding. It folds easily and is very compact after folding. Therefore, whatever space you have for storage will work for you.


  • Reclining and comfy seat
  • Great sun canopy
  • Easy-to-maneuver


  • Need less space for storage
  • Pricey


G-LUXE Stroller – JAKE  – Luxurious Stroller For 5-Year-Old

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

It is a more expensive lightweight stroller, but I put it on my list of best strollers for big kids due to its high-end materials that can comfortably accommodate four and five-year-old children.

The seat measures 13 inches long and deep, and the backrest measures 20 inches long, which is quite impressive.

Furthermore, there are about 7 inches of extra space on the top of the canopy, meaning there is plenty of headroom.

This implies that a taller or bigger child could fit comfortably; however, he might not be able to take a nap because there is no support for the head above 20 inches.

Indeed, G-LUXE is unsuitable for bumps or unbeaten roads; however, it can be pushed easily when the ground is flat.

The canopy features 3 extendable panels and an additional pop-out sun visor that provides plenty of shade for small passengers.

Other useful features such as the one-hand recline, suspension for all wheels, and cup holders make this stroller very useful.

You need some practice folding it; however, it is something that you will be able to master.

Since the stroller weighs just 16.3 pounds, you can put it around on the shoulder using the strap that is included.


  • Super spacious, comfortable for large children
  • One-hand recline, deep enough for the toddler’s nap
  • High canopy, plenty of headroom for tall toddlers
  • The basket is reachable from the back
  • Fabrics for seats are simple to take off and clean in the washing machine


  • Canopy lacks a peek-a-boo window
  • The storage pocket on the back does not have a closure


Jeep Deluxe Patriot Stroller – Unique Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

Jeep Deluxe is among the best strollers for big kids and is perfect for parents who want to be active and not miss their child’s first word.

It is a stroller that can be transformed, which means it can travel down the road with you.

The 17-inch deluxe stroller reclines nearly flat to give your child the ultimate experience of tranquil sleep.

Simply squeeze the back clip and let the tension strap loose; your child will be in the most comfortable, flattering position.

In addition to being recline-friendly and comfortable, it is adaptable to car seats.

The large sun canopy is designed to shade your baby whenever the sun hits the top temperatures.

But you can also draw it back during the wonderful evenings. It comes in the family colors yellow and pink.

It is a jogging stroller, so it comes with three wheels. Front wheels tend to be smaller than the rear ones. 

The air-filled tires are excellent on a variety of terrain.

The storage compartment that is built-in under the seat offers ample space. 

A diaper bag and a handful of toys could easily fit inside it. The top is covered so you can place your phone between the cup holders. 

Therefore, even when you run, your phone is safe.

The stroller collapses easily, and it is a matter of minutes. It is stable and does not tip toward the ground.

However, it is heavy when put together, be aware of that. Read more about 13 Best Luxury Strollers – Alluring and Stylish.


  • Easy to put together
  • Smooth rides
  • Budget-friendly


  • Does not have a peek-a-boo window


Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller – Budget Friendly Best Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

How about a light, economical, and sturdy stroller for your child? Kolcraft is likely the most suitable stroller in that scenario.

The stroller is harnessed and cushioned. However, the seat of this stroller does not tilt flat. But using it for a big kid is not an issue.

This stroller is a perfect choice for moms who need 24/7 monitoring of their children.

It has a peek-a-boo feature that keeps you updated about your child’s needs and actions.

It also has a three-level canopy, so the child will remain safe from the sun even if you head to the grocery store in the afternoon.

It is equally effective in uneven terrains as it is on even. It is due to the suspension mechanism, which ensures that your child does not get into a severe jerk.

Under the seat of the stroller, there is a storage compartment. With enough space, it allows you to place wherever you like. Two snack trays are also included.

Like many strollers on the list of best strollers for big kids, Kolcraft also allows easy folding.

It folds to the most compact size to fit with the least amount of space.


  • Affordable
  • Giant basket
  • Snack trays
  • Lightweight and easy to fold down


  • The seat cannot recline to a flat


GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller – Best Stroller for 6-year-old

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

From the list of best strollers for big kids, the GB Pockit is a product focused on compactness.

It is designed to be easy to assemble and the ability to be compact enough to fit into the overhead bins of many flights.

If you frequently travel, this is a win-win situation for you.

It is not a stroller that has a reclining seat. Although it is not a big issue for big kids, it should not be ignored if you plan to purchase a stroller for your next baby.

It is not an all-terrain stroller. It is flawlessly effective in even terrains. However, expecting smooth riding on bumpy roads is not a good idea.

As it is a lightweight stroller, it comes with a small storage basket. It can hold 10 pounds, enough for a day’s stay.


  • Durable
  • Compact and light
  • Reasonable
  • Easy to dump into the bins for flights


  • There is no reclining seat


GB Pockit Air All Terrain Travel Stroller – Most Compact Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

This stroller can be used by children as heavy as 55 lbs. It weighs just 9.5 pounds, making it the lightest stroller suitable for large children.

It also has one of the tiniest folds that you can find in the World.

It folds into a compact container that can easily be tucked into the hand luggage compartment on airplanes or transported in a bag.

GB Pockit is the perfect travel stroller for older children. It is designed for urban parents who often travel with their children.

It is light and small but extremely sturdy and constructed of tough materials, and it can serve parents for some years.

This one of the best strollers for big kids also has a basket underneath the seat that can carry up to 11 pounds of our daily necessities.

It also has locks and pivoting wheels on the front; swivel wheels improve maneuverability, and locking wheels help make it more secure, which is crucial when traversing uneven terrain.

GB Pockit is also convenient to carry around and navigate narrow spaces such as crowded shopping aisles, restaurants, and sidewalks.


  • Incredibly tiny fold
  • User-friendly
  • Ideal for travel with a children
  • Durable and sturdy materials
  • Space saver for small cars or apartment


  • Tiny canopy
  • Small storage basket
  • The seat doesn’t recline


Baby Trend Tango Stroller – Durable Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

If you need an efficient and durable stroller, you can get it by purchasing a Baby Trend Tango stroller.

It is a low-cost stroller that will last until your child reaches the weight of 50 pounds.

It can be transformed into a travel system stroller by attaching car seats.

It is the same as other strollers concerning padding, recliner, or harness.

It also has a huge sun canopy to block harmful UV rays and a peek-a-boo window to allow air circulation.

Since it is not an all-terrain stroller, it will end up snared on thick grass, cobblestones, and rough terrain.

Its use on flat terrains is the most ideal, and it is the perfect stroller for long walks.

The big basket of Baby Trend is easy to access. Because of its easy access, it can store the majority of things.

It comes with an electronic closure that locks the contents inside and gives an area for privacy. 

The tray for parents is equipped with deep spaces to accommodate mobile phones.

With a simple pull of the strap, it folds. The method of folding is quite gentle. You can put it in any space of your home since it is extremely compact.

Baby Trend is fascinating in the way it is priced. It has all the wonderful features anyone looks for in an infant and an older child.


  • Convenient storage basket
  • Simple to push
  • Affordable
  • Available in three additional colors


  • Noisy wheels


Britax B-Agile Stroller – Convenient Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

This stroller features a harnessed seat that is ideal for toddlers. As for young ones, it lets you clip the car seat into it.

It is specific for Britax car seats but does not come with one.

Whenever you recline your child’s chair, it is possible to adjust the canopy of the stroller accordingly. It also can peek inside.

Although you might think of it as a jogging stroller due to the three wheels, it is not.

It is a lightweight stroller equipped with a complete suspension system.

The bouncy terrain will not be an issue for you. And because of the feet brakes, parking becomes effortless.

If you are an adult who is seeking the best alignment of things, there is a chance that you will have to compromise.

There are no trays for both parents and children. You can buy them separately, that is all you have to do.

It folds with one hand. When you finish the day, you will fold it in minutes.

The compact size and lightweight design make it among the best strollers for big kids. It is easy to tuck it into and out of the trunk of your car.


  • One hand maneuver
  • Parking brake
  • Lightweight
  • UPF 50+ canopy


  • No footrest
  • No trays


The Clutch Stroller – Super Spacious Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

Delta Clutch is on the list of best strollers for big kids.

Because of its lightweight, spacious seat and sturdy construction, larger and taller children can feel comfortable in it.

The Clutch is an excellent toddler stroller and ideal for frequent travels or Disney visits.

All thanks to its sleek design, light construction, and amazing compact fold.

It weighs just 11.7 pounds, making it one of the light strollers for kids, and the best part is that it is extremely easy to carry.

It is a great solution for children between 3- and 4 years old who occasionally need to take a stroller, such as when they get tired after some time in a zoo, museum, or exploring a new city during the holiday season.

When you don’t need it, you can fold it, put it in an easy backpack (included), and take it easy.

The size of the fold is impressive, too. If you frequently travel via plane, train, or public transportation, the Clutch Stroller from Delta Children will be a game-changer.

It occupies a small area and is easy to keep in storage. Place it under the table at a restaurant, behind the seat in a tiny car, or on the underside of the seat on the train.

Its seat is large, and its maximum weight capacity can hold 50 lbs. It is different from the seats of the standard stroller, as it doesn’t come with a sturdy frame.

Therefore, the padding on the seat might feel like a hammock. Furthermore, the backrest is not adjustable and does not recline.

It is not supportive enough for a newborn but is extremely comfortable for older children.

The canopy doesn’t offer much protection from the sun. But at least the hood is pretty long and can protect your child from the sun’s overhead rays.

Small wheels make the Clutch one of the best strollers for big kids on smooth surfaces.

You could even use one hand to push it on hard, flat, and indoor surfaces (like in the airport or the mall).

Additionally, since it is tiny, it can easily slide and maneuver through tight aisles of crowded stores and museums.

The dual-wheel design and sturdy frame ensure the stroller is sturdy, even with a heavy child inside. It is amazing how stable it is.

However, on bumpier surfaces, it could shake. It is crucial to remember that this stroller was designed for use in urban areas and to travel, and it does this job well.


  • It is easy to push even using just one hand
  • It opens and closes effortlessly
  • Fits kids of larger sizes


  • Short canopy
  • No reclining sear


Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 – Comfortable Stroller For Big Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

It is a fantastic stroller suitable for big kids with a maximum capacity of 65 lbs. This is quite large for standard strollers. 

City Mini GT2 is also an extremely comfortable stroller for tall children.

Children who are over 40” can happily use this stroller. The seat, too, is very comfortable and padded with a soft material.

In addition, you can alter the height of the seat belt or recline the seat.

Parents love this large stroller for its large extensible canopy that offers UV 50+ sun protection.

Because of this, your child can take a stroll on sunny days. There is also a peek-a-boo window to monitor your child.

You can also adjust the canopy to ensure peaceful riding for your passengers.

This typical stroller is perfect for running errands around the city, shopping with your baby, or using public transportation.

It also has fanciful all-terrain wheels. Thanks to them, you can drive the big stroller on dirty roads and over grass without issues.

It has a handlebar with an adjustable height. Another important feature of these best strollers for big kids is the brake operated by hand.

Which allows us to have the most control over speed and also allows us to stop or slow down immediately in any situation.

Folding City Mini GT is easy due to the patented folding mechanism. Simply lift a Strap, and then the stroller folds.

It locks itself automatically, so the stroller remains in the same position during transport or storage.

Additionally, we can carry the stroller using the strap that is located in between the seats.

The stroller weighs 22.4 pounds, so it is quite lightweight. Once folded, it requires less space than other lightweight strollers.


  • High-quality
  • Affordable price
  • Smooth pushing
  • Easy and quick folding
  • Feels safe
  • Slim design allows easy turning and steering inside buildings


  • There is no storage space to keep essential items


Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller – Double Stroller For Kids

Best Strollers For Big Kids review

This is a fantastic multi-purpose, all-terrain double stroller with a maximum weight of 50 pounds per seat.

The stroller’s weight is 32.6 pounds, which is quite heavy, but remember that it is a large buggy for an older child.

The back of the seat is 21 inches, which is quite tall compared to the other strollers.

The maximum height of the head is 26 inches. So, it is the best stroller for big kids.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double features all-terrain rubber wheels that are great for urban sidewalks and dirt roads.

Suspension is built into the wheels to provide a smoother ride.

Other attributes include an adjustable handlebar that makes pushing more comfortable for tall and short parents(Best Stroller For Short Moms), compatibility with infant car seats, a hand-operated brake, individual reclining seats, and two massive canopies that can be adjusted independently.

Each canopy comes with two peek-a-boo windows, which were recently upgraded and now come with a silent magnetic closure.

There is more to it. This stroller comes with patented folding technology and can fold by itself.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Big canopies
  • New silent closures for peek-a-boo windows
  • Smooth ride and easy pushing
  • Balance is great (it is a great option for toddlers with different weights)


  • A small basket that is divided by a bar in the middle (only one small diaper bag fits inside)

The Last Word From Look After Babies

If you are looking for the best strollers for big kids, consider your child’s specific requirements. Certain parents may require a stroller with an increased capacity to support their large child.

Others may need wheels that can provide the most comfortable suspension.

Choosing the best strollers for big kids in the crowded marketplace can be challenging. Here is how our review can be helpful. If your child is 7 or 8, these strollers can provide him additional comfort and ease.

Be aware of the particular characteristics that each stroller can provide to help you make your choice. Remember that every stroller serves an individual purpose, for example, being lightweight or a significant jogger design. Stroller for big kids comes in a range of stylish designs, making them attractive to both parents and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A 7-Year-Old Fit In A Stroller?

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller is a massive stroller for big kids. It can carry up to 65 pounds and is an excellent option for rough surfaces.

At What Age Are Kids Too Big To Use Strollers?

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics does not have guidelines defining the time to stop using strollers, most parents suggest that kids should be transitioning out of a stroller when they are above three.

Can A 5-Year-Old Use A Stroller?

There is no standard for this. However, the general opinion leans to favor children between the ages of 4-5 years old being stroller accessible. The transition should begin around 3 when your child can walk confidently and follow your instructions.

Do Children As Young As 5 Years Old Need A Stroller In Disney World?

It would help to have a stroller for your three and 5-year-old children. Fun-filled days at theme parks will require a lot of walking. Little legs can tire quickly.

Do I Need To Bring A Stroller With Me To Disney For My 6-Year-Old?

I would recommend using a stroller as long as you can when visiting Disneyland, even for kids who would not even think of having a stroller at home.

While most 6-year-olds can walk alone and have a great time, visiting Disneyland differs from any other experience and could be highly exhausting.

Does A 7-Year-Old Need A Stroller At Disney?

Many people spend a lot of time and money buying strollers for Disneyland for their kids who are 7, 8, 9, or even ten years old because they think they need them. In reality, anyone healthy and above the age of 4 will not require a stroller to visit Disney World.

How Much Weight Can A Stroller Hold?

Around 30 pounds or 15 kilograms is the weight limit for strollers. While this is adequate for most children, it is not the ideal stroller for more significant than average babies.

This is particularly true when you and your little one are logging miles using these products or your child relies on them more frequently than the average.

What Age Is An Umbrella Stroller For?

The best umbrella strollers are made specifically for children six months and older who can sit independently. So, you will likely require a different model for your baby.