How To Reuse The Flower Bouquets You Got At Your Baby Shower

If it was one bouquet, maybe throwing it away would have been right. However, getting a bunch of bouquets for your baby shower might need better waste management.

After all, you are in your nest and have enough time to do peaceful DIY projects with these flowers.

In this excerpt below, we will discuss some of the best ways to turn those sad, almost rotting bouquets into useful items.

Whether you are a garden enthusiast or love the floral scent of jasmine, these are some of the best ways to reuse them.

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Bulks

Although they are biodegradable wastes, floral wastes are sometimes not treated well, leading to polluted water bodies and areas.

Plus, the pungent rotting smell of flowers can cause disturbances in the neighborhood wherever you dispose of them.

This is why treating them correctly is essential for everyone’s health and the environment’s maintenance.

Reusing Of Flowers Bouquets For Your Baby Shower

So, without further ado, let’s get into DIY projects for too many floral arrangements at your baby shower.

1. Make Potpourri With Your Flowers

Even after dying, some flowers can retain their beautiful smell. In some cases, the scent can also turn mildly rustic with the touch.

This is why turning roses and gardenias into Potpourri is the best decision.

These have many aroma-therapeutic properties as well. Potpourri is known to soothe the nerves under stress and is best to act as smelling salt when you feel nauseous during pregnancy.

All you need to do is tear some dried leaves and place them in a water-filled jar. You can keep it in your room, but it is ideally better to keep it in a moist area, so the bathroom is the best place.

2. Make Scented Candles With The Petals

Need more to sustain that beautiful jasmine scent from the bouquet? Do so with the help of a few soy wax candle bars and dried flowers.

First, meet the candles and place them in a candle jar with a wick.

Second, add the dried loosened flower petals within intervals of pouring. This will help uniformly retain the scent everywhere rather than just at the top.

Let them air dry, or keep them in the freezer to harden if you cannot wait to use them. Upon burning this candle, you can rejuvenate the scent of your favorite flower all over again.

If you love a particular bouquet, you should also subscribe to a roses delivery service.

You can rest in the last months of your pregnancy journey and have the service provider drop a fresh bouquet on your doorstep every week or every 14 days.

3. Make A Compost

Floral compost can give you one of the most fertile organic fertilizers. If you are interested in gardening, you can use this compost to add significantly to your soil if they are growing flowering plants.

To make this compost, you must first place the flowers and the stem inside a jar.

Add soil and water, and then shut the airtight jar. After ten to fifteen days, you will have rich organic compost.

So, bring all your organic gardening dreams true with this flower compost.

4. Make A Wreath

When we buy artificial wreaths, they are mainly made of plastic. After their purpose ends, we throw them away, causing non-biodegradable waste.

Why add to the problem when you can make a beautiful wreath from these dried flowers?

Get some rope and make your wreath with your favorite dried flowers.

If you want to add more rustic decor to your house, you can make pressed flowers by pressing them inside a book and then putting them in a frame for wall decor.